Maglite Led Conversion: All You Need to Know About Upgrading

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The older models of Maglites were not made to work with LEDs. They were originally designed to work with incandescent bulbs. Technically, the more batteries used in these older models, the brighter they used to be. 

Now, it is possible to convert any Maglite into an LED flashlight. This was started in 2006; Mag Instruments started by introducing LED emitters for Maglite flashlights, where the idea of Maglite LED conversion began. 

So, how do you change the bulb on these Maglites and what are the benefits of switching over to LED? This article will give you everything you need to know about Maglite LED conversions. Hence keep reading.

Quick Summary

Maglite can easily be converted into an LED flashlight by replacing the bulb with an LED emitter.

Upgrading Maglite to an LED will offer improved performance, brightness, battery life, and environmental performance.

You can purchase an LED conversion kit for your model of Maglite online.

Can You Convert Maglite into LED?

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Yes, a Maglite can easily be converted into an LED flashlight, by simply replacing the bulb with an LED emitter. 

This isn’t a complicated conversion to perform and brings with it all the merits of the latest LED technology. 

You can choose a lumen output that works best for you (depending on how bright you need your flashlight to be.) 

Converting a Maglite to an LED is simple and easy. It doesn’t require tools, and all you have to do is replace the bulb on the Maglite, allowing you to unlock the EXCELLENT features of LED instead of incandescent bulbs. 

How to Change a Maglite Bulb to an LED?

Changing the bulb of your Maglite is one of the simplest things. You don’t need technical expertise for it, nor do you have to take it to an expert to get the job done. 

All you have to do is unscrew the head/top of the flashlight, take the incandescent bulb out and replace the bulb with an LED. This will give you all the perks of owning an LED flashlight. 

You don’t need specific tools to unscrew the head of the flashlight. Again, this process does not require technical expertise; it is as simple as unscrewing and replacing the bulb.

Difference Between Maglite Bulb and LED

There are some fundamental differences between Maglite incandescent bulbs and LEDs. Firstly, LEDs produce a brighter light than standard incandescent bulbs. 

So straight off the bat, the brighter LED will produce a better glow, making your flashlight more valuable and powerful in the dark. 

In comparison to LED, the Maglite bulb can be rather energy-draining. So, you could see a greater light output and better runtime by switching to LED. 

The LED light will generally have a better beam profile and a greater beam distance. All in all, you would have a better light in your hands. 

Incandescent bulbs that Maglites would originally come with are energy-draining bulbs with not the same level of performance and delivery. The color, glow of light and strength of light would all be improved by switching over to LED. 

While a better-performing flashlight is one of the critical differences, when a Maglite is upgraded with LED, you suddenly have a state-of-the-art lighting device on your hands, capable of delivering BETTER QUALITY light. 

Maglite LED Conversion Kits

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Maglite LED conversion kits can be purchased online, which provides you with everything you need to convert your old Maglite into a state-of-the-art lighting device. 

These kits usually come with an LED bulb based on your chosen lumen output. With a wide variety of options for LED performance, how bright you want your flashlight to be is up to you and your specific flashlight. You should check which LED specification works best for your Maglite. 

Don’t worry; there are conversion kits for every Maglite flashlight model. 

Simple LED Conversion

With a simple LED conversion kit, you can access a regular LED, nothing too fancy. These conversion kits carry everything you need to convert your Maglite flashlight bulb into an LED. 

Considering how simple the conversion process is, you don’t need the expertise of technical personnel. It isn’t as complex as, for instance, replacing the battery circuits, which certainly would require a technician. 

The simple LED conversion is perfect for regular lumen output conversions. You can find an affordable, simple LED conversion kit that will quintessentially GET THE JOB DONE!

High Power LED Conversion

You can also opt to use a high-powered LED instead of a regular one. Choosing a high-powered LED will give your flashlight a further boost in performance. Not only will you have a brighter flashlight, but you will also have a better flashlight on your hands. 

To consider the High Powered LED conversion, you must first take your pick from the options available in the market. Acquiring the high-powered LED conversion kit is the hard part; replacing the bulb is simple. 

You need to ensure that the lumen count you choose for the flashlight is compatible with the model. The LED conversion kits are designed to be specific to the model of the Maglite flashlight. 

Hence, when picking LED conversion kits, it is essential that you understand the model of your Maglite and purchase a replacement LED which matches the model that you have at hand. This is VERY IMPORTANT!

High-power LEDs tend to get hot, which is why you should always consider lumen output and heat generation. You don’t want to convert your flashlight into a lumen monster only to find out that the flashlight gets too hot and the battery depletes quickly. 

The Benefits of Upgrading

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When taking the option to upgrade your Maglite flashlight, there are various benefits that come along with it. 

Firstly, you have a much stronger light, a light that is capable of producing a better level of glow and illumination. An LED-upgrade Maglite will have a better beam profile and distance, instantly making your flashlight a better-performing light. 

Not to mention the added benefit of better battery life. LED bulbs are known to be energy conservative. This means upgrading to an LED will give you the ability to run your flashlight for a more extended time. The runtimes on the various modes could be improved, further to the flashlight’s overall performance. 

The brightness level is a factor in understanding the main benefits of upgrading; an LED light has a LONG lifespan, which is more likely to work for a longer time without needing a replacement. This extended shelf life and lifespan of LED bulbs make upgrading a valuable proposition. 

The energy efficiency of LED is considered better than the regular Maglite bulbs, allowing for more efficient energy management. If your Maglite runs on replaceable batteries, you will find yourself changing batteries less often. 

LED bulbs also have improved environmental performance. They are known to be good for the environment. 

LEDs also don’t produce UV emissions, which can be a valuable benefit of upgrading. 

Lastly, upgrading to an LED will allow you to use the flashlight even in cold conditions. LEDs are suited to work better in cold conditions, and if you are living in a cooler climate, it is most certainly advisable to consider upgrading to the obviously better option; LED. 

Final Thoughts

LED conversions for Maglite flashlights have breathed new life into these old Maglite flashlights. The ability to convert an old flashlight into a state-of-the-art lighting device can only be achieved by switching from the old bulb to a beautiful new LED with better performance and glow. 

LED bulbs are considered the better option, not just for you, but also for the environment. You will save a lot more batteries because LEDs usually have better battery performance. 

All in all, the decision to upgrade your Maglite is up to you. If you have learnt anything from this article, it should be the fact that upgrading to an LED is considered the better and wiser option. 

Hence, find the model of your Maglite, find the best LED conversion kit that works for you and the model you have in your hand, and upgrade that flashlight. Not only will you see better performance, but you will also have a better-quality flashlight on your hands!


No, Maglite LED Conversion Kits are easy to install and require minimal technical knowledge.

Yes, LED lights are superior to incandescent bulbs because of their higher performance, brighter light, and environmentally friendly nature.

Yes, an old Maglite can be converted to LED with an LED conversion kit.

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