Thrunite TT20 Review [2024 Upd.] Great Flashlight for EDC

Last Updated on June, 2024

There are some brands that always produce impressive flashlights; Thrunite is one such amazing example.

I had the opportunity to get my hands on a TT20 recently. After all, I love reviewing flashlights, but there’s one more reason my reviews are so popular — I speak the truth.

So, what is the truth about the amazingness of the TT20?

To answer that, I tested the flashlight by myself in multiple ways and have the comprehensive answer.

Let’s find it out!

 Overall: 4.6/5.0
Beam Distance
  • Enables tail stand capability by design
  • Dual-switch interface
  • The available brightness levels are turbo, Infinity high, Infinity low, and Firefly
  • Charged by USB-C method
Brand Info
  • ThruNite is a Chinese company, and their headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Shenzhen, China
  • ThruNite was founded in 2009 by David Chen
  • They’re known for brightness, battery life, and sturdy construction
  • ThruNite offers high-quality flashlights for various needs
  • Trusted by outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, and campers
Product Benefits
  • Ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand
  • Ideal balance between length and weight
  • 5 different modes with a lumen gap makes it operate as 5 unique flashlights
  • Bright strobe and turbo modes for extra illumination
  • Simple and straightforward user interface with dual switch design

Specifications of the Thrunite TT20

Flashlight category EDC/ tactical light 
DimensionsLength: 5.35″ / 136mm Head: 1.18″ / 30mm Body: 1.02″ / 26mm Weight: 3.46oz / 98g (excluding battery) 6.3oz / 180g (With the included cell)
LEDsHigh-Performance SST70 LED
Max brightness2526 lumens
Max intensity16650cd
Max beam distance258m 
Max runtime64 days
No. of modes5
Rechargability typeUSB-C
Average charging timeApproximately 3.5 hours
Waterproof ratingIPX8
Impact resistance1.5 m

What’s in the Box of Thrunite TT20

A human holding a Thrunite TT20
A human holding 21700 battery
a human holding USB-C Charging Cable
A human holding A Holster
Spare O-rings and Spare USB rubber cover on a human's hand
Lanyard on the table

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  • TT20 x 1
  • 21700 battery x 1
  • USB-C Charging Cable x 1 
  • Holster x 1
  • Spare O-rings x 2 
  • Lanyard x 1
  • Spare USB rubber cover x 1 
  • Dual direction clip x 1 

Impressive Features of the Thrunite TT20

Build Quality and Design 

Thrunite is one of the industry-leader flashlight brands that prioritize quality. The theory applies all the same to the Thrunite TT20. 

The knurling pattern is pretty unique to Thrunite as well. If you’re familiar with the brand, this pattern is designed to provide the best grip even when you wear gloves.

The body is made from premium aerospace-grade aluminum (AL T6061-T6), and this is the standard practice for all top-end brands. 

The premium type III hard-anodized surface finish enhances the material quality.

A human holding a tt20

These are the dimensions of the TT20:

  • Length: 5.35″ / 136mm
  • Head dia: 1.18″ / 30mm
  • Body dia: 1.02″ / 26mm
  • Weight: 3.46oz / 98g (excluding battery) and 6.3oz / 180g (With the included battery)

As you can see, it’s a very compact and lightweight flashlight suitable for anyone. To give an idea, the TT20 is shorter than a dollar bill. 

But remember that these are branded and high-quality proprietary batteries, as that’s pretty much the standard procedure for all Thrunite flashlights.

You’ll notice a special U-shaped design of TT 20’s tail cap. This design quality enables a couple of very important features.

For starters, this enables tail stand capability by design. That way, you can use the light very dispersedly without any external support. Then there is the lanyard compatibility, where you can increase the quality of the hands-free operation.

After all, everyone uses lanyards on flashlights, and it’s nice to have design elements specifically dedicated to that.

This U-shaped design also prevents accidental activation by the tail switch (which I will discuss a little later.), and that’s why the design quality of the TT20 is so superior.

The lens is anti-reflective coated, a deep smooth reflector is underneath, and the LED is nicely centered. As a test light, the TT20 blew my mind away.

Hold on. I almost forgot to tell you about the pocket clip. Thrunite features a two-way clip that can be used to attach the flashlight to multiple locations; your pocket, jacket, or maybe even a backpack.

But why has Thrunite decided to make it a two-way pocket clip instead of a one-way one?

A two-way clip on a flashlight is generally considered more versatile and practical than a one-way clip. This is because a two-way clip allows the user to carry the flashlight in either a bezel-up or bezel-down orientation, depending on their preference and the situation at hand. 

So, the design quality of this flashlight is absolutely PHENOMENAL. 

UI (User Interface)

The Thrunite TT20 is a flashlight built for both everyday carry and tactical purposes. The user interface of the flashlight confirms that claim further.

The flashlight boasts a dual-switch interface consisting of a side switch and a tail switch.

The switch is used to turn the flashlight on and off, cycle through the available brightness levels, and access special modes such as Firefly, infinity low, infinity high, and strobe.

The main side switch is large enough and can fit a regular thump tip. There is a slight curvature that is almost unnoticeable. That’s why it’s very easy to press and cycle through modes.

A human touching main side switch of Thrunite TT20

The tail switch is easy to press too. The surface is designed to be anti-slip, and that allows you to use it for tactical purposes better. Thanks to the U-shaped tail, you don’t have to worry about accidental activation even when you’re holding it.

So, how do these buttons work?

For Regular Modes:

To turn the flashlight on and off, simply long press the side switch for half a second. 

The flashlight will turn on at the last used brightness level. To cycle through the available brightness levels, single-click the side switch repeatedly.

For special modes

To access special modes, double-click the side switch. The TT20 offers Firefly mode for ultra-low light, Infinity Low and High modes for extended runtime, and a Strobe mode for tactical situations. 

To exit the special modes, simply single-click the side switch.

Under firefly mode, long pressing the side switch will access the electronic lockout mode. 

For Momentary Mode:

To activate momentary mode, press and hold the tail switch; the flashlight will turn on as long as you hold down the tail switch and turn off when you release it. 

To activate the strobe mode, double-click the tail switch while the flashlight is turned on, and to exit strobe mode, simply single-click the tail switch.

Triple-click the front button to get into the strobe.

A human touching tail switch of Thrunite TT20

To Turn On The Light Under Double Lock Mode: 

Single click the tail button, the RED indicator will turn off. Press and hold the side button to unlock the light. The red light is very easy to see.

As you can see, the user interface is very straightforward and simple.

But Thrunite understands their average customer clearly. That’s why the TT20 also features a mode function. 

The Thrunite TT20 also features a mode memory function that remembers the last-used brightness level, even when the flashlight is turned off. This means that you get easy access to your preferred brightness level without having to cycle through the other levels.

User experience is one of the CRUCIAL aspects that decide the value of a flashlight. Thrunite has delivered the best and more with the TT20. 

Lumen Output 

What’s the point of buying a branded flashlight without thousands of lumens?

Don’t worry; Thrunite is a brand recognized for high lumen counts. So, how do the light modes work?

The light comes in either a Cool White or Neutral White color temperature option, and both use a high-output Luminus SST-70 LED. I personally wouldn’t recommend cool white, as neutral white is more comfortable for the eyes.

The Thrunite TT20 is a high-performance flashlight that offers a range of brightness levels to suit different needs and situations. 

Lumen output of Thrunite TT20

The available brightness levels are turbo, Infinity high, Infinity low, and Firefly, as you just read.

The turbo is the brightest mode and provides an impressive 2526 lumens output. Makes it ideal for tasks that require maximum brightness and visibility. 

However, it is important to know that the turbo mode can also be dropped down to 610 lumens. This ensures that this flashlight protects itself from overheating and that it can sustain its brightness level for a long period.

Infinity high mode offers a slightly lower 1468 lumens — that’s still pretty impressive compared to most lights of other brands. The Infinite high setting can also be dropped down to a lower output of 654 lumens for extended runtime.

Thrunite has prioritized the two higher modes as that’s where serious heat is generated. 

After the infinite high setting, there is the infinity low output mode which emits 31 lumens. Needless to say, this is still an impressive lumen output that’ll illuminate a massive area while lasting for much longer.

What is the point of a flashlight if it doesn’t let you go all the way down to decimal lumens? That’s why there is the Firefly mode. The firefly mode emits 0.54 lumens of light output.

You can rely on this low-light mode for an extremely long time when you don’t have any means of recharging. On the flip side, Thrunite further states that this mode is made to provide just enough light to see your surroundings without disturbing the night vision.

On top of all this, there is an impressive strobe mode designed to access by the tail button. 

You can signal distress or disorient an attacker with a staggering 1294 lumens light that flickers. Any 1000-lumen light is bright enough to temporarily blind someone, and the TT20 is up for that.

The variety of modes, along with their respective lumens output, make the Thrunite TT20 a versatile and reliable flashlight for any outdoor enthusiast, emergency responder, or anyone in need of a powerful and reliable flashlight.

Battery, Runtime, And Charging 

The biggest downside of modern flashlights is similar to the same of modern smartphones; the battery is too unreliable.

But Thrunite once again has saved their dear customers, providing an excellent overall battery status for this flashlight. 

The first crucial factor to notice about the flashlight is its battery. 

Thrunite provides a branded 5000mAh 21700 battery in the package, as mentioned at the start.

This proprietary cell is designed for a working voltage range of 2.7V to 4.2V.

USB type C charging pot of Thrunite TT20

The 21700 form factor offers a higher energy density in a smaller, lighter package, making it easier to carry and use.

Let’s look at the respective runtimes of each mode.

At the highest mode, Turbo runtime is 150 seconds; that’s 2.5 minutes. If you’re unfamiliar with flashlights, you might assume that this is not enough. 

How impressive.

Once the lumen output downgrades to 610 lumens, the runtime rises up to 237 minutes. Technically, you only get 150 seconds in the max brightness.

At the second level, we have the infinite high mode. 

You can have this mode running for 190 seconds with a full charge. That’s about 3.2 minutes; still, the state of impressive performance prevails as the TT20 is above industry standards.

After 3.2 minutes, the lumen output drops to 654, and that runs for 235 minutes.

TT20 has an impressive 90 hours runtime in the infinity low mode. 

If even that doesn’t impress you, the runtime of Firefly mode sure will — it is more than 2 whole months! Yes, the firefly setting runs for 64 days with only one charge. 

The strobe mode’s runtime is equally impressive, as you can have it running for 320 minutes. But you won’t be using a strobe mode for 5 minutes straight. This basically means it could run for more than a couple of days if you wanted it to.

The 5000mAh branded battery is charged by USB-C method, and the fast-charging Thrunite cable is the secret ingredient for that. It speeds up the charging process, which would take about 6-8 hours to just 3 hours; that’s Thrunite USB-C charging superiority.

But remember that all flashlights definitely take over an hour.

The cherry on top is the battery capacity indicator which stays red during the charge and turns green when it is finished. 

Beam Distance

Thrunite is a flashlight known for its bright light and long beam throw; TT20 is a good case study for that.

At the highest Turbo mode, the TT20’s light beam throws to 258 meters. The most important feature of this beam is its uniformness.

That illuminates the area around the light beam pretty brightly, and that 258 meters will be properly illuminated all over.

Similar to other Thrunite flashlights, the company doens’t disclose the individual beam throw of different modes.

But you can get an idea about the beam throw difference considering the lumen gap between each mode.

Beam distance of Thrunite TT20

So, this is a flashlight whose beam range changes up to 258m — when comparing industry flashlights, this is a telltale sign that TT20 is a flashlight of high brand value as this is not a common occurrence.

Resistance Against Water and Impact

Over the years, I have lost too many cheap flashlights to water or dust, or right after I drop them once.

That’s one of the reasons why I switched to branded flashlights — they’re very resilient. 

Thrunite is such a resilient brand, and TT20 is a great example of that.

For starters, the flashlight is made from aerospace grade Aluminum. The body is strong enough by design. 

But that strength isn’t enough; you need resistance against water and impact primarily.

Wet Thrunite TT20 on a human's hand

This amazing EDC flashlight is IPX8 rated. You might even already know that this basically means that the flashlight can stay underwater for a depth of 2m for about 30 minutes with ZERO harm.

So, you don’t have to worry about the damage from water. 

What about impact? The same story; no worries at all, as the flashlight comes with 1.5 impact resistance. 

Looking at the big picture, Thrunite’s TT20 has amazing resilience and deserves to be your dependable EDC flashlight.

Customer Reviews at a Glance – Thrunite TT20

So, what do the customers say about the TT20? Here’s a glance.

Thrunite TT20 Customer Review 1

I agree with Ron; the TT20 rocks with a sturdy design and high brightness.

Thrunite TT20 Customer Review 2

Dependable and durable;, and that’s all that matters as long as the brightness is secured.

Thrunite TT20 Customer Review 3

Rhonda shows off her light, and the TT20 really is a beast.

Price, Warranty, And Return Policy of Thrunite TT20 

With all these features, the TT20 is just $69.95; to me, that is a steal, given the brand value too.

You also get a 24-month replacement warranty as well.

Remember that you can also return anything within 30 days of receipt as long as they’re in the original condition.

The question is where to buy it from; let me answer that.

Where to Buy the Thrunite TT20 From?

I’ll tell you what I tell you every single time; buy ONLY from the official website. In case ANYTHING happens, dealing with it is super easy that way. On the flip side, you know you’re getting an original.

Thrunite doesn’t play around with their brand trust.

To make things easier, here’s the official link to the flashlight; this is where I got mine from.


My Experience With the Thrunite TT20 

There hasn’t been a time when Thrunite let me down as a brand. So, the question is, was TT20 an exception? If it was, was it an amazing one or terrible?

Let me tell you about that now.

When you hold this flashlight, you’ll notice how ergonomic the flashlight is. It fits perfectly on your palm, making the flashlight as comfortable to handle as a part of your body. 

The ideal balance between the length and weight is significantly prominent. I’m telling this after holding enough flashlights that are hard to handle by design.

The two-way clip is absolutely amazing due to so many reasons. As mentioned earlier, it lets me carry the flashlight bezel-up or bezel-down, depending on the situation. Addtiontonally, the clip is removable too, as it comes separately.

So, if you don’t like the sensation of the clip unless you’re carrying it, you have the option to remove it. But clips can be lost quickly — I personally recommend keeping them.

The lanyard was definitely resilient and made from a comfortable and durable material. That’s why it’s so easy to carry, and it also enables hands-free operation.

Then I examined the U-shaped design element, and I loved it. It was so easy to make it stand upright and the switch doesn’t turn on!

It doesn’t even come close to turning on, and that’s a very efficient way of preventing accidental activation.

The user interface is pretty straightforward and simple too. The dual-switch design certainly makes everything easy.

On top of that, I guarantee that one-handed operation is a piece of cake with the TT20.

Thrunite TT20 product image

Having 5 simple modes for the flashlight increases its value, in my opinion. It only further increases with the lumen gap, which, technically, the TT20 operates as 5 unique flashlights. 

The strobe mode was bright enough to light up the entire neighborhood. But the Turbo mode is bright enough to light up the entire town with 2000+ lumens — it’s just an extremely bright flashlight. 

The beam distance is pretty solid as it illuminates the surrounding of the beam pretty brightly. That’s what you explain from a 

But I noticed how discreet the light is when it comes down to the 0.54 lumens moonlight mode. As Thrunite claims, it emits just enough to see the surrounding without disturbing the night vision. 

How do I feel about the runtime? Pretty amazing.

As I mentioned earlier, some flashlights only give you only about 20-30 seconds of the highest mode. 

The previous users of the TT20 were right; the infinity low mode is your everyday mode. The brightness is more than enough, and the runtime of 90 hours (at a stretch) technically makes it available for even a week.

After all, you wouldn’t keep a flashlight on for 90 hours at a stretch.

You might already know that typically flashlights that emit over 2000 lumens take about 5-6 hours to charge completely. In such a background, seeing the TT20 getting charged in like 2 hours and 50 minutes was a relief.

Finally, it’s the durability aspects I hesitate to check. Trust me; brands like Thrunite ENSURE durability, but I don’t like scratches on my flashlight. So, to be really honest, I didn’t test the drop or impact resistance.

BUT, I sure tested the waterproof aspects. I held it under water, under the shower, and even with a bidet shower. After all occasions, the TT20 runs in the same performance unchanged.

Every great flashlight has some downsides, and this one has a couple. Although the lanyard feels very soft and durable, it gets SO wet. It gets wet to a point where it literally feels like a sponge.

I also noticed there is no standard user manual, which was a bit unusual for Thrunite flashlights. I know the website technically explains everything, but it just felt a bit unusual not to have one.

Am I expecting too much if I said I expected an SOS mode too? Maybe I am, but hey, you can be the judge.

So, that’s my experience with the TT20 — pretty awesome.

Pros and Cons of Thrunite TT20


  • Ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand
  • Ideal balance between length and weight
  • Mode memory lets you easily access the last accessed mode
  • Two-way clip allows for flexible carry options
  • Removable clip for those who prefer not to use it
  • Resilient and durable lanyard for hands-free operation
  • USB-C charging method
  • U-shaped design element makes it easy to stand upright and prevent accidental activation
  • Simple and straightforward user interface with dual switch design
  • 5 different modes with a lumen gap makes it operate as 5 unique flashlights
  • Bright strobe and turbo modes for extra illumination
  • Discreet moonlight mode that emits just enough light to see surroundings without disturbing night vision


  • Lanyard can get very wet and feel like a sponge
  • No standard user manual is included, although information is available on the website
  • Proprietory 21700 battery

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In Conclusion 

Thrunite has always been a dependable brand, and our question at the beginning was simple; “Is Thrunite TT20 really impressive?”

The answer is YES. It is 100%.

As you read through, I’m sure it draws a clear picture of the flashlight’s performance. And for THAT price, it’s a definite steal. The flashlight performs really well, and it’s always good to have that brightness range with that super-easy user interface.

Be sure to buy it from the OFFICIAL website and not from anywhere else for the best quality. Do that, and you will have a reliable flashlight.

Until next time then!


Yes, the Thrunite TT20 has a tactical tail switch.

Yes, the Thrunite TT20 has a Firefly mode with an output of 0.54 lumens.

The Turbo mode output of Thrunite TT20 is 2526 lumens.

Thrunite TT20
Beam distance





Overall Score


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Ergonomic design that fits comfortably in the hand
Ideal balance between length and weight
Mode memory lets you easily access the last accessed mode
Two-way clip allows for flexible carry options
USB-C charging method
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
Lanyard can get very wet and feel like a sponge

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