Olight Warrior Mini 2 Review [2024 Upd.] Legit or a Scam?

Last Updated on June, 2024

“One of the most powerful compact tactical lights on the market” – as described by Olight.

Is it really? Does it live up to the hype? Let’s find out together.

If you are planning to buy the Olight Warrior mini 2, read this review first. I have tested this flashlight, so you will know whether it has all the features you are looking for and is worth buying. 

 Now are you ready to dive into the full review? Let’s go!

 Overall: 4.8/5.0
Beam Distance
  • Safe proxomity protection
  • Pocket size
  • Tactical tail switch and Handy side switch
  • Convenient magnetic charging
  • 5 Lighting levels + Strobe & SOS / BEACON
  • Max 1750 Lumens output
Brand Info
  • Known for its high-quality, durable and versatile flashlights, headlamps, and other illumination tools.
  • Olight was founded in 2006 in China.
  • Their Products are designed with the latest LED technology & made with durable materials.
  • Olight’s ultimate goal is to cheer you up in the darkest moment
Product Benefits
  • Easy to carry in your pocket
  • Prevent the risks of overheating
  • Single press to turn on turbo mode with tal switch
  • Magnetic charging feature prevents the need to manually plug it in
  • High output and excellent, bright light
  • Incredible battery life

What is the Olight Warrior Mini 2 Flashlight?

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is a tactical and EDC (everyday carry) flashlight.

This multi-purpose flashlight has two switches, the side switch for EDC purposes and a tail switch for tactical use.

It is the upgraded version of the first warrior mini flashlight by Olight.

This device even has a smart thermal and proximity sensor to enhance safety, and five lighting levels.

The Warrior mini 2 is supposed to be an improved, better-designed version of the original. Is it? Let’s find out.

Olight Warrior Mini 2
Olight Warrior Mini 2
Olight Warrior Mini 2
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Everything You Need to Know About the Warrior Mini 2

What is in the Box?

Olight Warrior Mini 2 inside the package
MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable on the table
Two-Way Pocket Clip 
Lanyard on the table
a human holding a Carabiner-Style Ring
User Manual on the table

The package consists of the following:

  • Warrior Mini 2, including the 3500mAh 18650 Battery 
  • MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable
  • Two-Way Pocket Clip 
  • Lanyard ring
  • Carabiner-Style Ring
  • User Manual


  • Colours Available: Black, Desert Tan, mountain sky, Fire, Air, Water, Earth, OD Green. Regal Blue, CU (copper), Stars & Stripes Edition, Orange, White, Brass, O-Fan Ti Edition and Desert Camouflage
  • Max Performance: 1,750 lumens
  • Charging Type: MCC3 Magnetic USB Charging Cable
  • Light Source: High-Performance LED (6000~7000K)
  • Waterproof rating: IPX8
  • Weight: 4.3oz/122g (Including Battery, Pocket Clip, and Lanyard Clip)
  • Length: 4.65in/118mm
  • Head Diameter: 0.98in/25mm
  • Body Diameter: 0.9in/23mm

User Interface

This flashlight has a dual switch, six lighting modes, and a battery level indicator. The patterned outer body of the warrior mini and its compact size of 4.65 inches gives the flashlight a good grip when holding.

To switch on the flashlight for daily use, click the side switch. When changing the brightness levels, press and hold the side switch.

The flashlight will start from the lowest or previously memorized brightness level and automatically transform from low to high modes till the side switch is released. However, the moonlight and turbo are not part of the automatic cycle ).

a human holding olight Warrior Mini 2

The Lighting Levels of the Olight Warrior Mini 2 are as Follows:

  • Turbo Mode/Mode 1

The output of 1750 lumens works for 4 mins & it downshifts to 500 lumens which works for 206 mins, after that it downshifts to 200 lumens which works for 40 mins in mode 1.

This model has the lightest lumens and throw distance of 220 meters and the light intensity of 12300 Candela. You need to double-click the side switch to enter this mode.

  • High Mode/Mode 2 

The high mode provides the second highest lumens of 500 that can run fot 218 minutes before downgrading to 200 which can run for another 55 minutes.. The throw distance is 117 meters with a light intensity of 3400 candela

  • Medium Mode/Mode 3

With an output of 120 Lumens and a runtime of 19 hours, the third mode is perfect for everyday use.

Additionally, you get a throw distance of 57 meters and 820 candela for light intensity.

  • Low Mode/Mode 4

The Olight warrior flashlight will automatically run on low mode if the battery level significantly decreases. This mode produces a light output of 15 Lumens and can run for a maximum time of 164 hours. The throw distance is only 19 Meters since the light Intensity is 94 candela.

  • Moonlight Mode/Mode 5

This mode is activated when your battery is on its last leg. With an output of 1 lumen, the light is not bright, but it’s nice that you can still get a little bit of light till the battery dies. Since the output is so low, your warrior mini can run for 45 days in this mode. 

  • Strobe mode

This mode is excellent for tactical operations. The output is at its highest with 1750 lumens at a frequency of 13 Hz. To enter the strobe mode, you need to double-click the side switch.

  • Lockout mode

The lockout mode is accessed by pressing and holding the side switch while the flashlight is off for a few seconds. The flashlight will first go to moonlight mode before switching off to signal the lockout mode). Keep holding the side switch until the moonlight mode is on to remove the lockout mode.

Technical Information

Build Quality With Materials

For first impressions, this flashlight is relatively lightweight with a good grip.

The body is made of aluminium alloy unless you have bought the Olight warrior mini 2 copper edition, in which case the body is made of copper. 

The lens type is TIR Optic Lens with a Protective Glass Lens to withstand the light source as it is a high-performance LED (6000~7000K). 

One of its best features is the two-way pocket clip with the detachable lanyard clip and carabiner-style ring that gives a range of options for portability and eliminates unintentional activation. 

olight Warrior Mini 2 on the table


It is a very durable flashlight, primarily due to its waterproof feature. It’s pretty sturdy, considering you can drop it 1.5 meters, and it will still work well. At its lowest mode, this flashlight can work for 45 days. 

Beam Distance

The Beam Distance is 722 ft(220 m) at its full light intensity of 12,300 candela, which is a good distance for a small flashlight. The highest output is 1,750 lumens, much higher than the original warrior mini.

Additionally, compared to the previous Warrior Mini, the max light Intensity of this brand-new upgraded version is 17% brighter, and the beam distance is 16% further.

Price and Warranty 

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 is an affordable flashlight compared to some of Olight’s other models, with a selling price of $ 89.95. Furthermore, it comes with a five-year warranty. A one-year warranty covers even the battery. 

Regarding replacements or repairs, contact the original seller within 30 days of purchase or the Olight company if you have purchased it within five years. The MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable will be given a replacement if its date of purchase is less than one year.

Where to Buy the Warrior Mini 2?

The Olight Warrior mini 2 is available in many places; however, if you want the real deal, I suggest their Olight website or their store on Amazon.

Besides online stores, you can find these flashlights at any Walmart. Ensure the direct supplier is Olight if you are buying from other sellers on sites such as eBay to prevent getting scammed. 

Olight Warrior Mini 2
Olight Warrior Mini 2
visa, master, amex, paypal

How to Use the Warrior Mini 2 Flashlight?

Operation Modes

As a dual-purpose flashlight, the Olight warrior mini 2 has two operation modes for daily use and tactical operations.

Tail Switch & Side Switch 

The flashlight produces different output settings by pressing lightly or hard on the tail switch.

Half-press for Medium, hard press for turbo mode; Single press the tail switch (press and release quickly) to turn the flashlight on or off; Press and hold the tail switch for momentary-on.

Release to turn off.

Single-click the side switch to turn the light ON/OFF.

As mentioned before, you can change the lighting level when you press and hold it.

a human touching a tail switch of olight Warrior Mini 2

Proximity Sensor

One of the other key features the warrior mini 2 possesses is the smart proximity sensor. It automatically dims the LED to prevent overheating. It switches off thoroughly after 1 minute if the lens is obstructed.

Battery and Charging

The proprietary battery for the warrior mini 2 is a customized 3500mAh 3.6V 18650 that is rechargeable. The flashlight set comes with a MCC3 magnetic USB type-A charging cable with an indicator. 

The cable glows red when charging and green when complete. It usually takes 3.5 hours tocharge the device entirely. 

Below the flashlight’s head is a battery level indicator that changes colour from green to orange to red as the level descends past 60%.

What are the Uses for the Warrior Mini 2?

Olight Warrior Mini 2 on the rocks

The beauty of this device is the dual switches. The side switch allows you to select between six different modes for daily use and a dual-stage tail switch for tactical use. The benefits can range from everyday carry to self-defence. 

  • An EDC Flashlight

Designed for everyday carry, this flashlight comes with multiple carry options thanks to the two-way pocket clip, detachable lanyard and a carabiner-style ring. It is excellent to use during a camping trip or any outdoor excursion, even to find those darn earrings that might have gone missing under the furniture. 

  • Tactical Uses

Although it’s small in size, do not underestimate the power of the Olight Warrior mini 2. This is a great tactical light for hiking or emergencies like search and rescue. It’s also a powerful tool for self-defence since a light intensity of 1750 lumens is bright enough to catch anyone off guard.

Is the Warrior Mini 2 Worth the Hype?

You have gotten to know what the warrior mini 2 is all about, but is it worth buying? Let’s dive into the pros and cons of this device to see if this flashlight is a worthy investment. 


  • Waterproof and good durability
  • Its small size and the pocket clip make it highly portable
  • High output and excellent, bright light
  • Proximity sensor increases the safety of the device
  • The charging time is speedy, with incredible battery life
  • As the battery runs out, it will automatically move to the next lighting level


  • Proprietary batteries can be problematic because the flashlight is incompatible with other batteries
  • Although there are safety features for overheating, the light can become uncomfortably heated after hard use

Overall, the Olight warrior mini 2 is a great flashlight. Despite a few setbacks, its portability and features makes it an indispensable tool. 

Customer Reviews

With a customer rating of over 4 stars in any online platform they sell, that is quite impressive. The rating on their site is 4.9, while on amazon, it’s 4.6. The customer reviews are similar on both sites. Let’s have a look at what some of the customers say.

Customer 1 from the Olight store gave a 5-star rating – 

Olight Warrior Mini Customer Review 1

Customer 2 (a verified customer) from Amazon gave a 4-star rating since it was a good flashlight but had a few issues –

Olight Warrior Mini Customer Review 2

As you can see, the reviews for the Olight Warrior mini 2 are pretty positive, with some complaints of minor issues regarding the pocket clip, tail switch or battery/magnetic chargers. Overall, people are satisfied with this product. 

Other Olight brand’s flashlight reviews:

Final Thoughts

People are usually weary of multifunctional tools. The saying goes, “Jack of all trades but master of none.” However, that is further from the truth for this compact little flashlight. The Olight Warrior mini 2 is a must-buy if you want a multifunctional flashlight that can act as an EDC flashlight and for tactical purposes.. 

Would I recommend this product?


For just $89, you get the best of both worlds. What a steal! Although there are a few cons, the pros are far more significant. With its waterproof feature, you can use this flashlight, rain or shine and not worry about durability or any decline in performance.

Hopefully, this Olight warrior mini 2 review answered all your burning questions about this product. If you feel like the Olight warrior mini 2 flashlight is perfect for you, check out the Olight store online


Yes, the Olight Warrior Mini 2 is worth buying! It has many great features, making it an affordable and reliable choice for everyday carry and emergency use.

The pocket clips included in the package are not strong enough to hang anything heavy. They are great for hanging the warrior mini 2 on a hat or belt, but they have been known to pop off sometimes.

The Olight Warrior Mini 2 Flashlight has a charging duration of 3.5 hours when using the MCC3 magnetic charging cable and power adapter to charge its customized 18650 battery.

To access Moonlight Mode in the Warrior Mini 2, push and hold the side switch for more than one second and click the button to access the memorized mode. Moonlight Mode is dimmer than the rest and is a good choice for preserving battery life.

Yes, the Warrior Mini 2 is safe to use and is not a burn hazard. The first Warrior Mini and M2R Pro were recalled due to overheating, but the new and improved version of the Mini 2 has addressed these issues, and you can use it worry-free.

Olight Warrior Mini 2
Beam distance





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Waterproof and good durability
Its small size and the pocket clip make it highly portable
High output and excellent, bright light
Proximity sensor increases the safety of the device
The charging time is speedy, with incredible battery life
As the battery runs out, it will automatically move to the next lighting level
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Proprietary batteries can be problematic because the flashlight is incompatible with other batteries

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