Nitecore SRT6i Review (2024 Upd.) Great Tactical Flashlight

Last Updated on May, 2024

Nitecore always comes up with powerful and highly user-friendly flashlights. But some of them are genuinely legendary in terms of every aspect.

And it’s very understandable that everyone is trying to see if the Nitecore SRT6i belongs to the legendary category.

I had the same question, and I believe you have it, too — if that’s the case, you’re in the right place. 

This review has EVERYTHING you need to know about the flashlight, with some secrets that nobody else knows. That’s because I bought a unit and tested each feature patiently and carefully.

So, is the Nitecore SRT6i worth the investment? Let’s start analyzing the question by looking at its features.

 Overall: 4.8/5.0
Beam Distance
  • Made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
  • 4 distinct brightness levels
  • Durability Against Dust and Impact
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR)
  • Anti-Impact Reverse Polarity Protection Mechanism
  • Customizable With Tactical Accessories
  • USB-C rechargeable battery
Brand Info
  • Nitecore is a Chinese brand
  • Nitecore was founded in 2007
  • Nitecore has won awards for their products’ design and functionality
  • Nitecore is known for its innovative designs and advanced technology
  • The brand uses advanced battery management systems in their products
  • Nitecore flashlights are made with high-quality materials
Product Benefits
  • The flashlight also has a very impressive beam range
  • Four brightness modes, including a strobe mode for self-defense
  • USB-C rechargeable battery with advanced temperature regulation
  • Customizable with various Nitecore accessories, including USB-C remote switch
  • Tactical U-shaped tail cap with several benefits, including accidental activation prevention and tail stand capacity

Nitecore SRT6i Specs Table

Flashlight Type Tactical & EDC light 
DimensionsLength: 163 mm / 6.42’’ Head Size: 40 mm / 1.57’’ Weight 167 g / 5.89’’ (without battery)
EDCHigh-Performance Neutral White LED
Max brightness: Turbo mode2100 lumens — 30 mins
High mode300 lumens — 7h 30 mins
Mid mode30 lumens — 70h
Strobe mode2100 lumens
Max beam throw 510m
Max runtime70h / 2.91 days
No. of modes4
Rechargability typeUSB-C
Average charging timeApproximately 4 hours and 40 minutes
Waterproof ratingIP68
Impact resistance2m

What’s in the Box of Nitecore SRT6i?

Nitecore SRT6i flashlight on the floor
Nitecore CR123 battery magazine
Nitecore SRT6i holster
Nitecore flashlight o ring
Nitecore Clip
Nitecore type c charging cable
Nitecore flashlight lanyard
Nitecore SRT6i user manual
Nitecore NL2150HPi battery

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  1. SRT6i x 1 
  2. NL2150HPi battery x 1
  3. CR123 battery magazine x 1 
  4. Holster x 1 
  5. Spare O-ring x 1
  6. Clip x 1 
  7. USB-C charging cable x 1
  8. Lanyard x 1
  9. User Manual x 1

Features of the Nitecore SRT6i

Build Quality and Design

The Nitecore SRT6i is a flashlight that stands out from the rest thanks to its superior build quality and innovative design. 

Made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, this flashlight is built to last, no matter what conditions you find yourself in. 

In addition to its sturdy construction, the Nitecore SRT6i also features several design elements that make it both ergonomic and easy to use. 

The head of the flashlight is slightly larger than the lower body, ensuring a comfortable grip that won’t slip out of your hand. 

Nitecore SRT6i flashlight

The unique sectionalized knurling pattern, exclusive to the Nitecore brand, provides even greater grip and control, even in wet or slippery conditions.

Here are the dimensions of the Nitecore SRT6i:

  • Length: 163 mm / 6.42’’
  • Head Size: 40 mm / 1.57’’
  • Weight: 167 g / 5.89’’ (without battery)

But the design of the Nitecore SRT6i isn’t just about comfort and grip – it’s also about functionality. The U-shaped tail cap is a key feature of this flashlight, offering four distinct benefits.

Firstly, if necessary, it allows you to use the flashlight as a weapon by using the tail cap to strike an opponent. 

Secondly, it helps prevent accidental activation of the flashlight, so you don’t waste precious battery life. 

Thirdly, it lets you stand the flashlight up on its tail, so you can use it hands-free. And fourthly, it is compatible with a lanyard so that you can easily carry the flashlight.

The all-new detachable clip is another innovative feature of the Nitecore SRT6i. This clip is fixed by the tail cap and the slot for limiting displacement, which ensures a firm mounting and avoids any annoying shaking or displacement. 

You can attach the flashlight to your gear or clothing and be confident that it will stay securely in place until you need it.

All these features SCREAM how superior the design of this flashlight is.

User Interface

The Nitecore SRT6i features a tactical dual tail switch that puts the power and strobe button at your fingertips. 

But that’s not all – the SRT6i also boasts a 4th generation smart selector ring, the world’s first of its kind. 

With this unique feature, you can easily control the Strobe mode, Turbo level, lockout mode, and all brightness levels, all with one hand. The smart selector ring is designed with the user in mind. 

Clearly indicated modes on the ring eliminate any guesswork, so you can quickly and easily select the mode you need, whether it’s for tactical use, emergency situations, or everyday use.

How does the interface work? Let’s check that out.

As I’m about to explain, there are 4 modes; mid, high, turbo, and strobe.

When the flashlight is OFF:

  • Half-turn the ring switch for the momentary selected mode
  • A single click would cycle the modes
  • Half pressing the tail switch will engage momentary turbo
  • Full pressing the tail switch will engage the momentary strobe 

When the flashlight is ON:

  • Single-clicking the ring switch will cycle through each mode as marked on the ring
  • Single clicking the tail switch will turn it off
  • Half-press the StrobeReady™ switch for momentary turbo
  • Full pressing the tail strobe switch will turn on the turbo

In addition, the mode memory will be there, so the mode will stay unchanged as long as the ring’s position is unchanged.

With the power indicator, you’ll always know how much battery life you have left, giving you the peace of mind you need when relying on a flashlight. It’s on the side and will step down until it turns off at 2.9V.

Needless to say, it’s an impressive user interface the Nitecore SRT6i boasts.

Brightness Modes and Beam Throw 

The Nitecore SRT6i is not your average flashlight. It features four distinct brightness levels – mid, high, turbo, and strobe – each designed to suit different lighting needs. 

With the smart selector ring and tactical dual tail switch, you can easily access these modes with just one hand, making it a great choice for anyone needing a reliable and efficient flashlight.

In mid mode, the SRT6i emits a steady beam of 30 lumens, with a beam distance of 56 meters and a light intensity of 800cd.

This is perfect for reading maps or navigating through a dark room without disturbing others.

Nitecore SRT6i beam throw

High mode, on the other hand, exceeded the claimed 300-lumen output and was constantly in the 330-lumen range. Results above what’s claimed are typical with Nitecore flashlights and are always good to see. 

The same can be said for beam throw; on paper, it’s 175 meters. Measured 237 meters; that is a significant jump. Candela numbers are what surprised me the most; they’re so much higher than what’s claimed. I went into the 14000cd range while the claimed number is 7700cd. That is twice the jump. 

High mode sets the perfect middle ground for typical use; you can rely on it for most of your activities. 

For those who need even more brightness, the turbo mode is sure to impress. But the SRT6i wasn’t able to reach nor exceed the claimed specs this time. Super rare, that. 

Claimed lumen output is 2,100; my reading was 1810 lumens, which is quite a bit low. However, it’s maintained in that range for a good 10 minutes before coming down to 690 lumens, as expected. Not too shabby, considering it’s maintaining closer to what’s claimed for 10 mins.

The story is different in the beam range side of things; it very well exceeds what’s claimed this time; my unit lit for 637 meters, which is much higher than the claimed 510 meters. That can easily illuminate even the darkest corners. 

65,200cd is the intensity that’s specified on turbo; However, would you believe if I said I got 99670cd, I double-checked to make sure whether my reading was correct, and yes, they were. You can rest assured that you’ll be able to see everything clearly with that amount of intensity.

But that’s not all – the SRT6i also features a strobe mode that instantly lets you access 2,100 lumens. 

This is possible thanks to the 2nd generation StrobeReady™ mode, which enables a frequency range of 16Hz-20Hz. This helps to disorient attackers and give you the upper hand in dangerous situations.

Its advanced optical system sets the Nitecore SRT6i apart from other flashlights. The crystal coating and “Precision Digital Optics Technology” (PDOT) work together to create a beam up to 125% brighter than other flashlights. 

Battery Specs and Rechargeability 

The battery specs and rechargeability of the Nitecore SRT6i are impressive. 

For starters, this one is also one of the USB-C rechargeable flashlights. Although you get a charging cable from Nitecore, you can definitely charge the flashlight with your regular USB-C cable.

But don’t expect to charge it under 4 and half hours unless you don’t have a Nitecore charger.

Nitecore has ensured the longevity of the flashlight by incorporating a charging port cover. This ensures the port is safe from water, dust, and impact. This, in turn, protects the flashlight itself.


Let’s look at how each mode runs: 

ModeClaimed RuntimeMeasured
High7h 30min8h 03min
Turbo301h 34min

As you can see, mode High and Turbo exceed what’s actually claimed, and that’s good; who’s going to say no to higher runtimes?

That said, you should know that the 1h 34min runtime on the turbo isn’t on the max lumen output; as mentioned already, it comes down to 690 lumens after 10 mins, so from there, you can expect it to go a little higher but most often than not, lower towards the end. 

Mid is the mode that exceeded my expectation; over 300 lumens for 8 hours is really good. 

Strike Bezel

Designed with high-hardness silicon nitride ceramics, the strike bezel of the Nitecore SRT6i is both durable and efficient. A strike bezel is an invaluable tool when self-defense or breaking glass is necessary. 

The smooth surface of the bezel prevents accidental scratches on clothes or backpacks, ensuring that the flashlight remains in top condition. 

The strike bezel is also designed to be quick and easy to use, making it ideal for emergencies. With this feature, you can feel confident that you are well-equipped to handle unexpected challenges.

Durability Against Dust and Impact 

The recommendation to our readers is never to buy a flashlight without standardized resistance against water, dust, and impact.

Luckily the Nitcore SRT6i meets and exceeds expectations.

Constructed from aero-grade aluminum alloy with HA III military-grade hard-anodized finish, it is built to last. The optical lenses of the flashlight are also scratch-resistant, thanks to the double-sided coating that protects them from damage.

Moreover, the flashlight is rated IP68, which means it is highly resistant to dust and can withstand being submerged in water for extended periods of time.


Additionally, the flashlight is designed to withstand impact, with a rating of 2m, making it ideal for use in rugged environments. 

With this level of durability, you can be confident that the SRT6i will hold up even in the most challenging conditions.

Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR)

ATR, or the Advanced Temperature Regulation, is one of the unique features that sets Nitecore flashlights apart — after all, it’s patented.

It regulates the output of the flashlight according to the ambient environmental conditions. Think of it as a safety clip; whether you like it or not, the device protects itself.

The lifespan of the Nitecore SRT6i will skyrocket since that interior temperature will be perfectly sustained. This is regardless if it was the freezing winter or the sweaty summer.

Sometimes, the working conditions can also be dramatic, especially in terms of temperature. For all these occasions, the Nitecore SRT6i will definitely meet and exceed expectations.

Anti-Impact Reverse Polarity Protection Mechanism

There’s a good chance that YOU want this flashlight for tactical purposes. If that’s the case, you know how important anti-impact reverse polarity protection is.

If not for this, the battery and the flashlight will be damaged faster than you’d expect. That’s why this flashlight makes the perfect companion for anyone in shooting sports.

Even if you’re not, having that extra protection delivers peace of mind.

Customizable With Tactical Accessories

Branded flashlights like Nitecore’s are of high caliber in terms of performance. So, it’s natural for users to expect more from the flashlight.

That’s why there’s a separate section by Nitecore for the attachables.

You’d be happy to hear that the Nitecore is compatible with many Nitecore accessories like the NTW40 traffic wand, NDF40 diffuser, gun mounts such as the GM02MH, GM03, and GM04, the signal light with code name TSL 10i.

My personal favorite is the RSW2i USB-C remote switch; I’ll explain my experience with it when I’m explaining my experience with the flashlight.

So, the bottom line is that the Nitecore SRT6i is LOADED with useful features. The harmonious combination of these features makes it work like magic.

What Customers Say About Nitecore SRT6i?

Let me show a glimpse of what SRT6i users have to say about the flashlight.

Nitecore SRT6i customer testimonial 1

Wade is a seasoned Nitecore flashlight owner (there are so many like him), and he finds the flashlight worth the price. If he finds it satisfactory, I guarantee that you’ll love it.

Nitecore SRT6i customer testimonial 2

There’s ALWAYS going to be that general customer who is extremely impressed and praises Nitecore; this is a classic example.

Nitecore SRT6i customer testimonial 3

Martinez is short and sweet about his satisfaction. After all, it draws a clear picture.

My Experience With the Nitecore SRT6i

I always test flashlights I review first hand, and let me tell you my experience with the SRT6i.

As I mentioned at the start, the feeling of holding the Nitecore SRT6i is unique; you feel how firmly the knurling pattern ensures the perfect grip. It feels very comfortable to hold it, thanks to the bottom-slim shape of the flashlight.

Thanks to the exceptional finish, you can observe how impressive the build quality is. I’m sure this is because of the aerospace-grade aluminum and HA III military-grade hard anodized finish.

The U-shaped tail cap is a game-changer by design. While you can make it upright, the chances for accidental activation are borderline zero. You can easily attach it with a lanyard, which is definitely strong enough — but I couldn’t check its strength against an aggressor. ????

The flashlight effortlessly enables one-handed operation whether you use the strobe or the selector ring. The ring is clearly marked, so it’s easier to know which mode you’re on. But most importantly, it doesn’t make your fingers experience fatigue while using it.

The brightness is impeccable! The beam pattern and the clearness are the foundation of that superiority. I’m pretty sure that all light modes have above-standard CRI levels to reveal colors more accurately.

The strobe mode felt impressive, especially due to the fluctuating frequency that creates an unsettling light — undoubtedly amazing for self-defense.’

Additionally, there’s a touch strike bezel, and I tried it on a glass safely; I didn’t want to break it, but I wanted to sense the feeling of the impact. 

So, Nitecore continues to ensure quality in terms of that.

The runtimes add up, too; the claimed 70 hours seem to live up to it.

The charging time was 4 hours and 35 minutes for me in a 15°C ambient temperature, which is more than enough.

But I don’t recommend using a different USB-C cable because it might damage the battery in the long run.

Although I couldn’t technically measure the temperature readings of the flashlight, I felt it enough. The ATR definitely works as the flashlight worked fine even in about 30°C ambient temperature, which is pretty amazing.

The Nitecore SRT6i is probably the 30th or 31st Nitecore flashlight with which I hand-tested the IP rating.

Nitecore SRT6i flashlight with box

I dipped it in water, held it under the shower, and even poured water on it repeatedly — even after everything, the flashlight was COMPLETELY normal.

Then I didn’t want to drop it too! It’s supposed to have a 2m impact resistance, and I’ll take Nitecore’s word for that.

Although I didn’t check all the optional accessories, I did try the remote RSW2i USB-C remote switch. This reduced the use of my hand, increasing the convenience of use. 

But I did notice how the clip doesn’t always attach properly, just once or twice. On the flip side, I felt like Nitecore COULD have tried to lower the charging time.

So, all things considered, the Nitecore SRT6i impressed me tremendously. Even the best flashlights have downsides, and it’s very normal.

Price, Warranty, and Refund Policy of Nitecore SRT6i

Nitecore is one of the TOP flashlight brands in the world. They bring the highest quality, and these flashlights sometimes become family legacies thanks to their durability.

So, it’s a bargain to get a powerful compact beast like this for just $109.95.

As for all the best-performing flashlights, Nitecore gives the SR6i a limited lifetime warranty. This basically means that you can repair your flashlight countless times for FREE. You only have to pay if the flashlight needs replacement parts.

Believe me when I say that not all leading flashlight brands give you this benefit. 

But since Nitecore is so popular, and so is the SRT6i, there are SO many third-party sellers. You might even find one for $99, which is quite tempting. My advice is NOT to buy from ANY third-party sellers. 

You also get 15 days return duration just in case a reason comes up for you not to accept the product. 

So, where should you buy it from?

Where to Buy the Nitecore SRT6i From?

You should buy it from the official website; here’s the link from which I got mine. They ship within 24 hours, and that speeds up the delivery process.

Buying from the official website is safe due to 2 reasons primarily.

  1. You can receive the absolute original products with no duplicates. Nitecore doesn’t want to tarnish its brand value like that.
  2. When you get a quality unit from a 3rd party seller, Nitecore answers to the seller, not you. Imagine the hassle when claiming a warranty and such situations.
Nitecore SRT6i Product image
Nitecore SRT6i
visa, master, amex, paypal

Pros and Cons of the Nitecore SRT6i


  • Durable aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and military-grade hard-anodized finish
  • Ergonomic shape with a sectionalized knurling pattern for a comfortable and secure grip
  • Tactical U-shaped tail cap with several benefits, including accidental activation prevention and tail stand capacity
  • The flashlight also has a very impressive beam range
  • Detachable clip for firm mounting
  • Dual tail switch and smart selector ring for one-handed control of various modes and brightness levels
  • Four brightness modes, including a strobe mode for self-defense
  • Optical system with crystal coating and Precision Digital Optics Technology for 125% brighter light
  • Strike bezel designed with high-hardness silicon nitride ceramics for quick operation
  • USB-C rechargeable battery with advanced temperature regulation
  • Customizable with various Nitecore accessories, including USB-C remote switch


  • The clip sometimes doesn’t properly attach to surfaces
  • Charging time is relatively bit longer
  • Proprietary battery

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In Conclusion 

Nitecore has ALWAYS been a reliable flashlight brand, and the only question was whether the Nitecore SRT6i met AND exceeded expectations. 

The design, the user interface, durability aspects, brightness, and everything in between bring SO much value to your investment. On top of all these impressive features, there’s a limited lifetime warranty along with a 15 days return policy as well.

It’s a 100% risk-free investment that meets and exceeds your expectations. 

So, buying an SRT6i is an investment, probably for a lifetime. It all depends on buying it from the official website; do that right, and you’ll have the best flashlight for a long time.

I hope this review was helpful, and have a great morning, afternoon, or night!


The Nitecore SRT6i has a maximum output of 2100 lumens, making it a very powerful flashlight.

The Nitecore SRT6i has a battery life that varies depending on the mode used, with a maximum runtime of 70 hours.

Yes, the Nitecore SRT6i is waterproof and dustproof with a IP68 rating, offering 2m of impact resistance.

Nitecore SRT6i
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Durable aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and military-grade hard-anodized finish
Optical system with crystal coating and Precision Digital Optics Technology for 125% brighter light
Ergonomic shape with a sectionalized knurling pattern for a comfortable and secure grip
USB-C rechargeable battery with advanced temperature regulation
Four brightness modes, including a strobe mode for self-defense
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The clip sometimes doesn’t properly attach to surfaces
Charging time is relatively bit longer

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