Sofirn SP40 Review (2024) A Must-Have Headlamp Under $36

Last Updated on May, 2024

Sofirn’s SP40; the headlamp was a reliable recommendation. But I did my own research and ended up buying it. 

But was it worth it?

If you’re planning to buy it, you should probably hear what I’ve got to say. Because, unlike any review, I review after ACTUALLY using the product. The way it really should be.

So, let’s get into it Sofirn SP40 Review .

 Overall: 4.8/5.0
Beam Distance
  • Sophisticated Optical Characteristic
  • This flashlight ghs Perfect Dimensions
  • LVP (Low Voltage Protection) Feature
  • 4 Wide Range of Operating Modes + Battery Life
  • Multifunctional Switch + The User Interface
  • Has Magnetic Tail Cap
  • Rechargeability
Product Benefits
  • It has XP L, is the first single-die LED to emit over 100,000cd with a 50-mm diameter optic at 10 W
  • 108mm long, head dia is 25mm, only 60g, making it super easy to wear on your forehead
  • Wide Range of Operating Modes with good battery life to use it yourself for your desired needs
  • Multifunctional Switch  helps you choose the the different modes
  • Can stick on iron anywhere, that it has magnetic tail cap

The Company Behind Sofirn Sp40

sofirn company logo

The name SOFIRN was chosen by the founder to remember his wife; how romantic? And as of 2022, it’s one of the strongest flashlight brands in the world. I currently own their C8L, and it is an absolute beauty.

My point is; that this Spanish company is reliable and prioritizes quality.

If not, they wouldn’t be able to have an impressive list of products.

However, THAT alone doesn’t make the SP40 worthwhile to buy. 

So, what is the SP40, really?

An Overview of Sofirn Sp40

Max lumen output1200lm
Battery 1×18650
Beam’s light intensity 4520cd
Charging methodMicro-USB
Modes 5 (including lockout modes)

But the Sofirn SP40 is FILLED with all sorts of impressive features. Some of them are entirely omitted from some online reviews.

Especially the OP reflector that makes the headlamp ideal for tight and confined spaces. 

So, what did I get in the package?


What is Included in the Packaging?

inside the package of sofirn sp40

I absolutely love receiving packages; it’s one of the reasons why I shop online the most. Sofirn knows how to package their products — my C8L was packaged just like the SP40; the light with all the included accessories is safe and sound in bubble wrap.

Here’s the list of items I found in the packaging.

  1. The Sofirn SP40
  2. The head strap
  3. The 18350 tube
  4. The clip
  5. The O-rings
  6. Manual
  7. The USB charging cable

I’ll explain the role of each part and how they’re interconnected in a moment. 

Notable Key Features of the SP40

Sophisticated Optical Characteristics

What’s the point of a flashlight if it doesn’t have good light, right? Sofirn SP40 does a fantastic job in that area. 

The most significant optical characteristic I found in the XP L. What’s the big deal about this XP L anyway? 

For those who don’t know, the XP L is the first single-die LED to emit over 100,000cd with a 50-mm diameter optic at 10 W; it’s a big deal in the world of lights.

So, the Cree XP L uses secondary optics to deliver that exact candela count. 

a human holding sofirn sp40

The SP40 has an orange peel (OP) textured reflector with an AR-coated lens. Orange peel reflectors have smoother beams. That’s why the Sofirn SP40 is definitely a fantastic product. 

Perfect Dimensions for a Flashlight 

The SP40 is 108mm long, and the head dia is 25mm; it’s perfect for a headlamp. The head has a few cooling fins, but not overly so, the weight is just about 60g, making it super easy to wear on your forehead. 

The light fits in your pocket quite easily.

Tip: Check if the mentioned weight includes the weight of the cell pack.

LVP (Low Voltage Protection) Feature

Here’s what most people don’t know (or even understand); running your battery on low voltage can damage BOTH the battery and the light itself — most companies KNOW that you don’t know about it.

But Sofirn preserves the integrity of the lighting industry as the SP40 comes with low voltage protection. What’s the big deal about it, anyway?

Let me get a little bit technical, so you’d truly understand the importance of it.

  • What’s the Role of LVP Operation?

2.5V is as low as a Li-Ion battery should operate on. If the voltage drops any further, THAT’S when you should recharge or change the battery. I wanted to check the LVP trigger voltage and if the low voltage protection kicked in at the right time.

Using the flashlight for 6 hours did the trick.

  • What Was the Cell Voltage Reading at Then?

LVP works fine based on my testing. 

The cell reading was around 2.80V, and that’s simply impressive. Not only did the voltage have a good gap from the 2.5V mark, but the low voltage protection also kicked in at the perfect time. 

What more can I ask for?

The Included Accessories

O rings of sorfin sp40
headband of sorfin sp40
18350 tube of sorfin sp40

Getting branded O-rings (that go at the tail end), the headband, and the 18350 tube for THIS price almost makes you wonder if Sofirn got their pricing wrong. 

But it’s just the company’s success; it’s their normal price.

The pocket clip is a notable item that clips onto the 18650 tube, slightly off the center.

Because there’s a very high chance of losing or damaging the flashlight if not for the pocket clip. However, it’s not a deep carry clip, which makes the light stick out the pocket just enough for you to pull it out quickly.

Multifunctional Switch + The User Interface

The UI plays a tremendous role in all flashlights. But here’s the thing; you don’t want anything too complicated in a headlamp, although it’s necessary for a heavy-duty light.

Sofirn figured out THAT as well, and I immediately felt how similar it was to the minimalist designs of Olight, the light brand.

  • How does the switch work?

I’ve used all sorts of flashlights to know the importance of one little factor: a switch’s functionality. 

So, how does the main switch of the SP40 work?

When turned off: 

  • Single-click: last mode (mode memory)
  • Double click: turbo mode

When the light is already on:

  • Hold to change modes (low/mid/high): the last used mode doesn’t apply here.
  • Single click to turn it off.
  • Double click to switch to Turbo 

In addition, clicking the switch four times enables the lockout mode as well. However, the light doesn’t seem to have a blinking or strobe mode. 

Maybe I should do more tests to see if I can implement that without the basic mode.

Wide Range of Operating Modes + Battery Life

sofirn sp40 low mode
sofirn sp40 medium mode
sofirn sp40 high mode
sofirn sp40 turbo mode

Now you know the modes the Sofrin SP40 operates on. But how do they vary from one another? Let’s check it out next.

There are 4 significant modes. They are Low, Mid, High, and Turbo, and Turbo is the most powerful operational setting. 

  1. Low 
  2. Mid
  3. High
  4. Turbo


  • Lumen count: 5lm (with 29cd max intensity)
  • Throw: 11m
  • Average running duration: 220h


  • Lumen count: 90lm (with 357cd max intensity)
  • Throw: 38m
  • Average running duration: 15h


  • Lumen count: 450lm (with 1800cd max intensity)
  • Throw: 85m
  • Average running duration: 4h 10min


  • Lumen count: 1200lm (with 4620cd max intensity)
  • Throw: 135m+
  • Average running duration: Almost 2 hours

But what does the beam throw/ light in each mode look like? Here’s a picture for reference.

The beam’s brightness is noticeable to the naked eye.

The Magnetic Tail Cap

sofirn sp40 sticked on the iron

The SP40 has a built-in magnet in the tail cap, and that’s a nice feature to have.


Rechargeable cells aren’t of the same price as the single-time use ones, but it’s worth it.

Imagine having to replace the cells every now and then. But not all flashlights can run with rechargeable ones. What’s the reason? It’s the nature of the circuit.

Tip: Avoid mixing cell brands when using.

The Build Quality

I’m a big fan of the body of the SP40; it’s borderline flawless. 

The cap and the body also have the perfect amount of knurling volume. So, you don’t have to worry about the grip of the light body. Mechanical lockout is a breeze with the threads and the larger knurling patch. 

In addition to all of these factors, the body of the SP40 manages heat emission amazingly well.

Here, take a look at the housing yourself; the matte black body is quite attractive.

The Micro USB Port

The Sofirn SP40 comes with Micro USB charging port that’ll allow for fast and convenient charging. An inclusion of a Type-C port would’ve been better, but this one’s not bad either.

The cable comes in the box with the flashlight and it’s a sturdy and durable one unlike the one’s you get with most flashlights.

Tip: Don’t use broken USB cables on the light.

Now that you know all the amazing features, let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

sofirn sp40 usb charging pot

Pros and Cons of SP40


Phenomenal Light Quality

The absence of a TIR optic or a diffuser is the reason for the hot spot in the center; the heat isn’t bad at all. The combination of XP L with the OP deflector gives out one of the best light qualities in the flashlight industry.

The Sheer Comfort of the Head Band in the Package

Discomfort when wearing the headgear of a headlamp is a problematic scenario nobody likes. Sofirn has identified the problem and fixed it once and for all. 

I didn’t feel the usual inner cuts of fabric with my previously owned headlamps.

The fabric responds surprisingly well to sweat as well. I’m assuming the material has a good amount of sweat-resistant polyester or nylon.

The headband will stretch ideally unless you’ve got an abnormally colossal head, like an Alien head.

Bonus advantage: The band can sustain heat ideally.


Sofirn SP40 is popular for its body material quality, and it won’t be damaged that easily at all.

Multiple Uses of the Magnetic Tail Cap

People lose flashlights all the time. The magnetic tail cap helps you stick the light on, maybe your refrigerator? Or any metallic surface you desire.

But you can also use the magnet to mount the light while you’re working!

You Decide the Light Amount You Need

You shouldn’t probably buy flashlights in 2022, at least unless they have 2 operational modes. But the SP40 has 4 completely different operational modes. It allows you to extend the battery life and only use the required illumination.

Safeguard the SP40 Against Low Voltage

One could forget to replace or recharge the batteries with time. Now you know that working a flashlight with low voltage tends to damage the product. Since LVP feature is built in, the SP40 will be safeguarded from low voltage.

Ease of Use By Dimensions

Nobody wants to have a super heavy or even a ridiculously shaped light for a headlamp. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also hinders the ease of use. There are 2 main aspects of the convenience of use.

  • Convenience in terms of dimensions
  • Convenience in terms of weight

The trick is to get the dimensions and the weight well balanced when considering a headlamp. Sofirn figured that out. 


Lack of a Moonlight Mode

Maybe my expectations are too high in general. But, it would have been nice to have a typical moonlight mode where the lumen count is less than 1 lumen.

But the other lights that have all of these modes (including the pocket clip, the red light.)

Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Headlamp

sofirn sp40 on the floor
sofirn sp40 on the table
sofirn sp40 charging in powerbank
sofirn sp40 headlamp attached on helmet

I told you I’m doing a review, so I might as well share with you the components of the filter I personally used to choose the SP40.

Mean of Connection Between the Flashlight and the Head Strap

There used to be a time when headlight manufacturers made both of them into one. This sort of connection might look convenient at first glance. But here’s the catch; the head strap always lasts the shortest.

What would happen if you simply couldn’t change the back cover of your phone? Especially when the phone is impressive and the back cover is not.

So, as long as it’s a headlamp, my prime advice is to buy a headlamp that’s not stitched or mechanically connected to the flashlight.

The Material of the Head Strap

You’re highly likely to wear the head strap for a long time if you buy a headlamp over a typical flashlight. The locations where this light is useful are often confined, damp or dry and basically have unique atmospheric conditions.

How would you feel discomfort in your head while needing the light?

Trust me, you don’t want to buy a product whose headband or strap is of low quality. But it’s just not the comfort factor — the multiple usabilities are there too.

A headband would stretch, but a plastic hook won’t — always go for the headband.

Source of Power

Li-Ion batteries or cells are used every day in high-end flashlight brands. Whether rechargeable or not, buying products with Li-Ion type is the right choice. But what should you avoid?

  • The alkaline cells: Most of this type are disposable. Although relatively cheap, alkaline cells do not last long and can harm the light.
  • NiMH cells: The alkaline type is for single-time use; these are rechargeable. Cheaper than Li-Ion cells but miles behind. 

So, moving on.

The Surface Finish

I’m not talking about the attractiveness of the flashlight when I say “finish”. While the headlamp should look attractive, its surface material must be top-notch. If not, the flashlight isn’t going to last that long. 

Regardless of its importance, light manufacturers hardly specify the nature of the finish. 

Handling Convenience in General

A part of the earlier factor, the head strap, also extends to this factor. But you wouldn’t want to wear a flashlight that requires excessive effort to keep in one place. If that’s the case, it’s a design defect.

The headband and the flashlight should also let you use the flashlight separately. So, how convenient is it to do all of these? You can answer yourself when you’re evaluating a headlamp.

Color Temperature

We all know the bluish flame is purer and more robust than the red or yellow flame; this is a form of the temperature of color. How does it apply to flashlights?

There are three categories of color temperatures for LED lights: neutral white (approximately 4000K), warm white (about 3000K), and white light (around 6500K).

So, you need to check that as well.

The Available Modes

I own a non-Sofirn heavy flashlight with an INSANE throw of 2500m in the turbo mode (if you know, you know). 

The same theory of modes applies to headlights as well.

Each mode has a specific name and a set of measured unique optical characteristics. These characteristics help you easily identify the mode you’re in almost instantly.

The Brand Quality

The flashlight industry is so segregated that you know the top-end brands from the middle and the low-level ones. Getting a cheap EDC is alright, but it’s not the same as buying a headlamp.

Be sure to prioritize the brand quality and reliability as much as possible.

Built-In Features Against Low Voltage 

My sister’s laptop died with her valuable files due to low voltage. The same problems happen with headlights, the problem is quite prominent. There are two solutions to this.

You can replace your batteries every now and then, or you could simply have some indication to get it done. 

Resistance to Water

I told you how headlights are often used in unusual atmospheric conditions, especially in terms of water.

But what about shock?

Will you really drop your light from the head strap that quickly? I don’t think so.

But you’re likely to wear the light in quite damp locations. That’s why there are some waterproof headlamps on the market today.

water drops on sofirn sp40

Indication Method

You know you received a message since the lock screen shows it to you. If not, you wouldn’t know what to do about it. That’s why headlamps deserve to have a power indication method as well.

It could be based on a user surface, but it also could be a simple built-in LED indicator. That should help you see the level of the charge in the battery.

Typically, this power indication is done by lights of three colors; red, yellow and green. The green light is turned on when the charge is above 30%-40%. The green switches to yellow when the charge drops from that level. You’ll eventually see a flashing red light when the charge is under 10%.

The Role of the Main Switch 

This isn’t a 90s home but a 2020s top-end lighting product. So, of course, the main switch sure has an important role. The switch of headlamps like these is often a button. Once you press or hold this switch in various manners, it lets you… wait for it… cycle through modes.

That doesn’t mean it’s the ONLY use of it; many flashlight manufacturers rely on outdated methods.

The Price

Everything comes down to this factor. However, it’s pretty hard to evaluate the investment factor when you haven’t experienced what the flashlight can do. What can you do about this? You can simply look at online reviews done by people who have actually used the product.

Customer Reviews of the SP40

There are some aspects that assess the credibility of a review. The source of the review, the date, and whether the purchase is verified. My go-to websites are Amazon or Trustpilot. Here’s a glimpse of what I found.

sofirn sp40 amazon Customer Review 1
sofirn sp40 amazon Customer Review 2
sofirn sp40 amazon Customer Review 3

The Price of the SP40

To be really honest, I expected the price to be close to $100, at least for the Cree XP L HD. But get this… the flashlight is barely $24. That’s just 5 burgers at max.

Best Recommended Place to Buy?

Buy them directly from the website, period. Verifying the authenticity of the dealers can be risky, and it’s not an advisable measured risk.

Here’s the link I bought the Sofirn SP40 from.

Delivery and the Shipping Policy

Your order will be shipped within 48 hours, and you will also get a tracking number. The company claims you’ll receive the product between 14-28 business days, but I got in after only 2 weeks.

Refund and Return Policy

Any return should be done within 28 days, and they MUST be in an unopened and unused state. You can also cancel any order for FREE before the shipment is finalized.


Your cell warranty lasts for 6 months. Many cells do not receive any type of warranty at all.

The warranty of the SP40 is for an entire year. For $24 worth of product, it’s the brand value of Sofirn that is catering for all of these facilities.


Is the Sofirn SP40 Worth Buying?

Buying Sofirn SP40 is not a good choice; it;’s the BEST choice. The list of pros makes a solid case, and everything is for just $24. 

After reading multiple reviews, and using the SP40 myself, here’s how I would rate the flashlight.

Other Sofirn brand’s flashlight reviews:

In Conclusion

The whole message of this review is simple; the SP40 is AMAZING

Sofirn is a company that has always prioritized quality over anything. Their SP40 headlight is a product that stands out amongst competitors. That’s precisely why it’s easier to show its price-worthiness.


Yes, the SP40 can be shipped internationally. Just mention the country you want it shipped to at checkout.

Yes, the SP40 is available in different tints including green and blue, as well as other colors.

The company measures Specs continuously and provides documented data on them for customers to view.

Sofirn SP40
Beam Distance





Overall Score


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  • Phenomenal Light Quality
  • The Sheer Comfort of the Head Band in the Package
  • Durability
  • Multiple Uses of the Magnetic Tail Cap
  • You Decide the Light Amount You Need
  • Safeguard the SP40 Against Low Voltage
  • Ease of Use By Dimensions
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • Lack of a Moonlight Mode

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