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Last Updated on May, 2024

Are you curious about the hype around the Olight Warrior Nano flashlight?

If so, you’re in the right place because, in this detailed review, I cover everything there is to know about this light!

From specifications to build quality and practical usage, stick around to see if the Olight Warrior Nano is worth the hype. 

Olight Warrior Nano

The Warrior series of flashlights are tactical flashlights produced by Olight, one of the world’s leading producers of all types of lights.

Olight is always on top of the game, doing stellar work with innovation and product development. You can bet your bottom dollar that Olight consistently releases new and exciting products and variations featuring fresh designs.

a man holding an olight warrior nano flashlight in his hand

From gun lights to lamps, Olight has got you covered. They have recently begun expanding into developing products like pens and knives, too! The Warrior line of lights gives you incredible versatility for tactical flashlights.

The Warrior X Turbo light will be perfect if you want a big duty-oriented flashlight with a very good beam profile. Say you want a more miniature flashlight. Then, the Warrior Mini light is perfect for you. But what if you want an EVEN smaller light?

If that’s the case, you’re lucky because the Warrior Nano was made with you in mind. This new tactical flashlight takes its place between the Baton 3 Pro and the Warrior Mini, in size and output, producing 1,200 lumens. 

Let’s take a closer look at this light!

Olight Warrior Nano Specifications

some specifications of the olight warrior nano flashlight

The table below summarizes the specifications of the Olight Warrior Nano.

Flashlight Brand And ModelOlight Warrior Nano
Flashlight CategoryTactical and EDC flashlight
Maximum Output1,200 lumens
Maximum Beam Distance135 meters
Maximum Beam Intensity4,697 cd
Light Modes6
Blink ModesStrobe
Battery Configuration1*18350
Onboard ChargingOlight MCC
Waterproof RatingIPX8

What Comes in the Package?

Olight packaging is a treat for the eyes, as per usual.

The Warrior Nano comes in a full-size packaging design with a 1:1 scale image of the flashlight on the front and specifications on the back.

Inside the package, you will find:

  • The Olight Warrior Nano.
  • Olight ORB-183C11: 18350 – 1100 mAh li-ion battery.
  • MCC charging cable.
  • Metal L-Stand.
  • Safety Sheet.
  • Manual.

The above is everything you need to get your light up and running. As per the “Welcome” deal in the box, you must remove the isolator film between the head and the battery driver. When you receive it, the battery is at 3.62 volts, which is a suitable storage voltage.

However, it would be best to recharge it to use the light to its maximum capacity. Regrettably, this dual switch flashlight does not come with extra o-rings. The manual is written in 20 languages, though, which is excellent!

Olight Warrior Nano Build

a screenshot of a fact on the size of olight warrior nano flashlight

Build Quality

The Warrior Nano is an excellent tactical and EDC flashlight fit. It is small, light, and fits well in pockets, as you will see when I cover the light’s dimensions.

The light has excellent build quality, design, and finish. There is not even a whiff of quality control issues, and all the parts of the light fit perfectly. Having no sharp edges is essential for a pocket light, and the Olight Warrior Nano has none.

The Warrior Nano features a removable deep carry pocket clip with a unique dual retention clip. The light has a tail switch at the back and a side switch behind its head. The tail switch is metal, magnetic, and flat. It is magnetic so that the MCC charger can be accommodated.

This fun feature also means the Warrior Nano will stick to any magnetic surface at 90 degrees. The light also comes with a metal L-holder. I can hear you thinking right now, “How can a metal L-holder possibly help me?”

It’ll help you immensely in situations when you need to use your light hands-free. You can use the L-holder to hold up your light, and the holder itself can be attached to surfaces.

The flashlight’s front e-switch sits almost close to the body of the light, but it can be located quickly by touch. The rear switch of the light is 2-positioned to facilitate half-turbo or strobe mode. Even with the presence of this switch, though, tail standing is possible, and accidental activation is not a concern.

The Olight Warrior Nano has a semi-matte anodization in type III HA. You can choose from two colors: black and a Halloween limited edition green that’s dubbed “Zombie Green.” There are only 6,000 units of the Zombie Green version, and these lights are green with speckles of red on them. 

The Warrior Nano has an IPX8 rating for ingress protection and a 1.5-meter drop rating. Since the o-rings protect the light well, this rating is no surprise. Batteries are inserted from the front, and threads are only present on the front of the tube. The threads are all sized well and rectangularly cut.

The flashlight’s tail has spring-loaded contact with five contact pads to facilitate the tail switch functions and charging interface electrical path. The head of the light has a distinctive electrical path with a gold-plated contact and an internal coil spring. 

Overall, the build of this light is top-notch!

Olight Warrior Nano
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LED, Lens, Beam, Bezel, and Reflector

a picture of a man using olight warrior nano inside a forest

Olight keeps the LED under wraps, so I can’t say precisely what this flashlight uses. 

However, I’m willing to guess that the Warrior Nano flashlight uses a cool white emitter, specified by Olight as 5,700-6,700K with a 70 CRI. It is most likely that the LED used here is an Osram P9, as opposed to the Luminus SFT40 used in the Warrior Mini.

It should technically be simple to find a replacement LED for emitter swaps. However, the Osram P9 has a 3737 footprint, which is incompatible with the usual 3535 footprint. Therefore, swapping out LEDs is difficult.

The LED rests beneath a TIR optic, a customized mix of a reflector and TIR. A crenelated strike bezel protects the TIR optic. The light’s beam is clean and perfect for everyday use. The hotspot of the beam is a flat circle, and it has a defined edge.


Here are the dimensions of the Warrior Nano flashlight. The measurements are rounded to the nearest millimeter and the nearest tenth of an inch.

Length81 mm3.2 in
Head diameter23 mm0.9 in
Body diameter23 mm0.9 in

The following table summarizes the weight of the Warrior Nano flashlight to the nearest gram and the nearest tenth of an ounce. 

Weight in gramsWeight in ounces
Without battery60 g2 oz
With battery86 g3 oz

Olight Warrior Nano in Use

User Interface and Driver

certain levels of brightness available the olight warrior nano flashlight

The user interface of the Warrior Nano is typical of the Warrior series.

The side switch controls the light modes, and the tail switch puts the light in Half-Turbo, Turbo, and Strobe modes. As with the rear switches of the other lights in the Warrior line, the tail switch on this flashlight can switch the light on temporarily or entirely, depending on how the switch is pressed.

It can be configured in 3 different ways. The default configuration is Medium and Half-Turbo mode, and the second configuration is Instant Strobe. The last setup option available is for Medium and Turbo modes. 

The following are the primary brightness levels available:

  • Moonlight mode.
  • Low mode.
  • Medium mode.
  • High mode.
  • Half-Turbo mode (this is only available with the tail switch).
  • Turbo mode.

The Warrior Nano has the following blink mode available:

  • Strobe mode.

Here is what you should do to activate the flashlight when turned off using the side switch:

  • Press and hold the side switch for 1 second to activate Moonlight.
  • Click once to turn this EDC light on in its last memorized mode.
  • Double-click to turn on Turbo mode.
  • Triple-click in quick succession to turn on Strobe mode.

Using the side switch when the light is already on leads to the following:

  • Press and hold to cycle through Low, Medium, and High modes.
  • Click once to turn the flashlight off.
  • Double-click to turn on Turbo mode.
  • Click thrice to turn on Strobe mode.

Here is how to work the rear switch configuration 1:

  • Tap and hold the switch to go into momentary Medium mode.
  • Half-press and release the switch to go into constant-on Medium mode.
  • Press hard for a momentary Half-Turbo.
  • Press hard and release for constant-on Half Turbo.

To work the 2nd rear switch configuration:

  • Hard press for instant Strobe.
some features available in the olight warrior nano

To work the alternate rear switch configuration:

  • Tap and hold for momentary Medium.
  • Lightly press and release for constant-on Medium mode. 
  • Full press the switch for momentary Turbo.
  • Hard press and release for constant-on Turbo.

Here are the shortcuts you can use with this flashlight:

  • Press and hold the side switch for 1 second for moon mode.
  • Double-click from on or off to enter Turbo.
  • Triple-click from on or off to enter Strobe.

 Here is how the low voltage warnings and protection work in the Olight Warrior Nano:

  • Battery level is shown through the switch LED indicator.
  • Green- Battery level is above 60%.
  • Orange- Battery level is between 10% and 60%.
  • Red- Battery level is below 10%.
a person carrying an olight warrior nano in his bag pack

The steps below should be followed to put the flashlight in lockout mode:

  • Press and hold the side switch for around 2 seconds.
  • This will cause the light to switch on in Moonlight for a bit before the light switches off to indicate the lockout. 
  • Pressing the LED indicator when the light is locked causes it to blink red.
  • Pressing it again will unlock the light. 

Previous mode memory is available only for Low, Medium, and High modes. The Warrior Nano does not have Pulse Width Modulation (PWM).

The Olight Warrior Nano UI has a lot going on for such a small light. Regardless, it is flexible and easy to get the hang of. Quick access to Turbo and Strobe is essential for a tactical light, so, significantly, this feature is available.

Switching between Configuration 1 and Configuration 2 is also simple to do. To switch to Configuration 2, click the side switch while pressing the tail switch hard. In Configuration 2, Half-Turbo is replaced with Strobe. 

To switch from Half-Turbo to Turbo, press and hold the side switch for 2 seconds while the charger is attached. This will cause the light to switch on in Moon mode and enter a lockout state. 

Then, you can disconnect the charger from the charge port, unlock the light, and press the tail switch hard to activate it in Turbo. To return from Turbo to Half-Turbo, you must repeat the process.

Charging and Batteries

a screenshot of a fact on the battery used in the olight warrior nano

The Warrior Nano uses an Olight ORB-183C11, 1100 mAh, 18350 cell. This is a proprietary battery with the anode and the cathode on the top of the cell. The cell is well protected as it has under/overcharge and discharge protection. 

Now I know what you’re thinking.

Proprietary cell?? Yikes! I would much rather prefer non-proprietary batteries. 

The thing is, though, Olight makes its lights with average consumers in mind. And average consumers are not likely to know the ins and outs of using a lithium-ion battery safely. Olight batteries are superb quality, though, so there isn’t much to worry about. 

Factory runtimes and outputs also match the specified values since testing was conducted with the included battery. Charging is done through Olight’s MCC charging system, which consists of a USB-A plug on one end and a magnetic pad on the other.

The magnetic pad has two contacts that interface with the tail switch. It is set for 1,000 mA, a safe current for this proprietary battery. If the idea of MCC charging is bugging you and you’re wondering if charging the cell in a hobby charger will work, the answer is yes.

However, keep in mind that Olight does not recommend this.

Olight Warrior Nano Performance

a picture of olight warrior nano switch

Modes and Lumen Measurements

Lumens were measured under the ANSI FL1 Standards with a 30cm integrating sphere using a Digi-Sense 20250-00 data logging lux meter. The fully charged Olight ORB-183C11 battery was used for testing.

ModeSpecsLumens at turn-onLumens at 30 secsLumens at 10 minutes

The figures I measured are slightly lower than specified, which is unusual for an Olight flashlight. However, these are still good results for such a small light.

Battery Life

Runtimes were measured using a 30cm integrating sphere with a Digi-Sense 20250-00 data logging lux meter. Temperature readings were measured using a Digi-Sense 20250-92 data logging thermocouple. The Olight ORB-183C11 battery was used for the test.

ModeSpecified runtimeMeasured runtime ANSITime till shut off
High2 hrs 5 mins2 hrs 5 mins2 hrs 7 mins
Half-Turbo1 hr 25 mins1 hr 25 mins2 hrs 00 mins
Turbo1 hr 20 mins1 hr 21 mins2 hrs 1 min

The runtimes I measured match up perfectly with those specified by Olight, which is no surprise. The light’s driver is well-regulated and delivers laminar output with no fluctuations as the battery runs out of juice. 

Beam Intensity and Distance Measurements

The test for beam distance was done using a Uni-t UT383S lux meter at a distance of 5 meters. A fully charged Olight ORB183C11 was used for the test. Measurements were taken at 30 seconds as per ANSI specifications.

ModeSpecsCandela measuredMetersYards
Low65 cdN/A
Medium262 cd177 cd27 m29 yd
High1,577 cd1,628 cd83 m90 yd
Half-Turbo2,304 cd2,529 cd102 m111 yd
Turbo4,697 cd4,881 cd141 m154 yd

Olight Warrior Nano Price and Warranty

The Olight Warrior Nano is priced at $74.99, and you can purchase it through the Olight website here!

As of September 16, 2023, the company promises a lifetime warranty for any Olight product purchased after January 1, 2023. If you experience any issue with your flashlight, the company promises to take care of it. If they cannot fix your product, they will replace it with a product in perfect working condition. 

If the Olight product you purchased is among a limited edition or discontinued series, they will replace your product with one of the same or higher value.

Olight offers a 2-year warranty on rechargeable batteries and the charging case. It also offers a 1-year warranty on the MCC charging cable, remote pressure switch, and mount.

Olight Warrior Nano
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Olight Warrior Nano Pros and Cons


  • Great quality build and finish.
  • Compact.
  • Produces a tremendously bright output, given the small size of the flashlight.
  • It has an effective dual-switch UI that facilitates tactical functions.
  • Produces well-regulated output.


  • Utilizes a proprietary charging system and batteries. 

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Final Thoughts

As always, Olight blows all its competition out of the park with the Warrior Nano.

This flashlight strikes the perfect balance between high performance, bright output, and compactness. It gracefully takes its place between the Warrior Mini and the Warrior 3S and is more tactical than the Baton line. 

Among the many plus points of the Warrior Nano, its consistent laminar output, dual switches, the two-stage tail switch, and memory function take the cake for me.

You have my word; this is an ideal flashlight for anyone looking for a small flashlight that will not disappoint!


The Olight Warrior Nano has a specified battery life of 2 hrs and 5 mins on High, 1 hr and 25 mins on Half-Turbo, and 1 hr and 20 mins on Turbo.

Yes, the Olight Warrior Nano is waterproof with an IPX8 rating.”

Yes, the Olight Warrior Nano has mode memory that recalls your last-used light mode.

Yes, the flashlight is designed for emergency situations. Its strong build ensures durability in harsh conditions and its six brightness levels provide ample illumination for outdoor use or power outages. The Strobe setting also makes it an excellent distress signal.

Olight Warrior Nano
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Great quality build and finish.
Produces a tremendously bright output, given the small size of the flashlight.
It has an effective dual-switch UI that facilitates tactical functions.
Produces well-regulated output.
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Utilizes a proprietary charging system and batteries. 

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