Nitecore P23i Tactical Flashlight Review [Updated in 2024]

 Last Updated on July, 2024

All Nitecore flashlights are pretty impressive, right?

That’s where it gets a bit tricky.

Even for a brand like Nitecore, SOME flashlights underperform and aren’t simply up to the hype. So, is the P23i one of them?

To answer all your questions, I bought the flashlight and tested it first-hand — I must tell you that my experience is positive. I have answered all the questions you’ll have, and you can see for yourself whether or not the flashlight is worth it.

Let’s get started with this Nitecore P23i review already!

 Overall: 4.6/5.0
Beam Distance
  • 3-In-1 Tactical U-Shaped Tail Cap
  • Four brightness levels
  • USB-C rechargeable flashlight
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR)
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
Brand Info
  • Nitecore was founded in 2007.
  • Nitecore has won awards for their products’ design and functionality.
  • Nitecore is known for its innovative designs and advanced technology.
  • Nitecore is a Chinese brand.
  • Nitecore flashlights are made with high-quality materials.
Product Benefits
  • 3000 lumens bright light with SFT 70 LED
  • Dual-switch tail-cap with lanyard compatibility
  • Six light modes with super bright light for versatile use
  • Covered charging port for increased safety
  • USB-C charging with an intelligent Li-ion battery save time
  • Resistance to water and impact

About Nitecore 

Nitecore P23i
Nitecore P23i on the table
a human holding front side of Nitecore P23i
a human holding back side of Nitecore P23i

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Nitecore is a well-known brand that produces high-quality flashlights, chargers, batteries, and other accessories.

Since its establishment in 2007, Nitecore has been recognized for its durable, reliable, and high-performing products. Its flashlights are highly regarded for their bright and long-lasting beams, making them ideal for outdoor activities. 

This variety has made them popular among professionals who rely on their equipment for extended periods.

It’s safe to say that Nitecore is a well-trusted brand that caters to outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday users alike.

Specs Table of Nitecore P23i

Flashlight category EDC/tactical light 
DimensionsHeight: 143.5 mm / 5.65 in Diameter: 31.8 mm / 1.25 in Weight: 114.5 g / 6.7 oz (with battery)
Battery typeProprietary 21700-sized battery
EDCLuminus SFT-70 LED
Max brightness3000 lumens
Max beam throw 470m
Max runtime45 hours
No. of modes6
Rechargability typeUSB-C
Average charging timeApproximately 4 hours
Waterproof ratingIP68
Impact resistance2m

What’s in the Box – Nitecore P23i

a human holding Nitecore P23i
Nitecore P23i flashlight and NL2150HPi battery on the table
USB-C charging cable on the table
a human holding Holster
a human holding pocket Clip
a human holding Lanyard
a human holding Spare O-ring
  • Nitecore P23i x 1
  • NL2150HPi battery of 5000mAh x 1 
  • USB-C charging cable x 1
  • Holster x 1
  • Clip x 1
  • Lanyard x 1
  • Spare O-ring x 1

Key Features of Nitecore P23i

Overall Design Quality 

Let’s start this Nitecore P23i review with the design quality.

Crafted from aero-grade aluminum alloy with a military-grade hard-anodized finish, the Nitecore P23i flashlight is lightweight and sturdy, making it perfect for outdoor activities or everyday use.

At 143.5mm (5.65″) in length and with a head size of 31.8mm, the Nitecore P23i is compact enough to carry with you wherever you go. 

Weighing in at just 114.5g (4.04 ounces), it won’t weigh you down, but it’s still durable enough to handle rough use. 

Nitecore P23i on the table

The ergonomic shape fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to use for extended periods.

One of the standout features of the Nitecore P23i is its optical lenses with double-sided scratch-resistant coating. 

These lenses provide clear visibility even in low-light conditions while protecting the glass from scratching — Nitecore knows what matters.

The 3-In-1 Tactical U-Shaped Tail Cap with tail stand capability is another feature that sets this EDC flashlight apart from other P series flashlights. 

This innovative design is not limited to preventing accidental activation but also enables compatibility with a lanyard. That makes it easy to carry the flashlight with you wherever you go. 

It also allows hands-free operation.

User Interface 

The Nitecore P23i features a dual tail switch design, perfect for ease of use and versatility. 

You NEED a separate switch for a tactical mode.

The tactical tail switch allows for both momentary and constant modes, making it easy to switch between the two depending on your needs quickly.

The mode button on the Nitecore P23i lets you cycle between the various modes with each click.

This simple approach for cycling is another reason why people love this flashlight so much.

a human holding Nitecore P23i

With turbo, high, medium, low, and ultralow modes, you can easily choose the right brightness level for your needs.

But that’s not all – the same mode button on the Nitecore P23i also lets you instantly access the strobe mode with patented StrobeReady™ technology. 

So, you only need one click whenever an emergency arises or when you need to signal for help or disorient an attacker.

Remember that the mode memory in the daily mode will remember the last used level and will always start in turbo on the tactical mode’s memory.

Here are precise instructions:

From OFF:

  • In the daily mode
    • Half-press circular to access the momentary of the selected mode
    • Single-click circular to switch to the selecting mode
    • Hold for a momentary on
  • In the tactical mode:
    • Half-press circular for the momentary turbo 
    • Full press circular to engage turbo
    • Hold mode for momentary strobe

From ON:

  • In the daily mode
    • Single clicks to cycle between modes
    • Three fast clicks to strobe 
    • Half mode for momentary turbo
  • In the tactical mode
    • Single click circular to engage turbo
    • Click mode to change modes
    • Three fast clicks to strobe
    • Hald mode for momentary strobe

That’s not all! 

The P23i also has a power indicator that blinks in blue during the charging process to show the battery voltage (±0.1V). This acts as a handy charging status indicator too.

It’s a pretty impressive user interface, as all Nitecore flashlights have.

Lighting Modes and Respetive Beam Throws

The Nitecore P23i is designed to operate in two user modes, daily and tactical, to cater to different needs. 

In daily mode, there are four brightness levels to choose from and two special modes.

The ultra-low mode emits a soft glow of 50 lumens at a beam distance of 67m, which is pretty bright for use in low-light situations.

The low mode emits 250 lumens at a 137m beam throw, providing more light for when you need it. 

Mid mode emits 800 lumens at a light beam throw of 244m.

a human checking Lighting Modes and Respetive Beam Throw of Nitecore P23i

High mode emits a powerful 1500 lumens at a beam distance of 330m, providing an incredibly bright light that can illuminate even the darkest corners.

In Turbo mode, the Nitecore P23i emits a blindingly bright beam of 3000 lumens that can reach a light beam throw of 470m. This mode is ideal for emergencies or when you need ALL the light

The strobe mode emits 3000 lumens at random frequencies between 16hz-20hz, making it INCREDIBLY disorienting to any potential attackers.

In tactical mode, the Nitecore P23i features the same Ultra-low, low, mid, and Turbo modes with a strobe mode but lacks the high mode. This is because tactical situations require more discretion, and the high mode may give away your location.

It’s safe to say that the P23i is a flashlight of variety and brightness.

Battery, Rechargeability, And Runtimes

The flashlight features a powerful 21700 5000mAh battery with a USB-C rechargeable flashlight with a reversible plug-in, making it incredibly chargeable. 

The charging port cover adds an extra layer of protection to the USB-C port, ensuring that no dust, dirt, or moisture can damage the port.

This ensures that your flashlight remains in perfect working condition, no matter where you take it.

Let’s look at the respective runtimes.

Even in Turbo mode, which has an impressive 3000 lumens output, the flashlight can run for 30 minutes straight, allowing you to carry on with your tasks without worrying about running out of battery. 

a human checking Runtime of Nitecore P23i

But it needs to be said that the flashlight will reduce its brightness to increase runtime. After 2 hours and 30 minutes, the lumen count was 650 on turbo, which is not bad.

With 1500 lumens output, the high mode can run for up to 2 hours and 30 minutes, making it perfect for longer tasks. At the 3-hour mark, the light was down to 650 lumens and gave up at 3 hours and 30 minutes.

In addition to the high and turbo modes, the flashlight also has medium, low, and ultra-low modes. 

It has a 4-hour run time in medium mode, a 10-hour max runtime in low mode, and an impressive 45-hour run time in ultra-low mode — doesn’t that make the Nitecore P23i truly an all-purpose flashlight? It sure does.

The flashlight comes equipped with an intelligent Li-ion battery which remains stable and long-lasting. 

You can charge the flashlight in under 4 hours or less.

Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR)

Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology is a remarkable feature of this flashlight. You’d be pleased to hear that this was a patented feature by Nitecore.

So, what does it really mean?

This means that the flashlight will automatically adjust its output to prevent overheating, prolonging the lifespan of the SFT 70 LED and the battery and ensuring that the flashlight operates at its best under all conditions. 

The ATR technology will ensure that the flashlight operates at its maximum capacity without risking damage to the internal components due to overheating.

Nitecore P23i on the wooden floor

Remember that this typically happens with extremely cold temperatures (winter) and scorching and humid environments (summer).

So, that makes the P23i an all-season EDC flashlight.

Reverse Polarity Protection 

Reverse polarity protection is a critical feature in any battery device. It protects the device from damage that could be caused by inserting the battery the wrong way around. 

The Nitecore P23i flashlight is designed to ensure the user can insert the battery without worrying about the direction.

So, the reverse polarity protection of the Nitecore P23i ensures that the device is protected against damage caused by incorrect battery installation.

Customizable Tactical Accessories 

Versatility is always at heart with all Nitcore flashlights, and the same theory applies to the P23i — its compatibility features are truly remarkable.

These accessories can enhance the functionality and usability of the flashlight for a range of applications.

The P23i is compatible with a wide range of tactical accessories such as signal lights, tactical holsters, helmet mounts, traffic wands, diffusers, and gun mounts from Nitecore. The signal lights can be attached to the flashlight to provide additional visual signaling in emergencies.

You know how tactical holsters offer convenient carrying options.

Stainless Steel Bezel

The stainless steel bezel in the flashlight can withstand heavy use and protect the flashlight from impact damage. 

But that’s not all – the strike bezel is also equipped with silicon nitride ceramics, which makes glass breaking even easier. That’s why this makes such a great work light with self-defense capabilities.

P series flashlights are known to have these features, and it’s impressive.

Resistance Against Water and Impact

Resistance against water and impact are two important features of any high-quality flashlight, and this flashlight meets and exceeds expectations.

The P23i is rated IP68 waterproof, which means it is protected against water immersion in depths of up to 2 meters.

This makes it an excellent choice for heavy rain, underwater activities, and any other situation where water exposure may be a concern. 

The IP68 rating also means that the flashlight is dustproof and can withstand exposure to fine particles, dirt, and sand without affecting its performance.

The P23i has also been tested to withstand impacts of up to 2 meters, making it highly resistant to damage from accidental drops or bumps. 

Nitecore P23i inside the water

Customer Review List – Nitecore P23i

Nitecore P23i Customer Review 1

Kelt has perfectly summed up the overall experience of the P23i — bright and easy to operate.

Nitecore P23i Customer Review 2

3000 lumens realistically generate some heat, but the ATR technology takes care of that. Craig is just happy that he got an upgrade.

Nitecore P23i Customer Review 3

Nitecore P23i is definitely one of the well-built lights, and Rinn has captured his experience with nice photographic evidence too.

Remember that you can sign up on the Nitecore website to leave comments.

Price, Warranty, And Refund Policy of Nitecore P23i

Buying a flashlight with this many features for just $99.95 is truly amazing. You should already know how expensive Nitecore flashlights are usually, to begin with.

You get free shipping in the US since this order is above $35.

After all, for this price tag, you also receive the premium limited lifetime warranty by Nitecore. This means that Nitecore will cover labor costs and maintenance without replacement parts or accessories.

Like all other reliable flashlight brands, you get a return policy from Nitecore. It is 15 days, and there are a couple of conditions under which Nitecore will refund — the gist of it is that the returned items must be in the same condition as originally shipped. 

You know that’s the standard operating procedure anyway.

Where to Buy the Nitecore P23i?

The BEST place to get your Nitecore flashlight is from one of their two official websites; this is either or, and you’ll feel extra safe all the time. That’s because the company will deal with you directly when you buy directly from them.

If you buy it from a third party, Nitecore will only deal with that seller, not you — trust me, you don’t want that.


My Experience With the Nitecore P23i 

What do I think about it? Let me tell you.

You can feel the knurling the moment you take it in your hands. The design fits right on the average palm, and it doesn’t feel heavy at all.

I personally love how it looks — such a stylish flashlight.

I double-checked the two user modes, daily and tactical, and it’s easy to switch thanks to the dual tail button system.

The StrobeReady™ mode, in particular, is impressive; even my eyes got a little distracted by that light.

The lanyard is pretty awesome, as who doesn’t like the single-hand operation of a flashlight?

Nitecore P23i with the box

The lighting modes are AMAZINGLY bright and long throws, and you can visibly see the difference in the brightness gap; Luminus SFT 70 LED magic.

Of course, I checked for the beam distances with landmarks. It was surprising to see even the lowest mode brighten up a large area with long throws.

The runtimes in both modes were accurate, with an error margin of a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Since I can’t time 45 hours at a stretch, I timed it running for about 4 days, and the cumulation number of hours was about 43-44 — that’s more than enough.

But for sure, it only takes less than 4 hours to charge fully. I recommend using the USB-C charging cable given by Nitecore to charge it safely. The covered charging port definitely ensures safety.

Did I mention how the tail stand capability ACTUALLY prevents accidental activation?

The advanced temperature regulation is pretty impressive. I tested the flashlight inside my car with the heater turned to the fullest point, and then during winter — on both occasions, the light didn’t seem to drop its performance.

Reverse polarity protection is definite peace of mind. Although I was going to test it in the end, I turned on the flashlight with batteries in the wrong orientation. But hey! It worked out fine for me.

Although I didn’t check too many tactical accessories, I loved the RSW2i USB-C remote switch. This has been specifically designed for i-gen flashlights, and you can do EVERYTHING you do with the switch with this one REMOTELY.

And we come to the risky part! The resistance capacity. 

From my experience with other P series flashlights, I know these things are made to last. The P23i worked perfectly fine under the shower and even underwater — what else can you ask for?

On the flip side, I personally didn’t like the proprietary battery a little. I understand it brings branded value and longevity too. But replacements and repair requirements can be a little difficult.

On the other hand, the charging time felt a little bit longer. But in Nitecore’s defense, this is the usual case.

So, in my experience, the Nitecore P23i is a phenomenal flashlight in the P series with all the new upgrades in the right places.

Pros and Cons of the Nitecore P23i


  • High-quality and durable design
  • 3000 lumens bright light with SFT 70 LED
  • Optical system with scratch-resistant coating
  • Single-hand carry availability
  • Glass breaking capability
  • Dual-switch tail-cap with lanyard compatibility
  • Tail stand capability preventing accidental activation
  • Stainless Steel Bezel for quick and easy operation
  • User-friendly interface with patented StrobeReady™ technology
  • Six light modes with super bright light for versatile use
  • Reliable self-defense tool
  • Covered charging port for increased safety
  • USB-C charging with an intelligent Li-ion battery save time
  • Battery level and handy charging status indicator for better tracking
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology
  • Resistance to water and impact
  • Compatible with tactical accessories
  • All-weather applicable flashlight


  • The proprietary battery is a bit inconvenient to replace
  • Sides are a tad smooth considering it’s a tactical flashlight
  • Charging takes a little longer

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In Conclusion

In conclusion, YES, the Nitecore P23i is a dependable EDC and tactical flashlight, the best in the P series to me.

This is a sure-shot investment with the super bright 3000 lumens output, long runtime, and all the other impressive features. But remember to buy this flashlight ONLY from the website to avoid any third-party seller complications.

If you do it right, you’ll probably end up with a sentimental flashlight that lasts for a lifetime.


Yes, the Nitecore P23i is USB-C rechargeable with an intelligent Li-ion battery that takes approximately 4 hours to charge completely.

Yes, the Nitecore P23i is IP68 waterproof and dustproof, making it suitable for all-weather conditions.

The Nitecore P23i has a maximum lumen output of 3000 lumens in Turbo mode.

Nitecore P23i
Beam distance





Overall Score


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High-quality and durable design
3000 lumens bright light with SFT 70 LED
Single-hand carry availability
USB-C charging with an intelligent Li-ion battery save time
Resistance to water and impact
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July
Charging takes a little longer

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  1. I’ve had my P23i for about a year. I recently noticed that one of the 4 “chips” that comprise the LED array was very dimly lit all the time. After looking at the schematic for these LED drivers, I assumed that one of the drivers became a bit leaky thus allowing a small amount of current to be drawn even when the light is “off”. I sent it back under warranty and had a new one within 1 week! You can’t beat that for service. I use my light on my bicycle and I do wish that the tactical mode (or another mode) allowed the light to be turned on in a low power setting (and then have a 1 push strobe mode)…and I’m wondering if the in-rush current in the tactical mode caused the driver to develop a leaky state. Overall, I really like their product (I have an MH-23 also).


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