What Flashlight Do Navy Seals Use? What’s the Specific Type?

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I know these regular flashlights are devices we keep in the kitchen and reach for during a blackout. But I just learned that these flashlights were something that the Navy Seals sought. 

My biggest question was, why does the Navy need flashlights? What can a typical 

everyday flashlight offer for the Navy? Does the Navy really need flashlights?

Let me spill the beans! Please keep reading to be on the ball; let me tell you what a flashlight is doing with navy seals. 

Quick Summary

Tactical flashlights can be used as both a personal protection and self-defense tool.

These flashlights are equipped with features such as water resistance, shock resistance, and a variety of light modes.

Tactical flashlights provide great benefits for Navy Seals, including the ability to blind a target and aid in target identification temporarily.

What Flashlight Do Navy Seals Use?

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Flashlights are one type of the equipment which tend to turn out into an improvised self defense weapon. Alright, let me get straight to the point! 

A TACTICAL FLASHLIGHT is cutting-edge equipment that doubles as personal protection and a self-defense tool. 

Speaking about flashlights, particularly Tactical Flashlights, they are primarily and specifically equipped and intended to be used by law enforcement agencies, Navy seals, military and police officers. 

Moving on, these Tactical Flashlights are one of the primary weapons used by the Navy to encounter potential dangers, plus they are also used as weapon-mounted lights.

These Tactical Flashlights were primarily designed to be attached to pistols, shotguns, and rifles for easy identification of targets during low light target identification.

On the other hand, with a Tactical Flashlight, the sharpshooter can quickly bring down the target by concentrating a powerful light beam into the eye of the target, thus disorienting and temporarily blinding the enemy. 

These Tactical Flashlights allow the officers to simultaneously aim the weapon and illuminate the pathway of the target without having to use another separate flashlight, as Tactical lights can be mounted to weapons, which is excellent.

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Why Tactical Flashlights?

The flashlights made for Navy Seals certainly need several features that make the light perfect for their requirements.

In that aspect, the Tactical Flashlights can be nowhere less than anything, which means this is the reliable equipment that a navy seal needs to have.

There’s nothing a Tactical Flashlight cannot do in terms of defense. It has a lot to offer, which is why it is known to be Tactical and is chosen by Law Enforcement agencies. 

On the other hand, these Tactical Flashlights are very effective as self-defense tools. They can produce bright light powerful enough to blind an assailant and deter them, and not only that; they can be used as a blunt force self-defense weapon at the same time. 

Features That Make Up the Best Tactical Flashlight?

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Tactical Flashlight used by navy seals needs to offer quality features to make them suitable for civilian applications.

And without a doubt, it does offer a super bright light along with features like water resistance and shock resistance, and is lightweight and portable. And not to forget, it is made of weapon-grade aluminum for high durability and resistance to damage. 

On the other hand, it must be built with an easy push-button and various light mode options to suit different situations, plus a flexible power option. 

Here’s what a perfect powerful Tactical Flashlight requires to qualify the use of navy seals. 

  • Bright Light: The most Frequent term used in the flashlight industry. Lumens is the unit that measures the brightness emitted by the Flashlight. In this aspect, Flashlights can be second to none, reaching 1000 lumens which could temporarily blind a human eye. To deter or disorient a potential attacker and illuminate his path, the officers need enough brightness to overcome the situation. 
  • Lightweight and Portable: The foremost thing to be considered is the size. With all that the officers get to carry, reducing some weight could make it easier for the them to use it effectively.
  • Water Resistance: Nothing can stop our Navy seals when on a mission. Even in adverse weather conditions, be it; rainy or stormy, to execute their mission, they need the Flashlight to be at least water resistant to protect it from malfunctioning. 
  • Shock Resistance: A Tactical Flashlight should be strong and resilient enough to sustain knocks and drops. 
  • Easy Power-on Switch: When you want to orient your light in an emergency, searching for the switch in the darkness can stress you. Having a tail cap switch makes the job much easier. 
  • Light mode selection: The Flashlight you choose must be ideal when selecting the different types of light modes to use in different tactical situations. 
  • Flexible Powering up options: Nothing is more unpleasant than when your Flashlight dies while you need it the most. It’s better if the flashlights have a replacement source to carry them easily for the mission as a backup. 
  • Reliability: I’d say a flashlight without being robust and durable cannot be considered a Tactical Flashlight. Reliability is the first and foremost thing to look for before purchasing a high-grade Tactical Flashlight.


No, a Tactical Flashlight is not a weapon. However, it can be used as a defensive tool and can be a useful navigational or firearm tool in dark environments.

A police flashlight typically has a brightness range of 1000 lumens and above.

Yes, a tactical flashlight with 300 lumens or higher can blind someone temporarily.

Final Thoughts

Considering all that it offers, there’s no surprise that Navy Seals use a Tactical Flashlight. This can be an excellent tool for self-defense as well as weapon-mounted lights. 

On the other hand, when looking for a Tactical Flashlight, it is sometimes difficult to decide what makes the great Tactical Lights and which is just marketing hype. 

Concerning that case, we’ve been listing some of the best Tactical Flashlights in the market and have made it easier for you to make up your mind. 

Check the best Tactical Flashlight article herein. 

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