Emisar D4v2 Review [2024 Upd.] Is it Worth the Purchase?

Last Updated on May, 2024

What a NEAT flashlight! The Emisar D4V2 is an AMAZING flashlight, to state the least. It has some awe-inspiring features, which I will cover in greater depth in this article. 

This is a comprehensive review of the Emisar D4V2 flashlight. I don’t know how you came across this flashlight, but I are glad you did!

V2, or version 2, is an upgrade of the classic Emisar D4 and brings a host of better features!

Hence let’s get this review underway and learn about this flashlight first. 

 Overall: 4.7/5.0
Beam Distance
  • With a beam distance of 272 meters
  • Strobe feature
  • Different colored lights
  • With a battery life of 3 hours on TURBO mode
  • Has 6 different modes
Brand Info
  • Owned by Hank Wang, owner of the Intl-outdoor shop
  • Emisar focuses on creating high-performance flashlights
  • Known for quality, durability, and power in their products
  • Their flashlights cater to flashlight enthusiasts, professionals, and outdoor adventurers
Product Benefits
  • High-grade aluminum, making it solid and DURABLE
  • LED technology used to design this flashlight is very RELIABLE
  • Submerged in up to 1 meter of water
  • Various colors of light, which is especially great for HUNTING
  • Learning how to use this flashlight does not take time

About the Emisar D4V2 Flashlight

Emisar D4V2c
a human holding Emisar D4V2
a human holding front side of Emisar D4V2
a human holding back side of Emisar D4V2

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Version 2 of the classic Emisar D4 has many brilliant features. The Emisar D4V2 is an EDC flashlight with a light output of 3000 lumens to 4300 lumens. The light output, (lumen count) will vary based on which battery you use.

Made with high-grade aluminum and stainless steel alloys, this is a HARDY flashlight that is quite DURABLE! (The brass version is beautiful!)

The build quality is exceptional, and the user interface is simple.

It is the maximum output of this flashlight that is impressive. With 3000 lumens of light, this flashlight is bright, and you won’t find the same output of lumens on any old regular flashlight. 

This is no regular flashlight. It uses an unprotected 18650 battery to power this flashlight (so protected batteries won’t do). These are the same type of batteries even used in ELECTRIC CARS! 

The turbo mode will work for 3 HOURS while on the low moon output of this flashlight; the Emisar D4V2 will work for days and WEEKS (55 DAYS on Moonlight mode!)

The flashlight has low voltage protection to protect the internal circuits and mode memory to remember the last voltage mode used.

It has a maximum beam distance of 1476 FEET (450 meters)! That is light reaching incredible FAR!

Speaking of modes, this flashlight runs on Anduril UI, which allows for so many modes! This flashlight has blinking modes, strobe, candle modes, party strobe modes, and even a host of light colors!

The host of colors makes this an excellent light for parties, hunting, and outdoor activities. 

The Emisar D4V2 is an extremely impressive flashlight with so many modes that it impressed my socks off! 

So what’s included in the package?


What’s in the Package? – Emisar D4V2

a human holding Emisar D4V2
a human holding Stainless steel bezel
a human holding lanyard and Spare O-rings
  • The D4V2
  • Stainless steel bezel (optional extra)
  • A lanyard
  • Spare O-rings
  • User Manual

Specification of the Emisar D4V2 Flashlight


Luminus SST-20 3000K 95CRI; Variety of LEDS used including:

  • Cree XP-L HI: Maximum output of 4300 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 303 meters.
  • Samsung LH351D: Maximum output of 4200 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 200 meters.
  • Nichia 219C: Maximum output of 3000 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 120 meters.
  • Osram KW CSLPM1.TG: Maximum output of 4300 lumens and a maximum beam distance of 400 meters.
  • Lumens
    • 3000 – 4300 (Depending on battery)
  • Beam Intensity
    • 18500cd
  • Battery
    • 1*18650
  • Material
    • Material Aluminium w/ Stainless bezel
  • Modes
    • Numerous Modes
  • Blinkies
    • Candle, Lightning, Bike Strobe, Party Strobe, Tactical
    • Strobe
  • Reflector
    • Carclo TIR
  • Waterproof
    • IP67 Waterproof

Features of the Emisar D4V2 Flashlight

The Emisar D4V2 has some impressive features making it an excellent selection for your lighting needs!

Build Quality

This flashlight uses high-grade aluminum and stainless steel alloys, giving it a rough and tough exterior. The build quality is EXCELLENT, and you can feel the strength of this flashlight by simply holding it. 

This flashlight has a length of 95.5mm (3.76″). The bezel diameter is 28mm (1.1″). The body isn’t too big, with a diameter of only 24mm.

The raised retaining ring (raised ring) adds to the quality of the build, and the AUX LEDs are beautifully installed to produce a bright spectrum of light. 

The Beryllium Copper springs work to enforce build quality, providing a practical design with functionality. 

a human holding Emisar D4V2

When picking an LED flashlight, you have to consider the build quality, which is usually provided for in the official specs. LED options will provide varying degrees of brightness, while the extra SS bezel on this flashlight works as an optional addition, further enhancing the build quality. 

User Interface

The user interface, based on Anduril, isn’t too complicated to understand until you get used to it.

At first time of use you can get lost with the amount of modes and other features of light the Anduril UI offers, it’s vastly customizable too.

Play around with the flashlight for a while and you’ll understand how everything works in no time. 

The D4v2 runs via a single switch that switches LEDs and modes. (Click and double-click.) 

To operate this flashlight, simply click the button on the tailcap to turn on the flashlight ON.

a human showing switch of Emisar D4V2

You can change the brightness level by clicking the same button again. With every click the different brightness levels will cycle from the lowest to the highest.

To access the strobe mode, all you have to do is quickly double-click the button and to turn off the flashlight, simply press and hold the button until the light turns off.

A single master switch on the TOP of the flashlight near the head, operates the modes. With varied modes and a simple switch, the user interface is easy to understand and master. This flashlight isn’t tough to use (all you have to do is master a click and double click.) 

Considering all the modes this flashlight offers, the user interface could not be more straightforward. 

Lumen Output and Modes

With 3000 lumens of brightness (AUX LED), this flashlight offers high construction and high lumen output.

The driver board is carefully designed to produce a unique beam profile that can illuminate the way with not one but many colors of light. 

With a beam distance of 272 meters, this flashlight is POWERFUL and capable of delivering exceptional results!

This flashlight has so many modes that you can choose from. From strobe features to lightning storm and ramping modes, this flashlight’s AUX lights are VERSATILE! (Amazing AUX LED)

Here is a breakdown of the various modes of this flashlight. 

lumen output of Emisar D4V2
LevelLumens (Estimated)CandelaThrow (meters)
Max Reg.14690060
Low 3622230

The various modes give you reasonable control of how bright your flashlight is and how you want it to perform. It has various blinking modes that can be used for various purposes, such as emergencies. 

The color spectrum of light you can choose gives it vibrance and has practical applications, such as hunting (where colored light can help you find animals in the dark.)

Colors of light include, 

  • Cool white
  • Red
  • Amber
  • Warm white
  • Cyan
  • Green


This flashlight doesn’t use protected cells but relies on an unprotected 18650 battery. 

Unprotected cells such as that used in this flashlight offer MORE capacity and current capability, making this a very reliable battery cell for this flashlight. 

This is a rechargeable flashlight with a battery which takes about 3 to 4 hours to fully charge. 

With a battery life of 3 hours on TURBO mode and days and WEEKS’ worth of light on the low modes, this flashlight has exceptional battery life, to say the least.

This battery works to hybrid-direct drive the light output, working to produce a better beam profile and performance!

a human holding a Battery

The higher amperage cell of this flashlight provides for AMAZING light production. 

Here is a breakdown of the runtimes based on mode. 

  • Moonlight mode (2 lumens): Up to 95 hours
  • Low mode (50 lumens): Up to 16 hours
  • Medium mode (500 lumens): Up to 2.5 hours
  • High mode (1500 lumens): Up to 1 hour
  • Turbo mode (4300 lumens): Varies depending on temperature and other factors, typically up to 3 minutes before stepping down to a lower output level.


Rated IP67 waterproof, this flashlight won’t malfunction at the touch of a bit of rain. You can submerge this flashlight in up to a METER of water for 30 minutes, and the flashlight will still work. 

The waterproof feature is a brilliant addition to this flashlight. Not every flashlight on the market is waterproof; waterproof ones are considered the better option. 

Regarding tactical use, the fact that this flashlight is waterproof makes a difference. You can use this flashlight outdoors in rough weather conditions, and rest assured that the flashlight will not malfunction due to rain.

The last thing you need on a rainy night is a malfunctioning flashlight that will start to act FAULTY. The waterproof rating improves this flashlight’s durability and longevity significantly, making it a very RELIABLE option.

Things You Need to Know About the Emisar D4V2 Flashlight

It is fair that you would want a comprehensive critique before spending your money on anything. 

The original version of the Emisar D4 simply did not come with the same features as that of VERSION 2 (which comes in even a mule version.)

The flat top of this flashlight has a perfect finish, and the lumen output produces a fair amount of light. 

Though there are so many modes and only one switch, the UI diagram on the user manual will tell you everything you need to know on how to operate the user interface. 

Emisar D4V2 on the table

The stepped modes provide various outputs of light (output based on mode). The flashlight includes a magnetic tailcap (magnet tailcap.) This magnetic tailcap enables you to stick your flashlight onto any metallic surface. 

A measure of the AUX LED’s performance can be found in a runtime graph provided in the user manual. 

With all its features, you shouldn’t be questioning if this is the best flashlight for you… (BECAUSE IT IS!)

The AR glass in this flashlight provides better throw than flood features. Though it produces a nice light spread, the flashlight is designed specifically as a thrower flashlight. 

The smooth ramping of this flashlight and the cool white light in the stepped mode provide an excellent beam profile. (Stepped mode provides for better performance.)

The cardboard box this package comes in is nicely packed with foam to ensure safe delivery. 

This small flashlight has excellent grip and durability and offers more POWER than many other flashlights of its size.

The brightness level of the light is excellent (brightness level being a factor in picking a good flashlight), and the auxiliary LEDs work to illuminate the darkness with a brilliant smooth ramp of white light. 

The auxiliary LEDs control the brightness level, and this flashlight is designed with some of the best AUXILIARY LEDs on the market.

Price, Warranty, and Refund Policy

The Emisar D4V2 costs $45 in the market. Due to the low price of this flashlight, it does not come with a refund policy or warranty. 

This is a very affordable flashlight for the features it boasts. The light produced by this flashlight is AMAZING, and at the lowest brightness, this flashlight will work for days without problems!

Where to Buy the Emisar D4V2?

You cannot buy this flashlight just about anywhere. In fact, it would be challenging for you to find this flashlight in a regular physical store. 

The best place to buy this flashlight is online. However, the trouble with buying online, much like the power source of a flashlight, depends on reliability. You need a reliable source to deliver an undamaged, brand-new flashlight right to your doorstep.

I went through the trouble of finding you the BEST supplier to source this flashlight from. You can trust me to direct you to ONLY the best source. Hence, follow this link to buy the Emisar D4V2 from my trusted supplier!


What Do Other Customers Have to Say?

Customers who have bought the Emisar D4V2 have been delighted with the flashlight. The features offered great value for many, as expressed by numerous customers online who raved about the Emisar D4V2.

The lumen output and the modes of this flashlight were features that customers found most impressive. They were impressed with the level of illumination for the price they paid. 

Not only was the waterproof feature something that everyone looked for when buying a flashlight, but the fact that this flashlight can be submerged in up to a METER of water was also impressive. 

All in all, the customers who bought this flashlight were happy with the level of performance and durability of the product. The flashlight was stated to have an excellent grip and a great overall weight and size, enabling it to be carried just about anywhere!

My Experience With the Emisar D4V2

I were excited to get my hands on the Emisar D4V2 flashlight and were blown away by the features of what can be considered a very AFFORDABLE flashlight.

First off, the Emisar D4V2 is not expensive. Most flashlights that offer 3000 lumens of light often cost a lot more than this.

However, the low price doesn’t mean it is low quality. 

This flashlight is made with very TOUGH aluminum, and the design is beautiful.

The grip lets you firmly hold the flashlight without worrying it will slip.

The battery used is replaceable, which I found to be very useful.

Emisar D4V2 on the floor

Not only can you use rechargeable 18650 batteries to power this light, but the fact that you can replace the battery and don’t have to recharge it again means that you could use this flashlight on long trips where you don’t have access to a power outlet to recharge. 

The modes of the flashlight were very impressive. There were so many modes. Though the user interface initially felt a little daunting, the user manual made it easy to understand how to use this flashlight. I soon realized that it was a matter of a single and double click of this flashlight; SIMPLE!

I was very impressed with the build quality and durability of this flashlight. Though this flashlight costs little, the build quality is exceptionally excellent. 

The flashlight is rated waterproof. It can be submerged in 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. I found this to be a convenient feature, making this flashlight much better for outdoor use. 

I believe this flashlight to be a GREAT outdoor flashlight with fantastic scope for tactical use. The various strobe features meant that it could be helpful in case of emergencies making this one of the top tactical flashlights on the market, in my opinion. 

Overall, I was very impressed with the Emisar D4V2 offered and were happy with the purchase. Great value for money!

Is the Emisar D4V2 Recommended?

Emisar D4V2 on the table

The Emisar D4V2 is an AMAZING upgrade of the Emisar D4. It has some fantastic features and an exceptionally impressive beam profile. 

Rarely do you find flashlights that produce 3000 lumens of light? This bright flashlight has the power to illuminate the darkness and carry you through the night. 

Whether you plan on using this flashlight for camping, hiking, hunting, or a general power outage, the Emisar D4V2 could come in handy!


Pros and Cons of the Emisar D4V2

No comprehensive review would be complete without looking into the various Pros and Cons of this flashlight. 


This flashlight is made with high-grade aluminum, making it solid and DURABLE. Regardless of where you will use your flashlight, you need it to be durable. You don’t want a flashlight that will break easily. 

The LED technology used to design this flashlight is very RELIABLE. When buying a flashlight, you need it to be a reliable piece of technology. You don’t want to spend money on something that will work for a week and then give it out. 

This flashlight is waterproof (rated IP67), which means it can be dropped or submerged in up to 1 meter of water, and the flashlight will still work. There is a good chance you will get your flashlight wet in the rain. Hence, the waterproof feature of this flashlight is impressive, not to mention very practical. 

It offers various colors of light, which is especially great for HUNTING! The varying colors are attractive and appealing to users who like having this function at their disposal. 

It has varying modes with varying output levels, giving you complete CONTROL over the amount of light. Plus, as an added bonus, it has various tactical features such as a strobe, making the Emisar D4V2 a great tactical flashlight to carry with you (for camping, hiking, and outdoors.)

When it comes to the user interface, this flashlight is simple to use. Learning how to use this flashlight does not take time. 

The battery is unprotected, which means it has an even better capacity than regular flashlights that use protected cells. With the capability to deliver low light for days and weeks, this is a reliable light source with you at all times!

The pocket clip is a smooth inclusion to this flashlight which increases functionality. You can easily clip this flashlight onto your pocket and carry it wherever you go!


This flashlight does not come with a recharge option. As in, this is NOT a rechargeable flashlight. Though you can opt to use rechargeable 18650 batteries, no charger is included in the package. 

Unfortunately, there is no refund policy, nor is there a warranty on the product. If something goes wrong with your flashlight, you must fix it yourself. 

Final Thoughts

The Emisar D4V2 is a reliable, durable flashlight jam-packed with some fantastic features. Not only does it have various modes, but it also has various colors of light for you to choose from. 

This flashlight is one of the more versatile flashlights I have reviewed. It has top quality features however it doesn’t cost too much money. Hence I gave this flashlight top marks for value for money. 

This flashlight is fantastic, and the choice isn’t that complicated. It would be difficult for you to find a flashlight that is as much of a powerhouse as this flashlight for $45.

Usually, a 3000-lumen light will cost you closer to $100 or more, so the Emisar D4V2 is a steal. *Not to mention an extremely durable and reliable steal!

Take it from me; you can trust me with my recommendations. I wouldn’t blindly be recommending a flashlight. I tested the Emisar D4V2, and you can trust me to direct you accordingly to purchase this flashlight for yourself!

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The Emisar D4V2 is not rechargeable, but it uses a rechargeable 18650 battery.

Yes, the Emisar D4V2 is waterproof, with an IP67 rating and the ability to be submerged in up to 1 meter of water.

The Emisar D4V2 is constructed from high-grade aluminum and stainless steel alloys.

The Emisar D4V2 has a maximum lumen output of 3000 lumens.

Emisar D4v2
Beam distance





Overall Score


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High-grade aluminum, making it solid and DURABLE
LED technology used to design this flashlight is very RELIABLE
Submerged in up to 1 meter of water
Various colors of light, which is especially great for HUNTING
Can easily clip this flashlight onto your pocket and carry
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
There is no refund policy

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