Olight Baldr Mini Review (2024 Upd.) is it Best for You?

Last Updated on May, 2024

The Olight Baldr mini is a tactical weapon light belonging to the Baldr series by Olight. It entered the market as a mini version of the Baldr pro and was introduced as ADJUSTABLE, ACCURATE, and COMPACT.

As the saying goes, ‘big things come in small packages’ the Baldr mini comes with a fantastic max light output of 600 lumens. And many more exciting features.

It has three light modes with a maximum beam distance of up to 130 meters and a built-in battery that uses a magnetic charger.

In this article, I’ll be sharing an Olight Baldr Mini Review. Sit tight and read on to find out what all this hype is about.

 Overall: 4.5/5.0
  • Tiny and Powerful
  • Compatible and Adjustable
  • Enhanced Accuracy
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Swift and Safe
  • User Interface and Operation
Brand Info
  • Prides itself on providing high quality flashlights that have been tried and tested to exceed expectations
  • The goal is to cheer you up in the darkest moment
  • Loyal fans worldwide number in the millions
  • With 15+ years of industry-proven performance
  • There are over 1000 authoritative certifications and patents
Product Benefits
  • Great beam, Long throw & Lightweight
  • Can easily adjust the tool & compatible with Glock and Picatanny Rail
  • Green beam added for greater accuracy
  • Rechargeable through the signature magnetic charging port
  • Attach & release the light in seconds with slight press

About Olight Baldr Mini

a human holding Olight Baldr Mini
a human holding another side of Olight Baldr Mini
a human using Olight Baldr Mini

The Baldr mini is a compact combo of white light and integrated green laser. It is designed to blend in the compatibility of the PL-Mini 2 and the accuracy of the Baldr pro.

It has two rail adapters to fit both a Glock and Picatinny. Though it is small in size, it produces a 600-lumen bright light, and you can change modes to use different light options. 

It is powered by an internal battery rechargeable through Olight’s signature magnetic USB charger. The quick attaching and mounting installation make it extremely easy to use. 

Olight Baldr Mini
Olight Baldr Mini
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What is Included in the Package?

a human Holding Olight Baldr Mini
a human Holding Olight Baldr Mini charger
Olight Baldr Mini Rail Mount Adapter, Socket Cap Screw, H1.5 Allen Wrench, Oval Point Set Screw and Cone Point Set Screw
Olight Baldr Mini User Manual

The Olight Baldr mini comes in three exciting colors; black, desert tan, and gunmetal grey. You can find the following included in the package;

Package contentNumber of pieces
Baldr mini (built-in battery)X1
Picatinny (MIL-STD-1913) Rail Mount AdapterX1
HM2.5*4.5 Socket Cap ScrewX2
MCC (Magnetic Charging Cable) Special EditionX1
H1.5 Allen WrenchX1
Oval Point Set ScrewX1
Cone Point Set ScrewX1
User ManualX1


The following table sums up the specs of the olight Baldr mini:

Light sourceHigh-performance cool white LED
Power type3.7V 230mAh Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery (Built-in)
Charging typeMagnetic USB Charging Cable
Max lumen600 lumen light
Beam distance426ft/130m
Light intensity4225 cd
Light modesThree modes
Lens/ reflector typeGreen beam emitter
Mode operationSide switchX1
Body materialAL6061-T6 aluminum alloy
Weight3.07 oz/ 87g (including battery)
Dimensions2.24 in/57mm,1.29 in/32.8 mm,1.41 in/35.8 mm (L, W, H)
Size factorSmall size (Car key/ Zippo lighter)
Water resistance levelIPX4


Construction and Build Quality

The Olight Baldr mini is built similarly to other Olight weapon lights. It mostly resembles the PL-Mini 2 Valkyrie. 

The Baldr mini is made from aluminum alloy. The exterior material details an ‎anti-scratch type-III hard anodized finish. It has an easy mounting system with a quick disconnect (QD) toolless lever.

The QD mount rail design allows the movement of the light back and forth to fit into the perfect position of your preference. A QD mount and a QD lever are neat features for weapon lights. 

It includes two rail adapters; a 1913 rail adapter and a GL rail adapter to accommodate a Picatinny and a Glock. You can swap the rail adapter based on your weapon. 

Olight Baldr Mini on the table

The rail mount has features that allow you to remove the light from the mount altogether, leaving it attached behind the pistol. But the lever that attaches the light to the rail is not removable. 

The control buttons are designed for easy tap (paddle switch) and swift slides (slide switch) but remain firm in position.

When the light is in the mounted position, the paddle switch action is downward. Tapping it upward doesn’t do anything. This downward-only push avoids any accidental activation. 

The face of the light is made up of a 17.88mm glass lens with a smooth short reflector. What’s notable here is the integrated green laser light right above the main LED creates a tiny dent in the reflector surface.

The depth of the light source is slightly deeper than usual to fit in the laser. 

The side panel has elevation and windage adjustment screws. You can use these two screws to adjust the aim of the laser to match the point of impact. 

Battery and Charging

The Baldr mini consists of a small battery built in, a 230mAh Lithium Polymer, which uses a magnetic charger. You can place the charging port on the magnet of the charging cable.

The magnetic polarity of the recharging system is similar to that of the PL-Mini and PL-Mini 2. This charging is not compatible with the baton series, though.

A low battery warning illuminates the indicator red on the side of the Baldr mini when the power is less than 10%. 

A drained Baldr mini battery’s measured full charge time takes up to 46 minutes to complete at a maximum charging speed of 0.35A. 

Olight Baldr Mini on charge

Since the charging port is at the bottom of the light, it can be charged even when mounted. But if you want, you can remove the light off the mount, leaving the rail mount attached. 

Light Modes, Run Times, and Performance

The Baldr mini has an integrated green laser light as a standout feature. It provides enhanced accuracy and added options. The run times vary based on the light mode used. The following table summarizes the run time on each light mode;

ModeClaimed mode output (lm)Claimed run timeMeasured Output (lm)Measured run time 
White only light600~1001m + 39m658Up to 48m
Green laser onlyUp to 11 hours
White light and laser green beam600~1001m + 29m617Up to 30m

User Interface and Operation

The UI of the Olight Baldr mini is pretty simple. It has two paddle switches designed for easy reach from either side of the trigger guard on a pistol, making it ambidextrously friendly. Although there are two switches on the sides, they both do the same thing.

A quick press and release of this paddle switch from either side turns the light ON and leaves it ON. And the next press turns it OFF. 

Aside from the power switch, there is another light mode selector switch. When in the mount position, sliding the switch to the rightmost position gives white only light, the center position gives you white light and green laser, and the leftmost is green light laser alone.

Toggling this switch snaps it into place and remains firm. It does not seem to move around easily, so you don’t have to worry about any mishap during the operation.

The table below outlines the UI of the Baldr mini;

Switch typeState of the lightActionResult
Paddle switchWhen OFFTap paddle switchTurns ON the light
When OFFHold paddle switchMomentary action- It works in the selected output as long as it is held
When ONTap paddle switchTurns OFF the light
Slide switchWhen ONSlide switch to rightmost positionWhite only light
When ONSwitch in the center positionWhite light and laser light combo
When ONSwitch in the left most positionLaser light only

LED and Laser lights

Although the exact LED used in the light is not stated, it does produce a cool white light of 600 lumens that throws out at a distance of 130m.

So, yeah, this is not a long-range light. The beam produced has a fair spill with a good impact zone for the mini size it is. The peak candela is only 4225 cd.

On a very dark night, at around 25 yards, the Olight Baldr mini can efficiently identify a target. But if the range is expanded, it may be unable to locate the target.

It is capable of filling a room with light when used indoors. So in a home defense situation, it’s more than enough light. 

Olight Baldr Mini LED and Laser light

The laser is pretty brilliant, especially indoors and in low-light conditions. You can adjust it via the adjustment screws for your preference.

Are you wondering if there will be light distortion due to the dent on the lens? Let me tell you this: the distortion is minimal and hardly visible beyond 10 feet.

Durability Testing

The first testing parameter of mounted- weapon lights should be checking how well it works on a weapon. 

Using it on a Glock pistol to test the light flicker when the pistol recoils after being fired displays no visible light flickering between or during shots.

Even when tested on a 12 gauge shotgun, the Olight Baldr mini did not exhibit any shake-up or flickering. The weapon light seemed to withstand just fine.

Keeping an eye on the laser’s zero revealed no loss of zero through normal use. 

Olight Baldr Mini attached in gun

The Olight Baldr mini is rated IPX4 on the water resistance level. This means it can be splashed with water but not submerged. Even after testing this by splashing water a few times, it seemed to work fine. It did not fry itself but rather was revealed to be rainproof. 

And finally, to the best part. The drop test! The weapon light was attached to a pistol and repeatedly dropped a few times. Despite dropping it on the sides, front and bottom, the light functioned perfectly fine.

Weight, Dimensions, and Size

The measured weight and dimensions of the Olight Baldr mini are as follows;

  • Weight- 3.07 oz (87g)
  • Length- 2.24 in (57mm)
  • Width- 1.29 in (32.8mm)
  • Height- 1.14 in (35.8mm)

As mentioned above, this weapon light is compact and mini in size. The Output squeezed out of this teeny-tiny light is scale tipping.

Price, Shipping, Warranty, And Refund Policy

The current market price of the Olight Baldr mini is $124.95, with free shipping across the United States. It is available for purchase via the Olight website and other third-party platforms such as amazon and eBay.

All Olight products come with a hassle-free warranty. The Baldr mini has a two-year warranty. Any defect in the materials or workmanship of the product will be resolved. 

The Olight system keeps track of all Olight product warranties. They also have a quick help page where you can seek solutions to resolve issues in your product.

Olight has a 30-day refund/ replacement policy with zero shipping cost. 

Olight Baldr Mini
Olight Baldr Mini
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Customer Experience and Reviews

Below I have attached a few follow-up comments and reviews from genuine users and verified purchases;

Olight Baldr Mini Customer Experience 1
Olight Baldr Mini Customer Experience 2
Olight Baldr Mini Customer Experience 3

The Olight Baldr mini has glowing reviews across many websites, including the Amazon and Olight stores. An overall rating of 4.7- 4.9/ 5.0, with 85% of it being 5-star rated. 

The reviews compliment many features of what the Olight Baldr mini offers. It is mentioned to be the “best combination of features,” “must have laser light,” “worth every penny,” and many more positive reviews.

But, there are a few criticisms in the comments regarding the battery life and the charging port being too different compared to an easily findable port. However, many people don’t seem to mind and praise the ergonomics it offers that counteracts the criticisms.

Equally, it is also praised for the laser that provides excellent aiming.

Pros and Cons of Olight Baldr mini


  • User-friendly and movable rail mount design
  • Light is bright for a tiny device
  • Chargeable even while in the mounted position
  • Switch on or hold for momentary activation
  • Single output level
  • Light mode selector switch
  • Easy-reach switches around the trigger guard
  • Movable light option


  • Non- user-replaceable battery
  • Price may be a concern
  • Just one LED light mode
  • No strobe mode

Is the Flashlight Recommended?

YES, I definitely recommend this flashlight. Apart from the minor cons, the pros they bring to the table weighs more. 

It is a dandy tool to own especially for the excellent design which facilitates easy use and the bright light squeezed out of a tiny tool such as this.

Olight brand’s other flashlight reviews:

Final Thoughts

To summarize, the Olight Baldr mini is a fantastic flashlight with many great characteristics. Like any other flashlight, it does have its drawbacks, but all that i

The swift and easy-use UI and the overall design make it an excellent defensive option.

Hopefully, this review helps you with what you were looking for. And if you have decided to purchase it, you can get it here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

To install the light, flip up the swing lever to unlock it, slide it onto the rail mount to the desired position, and then flip the swing lever to lock it in place.

The Olight Baldr Mini has a battery life of 1 minute at 600lm, and then downshifts to 100lm for 29 minutes.

This 230mah Lipo Power Source offers up to 1000 charge cycles and can hold the charge when stored.

No, the Olight Baldr Mini Battery is in-built and not replaceable by the user.

No, the Olight Baldr Mini does not have a strobe mode.

Olight Baldr Mini





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
  • User-friendly and movable rail mount design
  • Light is bright for a tiny device
  • Chargeable even while in the mounted position
  • Switch on or hold for momentary activation
  • Single output level
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • No strobe mode
  • Price may be a concern

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