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Now, this is one BRIGHT flashlight! At a max output of 100,000 lumens, the Imalent MS 18 is advertised by Imalent as the WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL flashlight?! 

Really though, compared to the extremely dim light of some flashlights, the Imalent MS 18, right off the bat, looks to be a VERY powerful little light. When most flashlights offer 3000 lumens of light, the Imalent MS18 offers 100,000 LUMENS!

Obviously, marketers would advertise the product as the MOST POWERFUL; however, is this a WORTHY flashlight? At the end of the day, the light output will only get you so far. The flashlight’s functionality and durability must be good to make it reliable. 

This ultimate review of the Imalent MS18 will give you all the intel to make an INFORMED DECISION. I considered not only power, but reliability and durability. 

 Overall: 4.9/5.0
Beam Distance
  • 8 Different MODES
  • Cooling System
  • Offers a 2-YEAR WARRANTY
  • 30-DAY return policy
  • 100,000 lumens of max output
Brand Info
  • Imalent is a Chinese company that specializes in high-performance LED flashlights
  • The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Shenzhen
  • The company has won several design awards for their products
  • Imalent products are sold in many countries around the world
  • Imalent offers global customer service and prioritizes product innovation
Product Benefits
  • Built-in charge port isn’t hard to find and allows the battery to be easily RECHARGED
  • Power button is simply designed to serve the purpose
  • Indicator LED offers a low battery warning
  • The carry strap attachments are a great addition to the functionality
  • EXCELLENT throw distance
  • It has a simple design and is very USER-FRIENDLY

About the Imalent MS18

Imalent MS18
a human holding Imalent MS18
a human holding front side of Imalent MS18
a human showing charging port of Imalent MS18

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‘Tame the sun with 100,000 lumens in your hands.’ This is basically their slogan. The Imalent MS18 is made out to be one heck of a bright light. 

Apart from the fact that this flashlight has a HUGE lumen output, the Imalent MS18 has an active cooling system to keep your flashlight within optimum performance temperature. 

Though not small enough to fit in your pocket, the MS18 comes with a stylish, high-quality shoulder strap.

This flashlight is RECHARGEABLE, which means you won’t have to keep replacing batteries. The battery pack contains eight 21700 Lithium-ion batteries. Depending on the battery voltage and charge, this flashlight can light the way for hours (up to 14 hours on a full charge.)

The power switch is easy to find, even in the DARK! The switch indicator light is designed to light up in the dark, making it easy for you to turn your flashlight on, even in the dark!

The head and battery tube are 10.5 inches in length; the design is beautiful and simple and looks like a regular flashlight. 

It has a 1.5-meter drop impact resistance, making this a VERY durable little flashlight (not so regular is it?) In fact, it’s made with aerospace-grade aluminum. (How strong is this little flashlight?)

Plus, it is WATERPROOF! Rated IP56, this flashlight will not malfunction in the rain. 


What’s in the Package?

a human taking out the Imalent MS18 from the box
a human holding the Charger 
a human holding High-Quality Shoulder Strap
2 O Rings of imalent ms18
user Manual
  • 1 – Imalent MS 18 Flashlight
  • 1 – Charger 
  • 1 – High-Quality Shoulder Strap
  • 2 – O Rings
  • 1 – Manual

Specification of the Imalent MS18 Flashlight

    • MS18
    • 18 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs
    • Battery pack(21700-4000mAh*8)
    • Up To 100000 Lumens
    • Up To 14h52min
    • 458000cd (Max)
    • 1350m (Max)
    • Turbo / High III / High II/ High I/ Middle II / Middle I / Middle Low / Low /
    • Turbo output
      • 100,000~25000 Lumens
      • Run-time : 60s+52min
    • High III output 
      • 60,000-25000 Lumens 
      • Run-time : 70s+55min
    • High II output 
      • 30000-25000 Lumens 
      • Run-time :3.8min+60min
    • High I output 
      • 22000 Lumens 
      • Run-time: 67 min
    • Middle II output
      • 10000 Lumens
      • Run-time : 3h40min
    • Middle I output 
      • 5000 Lumens
      • Run-time : 6h50min
    • Middle low output
      • 2000 Lumens
      • Run-time:9h15min
    • Low output
      • 700 Lumens
      • Run-time: 14h52min
    • 10.5 inches(length) *5 inches(head diameter) * 2.3 inches (body diameter)
    • 67 Oz (1900g) (weight body incl battery)
    • 1.5m
    • IP-56 standard waterproof 
    • Charger, O-rings, Shoulder straps, User manual

Features of the Imalent MS18 Flashlight

The Imalent MS18 has some great features, which is why they call it the World’s Most Powerful flashlight (brightest lights). 

User Interface

This flashlight is simple to use. It doesn’t have a complicated user interface that requires you to turn a dial or click a button 20 times to reset and whatnot. 

Press the side switch and hold it down for roughly two seconds to turn the flashlight on or off.

The brightness intensity of the flashlight can be adjusted by repeatedly pushing the side switch.

Eight brightness levels, ranging from 700 lumens to an astounding 100,000 lumens, are available with the Imalent MS18.

When the flashlight is turned on, immediately double-click the side switch to activate the strobe mode.

a human touching the switch of ms18

To prevent the flashlight from accidentally turning on, you can activate the lockout mode by pressing and holding the side switch for about 5 seconds when the flashlight is turned off.

To exit lockout mode, press and hold the side switch again for about 5 seconds.

There are 8 MODES which are easily accessible thanks to the simple user interface. 

  • Low (700 Lumens)
  • Middle low (2000 Lumens)
  • Middle I (5000 Lumens)
  • Middle II (10,000 Lumens)
  • High I (22,000 Lumens)
  • High II (30,000 Lumens)
  • High III (60,000 Lumens)
  • Turbo (100,000 Lumens)

The OLED display shows the mode through lumen count (100,000 lumens being the max output.)

The MS18 also has an indicator light (mini LED light) that illuminates the power switch in the dark. This makes turning this flashlight on in the dark a breeze!

Simplicity is the word that best defines the user interface. There is nothing complicated about it. Not only is this flashlight very powerful, but it is also extremely USER-FRIENDLY!

Cooling System

The MS18 has excellent heat dissipation. The inbuilt cooling system works to regulate battery voltage allowing for better performance. 

The flashlight has two cooling fans designed to maintain the best performance temperature.

The liquid inside (working fluid) works to stabilize heat and dissipate the heat accordingly to ensure optimum performance temperature.

The cooling fan covers the upper part of this flashlight, and the outlet fan expels hot air from one side. Considering the HIGH OUTPUT, this ensures the flashlight won’t become extremely hot.

Cooling System of imalent ms18

Build Quality and Durability 

Built with aerospace-grade aluminum, the MS18 is a STRONG invaluable tool in the dark.

The grip has horizontal and vertical grooves, so your flashlight is unlikely to slip out of your hand!

This little flashlight has impact resistance and can take a 1.5-meter drop! (Such a BEAST!)

Anything that is aerospace grade is considered strong (that stuff is made for outer space.) Hence, the build quality of this flashlight is EXCELLENT! 

Not only is this flashlight STRONG, but the aluminum used to make this flashlight is also LIGHT!

a human holding ms18

This is a handy little feature for any flashlight. At the end of the day, you don’t want a flashlight that will stop working because water went inside it… what is this 1991?

This flashlight is rated IP56 standard waterproof, which means it won’t stop working at a touch of rain. 

This waterproof feature is an excellent, boast-worthy feature.

Lumen Output and Beam Distance

ms18 2000 lumen testing
2000 Lumen
Mid low
ms18 5000 lumen testing
5000 Lumen
Mid I
ms18 10000 lumen testing
10000 Lumen
Mid II
ms18 22000 lumen testing
22000 Lumen
High I
ms18 30000 lumen testing
30000 Lumen
High II
ms18 60000 lumen testing
60000 Lumen
High III
ms18 100000 lumen testing
100000 Lumen

The lumen output of this flashlight is almost incomparable to other flashlights. While any other flashlight would offer a 3000-lumen maximum output, the MS18 offers a 100,000-lumen maximum output. 

Hence, the brightness of this light is difficult to compare with other flashlights. 

On the highest output (Turbo Mode), this flashlight will work for up to 52 minutes on a full charge. It has a maximum beam distance of 0.84 MILES!

It has 8-lumen outputs that you can choose from, Turbo / High III / High II/ High I/ Middle II / Middle I / Middle Low / Low.

Here are the lumen outputs, based on mode. 

  • Turbo output
    • 100,000~25000 Lumens
  • High III output 
    • 60,000-25000 Lumens 
  • High II output 
    • 30000-25000 Lumens 
  • High I output 
    • 22000 Lumens 
  • Middle II output
    • 10000 Lumens
  • Middle I output 
    • 5000 Lumens
  • Middle low output
    • 2000 Lumens
  • Low output
    • 700 Lumens

Battery and Runtime

Imalent MS18 on the rock

On a full charge, the flashlight can work for up to 14 hours on low output. That is 700 lumens of light (still plenty of light.) 

Here are the runtimes based on mode and output. 

  • Turbo output
    • 100,000~25000 Lumens
    • Run-time : 60s+52min
  • High III output 
    • 60,000-25000 Lumens 
    • Run-time : 70s+55min
  • High II output 
    • 30000-25000 Lumens 
    • Run-time :3.8min+60min
  • High I output 
    • 22000 Lumens 
    • Run-time: 67 min
  • Middle II output
    • 10000 Lumens
    • Run-time : 3h40min
  • Middle I output 
    • 5000 Lumens
    • Run-time : 6h50min
  • Middle low output
    • 2000 Lumens
    • Run-time:9h15min
  • Low output
    • 700 Lumens
    • Run-time: 14h52min

The MS18 uses 21700 lithium-ion batteries, which are rechargeable. In fact, the battery pack contains eight 21700 batteries. 

The battery pack of this flashlight gives it the finished SIZE! (If the battery pack were smaller, the flashlight would have been more miniature.)

21700 lithium-ion batteries are considered some of the best batteries for flashlights. Though the battery pack is inbuilt and cannot be easily replaced, it carries sufficient power to illuminate the way for HOURS! 

MS18 flashlight can fully recharge in 4.5 hours!

Things You Need to Know About the Imalent MS18 Flashlight 

Imalent MS18 on the wood

Not only is the MS18 a very POWERFUL flashlight, but it is also made with AEROSPACE-GRADE aluminum making it a very DURABLE flashlight.

The OLED display is a great little touch. Not only does the OLED display indicate the lumen output, but the indicator LED also offers a low battery warning. The LED will show a battery icon blinking (battery symbol). This is the low battery warning. Hence you will know when you have to recharge your flashlight. 

The MS18 even has a strobe mode which can be great for tactical use (such as scaring away wildlife when camping.)

If you are ever stuck in the dark during power outages, this powerful little flashlight could light the darkest of nights. 

The protruding switch is easy to find, and the flat iron button is easy to click and use. 

Not only is this flashlight bright, but it also has EXCELLENT throw distance. At the highest setting, the light from your flashlight will reach 1350 meters. The LEDs are centered well in the Orange Peel (LOP) reflectors. The LOP reflector is what makes the beam smooth and less throw. 

The MS18 is used for large-area surveillance and security and livestock security. It can also be used to blind/disorient suspects and assailants (large area lighting) and can be utilized with a lens to project huge images.

The MS18 is actually a very VERSATILE and MULTIFUNCTIONAL flashlight that is both DURABLE and POWERFUL!

Price, Warranty, and Refund Policy – Imalent MS18 

The Imalent MS18 costs $669.95 and offers EXCELLENT output, which is unrivaled by other flashlights. This is a flashlight that almost every flashlight enthusiast wants to get their hands on. 

Imalent offers a 2-YEAR WARRANTY on the product, so if your flashlight stops working during normal use, you can send it in for FREE servicing. 

They also have a 30-DAY return policy. Orders can be returned for any reason within 30 days of receiving the order. 

Where to Buy the Imalent MS18?

Finding this flashlight in Walmart is unlikely. You won’t find this flashlight sitting in your local hardware. 

It is easiest to source this flashlight through an online store, which usually has both stock and BETTER deals. 

For the best deal on the Imalent MS18 flashlight, follow this link. 

They will deliver this BEAUTIFUL, HARDY, and POWERFUL flashlight right to your doorstep!


Pros and Cons of the Imalent MS18

Compared to a dozen flashlights in the market that offer other blinky modes, the Imalent MS18 is for sure in a class of its own. Most certainly, there is a list of Pros, but what are the Cons of this flashlight? 

Let’s find out.


The Imalent MS18 offers a careful measuring of light, offering EIGHT settings (brightness output) to choose from. It even has a lockout mode, which can be used to lock the flashlight. (signified by a lock symbol on the OLED display.) 

This flashlight has 100,000 lumens of max output. (Disaster scenes utilize this flashlight)

The built-in charge port isn’t hard to find and allows the battery to be easily RECHARGED!

The power button is simply designed to serve the purpose. Even in the dark, the switch remained lit (power button), making it easy to turn this flashlight on in the dark.

The indicator LED offers a low battery warning. 

Both WATERPROOF and IMPACT-PROOF, this very decently built flashlight sure does offer excellent reliability. (1.5 meters drop impact resistance.)

You can enter STROBE mode with a double click of the power button from TURBO.

The thermal control system is fastened in place by Torx screws which can be unscrewed for maintenance purposes. 

The carry strap attachments are a great addition to the functionality of this flashlight. Though you cannot fit the flashlight in your pocket, it is easy to carry around. (The shoulder strap is a neat little touch.)

The Imalent MS18 also has an EXCELLENT throw distance. At the highest setting, the light from your flashlight will reach 1350 meters.

The user interface of this flashlight is simple, and quickly breezing through the manual will help you master everything you need to know to operate this flashlight. 

For the power output this flashlight offers, it has a simple design and is very USER-FRIENDLY!


The Imalent MS18 has a special attachment ring attached to the head and tail cap. It uses a metal charge cover as the attachment point. This is not the best idea, but I suppose they didn’t want to damage the coating. 

However, if the cover gets lost, you won’t be able to attach the strap anymore. Considering how small the cover is, it is easy to lose. 

The 100,000 lumens of light, though bright, will only work for less than an hour. On the max setting, this flashlight will only work for 52 minutes. 

The body tube is big (the flashlight does not fit in a pocket.)

What Do Other Customers Have to Say?

Many people who bought this flashlight at first wondered about the value for money of this flashlight. This isn’t a cheap $20 flashlight; if it were, it wouldn’t be called the MOST POWERFUL flashlight around. 

Though at the onset, many customers questioned the value for money, they were soon swayed by the DURABILITY and POWER of this little flashlight.

The batteries offered a constant current supply, and the LED allowed as a physical switch locator in the dark. 

All in all, all customers praised the various features of this flashlight and were BLOWN away by the brightness of this flashlight. 

The waterproof feature and impact resistance feature of this flashlight were some of the most praised features. 

Many people had trouble with cheap flashlights which stopped working either because the flashlight fell on the ground or got wet. Regardless, they knew this wasn’t the case with the Imalent MS18. 

The Warranty and the Refund Policy were also reasons for purchase. They felt at ease testing this flashlight, knowing they could get their money back or claim a warranty in case the light stopped working. 

My Experience With the Imalent MS18

I was simply BLOWN AWAY by the sheer power of this flashlight. On the first try, it looked like a regular flashlight.

That was up until we turned it ON! 100,000 lumens of light is bright enough to see the whole area before you. It can light up an entire field in front of you. 

I found that the 100,000-lumen max output was of great tactical use. It could be easily relied on to distract wildlife or bring prompt attention to you in case of danger.

The waterproof feature checked out, I tried submerging it in some water, and the flashlight worked just fine afterward. 

a human holding ms18

I also did some drop testing to check the impact resistance feature, which, too, checked out. 

The user interface was not challenging to master. Relying on a single button, this flashlight was easy to use. Double-click to turn it on and single clicks to change mode… as simple as that. 

Though the price tag on this flashlight was not small, the flashlight offered some AMAZING features which you would not find with any other regular flashlight. 

Most flashlights have a 3000-lumen max output. Hence, the Imalent MS18 simply wipes away the competition on this front. 

It was worth noting that this flashlight was not only POWERFUL but also STRONG! Made with high-grade aluminum, the flashlight was light yet strong. 

The shoulder strap was a neat addition to the package. 

The charger point was easy to find on the flashlight and was clearly visible. The charger allowed for a full charge in 4.5 hours. Hence when it came to charging this flashlight, I found it EASY and PRACTICAL.

For the price paid for this flashlight, I soon realized that it offered GREAT value for money. Remember, this flashlight has a MUCH GREATER max output of brightness; easily the brightest flashlights on the market

Hence due to the simple fact that this is a HIGH-GRADE flashlight, the price tag was well worth the purchase. 

I was at first stumped by the level of illumination this flashlight provided. Though obvious to state, I didn’t anticipate using the TURBO mode all the time; the LOW mode offered sufficient light (700 lumens) to light the way at night. 

Is the Imalent MS18 Recommended?

Imalent MS18 on a human's hand

The Imalent MS18 is one of the BEST performing flashlights in the market. In fact, it would be difficult for you to find another flashlight with a 100,000-lumen brightness. 

The Imalent MS18 justifies all claims in my eyes. This is undoubtedly a VERY POWERFUL flashlight.

The inbuilt thermal cooling system meant that the flashlight would not get hot, even when used in TURBO mode. This just goes to show the level of thinking behind this little flashlight. 

Though obviously, if this flashlight were the size to fit in a pocket, it would be 1000 times better. However, for the features it offers, it is a worthwhile purchase. 

The WARRANTY and REFUND POLICY are great additions to the product, which only increases its reliability. 



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All I have to say is the Imalent MS18 does NOT falsely advertise. The claim to be the most POWERFUL flashlight is a valid claim. 

Simply holding this flashlight in your hand, you will be able to feel the POWER and STRENGTH of this little flashlight. 

Considering how POWERFUL this light is, it isn’t too big! In fact, you would expect something this powerful to be even bigger in size. 

The Imalent is a compact, light, powerful, durable, and reliable flashlight that is incomparable to those $20 flashlights on the market. 

This is a heavy-duty light that offers heavy features!

A must-have for ANY flashlight enthusiast. 

Follow this link for the best deal on the Imalent MS18.


Yes, the Imalent MS18 is rechargeable as it uses a lithium-ion battery pack.

Yes, the Imalent MS18 is waterproof as it is rated IP56.

Yes, the Imalent MS18 has a refund policy that allows orders to be returned within 30 days of receipt.

Yes, the Imalent MS18 has a two-year warranty.

The Imalent MS18 has one switch for turning on/off and changing modes.

Imalent MS18
Beam distance





Overall Score


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Built-in charge port isn’t hard to find and allows the battery to be easily RECHARGED
Power button is simply designed to serve the purpose
Indicator LED offers a low battery warning
EXCELLENT throw distance
It has a simple design and is very USER-FRIENDLY
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
The body tube is big

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