6 Most Expensive Flashlights in the World [2024 Reviews]

Last Updated on June, 2024

Have you ever been in a situation where your flashlight stopped working at a crucial moment or even a few months after purchasing? If you are SICK of buying CHEAP flashlights just as much as I am, you have come to the right place. 

I know the frustration of buying a cheap torch just for it to die out in a matter of weeks or to break after a single drop. What a waste of money!! That is why a GOOD FLASHLIGHT can go a long way.

A good quality flashlight will last a lifetime be your light in any dark situation. Of course, higher quality means a higher price. But if you can afford the best, why settle for less?

I will take you through the best and most expensive flashlights on the market! By this article’s end, you can easily decide which flashlight suits your needs the most.

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Acebeam W50
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Astrolux® MF05
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Our Top Picks for the SIX Best Expensive Flashlights 

This list is in order of most to least expensive. However, the quality of each is still the same. All these flashlights have their unique traits and uses. Let’s find out.

1. Acebeam W50 ($2499) (The Most Expensive Flashlight)

Admit it. You must have done quite the double take when you saw the price!

Yes, the Acebeam W50 is one of the most expensive flashlights in the world, costing a whopping $2499. This light weighs 67oz/ 1899g with a length of approx. 8.11in. 

This flashlight also has one of the longest throws at close to 4000 meters. You can get up to 1200 lumens of brightness with three lighting modes ( high, medium, and low).

The Acebeam W50 is an industrial-grade product for various industries, from security to airports and mines. 

Key features:

  • This light has an ultra-long-range beam exposure
  • It has a focus adjusting function for the width and distance of the beam: spotlight and floodlight mode
  • It uses the most high-end blue laser to stimulate yellow phosphor to form a white laser
  • The class of the laser is Class 3B


  • Advanced optical lens with double-sided scratch-resistant coating
  • It has an excellent cooling structure and uses aviation-grade cylinder material to prevent overheating
  • Long battery life and beam distance
  • Extremely durable and versatile


  • Online retail is not supported only for an enterprise-level 

2. IMALENT MS18 ($569) (The Brightest Flashlight)

Would you like a flashlight so powerful it turns night to day? 

Yup! That’s how bright the IMALENT MS18 is. At a retail price of $569, you can get the brightest flashlight in the world. It can go upto 100,000 lumens in turbo mode and has a beam distance of 1350 meters

This flashlight can be used for multiple purposes as it has a high-efficiency constant current circuit to maintain brightness. It is quite a heavy light weighing 66.26oz/ 1878g with a length of 10.4in

The IMALENT MS18 flashlight includes a 21700-4000mAh*8 rechargeable battery pack that can last upto 14 hours

Key features:

  • CREE’s brightest Extreme-High-Power LEDs
  • Battery life of 50,000 hours
  • The package includes a high-power charger
  • Built-in switch indicator lights, easy to find the switch in the darkness
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body 
  • Wear-resistant Type III hard-anodized finish
  • Eight lighting levels

Read our in-depth Ilament MS18 review.


  • IP-56 standard waterproof
  • Impact resistance to 1.5m
  • It has a built-in heat pipe radiator and silent inlet and outlet fan to prevent overheating
  • Very durable


  • The runtime of its turbo mode is very low

3. Astrolux® MF05 ($569) (Best Long-Range Light)

Now that you know the brightest beam on the market, I will tell you about the longest. 

Obviously, the Acebeam W50 flashlight has the longest range on this list.

However, with such a high price tag, the Astrolux® MF05 is a great alternative. 

At $569, this is not a cheap flashlight either, but it has all the great features of a good-quality light.

It weights 119oz/ 3373g and is 16.5in long.

The max beam distance of the MF05 is 3162m with a maximum brightness of 7500 lumens and a runtime of 800 hours in its lowest mode. Due to its long-range beam, the MF05 makes an excellent searching light.

Key features:

  • Intelligent temperature control at super-high modes
  • It comes with a tripod mount hole with a fixed-in tripod
  • The package also contains a portable cooling fan
  • Six lighting modes


  • Waterproof rating of IPX7
  • Impact resistant upto 1m
  • It decreases light output when the temperature is over 75℃
  • It consists of an ergonomic groove key design and handle for better grip


  • This flashlight is very heavy and bulky
  • The package does not include batteries

4. Acebeam X80-UV ($550) (Best UV Flashlight)

Ordinary flashlights aside, would you like to know about one of the finest UV flashlights on the market?

If you are doing a job in forensics or fluorescent inspection, you know the value of this flashlight.

Another Acebeam product, the X80-UV that sells for $550, uses 16 high-performance Nichia 276A 365nm UV LEDs and has four white LEDs.

Even if you aren’t in forensics, it’s a great device to check leaking oil vehicles or AC units for leaking coolant.

One very cool feature of the Acebeam X80-UV is that it can survive underwater immersions of upto 30 meters, although it is not a diving flashlight!!

Key features:

  • The light output is 10000 lumens.
  • It has nine modes; 2 for UV and 7 for white light
  • The maximum runtime is 47 hours and 4.2 for UV
  • The maximum beam distance is 224 meters
  • Lightweight, it’s only 11.64oz/ 330g for a length of 4.63in


  • Very compact and portable since it’s the size of a soda can
  • Very versatile multipurpose device
  • Its impact resistant up to 1.2 meters
  • It has an ultra-clear tempered glass lens with an anti-reflective coating.


  • Although not flammable, the torch can get extremely hot 
  • It needs a bit more maintenance than a regular flashlight

5. FENIX LR80R ($449) (Premium Heavy-duty Flashlight)

Are you looking for a robust, durable flashlight for heavy-duty use? Well, the Fenix LR80R is just the one for you! 

Although not as bright as the Imalent MS18 or expensive( the Fenix LR80R costs $449), this 10.2in long flashlight has a max light output of 18000lumens and an impressive throw of 1130 meters.

This is a heavy user’s dream, made out of A6061-T6 aluminum with a type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish.

This does make it quite heavy with a weight of 57.7oz/ 1635g.

Key features:

  • A vast number of lighting modes; 8 brightness levels, strobe, and SOS
  • It has a max runtime of 300 hours
  • It has a built-in 7.2V/12000 mAh Li-ion battery pack and USB Type-C 45W fast charging
  • Dual switch
  • It contains an intelligent brightness sensor to avoid high temperatures at close-range lighting


  • IP68 waterproof rating and dustproof
  • It has an impact resistance of upto 1m
  • A shoulder strap is included in the package to enhance portability
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Quite heavy at 1.6 kg

6. Olight Marauder 2 ($329) (Best Intuitive Flashlight)

Last but not least, the Olight Marauder 2. The retail price of $329 is the least expensive on this list, although it is still expensive for a flashlight.

This is an excellent pick if you want a flashlight with high-tech features.

It’s a highly intuitive flashlight with multiple sensors. The Olight Marauder 2 has a high light output of 14000 lumens and a beam distance of 800 meters.

Furthermore, this light can work as both a floodlight and a spotlight.

This 5.51in long flashlight has an extraordinary interface with a rotary knob to circle though the brightness levels with an indicator dashboard for battery life and charging status. 

Additionally, the Marauder 2 has a smart lock function that locks automatically after 30 seconds of non-operation when it’s already off; since you need to rotate the knob to unlock, you do not have to worry about accidental switch-ons.

Key features:

  • One of the safest flashlights. With a thermal sensor, a proximity sensor, and cooling fins to protect against overheating.
  • The maximum runtime is 59 hours
  • Has 3 built-in 3.6V 5000mAh rechargeable batteries
  • Its 30W adapter can charge and reverse charge; therefore, the flashlight can also work as a power bank 
  • It consists of 9 lighting levels, including SOS
  • Dual switch; a rotary knob and toggle switch

Read more about Olight Marauder 2 here.


  • IPX8 water resistance upto 2 meters
  • Impact resistance of 1m
  • At 26.4oz/ 748g, it’s a bit heavy but portable
  • It has two different light intensities for floodlight and spotlight mode


  • The lanyard and lanyard hole needs better design to increase portability

Buyer’s Guide for an Unlimited Budget!

flashlights on the table

Why settle for a cheap pile of junk when you can buy the best of the best? An expensive flashlight usually comes with extensive benefits. Even if they are a little pricy, you know a quality flashlight when you look at their features. If you want the finest flashlight, here are a few tips to follow:

Quality vs Price

The reality is just because a flashlight is expensive to doesn’t mean they are all of excellent quality. If you pay over $ 200 for a flashlight made of cheap materials such as plastic, they are not worth the price.

The build and features are very important. The essential elements an expensive flashlight must have is being water-resistant, dustproof, and impact resistant to at least 1 meter. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you get many flashlights that are too good to be true for their price. If you come across affordable flashlights that claim to be the best but don’t have a reasonable beam distance or light intensity and aren’t even waterproof, be wary! Those types of products rarely live up to the hype.


Most expensive flashlights are pretty durable. Choose ones with temperature or proximity sensors, for example, the Olight Marauder 2 or Felix LR80R lights, since sensors prevent overheating by downshifting the brightness. 

Another feature that indicates lasting durability is the structure and material of the light. Flashlights with advanced lenses that have scratch-resistant coating or ones made with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy bodies are durable against any impact if you need to use them frequently outdoors or on rocky terrains.

No matter how durable a flashlight is, I highly recommend buying one with a lifetime warranty.

Battery Life and Their Types

A subject most people tend to gloss over when purchasing a flashlight is its battery life. The worst possible mistake is buying an expensive torch with low battery life.

A costly light should be able to last at least 3 hours in medium modes irrespective of their output. 

As for battery types, it depends on your preference. Most expensive flashlights come with rechargeable batteries that can also act as a power bank when needed.

This is incredibly beneficial for consumers who do extended tactical operations outdoors.

a flashlight working on the floor

Light Output and Beam Distance

Most expensive flashlights, especially the ones on this list, have excellent light output and beam distance.

Depending on the operations you want to perform with the flashlight, you can choose between high-light intensity flashlights with long-laser precision or floodlights with a wide beam distance, which is great for search operations. 

Problems With Dirt Cheap Flashlights

What is there that isn’t a problem with cheap flashlights?

Overheating is the most dangerous problem you will have to face with cheap lights. With no thermal sensors or state-of-the-art structure for heat dissipation, you might end up with burns or a burnt flashlight with prolonged use. 

Furthermore, cheap lights mean cheap LED boards and fragile wiring. Most of these things contribute to their low durability. Another problem with flashlights is their limited lighting levels.

What is the use of having a flashlight if it isn’t versatile? The lighting modes are the central aspect of a flashlight’s versatility. How can you use the light with only one lighting mode for more than one purpose? 

I could go on about all the problems of a cheap flashlight, but you must have faced at least a few. Haven’t you? Although a flashlight seems unimportant, it is a handy tool in any household, so why not buy the best?

Are Expensive Flashlights Worth it?

flashlights on the floor

YES, they are…. If the quality matches the price.

Considering the flashlights in this article, they are expensive because they are best in each of their respective categories. You should take into account that the material and technologies used to create these lights are very advanced. With high-end materials comes high-end prices. 

If you look at their features or build, most expensive flashlights and made to last more than 5- 10 years. Therefore, a good durable flashlight is a necessity and a fantastic investment if you want something for the long haul. 

Besides, if you have the cash to buy the finest lights available, why settle for anything less! 

Expensive Flashlights vs Cheap Flashlights

Can everyone afford expensive flashlights? No, of course not. But here are a few things to consider.

  • Material: Cheap flashlights are usually made of plastic, even the lens and reflector!! Cheap materials will affect not only the durability but the beam and light intensity as they are not made out of glass. 

On the other hand, a branded flashlight will come with a coated glass lens and be made of strong, corrosion-resistant metals.

  • Durability: You know your flashlight is cheap when it breaks after one drop! Unless you want a small indoor flashlight for emergencies, cheap lights are the worst for outdoor tactical operations. Cheap built means low durability.

An expensive flashlight will usually have better machining, consistent anodization that doesn’t fall off, and an overall excellent built.

  • Features and user interface: This is one of the major differences between cheap and expensive flashlights. The more high-end a flashlight is, the bigger the budget to create a high-tech device. Compared to a cheap light, an expensive one will have at least three levels of lighting, including moonlight and turbo modes. 

Additionally, some expensive flashlights can be highly advanced with extra features such as built-in cooling fans, multiple sensors, and switches to make them multifaceted devices.

But there’re also good and best cheapest flashlights out there in the market. Check them out here.

Final Words

You have made it to the end! I hope you found this article helpful in your quest for the best expensive flashlight. An excellent flashlight may be expensive, but the rewards you can reap are endless. 

If you have an unlimited budget, the $2499 Acebeam W50 is not just the most expensive, it’s an overall great flashlight. With a battery life is over 10,000 hours in its lowest mode and range of 4000m, this is a lifesaver for high stake outdoor activities. 

An expensive flashlight can last a lifetime and be your best companion when you find the right one that suits your needs. If you want a durable light with the best specs, these flashlights are worth every penny!


The IMALENT MS18 is the brightest flashlight currently available, with a turbo mode light output of 100 000 Lumens.

A long-beam flashlight can be used tactically for search and rescue, military, mining, surveillance, and security operations, as it provides a precise and focused beam of light over a long distance.

Generally, a higher price for flashlights results in better features; however, only the most expensive flashlights have the best features such as sensors and smart interfaces.

Acebeam W50
Beam distance






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Advanced optical lens with double-sided scratch-resistant coating
It has an excellent cooling structure and uses aviation-grade cylinder material to prevent overheating
Long battery life and beam distance
Extremely durable and versatile
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Online retail is not supported only for an enterprise-level 

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