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 Last Updated on May, 2024

Are you planning to buy an Olight Odin tactical light? Great! You have found the best site to check the genuine review on the product. This article will thoroughly discuss the Olight Odin, making it easier to decide if it is the best weapon light for you.

It got my attention with its outer look first. People often say, “never judge a book by its cover.” Olight Odin is not only about the outer look. It has many interesting features too!

To my wonder, Olight Odin had exciting features at a reasonable price. As I bought and now using it for a while, my user experience with the product could also be helpful for you.

Continue reading to know why I chose Olight Odin tactical light while many brands are available in the market. I’m sure that you will also be amazed after knowing the info! Check Out!!!

 Overall: 4.7/5.0
  • Mount and Lock Feature
  • Two operating modes
  • Leader in energy efficiency – Battery Life
  • Innovative Remote Switch
  • Multifunctional Tail Switch
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cable
Brand Info
  • This company is renowned for its superior quality flashlights that have been rigorously tested and consistently surpass customer expectations
  • It has a strong following of millions of devoted fans around the globe
  • Over 15 years of reliable
  • Boasting over 1000 authoritative certifications and patents
  • It is also distributed through over 100 sales channels worldwide.
Product Benefits
  • The beam pattern is created using a TIR lens
  • Anti-abrasive coating protects the flashlight’s aluminum body
  • The thermal management built into the device automatically modifies brightness output to avoid overheating
  • You can see when the battery is low, charging, or fully charged, through the battery indicator
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Mounting System

What is in the Package? 

a human holding Olight Odin
olight odin Picatinny rail mount with dual positions
olight odin Rail-mounted remote switch with magnet
a human holding 5000 mAh 21700 battery
a human holding MCC3 charging adapter
a human holding Zip ties, Allen wrench, and screws
olight odin user manual

Indeed, Olight did not fail to amaze me with the package’s inclusions. After carefully inspecting the box, an instruction panel was placed on top of the Odin. The external look of the product was eye catchy.

The accessories were wrapped nicely and put in relevant compartments of the package cuttings. Now, inside the box… BOOM !!!

  • Olight Odin
  • Picatinny rail mount with dual positions (pre-installed)
  • Rail-mounted remote switch with magnet
  • 5000 mAh 21700 battery
  • MCC3 charging adapter
  • Zip ties, Allen wrench, and screws
  • The Manual

COOL, Yeah! 

Let’s Move to the Specifications of Odin Olight 

Performance (Max)2000
Light Intensity22500 cd
Beam Distance 300 m
Charge TypeMagnetic Charging USB cable
Compatible BatteriesLithium Rechargeable Batteries 21700 (5000mAh 3.6V)
Operation ModeMagnetic Tail Switch
MountingPicatinny mounts
Material Aluminum 
For Gun Type Rifle
Run time (Max)8 hours
Weight 7.62 oz (216 g) with battery
Length5.37 inches (136.5 mm) 
Head Diameter 1.14 inches (29.0 mm)
Body Diameter 1.04 inches (26.6 mm)

Build Quality and Durability 

The primary component of Olight Odin’s construction is aluminum. Threads used in the tactical light are expertly woven. The MCC3 charging adaptor is fastened with a comforting degree of force.

A simple push of the anti-slip knurling ring engages the locking function of the revolutionary magnetic remote pressure switch for a secure fit.

In comparison to the pistol-grade light, the Odin is rated IPX8. A flashlight with an IPX8 rating can be immersed for at least 30 minutes up to one meter deep.

That’s great and challenging enough for 99% of all users of weapon lights.

After the invention of smartphones, drop tests have become trendy. I would say that this phenomenon opened the eyes of ordinary people to test the quality of the product in some way. 

Let’s drop our tactical light!

Onto the concrete blocks, I dropped the light purposely. I repeated the dropping of the Olight device by changing the sides of the light from my view. The test consisted of a total of 10 drops.

The light bounced and hit through, yet continued to shine. The light turned on and off in the mount without any problems, and the mount reattached to the gun with no problem. The Odin tactical Light seems to be very durable. 

Mount and Lock Feature

The Odin’s mount can be attached to a standard Picatinny rail in multiple ways. Using the lock and button, you can unplug the light itself. 

The mechanical lock resembles a tool for securing the light to the rail in several ways. I initially assumed it was a quick-detach style design.

Although not for your rail, it is in specific ways. Locked or unlocked are the two options you can get here. The light is released from the mount after being unlocked by pushing a button.

The mount and lock feature of the Odin Olight allows you to position as you want.

a human locking Rail-mount

You may flip it over to place it at the 12 o’clock position or switch it around to mount it at 3 or 9 o’clock. You have complete control over the light on the gun’s right or left side at 12 o’clock.

The pressure pad provides an integrative mechanism that immediately mounts to a picatinny rail at the remote switch operator’s end. The mount is specially designed that appears to be configured in different ways.

Without removing the entire mount, taking the light off the gun is simple when you need only the light.

Olight switch’s magnetic attachment to the back of the light is another distinctive aspect of the design. When I first learned about this feature, all my expectations were for it to be strong enough to hold it. Fortunately, it also has a locking collar. Both the switch and mount were found to be user-friendly too. 

The Output 

This specification can be confusing for many. As the company advertises, the Odin Olight can produce 2000 lumens.

It is the max output of the device. But this will stand for around two minutes only.

It eventually drops down to 1000 lumens, to 760 lumens, and then to 300 lumens finally.

This characteristic can be seen as a negative impact, but you can use this specification’s advantage. It totally depends on the user. 

The company is open about this specification as they might have designed this for a professional user. At the back of the Odin box is a description of the lumen rundown time.

olight odin output

There are two operating modes for the Odin: Low and High. At Low setting, it emits 300 lumens and lasts for eight hours. At high mode, it emits 2000 lumens which fluctuates and lasts for 160 minutes.

The Odin has a 22,500-candela output, and in the high mode, it performs admirably at a distance. At its maximum output, the tactical light has a beam distance of 300 m.

Battery Life 

The Olight Odin tactical light emits a maximum of 2,000 lumens of bright light and it comes with a single specialized 5000mAh 21700 rechargeable lithium battery and a PMMA optical lens.

It takes about six hours to fully charge the light and can last up to 8 hours at low mode with a 300 lumens output when fully charged. 

I experimented with the power capacity when left idle for a time. The result was positive, and I didn’t expect it, though. Even if left idle for about 20 days, the charge can remain as it is. 

The charger is very easy to use, charges quite quickly, and can be plugged into any USB port. The flashlight’s magnetic cap is used to magnetically attach it. This feature greatly improves the efficiency of charging.

Things You Need to Know About Odin Olight Before You Buy


You can buy the Odin Olight tactical light for $159.95. Occasional discounts are also available. I was impressed by the low price for a quality product.

Warranty and Refund Policy

The company provides a five years warranty for the product and 30 days money-back guarantee if you have reasons to return it. I bet that they give this option with enough confidence about their product’s quality. 

Where to Buy?

There are plenty of platforms where you can place an order for Olight Odin with 2000 lumens. The preferable platform is the company store itself. You can also find the product on Amazon.com, ebay.com, and other reputed ecommerce platforms.

When you buy from the company stores, free delivery is available and you don’t have to be concerned about buying fraudulent goods that might be offered on other platforms. 

Olight Odin
Olight Odin
visa, master, amex, paypal

What Do Other Users Say About the Olight Odin Tactical Light?

Research and analysis are essential when valuing the worthiness of a product. As consumers, it is our responsibility to stay alert without falling into a trap.

I referred to the reviews of some users from online resources. Here are a few of the findings,

Olight Odin Customer Review 1

That happy buyer 

Olight Odin Customer Review 2

This guy has bought it without knowing much about Olight Odin, yet he thinks he made an excellent decision to buy one. 

Olight Odin Customer Review 3

Well, there are more details in this one.

Olight Odin Customer Review 4

Is the Odin Flashlight Recommended? 

As I have been using Odin Olight for a few months, I actually love the product. It is a quality product for a lower price.

It does have a few cons that should be noticed. But the cons do not seem to be a major issue when using it.

I want to say that both the remote switch and mounting systems are working very well, and that makes me very happy about the product.

Multifunctional unique tailcap with magnetic charging, tactical operation, and remote controlling with ease are noticeable best Odin features.

The Odin tactical light fulfills the expectation for a brighter output. The Olight Odin’s rechargeable feature lessens the drawbacks of its proprietary battery requirement.

olight odin on the gun

The magnetic tail cap allows for compatibility with other Olight torches and speeds up charging. The Odin olight’s charging method makes it simple to recharge while still leaving the light mounted on the weapon. 

A 2000-lumen rifle light for this price is incredible. When they have a money-back guarantee, why should I hesitate to buy? I highly recommend the Odin Olight with 2000 lumens. You can use the money-back guarantee option if you are not satisfied with the tactical light. It is that simple. 

Pros and Cons 


The Lens: The beam pattern is created using a TIR lens.

The built Material: A Type III hard-anodized, anti-abrasive coating protects the flashlight’s aluminum body.

Performance: Up until it runs out of power, it will scale down as needed from its starting brightness of roughly 2000 lumens. The narrow-angle PMMA (TIR) lens beam produces a bright, focused pinpoint of light with a little spill. 

Built-in thermal control: The thermal management built into the device automatically modifies brightness output to avoid overheating.

Battery Indicator: You can see when the battery is low, charging, or fully charged, thanks to the battery indicator. 

Built-in low voltage protection (LVP): It is not essential to use protected cells with this flashlight because it features an integrated low voltage protection (LVP) system that guards against cell damage from over-discharge.

Budget Friendly: The Odin tactical light is cost-effective and affordable. 

Mounting System: With a fast and dependable dual-mounting mechanism that allows for both front and backward installation, it has a unique slide rail mount with a mechanical lock for secure operation. Mounting options are also available with picatinny mount. 


Proprietary Battery: The Olight Odin has an exclusive 21700 rechargeable battery that cannot be used with cheap batteries.

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Final Thoughts 

Odin Olight is a tactical flashlight that is top-rated by users. The best part is that it is the only quality tactical light I could find for a reasonable price. 

The branded light, Olight Odin, has unique features compared to other tactical lights in the market. The max output, which is 2000 lumens, attracts more buyers towards this product. Picatinny rail fixed with the rail mount is a hot topic about the Odin Olight.

The light can also be used as a handheld flashlight is another advantage. A gorgeous, tactical, weapon-mounted light, the Olight Odin is designed to be. Olight got it dead on.


Yes, Olight is a reliable light for weapons and is an ideal option for full-sized handguns as it comes with a rechargeable light and green laser.

The Olight Odin takes approximately 5-6 hours to charge fully.

Olight includes an integrated circuit protection system that protects against both short-circuiting and battery overcharging. 

The Olight Odin vibrates due to its haptic feedback, which indicates that the device has a low voltage.

Olight Odin





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
The beam pattern is created using a TIR lens
Anti-abrasive coating protects the flashlight’s aluminum body
The thermal management built into the device automatically modifies brightness output to avoid overheating
Cost-effective and affordable
Mounting System
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Proprietary Battery and charger

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