Imalent MS03 Review [2024 Upd.] Good But With a Few Quirks

Last Updated on May, 2024

Imalent is well-known for its incredibly bright flashlights— the MS03 is an excellent example of that.

But the problem is, is that 13,000 lumens really worth it? Are the LEDs of high quality? And you should be getting the picture.

I was in your shoes a couple of weeks back when I was requested to do an Imalent MS03 review. However, I rejected it, 


I already ordered one anonymously, and it was on its way. 

I review what I buy anonymously — that’s how I can do the best justice for you.

So, this review has EVERYTHING you need to make a choice.

Let’s start by looking at the key specs of the Imalent MS03.

 Overall: 4.8/5.0
Beam Distance
  • Maximum output of 13,000 lumens
  • Comes with USB-C fast charging capability
  • Resistance Against Water, Impact, And Overall Damage
  • Built in Thermal Control Module
Brand Info
  • The company was founded in 2010 and is based in Shenzhen
  • Imalent is a Chinese company that specializes in high-performance LED flashlights
  • The company has won several design awards for their products
  • Imalent offers global customer service and prioritizes product innovation
Product Benefits
  • Anti-rolling knurls on the head for safety
  • Five modes to choose from across 13,000 to 150 lumens modes
  • Limited lifetime warranty from Imalent
  • Low voltage warning with green indicating LED lights
  • Thermal control and switch indicators for added safety

Key Specs of Imalent MS03

Imalent MS03 Full Set
Flashlight Type EDC 
Dimensions4.3’’ (110mm) long 1.06’’ (27mm) body diameter 1.42’’ (36mm) head diameter 6.69oz (187g) with battery 4.1oz (117g) battery excluded
Light source3 American CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs
Max output: Turbo output13,000 lumens — 45s
Max beam intensity26,320cd
High mode8000 lumens — 1 min
Middle II mode3000 lumens — 1h 15 mins
Middle I mode1,300 lumens — 2 hours
Low mode150 lumens — 27 hours
Max throw 324m
Max battery life27 hours
No. of modes5
Rechargability typeUSB-C
Battery Type1* proprietary 21700
Average charging timeApproximately 3 hours
Waterproof ratingIPX8 (2m submersible)
Impact resistance1.5 m

What’s in the Box: Imalent MS03

Imalent MS03 on the table
Holster on the table
USB Charging Cable on the table
Lanyard on the table
4000mAh 21700 Li-ion Battery on the table
O-rings on the table
User Manual on the table

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  • Imalent MS03 x 1
  • Holster x 1
  • USB Charging Cable x 1
  • Lanyard x 1
  • 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion Battery x 1
  • O-rings x 2
  • User Manual x 1

Features of the Imalent MS03

Build Quality and Design

Scattered ms03 flashlight on the table

The Imalent MS03 is an extraordinary flashlight that excels in both form and function. I’m saying it confidently due to so many reasons.

For starters, this beast of a flashlight is surprisingly very compact. I mean, look at its dimensions below,

  • 4.3″ (110mm) long
  • 1.06″ (27mm) body diameter
  • 1.42″ (36mm) head diameter
  • 3.06oz (187g) with battery

Comparing the MS03 to other popular pocket rocket lights, the MS03 generally has smaller dimensions and weight than the others. But it is a light weight yet big flashlight but also the brightest pocket-sized flashlight of Imalent.

It should also be noted that the MS03 has a big head for a single-cell light. This is typically seen in multi-cell lights to emit power better.

I’m a big fan of black flashlights; it would have broken my heart if the Imalent MS03 wasn’t available in black. Luckily it comes in black, and its black color and stylish metallic side switch provide a sophisticated look that complements any outfit.

It just looks so good.

Designed with premium aerospace-grade aluminum, this flashlight is built to withstand the toughest conditions and last a lifetime. The HA III military-grade hard anodization further enhances the material quality

You might already know that these features are mandatory for high-power lights.

Led of imalent ms03
Imalent Ms03 knurling
Imalent Ms03 Tailcap
inside the tailcap and led of MS03

The ergonomic shape of the MS03 is better than other high-power lights I have seen. Now I feel every round light deserves a version of MS03’s shape.

The compact size of the flashlight makes it easy to fit in your hand, and its frontal knurling pattern provides a secure grip. 

You’d be surprised to hear that the grip is fantastic, even in wet or slippery conditions. You’ll know how EXACTLY each of these features feels when I tell you about my experience with the flashlight.

Did I tell you about the super-cool cooling fins in the body

These are integrated into the body to help dissipate heat. This ideal heat dissipation is necessary to keep the flashlight cool, especially in warmer times during the year and even after prolonged use.

Safety is also prioritized in MS03’s design. Let me tell you how.

The flashlight’s protruding anti-rolling knurls on the head prevent it from rolling away and getting lost. The MS03’s design also allows for perfect tail stand capacity. For me, it enables a hands-free operational method.

In addition to its impressive design and build quality, the Imalent MS03 also boasts a high-performance Aluminum SMO (Smooth) reflector. This reflector is a key component of the flashlight’s optical system, and it plays a critical role in determining the quality of the light output.

The SMO reflector is designed to create a smooth and even beam pattern. It works by bouncing the light emitted by the LED bulb off a mirrored surface. Most EDC flashlights don’t have this feature.

But the only downside is that the MS03 doesn’t have a normal pocket clip.

User Interface

Imalent doesn’t want to make things complicated for you with multiple buttons. The dual-button interface of the Imalent MS03 is admirable.

It has a power switch and ONE operational switch; this is a side metal e-switch, and long pressing this switch is how you cycle through normal modes. 

But wait, let me explain how it works more simpler.

When the flashlight is off, all you need to do is press the power button once to turn it on the flashlight.

Imalent MS03 LED light and side swich

You can activate turbo mode by double-clicking the power switch if you need maximum brightness. The next section will discuss the performance details, such as lumen output.

If you need a strobe mode, simply click the power switch button four times. As you already know, this mode is designed to disorient potential threats and provide a high level of visibility in low-light conditions. 

Once the flashlight is turned on, you can switch between modes by holding down the power switch button. This allows you to adjust the brightness level to suit your needs quickly. 

If you need maximum brightness again, just a double click on the power switch button is enough.

If the remaining battery voltage drops below 3.0V, the indicator light will flash to alert you of the low voltage. For Imalent’s brightest pocket flashlight, it’s a flex.

The MS03 also features switch indicators, which can be activated or deactivated by pressing and holding the power switch button for 2 seconds when the flashlight is turned off. 

This extremely bright flashlight also has a mode memory function, which means it will turn on the same mode you had last when you turned it on (except for strobe mode).

This makes it easy to quickly switch between modes without having to cycle through each one.

Does the Imalent MS03 have a lockout mode? Yes, it does.

The lockout mode can be activated by quickly pressing the power switch button three times when the flashlight is turned off. 

Imalent MS03 green indicating LED

With that, you can prevent accidental activation and preserve battery life. To deactivate lockout mode, simply repeat the process. A mechanical lockout is also possible by twisting the head or tail to disconnect the electrical connection.

Next, let’s look at the modes and their lumen outputs.

Lumen Output 

MS03 on the table

MS03 is a very bright flashlight with 13,000 lumens. Possessing CREE XHP70 helps the flashlight maintain constant brightness, and most EDC lights don’t have these features.

The difference between MS03 and MS03W is the color temperature; while MS03 has a cool white beam, the MS03W has a warm white light. For the brightest flashlight of the brand, it’s a plus point.

With six different light modes to choose from, this flashlight offers a wide range of lighting options to suit your needs. 

These modes are:

  • Turbo
  • High
  • Middle II
  • Middle I
  • Middle low
  • Low
Low mode of imalent MS03
Low mode
150 lumens
500 lumens Middle low mode of imalent MS03
Middle low mode 500 lumens
800 lumens middle 1 mode of imalent MS03
Middle I mode
800 lumens
1300 lumens middle II mode of imalent MS03
Middle II mode 1300 lumens
8000 lumens high mode of imalent MS03
High mode
8000 lumens
13,000 lumens turbo mode of imalent MS03
Turbo mode
13,000 lumens

At the top of the list is the turbo mode, with a maximum output of 13,000 lumens of bright, crisp light. But what really sets this mode apart is its ability to fall back to a lower output of 2000 lumens. 

This not only increases the runtime of the flashlight but also ensures that the light remains at a safe operating temperature, preventing overheating and damage to the device.

The next is the high mode.

The high output mode is no slouch either, emitting a powerful 8000 lumens. The output of this mode lowers to 2000 lumens, similar to the turbo output. But the runtime changes; I’ll point that out in the next section when I talk about battery performance aspects.

Offering sub-lumen modes is a great flex.

The middle II output mode is perfect for general use and emits a respectable 1300 lumens, while the middle I mode is slightly dimmer at 800 lumens. For those times when you need a bit of extra light but don’t want to drain your battery too quickly, the middle low setting offers 500 lumens.

Yes, Imalent has 3 Middle modes with significant lumen gaps. Ideally, you can use one of these modes as the daily/regular mode.

Even the lowest setting on the Imalent MS03 is impressive, emitting a bright and steady 150 lumens of light that can be used for extended periods of time without draining the battery too quickly. 

This is useful as an auxiliary light to find the MS03 in the dark.

Did I tell you about the peak beam intensity? It is 26320cd in turbo mode, and with that, this flashlight is sure to light up even the darkest corners of your surroundings.

However, it doesn’t have a tactical strobe. If there were one, you’d have to press a tail switch to activate the strobe.

With its versatile range of light modes, you can customize your lighting experience to suit your needs and ensure you always have the right amount of light when needed.

Battery, Runtime, And Charging

Imalent is not a brand recognized for months of runtime; it is known for its high brightness. Keep that in your mind as we read through this section.

Let’s start off with the battery of this e-switch light.

The flashlight comes with a rechargeable 4000 mAh 21700 Li-ion battery.

You’ll be surprised to hear that it comes with USB-C fast charging capability and can be fully charged in just 2.5 hours. 

That showcases the design sophistication of the USB-C charging circuit.

Rechargeable 4000 mAh 21700 Li-ion battery on charge

The gap between each runtime is phenomenal in the MS03; it allows you to use the flashlight for specific situations with peace of mind.

The turbo setting, which emits an impressive 13,000 lumens, runs for 45 seconds. This is an exceptional performance by the only pocketable light of the brand. 

Moreover, when it is dropped to 2000 lumens, the runtime is greatly extended by 70 minutes. A turbo light over an hour is another reason why MS03 is ahead of most other lights.

Similarly, the high mode output of 8000 lumens runs for 1 minute but drops to 2000 lumens after 1 minute, where it can run for 72 minutes; yes, the runtimes are almost similar.

Let’s look at the runtimes of each middle mode.

The MS03 also features middle II output with a runtime of 1 hour and 15 minutes, while the middle I output has a runtime of 2 hours. The middle low output runs for 3 hours and 40 minutes.

You know that low output has the longest runtime, which is 27 hours. 

The different runtime options allow you to adjust the flashlight’s brightness to fit your needs while also conserving battery life. That’s the design quality of Imalent.

Beam Distance

The beam distance of a flashlight is a critical factor to consider when purchasing one, and the Imalent MS03 does not disappoint in this aspect. 

Compared to other multi-emitter lights, the beam by the 3 XHP70.2 LEDs is very floody. Most pocket-sized lights do not have at least a closer performance.

Although the company does not provide specific information on the beam throw for each mode, it is clear that the turbo setting has an impressive range of 324 meters or 1,063 feet.

This is equivalent to slightly more than two football fields in length — how impressive is that? 

A human holding Imalent MS03 13,000 Lumens EDC Flashlight

The other modes, such as high, middle, and low, may not have the same range as the turbo, but they still offer ample illumination for various applications. 

For instance, the high mode with 8000 lumens may not have the same range as the turbo, but it can still illuminate objects up to a significant distance. 

The lower modes, on the other hand, may not have an extended range, but they provide a more extended runtime and are useful for indoor applications or for conserving battery life during outdoor activities.

Resistance Against Water, Impact, And Overall Damage 

The Imalent MS03 is built to withstand tough environments and conditions, making it an ideal tool for outdoor adventures, emergencies, and daily use. 

The flashlight’s body is made from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, known for its durability and strength.

The Type III hard-anodized surface treatment provides additional protection against scratches, wear and tear, and other types of damage.

The MS03 is designed to be resistant to water and can be submerged up to 2 meters without any damage.

This is thanks to its IPX8 waterproof rating, which makes it suitable for use in heavy rain, snow, and other wet conditions.

Imalent MS03 inside the water

Additionally, the flashlight is designed to withstand impact from drops and falls up to 1.5 meters. This means that you can drop the flashlight from a reasonable height without worrying about any damage to its internal components or outer shell.

Built in Thermal Control Module

The Imalent MS03 is equipped with a built-in thermal control module, which is a unique feature of high-performance flashlights.

This module ensures that the flashlight remains cool even during extended periods of use by automatically adjusting the brightness output according to the working state and outer temperature. 

When the body temperature exceeds 65 degrees Celsius, the flashlight will automatically reduce the brightness level to 2000 lumens to prevent damage and ensure safe and comfortable use.

Imalent MS03 on the rock

Think of it as a more user-friendly interface feature.

The thermal control module helps prevent overheating and damage to the LED bulbs, which can occur when the flashlight is used continuously at high output levels.

Customer Feedback on Imalent MS03

I always investigate customer feedback for different flashlights only on Amazon, never on their official website. So, here’s a glimpse of the overall picture.

BMS absolutely loves the MS03 and explains how all the features were helpful.

Zenju emphasizes two main characteristics of the flashlight; useful and practical.

A good and wide white beam is a hallmark of a great flashlight, and it’s amazing to see how this person will buy more from Imalent, thanks to the performance of the MS03.

My Experience With Imalent MS03

A human holding MS03

Regardless of what they say, I always want to make sure. As I said, I evaluated the MS03 that I ordered anonymously — a fair and square approach.

You’ll definitely like the package; Imalent takes its branding very seriously, after all. Every piece is neatly placed, and it’s a comprehensive package.

Next, I took it to my hand and held it for a moment. My conclusion? It feels pretty great. The length doesn’t exceed the maximum span of my palm (I have an average-sized palm, don’t worry), and it’s DEFINITELY lightweight.

I tested the grip also with wet hands and a pair of thick gloves; it has an excellent, dependable grip. This is in addition to a very ergonomic design. The tail stand capacity is perfect; it stays stable as long as the surface is flat.

Next, I proceeded to check its overall performance.

The user interface is very simple; for example, double-clicking for the turbo setting and triple clicking for the lockout mode — all of this works perfectly; there’s no latency whatsoever. But it took me a few minutes to familiarize the pattern.

But don’t worry — you’re not a professional flashlight reviewer who deals with hundreds of user interfaces. Just to be sure, I’d suggest you to bookmark this page in case you want to refresh your mind about the user interface.

Oh, I almost forgot; the memory function is pretty awesome too, but I’m 100% sure that it doesn’t work for strobe mode.

The thermal control feature is definitely mention-worthy. It responds well to ambient temperature drops and escalations, and that’s why your flashlight will stay safe. 

The switch indicators are useful. I also like how the indicator light shows whether the light is locked or unlocked. It would have irritated me if it wasn’t there.

What about the light? Fantastic.

I started from the lowest mode, 150 lumens, which was VERY bright. Although middle modes are typically designed for everyday use, even the low mode is impressively bright. And, I was slowly going up mode by mode, across the middle levels. 

The lumen gap is significantly apparent, and that’s how Imalent makes the MS03 a truly versatile flashlight.

There’s no bright spot; the beam is perfectly dispersed, and I found it comfortable to my eyes too.

The runtime of the low mode was almost correct. But the middle modes actually ran past the specs runtimes as expected. Eventually, I came to the turbo mode.

If I were to summarize my reaction, it was an inaudible “wow” — the light is ASTONISHINGLY bright. It’s so bright that I’m pretty sure that you can disorient an attacker just by this.

The throw of over two football fields lives up o the expectations too.

Imalent MS03 on a human's hand

So, it’s safe to say that the Imalent MS03 is VERY bright.

The charging time was 2 hours and 20 minutes for me. I believe the coldness of my room might have sped up the time — it’s a relief to see that Imalent is being very honest about the flashlight’s specs.

I never check the impact/drop resistance; let’s be honest, it’s my only unit, and I intend on using it. But in my experience, Imalent is one of the brands that has PROVED these resistance attributes — let’s take their word for it.

That being said, I did keep my MS03 in my bathtub for about 15-20 minutes — absolutely nothing had changed. It was the same result when I used the bidet shower and the bathroom shower on it (like rain). So, the Imalent MS03 is perfectly waterproof.

The only downsides I noticed were the lack of a 1-lumen or 0.5-lumen moonlight mode and a tactical tail switch. But this is an EDC light by design, so you can’t *really* stress on the tail switch — I’ll say it anyway.

To sum it up, Imalent MS03 is a dependable EDC flashlight with an impressive super-bright light that is worth the investment.

Now, let’s look at the price, warranty, and refund policy aspects of the flashlight.

Price, Warranty, And Return Policy: Imalent MS03

With all these features, the Imalanet MS03 is priced at $129.95 — getting 13,000 CREE-quality lumens for THAT price is a steal.

If you know the market, it pretty much goes without saying.

Since Imalanet is also one of the leading brands, you get an admirable 12-month replacement warranty. On top of that, there is a lifetime limited warranty as well.

If you didn’t know, a limited warranty means that you don’t have to pay a penny for the repair labor but only for any replacement parts; that too, if necessary.

Getting all of these warranties with the features for that price is a lot of value.

Imalent is very considerate with the customers who might have a change of mind. That’s why you get 30 days to return the flashlight from the date of purchase. I don’t think I have to say that it’s necessary for the units to be in their original condition.

Remember that it takes about 2-5 working days for a refund to show up on any bank statement.

But the most important question is where to buy the flashlight from.

Where to Buy the Imalent MS03?

I understand that several third-party sellers might even sell the flashlight a couple of dollars cheap — it’s not worth it.

My recommendation is for you to buy the flashlight from their official store. This is the link I bought mine from. 

Because I bought it from the official store, I know there won’t be ALL the complications people have with third-party sellers. 


Pros and Cons of the Imalent MS03


  • Premium aerospace-grade aluminum construction with HA III military-grade hard anodization for durability
  • Extremely bright 13,000 lumens output 
  • Ergonomic shape with a frontal knurling pattern for better grip 
  • Anti-rolling knurls on the head for safety
  • Compact size and perfect tail stand capacity by design
  • User-friendly interface with only two buttons
  • Five modes to choose from across 13,000 to 150 lumens modes
  • Convenient mode memory feature
  • Thermal control and switch indicators for added safety
  • Crisp and bright light output thanks to 3 pieces of American CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs
  • Low voltage warning with green indicating LED lights
  • Fast charging and decent battery life with rechargeable 4000 mAh 21700 Li-ion battery
  • Built-in thermal control module to adjust brightness output according to the working state and outer temperature
  • IPX8 waterproof rating and 1.5m impact resistance for resilience
  • Limited lifetime warranty from Imalent


  • Lacks a pocket clip
  • A little more runtime on turbo would’ve been excellent

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In Conclusion 

Imalent has always been a reliable flashlight brand with impressive designs; the 13,000 lumens MS03 flashlight is definitely one of those memorable flashlights.

It’s not even just the massive lumen output but the fact that all the other features work together harmoniously. At the end of the day, you just need a dependable and powerful flashlight.

Well, this will be my new EDC flashlight — that’s how dependable this flashlight really is.

That being said, yet another comprehensive flashlight review of mine comes to an end. I hope this was helpful, and see you in another review!


The Imalent MS03 has a mode memory feature, which allows it to turn on the last used mode when activated.

The Imalent MS03 has a brightness output of 13,000 lumens in its Turbo Mode.

Yes, the Imalent MS03 has LED lights and it features a green indicating LED for increased safety.

Yes, the Imalent MS03 flashlight is IPX8 waterproof with a 1.5m impact resistance.

Imalent MS03
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Extremely bright 13,000 lumens output
Ergonomic shape with a frontal knurling pattern for better grip
Five modes to choose from across 13,000 to 150 lumens modes
Fast charging and decent battery life with rechargeable 4000 mAh 21700 Li-ion battery
IPX8 waterproof rating and 1.5m impact resistance for resilience
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Lacks a pocket clip

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