Why You Should Bring a Flashlight When Hiking? 5 Reasons

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Many of us are enthusiastic about outdoor activities and adventures and are always into hiking. But sometimes there might be an urge for you to hike in the dark as you return back.

So before hiking, It’s always better to be prepared and be aware beforehand to avoid dangers. And in that case a FLASHLIGHT is all that you will look for. 

In any emergency situation, there’ll be nothing as useful as a Flashlight and is a must-have in your pack. 

If you’re in the journey of learning why you need a Flashlight and finding the right light for your next hike, you’re at the right place! 

Let’s dive deep! 

Quick Summary

Flashlights are essential for hiking due to their portability and ability to provide light in emergency situations.

Consider battery usage and charging options, durability, and weight when buying a flashlight for hiking.

Flashlights can also be used to identify obstacles, find direction, and signal for help.

Why is Flashlight Important in Hiking?

flashlight on the camping tent

Though most of us are unaware that we really need a flashlight in our hiking backpack, Flashlights are arguably the big cheeses all hikers need to have during hiking. 

While hiking is a fun activity but threatening at the same time, Hiking flashlights can be life-saving equipment for night hikers in many situations when dangers are ahead. 

Speaking of their portability and ease of use, these lights can be second to none and are the only light source during night hikes. 

Having a quality, powerful flashlight during your hiking adventures by your side is the first thing you need to consider.

Let’s discuss all the upsides and things you should consider before getting a bright light down the line.

Significance of a Hiking Flashlight 

Has Features That Can Be Highly Useful for Hiking

Now we see that every manufacturer is coping with demands to build a reliable flashlight. In this aspect, the new age flashlights are living up to the hype with superior features. 

Up next is the brightness. Some light uses 1000 lumens brightness which can nearly blind a person’s eye temporarily when used as an improvised weapon.

Next, almost every high-quality flashlight can be adjusted with zoom features. This feature allows you to either narrow or spread out the beam, thus allowing you to focus on a specific area of interest or even view miles away.

Encounter Barriers and Obstacles 

We cannot determine when and how a potential obstacle will reach us during night hiking. We must watch out for the barriers carefully. 

When there’s not enough light, it can be challenging to identify the obstacles in front of us, be it a snake, exposed tree roots, rocks, wild animals, or even holes in the ground that can bring you down.

If that’s the case, a hiking flashlight will help us in emergency situations see the obstacles ahead that we would have tripped over or anything that could cause harm.

This can help every hiker prevent falls and have safe and enjoyable hiking.

a human using a flashlight while hiking

Wide Viewing and Illuminate Path

As discussed before, every flashlight is super bright, which helps you illuminate your path and identify potential obstacles. 

When hiking at night, a flashlight is a must-have for all nighttime and daytime hikers, especially when it’s a new trail you’re exploring and it could be difficult for you to find your path and walk through the right direction. 

As I’ve told you before, a powerful flashlight can view several meters ahead, which can be a first-aid kit for you to spot potential dangers and avoid dangerous outcomes.

Identify Directions and Signaling

What’s great about these flashlights is they not only light your path but also navigate and direct you through the way. 

And most importantly, when you’re in a situation where you need to signal someone for help, flashlights could be the solution. 

When you’re separated from your group and want to get back to your team, you can quickly light up your flashlight certain miles away and get the attention.

It’s better to look out for a strobe-mode flashlight. 

Unprepared Camps and Emergencies

There are chances for unforeseen circumstances where there will be possibilities for unprepared camping at night or to keep hiking for days more than you originally planned. 

Stopping to help an injured hiker, missing the direction and taking the wrong trail, and walking with someone wounded and cannot continue can be some of the reasons why you need to find shelter and wait for help or medical assistance. 

On the other hand, you might set out hiking under a beautiful sunny sky, but you need to foresee what will happen next. You could get caught in a storm, and the bright weather can change abruptly, making it darker. 

When that’s the case, nothing can come as helpful as a flashlight. A flashlight is all that you want and a solid go-to option. 

What to Look Into Before Buying a Hiking Flashlight?

a flashlight on the stone

Battery Usage and Charging Options

Something that makes us pissed off is a situation when you realize that there’s no charge for you to use the equipment in a very urgent circumstance. 

You would like your flashlight to be alive when you’re halfway. To avoid facing an unpleasant situation, make sure you get a flashlight that can last. 

If you’re using hiking flashlights with rechargeable batteries, ensure that you charge your light fully before placing them inside your hiking backpack. 

On the other hand, it will always be a good idea to carry a portable power bank to juice up the collar in case your rechargeable flashlights are 50 percent available or completely drained. 

Moving on, if your flashlight for hiking uses standard batteries, make sure you carry some spare battery because you might never know when you will need them. 


Durability is another aspect where we need to hook our heads. Most lights now are waterproof; if not, they are water resistant, allowing you to use them anytime and anywhere. 

Make sure your flashlight is built with highly durable materials to withstand weather conditions and harsh elements. Plus, there are chances for your flashlight to fall off your hand and get scratched when you are hiking in a hilly area. 

A rugged flashlight can bring you peace of mind.

Lightweight and Handy 

Considering the weight of your flashlight is a must. If you’re engaging in multi-day trekking, looking for a lightweight flashlight is essential to get the job done.

Comfort always stays back when it comes to hiking. Choosing a comfortable and compact hiking flashlight could make you less stressed. 

If you’re about to get a Headlamp, here’s what you should consider. 

Headlamps are likely to get scratched easily by branches, and when soaked in sweat or raindrops, there are chances for the headlamps to malfunction.

If you opt for a headlamp, ensure a comfortable band that fits your head and is light enough for continuous use. 

But a compact flashlight would get the job done right. 

Red Light and Bulb 

Relying on the moonlight isn’t a great idea during night hikes. Before you lay your hands on a flashlight, make sure your product uses quality LED bulbs, as they produce super bright light and will last longer. 

Some lights are equipped with red light which are best to preserve a person’s night vision as well as being able to illuminate an object. 

Constraints of a Hiking Flashlight

a man holding a flashlight

For How Long Can I Hold?

Flashlights with added features tend to be a bit larger, and holding them for too long can make your hands swell, and at the same time, it can also be tiring. 

Possibility of Attracting Unwanted Attention

Courtesy of their super light emitting capabilities, there are chances for the flashlight to draw unwanted attention. 


During an emergency or after a tiresome hike, there are more chances for the flashlight to drop. Once they are dropped or fall on a rock-hard surface, they’ll get damaged easily. 


A flashlight is important for hiking as it provides visibility in areas of high risk, and can be used to make a distress signal and defend oneself during night.

Yes, it is advisable to carry a Flashlight when walking at night. A Flashlight can help illuminate your surroundings and make you more visible to others.

A flashlight is important in camping as it can provide light in dark areas and can be used to signal for help in emergencies.


Hiking can be planned or unforeseen, but you will only be prepared if you have a flashlight inside your backpack. 

Besides other things needed for hiking, flashlights are an essential tool you need to have in your hands. 

No matter what time of the day you go exploring in the hills and woods, you’d find many reasons why a flashlight is essential. 

But before you have one, you need to purchase one with all the excellent features and getting one for what you pay can be like finding a needle in a haystack. 

I’ve been hunting the internet to find the most reputable brands on the market and here’s what I found. Check out our article to find the best flashlight for hiking herein

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