Olight Obulb MC Review [2024 Upd.] Is it Worth Buying?

 Last Updated on May, 2024

So the Olight Obulb MC, huh? What a great LIGHT! Why? I’ll tell you. 

This is such a beautiful little light that has some great features for some AMAZING uses! You may have stumbled onto this light (night light) and wondered, how does this light work?

You probably have many questions about the Olight Obulb MC, and fortunately, I have ALL the ANSWERS!

I got my hands on this light and tested it out myself. I was AMAZED by what this little light could do!

 Overall: 4.3/5.0
  • User Interface
  • Great Build Quality and Durability
  • Magnetic Base
  • Eight modes to choose from
  • Rechargeable Battery
Brand Info
  • Established in 2006 in China
  • Olight is renowned for its high-quality, durable and versatile flashlights, headlamps and other tools
  • Utilizing the latest LED technology and made with durable materials
  • Their ultimate goals is to bring light to the darkest moments
Product Benefits
  • Can use this light HANDS-FREE
  • It offers a great deal of functionality
  • The modes are easy to change
  • The cable charges the flashlight in 1.5 hrs worry-free
  • Olight offers a two-year warranty, allowing free repair if the light stops working

About the Olight Obulb MC Light

Olight Obulb MC
a human holding a Olight Obulb MC
a human showing backside of a Olight Obulb MC

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This light is designed to sit on any FLAT SURFACE! The Obulb MC is a mini LED light orb. Yes, it is an ORB that features warm white BRILLIANT light. RGB and color-changing is also an option. There are various colors of light! 

It has mode memory which enables it to remember the last mode used. By pressing the soft rubber-coated button, you turn this flashlight on. You can keep pressing the same button to change between the eight modes of lighting. 

This light even has a red blinking mode which is perfect for emergencies. To turn the light off, you have to hold the button longer (long press.)

Obulb MC: Multi Color light, that is what the MC in Olight Obulb MC stands for.

The bottom is magnetic, so you can attach this light onto any metallic surface. This light is mostly HANDS-FREE. (You can hold it in your hand and party like a party animal… sure!)

This flashlight is smaller than a baseball but larger than a golf ball.

The Olight Obulb MC light is excellent for camping and hiking. It offers a light source for illumination. It is excellent for night work or when there is an emergency power outage. 

The Obulb MC Multi Color light even works as ambiance lighting and as a party decoration. It even works as a GREAT signaling device. (For instance, if you get stranded in the middle of the road and need to signal a moving vehicle for help.) 

This is a very USEFUL light that is charged through a magnetic charging cable. Yes, this is a completely rechargeable light that runs on a built-in 630mAh battery. The battery life is amazing, with 40 hours of runtime on a single charge which only takes 1.5 hours!

It is IPX7 waterproof, making it a great POOL-LIGHT! It is also impact resistant and has been drop tested to 1.5 meters. The bottom half of this light is the magnetic base, while the white top illuminates warm white or an array of other colors.

The Olight Obulb MC Multi Color light is a simple yet beautiful little light. 

Olight Obulb MC
Olight Obulb MC
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What’s in the Package? – Olight Obulb MC 

a human taking out a Olight Obulb MC from package
a human holding Adhesive Metal Badge
a human holding MCC 1A USB Magnetic Charging Cable
a human holding Obulb MC User Manual
  • Obulb MC (Battery Built-in)
  • Adhesive Metal Badge
  • MCC 1A USB Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Obulb MC User Manual

Specification of the Olight Obulb MC Flashlight


    • 75 lumens
    • 630mAh 3.7V Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
    • 40 hours
    • Magnetic Charging
    • Bottom Button
    • Light Form
    • 360 Degree Light Distribution
    • Form/Size factor
    • Small Size


  • Low white light
    • OUTPUT: 3.5 lumens
    • RUNTIME: 40 hours
  • High white light
    • OUTPUT: 75 lumens
    • RUNTIME: 3 hours
  • Colored Lights (Red, Green, Blue)
    • OUTPUT: 3-7 lumens
    • RUNTIME: 7 hours or longer


    • Height: 1.89in/48mm Body Diameter: 2.13in/54mm
    • High-Performance White LED High-Performance RGB LEDs
    • 2.05oz/58g (Including Battery)
    • PC, TPE
    • 1.5M
  • Use
    • Outdoors, Indoors

Key Features of the Olight Obulb MC Flashlight

a human using Olight Obulb MC

The Obulb MC has some AMAZING features which make this a great light to have around. 


This flashlight is really simple to use. All you have to do is press to turn on and long press to turn off. The press of the rubber-coated button will not only turn the light on, repeated pressing will cause the mode to change. 

To turn the Obulb MC Multi Color Light off, all you have to do is long press the same button. This is a pretty cool light with a straightforward user interface.

Build Quality and Durability 

This little light has a GREAT build quality! It’s made of TOUGH plastic, which won’t break that easily. In fact, it is impact-proof and has been drop tested to 1.5 meters. 

This is a DURABLE light that won’t break that easily. It’s hardy and takes a punch or two!

This flashlight is rated IPX7 waterproof. This means it won’t stop working in the rain or even in the pool. It even FLOATS on water!

The Olight Obulb MC Multi Color light works excellent as a POOL LIGHT!

Magnetic Base

The underside of this light is made of magnetic material, which will cling to any metallic surface. This is great when you want a hands-free light (like when checking under the hood of your car.)


The Olight Obulb MC has eight modes to choose from. The white low mode will work for 40 hours, illuminating the night sky with warm white light.

The low mode is great for camping and hiking. 

The eight lighting modes include, White light (low), White light (high), Red, Green, Blue, Fade between colors, Cycle between colors, Flashing red.

The white high mode will work for 3 hours with a brightness of 75 lumens. This is a pretty bright light and is PERFECT for night work.

Olight Obulb MC on the rock

The color modes will work for 7 hours or longer and will illuminate colored light between 3 and 7 lumens. 

To change modes, all you have to do is press the rubber-coated button. (Such a simple way to change modes.)

Rechargeable Battery

This is a nice feature; the magnetic bottom sits on the magnetic charger cable (the cable and the magnetic back are magnetically stuck into place, and the design is beautiful), allowing for a perfect fit. A full recharge of the battery of this light only takes 1.5 hours.

The battery has GREAT runtime on the low mode of up to 40 hours of light.

In High white light mode, this flashlight has a runtime of about 3 HOURS! While the colored lights (red, green, blue) will work for 7 hours or longer. 

Things You Need to Know About the Olight Obulb MC Flashlight

Olight Obulb MC floating in the water

Imagine the things you can do with this light; the possibilities are endless. You can even make it float on water. It switches between colors, and the speed at which this light fully charges is AMAZING!

You can use this light in your tent to create an ambiance when camping. A pair of these lights when camping would be a great addition to your camping gear. 

This is a neat little light with some neat functions. You can even hang this light on a bag using the adhesive metal badge. 

Turning this light on is easy. It is a press of a button to turn on and a press of a button to change modes. When the button is long pressed, the light will turn off. (How simple is that to USE?)

This is a fun little light that creates a fun atmosphere with fun colors of light. The cycle of colors is changed by again pressing the said button. The colors will change in a cycle. 

The charging base is magnetic which means not only will it firmly fit the charger; the Olight Obulb MC can be used as a HANDS-FREE light!

The fade of color of this light is brilliant. The right fade for the right mood. The weight of this light is not heavy at only 2 ounces (58 grams), including the battery. 

If you need a light while camping to light the way in the dark… to wash away the dark with some brilliant color and bright, then this would be a GREAT little flashlight for you!

Price, Warranty, and Refund Policy – Olight Obulb MC

The Olight Obulb MC light is priced in the market at $29.95.

It comes with a TWO-YEAR warranty! This just goes to show how confident Olight is in this light of theirs.

Though there is a no refund policy in place, the warranty of the product does cover repairs and servicing for up to 2 YEARS!

Where to Buy the Olight Obulb MC?

It would be difficult for you to find this flashlight sitting at a store near you. The best way to purchase this light is through an online seller. 

The trouble with online purchasing is TRUSTING the seller to deliver an undamaged product. Fortunately for you, I am an expert when it comes to little lights like this, and I went through the trouble of sourcing the BEST seller to purchase from. 

I thought to direct you within this review itself to the most trustworthy seller, so you can go out and buy this HANDY little light for YOURSELF!

Here, follow this link to buy the Olight Obulb MC light!

Olight Obulb MC
Olight Obulb MC
visa, master, amex, paypal

What Do Other Customers Have to Say? 

Customers who bought this light were well impressed with the features of this light. Almost everyone felt that the flashlight was EASY to use. One glance at the manual, and you may never need the manual again. 

The various functionalities of this light were something many people praised. They loved the fact that it allows for signaling, especially during roadside emergencies. 

The brightness of the low light was sufficient for basic illumination (camping), and the magnetic hand-free option meant they could even stick it on a fridge. 

The flat surface allowed customers to keep the flashlight wherever they liked (even in the pool.)

My Experience with the Olight Obulb MC

Olight Obulb MC on the steel

The first impression I got when I got my hands on this light was, this thing is small, it’s a tiny orb. That was how I defined it at first. 

However, when I turned the flashlight on, I was BLOWN AWAY by how pretty this light was. Not only did it have a brilliant warm glow, the various colors offered for great ambiance were SUPERB!

It worked exceptionally well as a mood light with the ability to change color. The white light meant I could use it as a flashlight. 

To us, the Olight Obulb MC proved to be a GREAT little light for the price it costs. It is excellent for the many purposes that this light can be used for. Seriously, from hiking to parties, this light is multicolored and multi-purpose.

Is the Olight Obulb MC Recommended?

Olight Obulb MC on the floor

Regardless of how you are going to use this light, you should GET one of these lights, if not a pair or more. 

This flashlight has some really cool features and is a groovy addition to your camping gear. It is a great little light to have around the house for various purposes. 



Pros and Cons of the Olight Obulb MC

No review would be complete without looking into the various Pros and Cons of this light. Remember, this is a comprehensive review. 

You don’t need to guess; I got my hands on this light and know ALL the pros and cons of the Olight Obulb MC.


The charging base is magnetic, which means you can use this light HANDS-FREE. This is great if you want to set the flashlight on top of your car and make it look like a police siren (flashing red light) in case of a roadside emergency. 

The Olight Obulb MC offers a great deal of functionality. Not only is it an AMAZING pick for parties and gatherings, its features provide various features based on functionality. 

The Red Green Blue light and the Multi-Color functionality are simply SUPERB! This light has various colors in an array of Red Green Blue light. 

The modes are easy to change (at the press of a button.)

The charging cable works without a worry to charge this flashlight in 1.5 hours. (That is fast charging.)

Olight offers a two-year warranty on the product, which means you can send it in for free repair if the light stops working (for errors that the warranty will cover.) Olight is confident in its product’s capabilities.


The trouble is, if you buy this product, you can’t return it. You are sort of stuck with it. There is no refund policy on this light. 

I guess the runtime of this flight could be better. The high mode only works for 3 hours. 

Olight brand’s other flashlight reviews:


The Olight Obulb MC is a beautiful little light that can serve so many purposes. It even floats on water; how beautiful is that? 

Regardless of why or where you could use it, you should get this light just because it is a cool light to have. 

Not only is it functional and can work great as a garage light or a car light in case of emergency, but you can also take it camping and make a wonderful time out of it. 

Follow this link to buy the Olight Obulb MC from my TRUSTED seller.


Yes, the Olight Obulb MC is waterproof, as it is rated IPX7.

Yes, the Olight Obulb MC is impact-proof, with a 1.5-meter drop impact resistance.

No, the Olight Obulb MC is not expensive, as it offers excellent value for money at $29.95.

Olight Obulb MC





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Can use this light HANDS-FREE
It offers a great deal of functionality
The modes are easy to change
The cable charges the flashlight in 1.5 hrs worry-free
Olight offers a two-year warranty, allowing free repair if the light stops working
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
No refund policy

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