How Much Does a Flashlight Cost? The Average Price

Last Updated on May, 2024

Many new flashlight users often face this question when they’re about to buy a flashlight! Some even make a mistake by buying a very expensive or low-quality flashlight. 

But, it’s always recommended to choose a flashlight by considering the purpose of its usage. For example, if you are an adventure lover, a cheap flashlight with low battery life won’t work for you. 

In this article, I’ll share the answer to the question of how much a flashlight costs and I assure you of a lot of new information about flashlights and how to make a budget before buying a flashlight. 

So, let’s start! 

Quick Summary

Consider the purpose of your flashlight before buying one and make a budget accordingly.

Factors to consider before purchasing a flashlight include use frequency, brightness, battery quality and performance, build quality, additional features, and warranty.

Investing in a high-quality flashlight has many benefits such as longer performance, brighter light output, powerful battery, additional features, and warranty.

How Much Does a Flashlight Actually Cost?

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Well, this is one of the most common questions I mostly see people asking. But there is no fixed answer to it. 

You see, there are even flashlights available for $1, and they’ll perform worse than your phone’s flash. 

So, before figuring out how much a flashlight costs, you should figure out what kind of flashlight you want. Just to make you understand, let’s divide flashlights into three categories.

So, budget flashlights are the cheapest option on the market. And it costs up to $40. These lights are great for basic needs like walking the dog or searching for something when there’s no light around. But it’s not recommended for emergencies. 

Mid-range flashlights are a bit more expensive, typically costing between $40-100. But these lights are more reliable and durable than budget flashlights. 

The mid-range flashlights have more features like multiple output options, longer battery life, and a better charging facility. 

When it comes to professional flashlights, ready to be used in any situation, high-end flashlights are mostly recommended. Starting from $100, the price may go up to thousands depending on features, brand, and quality. 

Like the price, high-end flashlights are the best regarding durability, performance, and features. 

As you can see, a flashlight’s price completely depends on your needs. If you are someone who may need one for occasional usage, a budget one is good for you; if you are an adventure lover, then a mid-range sounds perfect for you. 

But if you are into something serious (like hunting), there’s no alternative to high-end flashlights! 

I hope you got your answer! 

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Ranges of Flashlights (Based on Price) 

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If you were wondering what the differences are between all these flashlights of different ranges, this is the right section for you. I’ve shared the features of three flashlights from three different price ranges. 

Budget Flashlight: Lumintop Tool AA 2.0

For the budget flashlight, I am selecting my first favorite Lumintop Tool AA 2.0. In this price range, this is a beast! It offers up to 650-lumen output, four light modes, and mode memory features. 

The light uses a rechargeable AA battery to produce light, providing up to 60 hours of running time. This extremely lightweight flashlight is waterproof and comes with a five year warranty. 

Mid-range Flashlight: ACEBEAM E70 MINI High-CRI Flashlight

When it comes to mid-range flashlights, the Acebeam E70 mini is my first choice. Within the affordable price range (under $100), it’s a beast! 

With 2000 lumen output, six output modes, and 56 hours of backup, this is one of the best mid-rangers! This lightweight aero-grade aluminum-made flashlight (120 grams with batteries) is waterproof (up to 2 meters) and comes with a 5-years warranty! 

High-end Flashlight: Nitecore TM20K 

When it comes to a flashlight for risky and professional work, high-end flashlights are essential. That’s why Nitecore TM20K is my priority

This small beast can provide 20,000 lumens of output and covers 317 yards! With five professional brightness modes and a fast charging feature, this excellent light has been used by many hunters and military personnel. If you’ve got a budget over $300, it’s the best you can get! 

I hope you got a clear idea about the range of flashlights. 

What is the Difference Between a Cheap and an Expensive Flashlight? 

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Well, you already know a few differences between a cheap and an expensive flashlight. But there are many more that you don’t know. So, here are some differences between cheap and expensive flashlights. 

  • Cheap flashlights are made from cheap materials (plastic), whereas expensive flashlights are made from high-quality materials (like aero-grade aluminum and aluminum alloy).
  • The cheap flashlight offers very low lumen output, whereas expensive flashlights mostly offer high lumen output. 
  • Cheap flashlights mostly offer one or two brightness modes, whereas expensive ones offer multiple (at least five to six) brightness modes. 
  • Cheap flashlights don’t last long, whereas expensive ones survive longer as they’re made with high-quality materials. 
  • A cheap flashlight mostly offers no features whereas an expensive flashlight offers features like strobe, lockout, mode memory and allows you to use accessories with the light. 
  • Cheap flashlights mostly come with less powerful batteries than expensive flashlights. 
  • The cheap flashlight doesn’t come with a better charging system, whereas expensive flashlight mostly comes with fast charging systems. 
  • Cheap flashlights have no warranty, whereas expensive flashlights come with at least one year warranty. 

So, these are some of the key differences between cheap and expensive flashlights. But there is a twist first, my friend! 

Expensive always doesn’t mean high quality, and cheap always doesn’t mean low quality. That’s why, before buying any flashlight, ensure you know everything about it and go for the best quality within your budget!

Problems You Can Face if You Buy a Low-Quality Flashlight 

So, when you’re buying a cheap or low-quality flashlight, it comes with some cons! Which are: 

Made With Cheap Quality Material 

Here is the thing! When you’re buying a flashlight under budget, it will mostly be a low-quality plastic-built flashlight. So, it’s fragile and mostly breaks down if slipped from your hand.

Less Powerful Battery and Not-So-Bright Light 

The low-quality flashlight doesn’t come with a powerful battery, which is why it fails to provide better light output and longer performance. Also, the light output isn’t perfect for all situations, and it can be frustrating in an emergency.

Doesn’t Survive Longer

Low-quality flashlights are made from low-quality materials. This is why it doesn’t survive longer and mostly breaks down within the first few months! 

No Additional Features

Sometimes, you may need a brighter light or use an accessory with it, but with low-quality flashlights, it’s mostly impossible! 

Benefits You Can Enjoy if You Buy a High-Quality Flashlight

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Well, investing in a high-quality flashlight has never gone wrong! Here are a few perks of investing in a high-quality flashlight. 

Survives Longer

A high-quality flashlight is made with high-quality materials. Even the flashlight body is made with high-quality materials, ensuring better survival than cheap-quality flashlights.

Checkout the best survival flashlights reviewed by Outlighter.

Brighter Light and Brightness Modes

A high-quality flashlight always comes with a bright light that can perform well in all situations. Also, it has multiple modes, which makes it perfect for use in every situation possible.

High-Quality and Powerful Battery 

A high-quality flashlight always comes with a powerful battery that can perform for months depending on the mode. Also, this type of powerful battery performs well in all kinds of situations. 

Most high-quality flashlights come with a fast charging feature ensuring a full top-up in less time.

Additional Features 

High-quality flashlights are highly upgradeable. These flashlights may look small but have multiple useful features like memory mode, strobe mode, etc. Also, it allows you to use accessories with the flashlight. 

Comes With Warranty 

A high-quality flashlight always comes with an official warranty of at least three years. And some companies even offer a lifetime warranty as well.

What Should Be Your Budget Before Buying a Flashlight? 

So, you already know the thumb rule, finding your purpose. 

If you need a flashlight to use occasionally and if you have a strict budget, you should go for a budget-friendly option! 

But don’t go for those $2-5 bright flashlights that break down faster than you can even imagine! Make a budget of $30, and you’ll find better options within this price range. 

If you are looking for a mid-range flashlight, keep your budget around $100. You’ll mostly find a high-quality flashlight with many features within this budget. 

And, if you’re looking for a professional flashlight for serious activities, it’s always better to be open about the budget. Still, for a recommendation, I’ll recommend keeping a budget of around $300 or more.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Flashlight 

a human holding a flashlight

There are a few facts you should consider before getting a flashlight. 

First, you must consider how often you will use the flashlight. You can get away with a cheaper flashlight if you only need it for occasional emergencies. 

But, if you plan on using the flashlight regularly, you’ll probably want to invest in a more expensive one (possibly a mid-range one)

Next, you need to think about how bright you need the light. You can rely on a cheaper flashlight if you only need a small amount of light. 

And, if you need a lot of light, you’ll probably want to spend more money on a higher-quality flashlight. 

Finally, you need to think about the battery quality and performance. 

If a longer performance, better and faster charging system is necessary for you, then you should invest in a high-quality flashlight by spending more; otherwise, you can choose a budget-friendly option.

So, these are the primary concerns you should check before buying a flashlight. Other than that, you should also check the build quality, additional features, and warranty details.

Final Words 

For many, a flashlight isn’t an important investment, so they purchase one without considering anything. And for this reason, they keep purchasing flashlights 3-4 times a year when they don’t realize they’re spending way more than they should. 

That’s why our flashlight enthusiast team came out with some of the best recommendations for a high-quality flashlight for all price ranges. Make sure you check that out

I believe this article has helped you to learn something new about flashlights! 


Avoid flashlights that are neither expensive nor cheap, lack sturdiness, have low lumen output, have no fast charging system or warranty, and do not come with a high quality battery.

The low-quality components used in low-cost flashlights result in shorter lifespan and sub-par performance.

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