Olight Odin Mini Review (2024) Feature-Packed & Affordable

Last Updated on June, 2024

The Odin Mini, a tactical legend in the world of flashlights, is undoubtedly a very POWERFUL little flashlight. 

The Olight Odin Mini is a petite and pocket-sized miniature flashlight that is only 4.5 inches long. This is precisely why you are here; because you want the detailed low down on the Olight Odin Mini. Is it a reliable flashlight? Is it useful?

This COMPREHENSIVE flashlight review will address all questions surrounding the Olight Odin Mini! So sit back, and read this word for word! At the end of this article, you will have all the information to decide whether the Olight Odin Mini is the flashlight for you.

Hence, without further ado, let’s dive into the good stuff!

 Overall: 4.7/5.0
Beam Distance
  • Odin Mini is robust, sturdy, and built with high-grade aluminum
  • 1250 lumens output in High mode
  • Magnetic charger cable
  • M Lok Mount
  • 240 meters Throw
Brand Info
  • Brand offers high-quality flashlights that exceed expectations
  • Goal is to uplift during dark times
  • 1M+ loyal fans worldwide
  • 15+ years of industry experience
  • 1000+ certifications and patents
  • 100+ sales channels worldwide
Product Benefits
  • In high mode, the power is sufficient to illuminate the whole campsite
  • With excellent battery life
  • Mountable feature of this flashlight is worth noting
  • Can easily fit in your pocket
  • EXTREMELY durable and HARDY flashlight
  • With a five-year warranty and a 30-day refund policy

About the Olight Odin Mini

Olight Odin Mini
a human holding Olight Odin Mini
a human holding back side of Olight Odin Mini
a human holding Olight Odin Mini with Rail Mount

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The Olight Odin Mini is a weapon-mounted light. What do you mean by a weapon-mounted light, you may ask… well, the flashlight can be attached to a weapon (say, a hunting rifle.)

The Olight Odin Mini has a pressure switch mount, allowing you to attach this flashlight to a gun. It has a dedicated M-LOK rail mount compatible with a third-party Picatinny rail mount (Picatinny mount) and KeyMod mounts. This allows you to mount your flashlight onto your weapon… perfect for HUNTING!

The M-LOK mount is removable, allowing you to use this flashlight as with any other flashlight. This compact tactical flashlight has a magnetic remote switch and a pressure pad switch mount. The remote switch allows you to use this light remotely, which is an option. The remote switch is a handy addition to this flashlight. 

The pressure switch mount lets you fasten the flashlight to the pressure pad. The pressure switch mount allows you to fasten the flashlight to a weapon properly (Picatinny rail) and hold it in place properly (you can run with the weapon with the flashlight attached, and it won’t just fall off).

You can operate the flashlight using the pressure switch.

The tail switch controls the light’s intensity and turns this flashlight off and on. 

This is a great weapon light with handy switches (pressure switch and remote switch), making it a perfect addition to HUNTING GEAR!

This weapon light allows for magnetic charging. The charging cable securely aligns with the magnetic charging interface of this flashlight (attaches magnetically.)

The charging cable is included in the packaging, and secure magnetic charging allows for a fully charged flashlight in THREE hours! (Fully charged!)

With 1250 lumens of max brightness (full power), the battery life of this device will allow you to use this flashlight on a full charge for 5 HOURS – on low mode.

The battery life of this flashlight is perfect for hunting. With a sharp battery life in high mode, the Olight Odin Mini has two brightness modes, high and low. 

When it comes to weapon lights, the Olight Odin Mini is a warrior with a body diameter of only 1 inch. It only weighs 6.2 ounces (176 grams) and has a high-grade aluminum body. 

It is water resistant, rated IPX8 waterproof, and has been shockproof tested at 1.5 meters. This is a very DURABLE flashlight, precisely what you need in a flashlight!

Olight Odin Mini
Olight Odin Mini
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What’s in the Box? Olight Odin Mini

a human holding Olight Odin Mini
a human holding MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable
a human holding Magnetic Remote Switch
a human holding M-LOK Rail Mount
a human holding Odin Mini User Manual
Allen Wrench, M-LOK Nut, and M-LOK Socket Screw on the table
  • Odin Mini(Battery Included) x 1
  • MCC3 Magnetic Charging Cable x 1
  • Magnetic Remote Switch x 1
  • M-LOK Rail Mount x 1
  • M-LOK Nut x 2
  • M-LOK Socket Screw x 2
  • H3.0 Allen Wrench x 1
  • RM3R Pressure Switch Mount x 1
  • Self-locking band x 2
  • Odin Mini User Manual

Specification of the Olight Odin Mini Flashlight 


    • 1250 lumens
    • Customized 2040mAh 18500 Rechargeable Lithium Battery (Included)
    • 5 hours
    • Magnetic USB charge base
    • 240 meters
    • Tail switch
    • 14400 candela
    • Standard hotspot diameter with impressive distance. The perfect all-around beam profile.
    • Compact size


  • MODE 1
    • OUTPUT: 1250~900~700~200 lumens
    • RUNTIME: 6+11+39+14 minutes
    • DISTANCE: 240 meters
    • LIGHT INTENSITY: 14400 candela
  • MODE 2
    • OUTPUT: 200 lumens
    • RUNTIME: 5 hours
    • DISTANCE: 97 meters
    • LIGHT INTENSITY: 2356 candela


    • Length: 4.55 in/115.5 mm
    • Head Diameter: 1.14 in/29 mm
    • Body Diameter: 1.01 in/25.7 mm
    • High-Performance Neutral White LED
    • 6.21 oz/176 g (Including Battery)
    • IPX8
    • Aluminum Alloy
    • 1.5 meters
  • USE
    • Hunting, tactical, military, security, and protection, police, EDC, outdoor, professional activities, police
    • Five years warranty

Features of the Olight Odin Mini Flashlight

Build Quality

The Olight Odin Mini is robust, sturdy, and built with high-grade aluminum. This is a reliable flashlight with some beautiful uses. 

The flashlight is HARDY and perfect for rough use.

As a weapon light, the build quality is PERFECT; when picking an outdoor flashlight, you need the flashlight to be made of durable material. 

The tail cap is nicely fastened into place and holds the switch with which this flashlight operates.

It would be a deal breaker if the flashlight weren’t durable, regardless of how good the other features were. 

a human using Odin Mini inside the water

However, this flashlight is EXTREMELY durable. Waterproof rated at IPX8 and shockproof at a drop of 1.5 meters, the Odin Mini offers consistent performance regardless of the condition you throw it in. 

User Interface

With two modes to choose from (high and low), the user interface of this flashlight is easy to understand. The tail cap holds the main operational switch, which changes modes swiftly. 

With the click of a button, the light starts illuminating the way; it is as simple as that.

There is also an option for a remote switch if the flashlight is ever mounted on Picatinny rails (on weapons.) 

This simple UI of this flashlight and the single button functionality makes the Olight Odin Mini, easy and user-friendly. 

a human using Odin Mini


Odin mini, as you might already know, has two modes, and both of them output excellently well when it comes to brightness. 

Claimed lumen output on high is 1250 lumens, and the Odin mini achieved 1190, which is very close to what’s on paper. Olight is generally very consistent when it comes to number. 

On low, there were zero fluctuations. It was dead set on the claimed 200 lumens, no issues, that’s perfectly enough for daily use.

  • Beam Profile

Now that we’ve taken a look at the lumen outputs, it’s time to check out the beam distance. The number on paper is rather excellent for a tactical flashlight which is 240 meters.

For the size of the Odin mini, I thought it was going to struggle, but no, it reached a maximum of 227 meters, which, even though is lower than what’s claimed, is still excellent. 

That is in high mode. Speaking of low, it’s not bad either. With a 97 meter throw, you can’t go wrong. It’s the perfect middle ground when considering light output and runtime. 

Charging and Runtimes

The charge time depends on the type of charger that you are using.

The magnetic charger cable that the flashlight comes with has an estimated charging time of 2 hours. 

In comparison to this, the Olight MCC3 Charging Cable, which can be purchased separately, will allow you to charge this flashlight faster, with a charging estimate of 1.5 hours. 

As for runtime, In high mode, this flashlight will work for 1 hour and 10 minutes, while on low mode, it can work up to 5HOURS!

This is great runtime, making this flashlight a reliable one in terms of performance. 

a human using Odin Mini at night

M Lok Mount

The flashlight comes with an M Lok Mount. When unlocked, the M Lok rails enable you to attach this flashlight to a weapon like a rifle.

The haptic feedback of this flashlight is good, and the rail mount allows you to hold this flashlight in position on a long gun, making this a perfect addition to existing hunting gear! The rail mount is provided with the package. 

A tail cap switch allows you to operate this flashlight when mounted on a weapon (long gun) using the M Lok rail mount.

Magnetic Charging

This rechargeable flashlight is charged via a charging cable that magnetically attaches itself to the charging port. 

This allows for a sturdy and reliable connection, essential for chargers.

The flashlight’s battery life is excellent, and a single full charge only takes 3 HOURS!

Other manufacturers don’t all offer magnetic charging, a great additional feature that provides excellent reliability to the product. 

a human showing Magnetic Charger with olight odin mini

Things You Need to Know About the Olight Odin Mini Flashlight

Olight Odin Mini attached in gun

This is a good flashlight that can work to illuminate the night sky with a measure of light that is perfect for outdoor use. When looking at flashlights in the market, the Odin Mini has excellent features that make it unrivaled to other flashlights. 

For instance, the mountable feature of this gun enables this flashlight to be used with a weapon, which is why this flashlight is used by LAW ENFORCEMENT! (Protect and Serve)

The refined light produced by the flashlight is bright and reliable. It is sufficiently strong to see in the dark; did we mention a 240-meter throw distance?

This is a perfect companion for a night camping and is a meaningful addition to hunting gear, making this a fine choice (it can be mounted on a gun.) 

It comes with an M Lok rail mount, which means it is designed to be used with weapons. Though you don’t HAVE to use the rail mount (only an accessory), if you ever need illumination while using a weapon, this rail mount could prove very useful. (Hands-free lighting when mounted.) 

The use of the rail mount is up to you. It is an additional feature of this flashlight, making it a handy flashlight if ever in need of illumination while holding a weapon!

The settings on this flashlight are easy to understand. Both high and low modes can be great for the night watch.

Regardless of the location you use this flashlight, this flashlight will deliver an exceptional beam of light. It has an excellent beam profile and a simple user interface, making this the perfect EVERYDAY CARRY (EDC) flashlight too!

You probably only have seen this flashlight on a computer, but I have had the pleasure to hand test it, which is why I am giving you this review. Hence you can believe me when I say this, this is a very USEFUL flashlight, not just for everyday use, but for specific weapon-related scenarios too!

Price, Warranty, and Refund Policy- Olight Odin Mini 

The Olight Odin Mini costs $139.95 on the market. This is not a very expensive flashlight and is more toward the affordable end of the spectrum. 

Considering all the features this flashlight provides, it offers GREAT value for money!

The Olight Odin Mini comes with a FIVE-YEAR WARRANTY, which means if your flashlight ever starts malfunctioning during the first five years, you can send it in for free servicing. 

Olight has a 30-day refund window, in which you can return any Olight product for any reason and get your money back within the first 30 days of purchase. 

Where to Buy the Olight Odin Mini?

You won’t find this flashlight at your local supermarket or hardware store. The most accessible and reliable means to order this flashlight is online.

The trouble with ordering online is the reliability of the supplier. We don’t always get what we order online and are often disappointed by faulty devices. 

Fortunately for you, I went through the trouble of finding a RELIABLE source to purchase this flashlight. You can TRUST me to direct you accordingly (I bought mine from them, too…).

Follow this link to purchase the Olight Odin Mini. 

Olight Odin Mini
Olight Odin Mini
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What Do Other Customers Have to Say?

Other customers who bought this product particularly praised the mountable feature. This was the reason why many people bought this flashlight. 

The mountable feature enables many customers to use this flashlight while hunting. This was described by many customers as a GREAT hunting flashlight, while others praised it for being great for everyday use. 

The rechargeable feature of this flashlight also meant there was no need to buy disposable batteries. This was yet another feature that many customers praised. 

All in all, almost everyone who bought this flashlight was pleased with the quality of the build and the simple user interface. The Odin Mini was described as a reliable flashlight with an excellent mountable feature to be used as a weapon light. 

Our Experience With the Olight Odin Mini 

When the delivery arrived, I was excited to get my hands on the Olight Odin Mini and test all the features I had read about. 

The light of this flashlight was bright in high mode and sufficiently bright in low mode to see the way in the dark.

To me, it felt like a perfect everyday carry flashlight. The small size meant that it could easily be pocketable. 

Though the flashlight didn’t have a strobe or SOS feature, the fact that you could mount this flashlight onto a gun allowed it to be put to great tactical use.

To me, it felt like the PERFECT hunting flashlight. 

odin mini attached in weapon

The throw distance of 227 meters felt sufficient, and the brightness, even on low mode, was good enough to get around in the dark. 

I hand-tested the waterproof feature by submerging this flashlight in 1 meter of water for 20 minutes. This flashlight’s waterproofing checks out, and the flashlight worked perfectly fine after the test. 

The hands-free lighting provided by this mountable flashlight was impressive. To me, it felt like the perfect addition to hunting gear. 

All in all, regardless of whether you use this flashlight with a weapon or not, this is a great little flashlight with some USEFUL features!

Overall, I was very happy with the Odin Mini’s features.

Is the Olight Odin Mini Recommended? 

The Olight Odin Mini is an exceptionally USEFUL flashlight.

Regardless of whether you will use it as an everyday carry flashlight or a weapons light mounted on a gun, this flashlight is perfect for almost anyone looking for a tactical flashlight. 

If you are a hunter or someone who uses a weapon and requires illumination, this flashlight provides you with EVERYTHING you need to see in the dark while holding a gun. 

The durability of this flashlight is EXCEPTIONAL. Not only is it made with high-quality aluminum, but the build of this flashlight is also STRONG! 

Hence, our verdict of the Olight Odin Mini: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

a human holding a weapon and odin mini attached in it

Pros and Cons of the Olight Odin Mini

No flashlight review would be complete without considering the pros and cons. Do the pros of the Olight Odin Mini outweigh the Cons? Let’s find out. 


The Odin Mini produces a beautiful and bright light and has the power to provide illumination for hours. The power of this flashlight and the impressive details of this device is what makes this mounted flashlight a handy pick. 

This flashlight’s illumination power, at 1250 lumens, is excellent. In high mode, the power is sufficient to illuminate the whole campsite. 

This is a compact flashlight with excellent battery life. It uses a 18500 battery. The battery used by the flashlight is reliable, and you can expect the battery to last you a good few hours on high mode, which should be sufficient for that tactical night kill. 

Speaking of night kill, the mountable feature of this flashlight is worth noting. As mentioned previously, this budget-friendly flashlight packs one hell of a punch…

The fact that you can attach this flashlight to a weapon is one hell of a feature. The box has everything you need to mount this flashlight onto a gun, including zip ties. 

The full-size Odin is much bigger than the Odin mini. The Odin mini is a quality flashlight that can easily fit in your pocket. The full-size Odin, on the other hand, is too big to fit in your pocket! 

The quality of the flashlight should not be doubted. Made of high-grade aluminum, quality is ensured in the build. More comments regarding the waterproofing and shockproofing of this flashlight will tell you that this is an EXTREMELY durable and HARDY flashlight, which can take a punch of two.

The box comes with a mountable, detachable rail that can be added to the flashlight to convert it to a hands-free lighting source in combination with a gun. Everything you need is in the box, including a wrench to install the screws. 

With a five-year warranty and a 30-day refund policy, you know Olight is confident in its product’s delivery. You can trust the guarantee to know it is a reliable flashlight. 


Though this is a tactical flashlight, it does not have STROBE or SOS features. Having these features on this flashlight would have been an added advantage. 

Proprietary battery and charger isn’t for everyone.

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Final Thoughts

The Odin Mini is a great weapon light that works beautifully as an everyday carry flashlight. This is a very versatile and USEFUL flashlight that can deliver a BRILLIANT illumination level sufficient to light the way at night. 

Whether you choose to mount this flashlight on your gun or carry it around in your pocket, this is a very durable and reliable flashlight. The mountable feature of this flashlight makes it unrivaled to other regular flashlights in the market. 

If you use a weapon at night, you most certainly should get your hands on this exceptional flashlight with multi-functional use!

Follow this link to purchase the Olight Odin Mini from this trusted supplier. 


Yes, the Olight Odin Mini is rechargeable. It uses a 18500 lithium-ion battery which can be charged using a magnetic cable.

Yes, the Olight Odin Mini is rated IPX8 waterproof.

Yes, the Olight Odin Mini is shockproof.

Yes, the Olight Odin Mini is compatible with gun mounting.

Yes, the Olight Odin Mini is pocketable.

Olight Odin Mini
Beam distance





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
In high mode, the power is sufficient to illuminate the whole campsite
With excellent battery life
Mountable feature of this flashlight is worth noting
Can easily fit in your pocket
EXTREMELY durable and HARDY flashlight
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
It does not have STROBE or SOS features

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