Elite Tac Flashlight Review (2024 Upd.) Legit or a Scam?

Last Updated on May, 2024

“The Brightest Flashlight On The Market” — that’s how Elite Tac was introduced to the market. I asked one question myself while evaluating the specs.

“Is this too good to be true?”

Seeing all the scam allegations, I knew I had to check the light myself for reviewing. So, if you’re on the verge of buying the flashlight, hold on — read this review to the end.

DISCLAIMER: For Legal Reasons The Sales Site That’s Selling ELITE TAC Will Not Be Disclosed Here, Instead It’ll Be Written As “Elite Tec Seller’’.

What are the Allegations Against Elite Tac?

There were two major aspects,

  • The functionality/ specs
  • The one who designed it

It all started with a television commercial that apparently showed that the Elite Tac flashlight could make fire.

But, can flashlights do that?

They absolutely can.

But it needs a tremendous amount of lumen count and perhaps an OP reflector, and much more. Such specs are typically seen in heavy-duty flashlights that are categorized as military grade.

Elite Tac flashlight

What about the maker of the flashlight? That’s a whole other story.

First of all, let’s look at the company that produces Elite Tac.

The Company Behind Elite Tac

Elite Tac company logo

The company’s brand value plays a significant role in any industry, including the flashlight industry. This is regardless of whether the company produces just one product or a wide array. 

So, the company behind Elite Tac is Elite Tac itself, since it’s the only product they sell.

But that’s pretty much what you’d find on the website unless you’re an Elite Tac employee. 

This brings us to the main topic; the Elite Tac flashlight. What is it really?

Overview of the Elite Tac Flashlight

Power Source‎Battery Powered
Light Source TypeLED (Cree XML-T6)
Luminous Flux2000lm
No. of modes 5

Elite Tac is almost like an EDC flashlight, thanks to its shape and size (which we will discuss under pros and cons). 

But Elite Tac’s lumen count stands out from its competitive products. Because flashlights carrying the 1×18650 battery plan emit around 300-400 lumen. So, it’s no wonder that this product is causing so much fuzz in the market.

It’s nice that the product is waterproof, although I’d have been much more comfortable with an IPX7 or IPX8, which are the industry standard.

I got the package more than two months ago, two months AFTER placing the order, and I was a little surprised to see what it included.

What Does the Package Include?

The package didn’t include anything except for the flashlight. But is it a problem?

Flashlights I’ve bought from other brands ALWAYS come with a user manual, at least. After all, even a table fan would have a user manual. But I wanted to check if something was wrong. 

So, I checked for Elite Tac on Elite Tec Sales Site. Guess what I found:

product description on Amazon

I didn’t understand what this “bulb” they were referring to since that wouldn’t come separately. . 

What Does the Internet Say?

As I said, I bought the product primarily to review on my social media platforms. However, my day job is related to research, so I know where to look for genuine and authentic customer reviews.

No, I’m not talking about Trustpilot or any similar sites.

I’m talking about even more raw platforms; Quora and Reddit.

  • What does Quora say?
Quora platform Elite Tac flashlight customer review 1
Quora platform Elite Tac flashlight customer review 2
Quora platform Elite Tac flashlight customer review 3

I’ll link to all 3 right here so you can read them thoroughly: the first, the second, and the third. Their justifications are pretty solid, and all of the reviews in this thread can be summarized in one word.


So, that wasn’t a good start at all. I personally know that Reddit is a platform where communication is rawer.

  • Redditors perspective
reddit platform Elite Tac flashlight customer review 1
reddit platform Elite Tac flashlight customer review 2

Marketing is not ALWAYS about SELLING; it can be informative, and helpful. The value of the information helps a person to make a choice. Refusing to do that for this good of a product is a red flag.

Just like Quora, the gist of all these comments screams, “It’s a scam”. But I was still open-minded, giving the company the benefit of the doubt.

This is the stage where we look at the pros and cons of the flashlight.

The Pros and Cons of the Elite Tac


Dimensional Convenience 

Elite Tac is small in size; 34mm head dia, 136mm length, 26mm tail cap dia. So, it’s pretty easy to handle the flashlight as an EDC. It fits in the pocket nicely and works fine as a keychain flashlight if you want it that way.

Moderate Light

For now, let me say there IS some illumination. Because what’s the point of the flashlight if the light doesn’t work at all? 

But I don’t think the flashlight has Cree technology at all.


The product I received was definitely rechargeable. I know that will save me considerable money on batteries in the long run. But I did see some of the users had claimed otherwise.


Modes Don’t Work as Adversitied.

It’s the main switch that enables switching between modes. With 5 modes, I really expected something phenomenal. Instead, what I received was the exact opposite.

There were two main issues.

  • Automatic Switching of the Modes

Within 10-15 seconds after enabling, the operational mode changed from high to low, not once by FIVE TIMES. That annoys a perfectly normal man who just wants some light for the price he spent.

  • Mid and Low Modes Pretty Much Had the Same Illumination

No matter how many times I tried, the luminance didn’t drop and increase. After two months of use, I was convinced that the product was defective.

Relatively higher Weight

The Elite Tac is 145g at most without the battery. That’s quite a high weight since most flashlights weigh around 50-70g without the battery.

The Light is Anything But 2000-Lumen

I own a heavy-duty 2100 lumen flashlight, and the light of the high mode in Elite Tec is anywhere but close to that. But I figured it out faster since I already know what a 2000-lumen light looks like.

What about the people who don’t know that?

For the record, the high mode of Elite Tec promises a 2000 lumen light.

Questionable Waterproof Rating 

This is another factor that makes more sense only if you know the context of IP rating. I instantly noticed the dots that didn’t connect.

Elite Tac’s waterproof rating is IP65, and this is derived from the variable format of IP6X. The IP (where x is the variable) format is NOT for protection against water but against solid and dust.

So, how can the official website make this mistake in a well-designed promotional poster and ALSO in the Elite Tec Seller’s spec table?

There SHOULD be an IPXx rating (where x is the variable number from 0 to 9). That’s the proper waterproof rating of all the flashlights on the market. 

Borderline Zero Customer Service

I know I bought the flashlight for reviewing purposes, but the light malfunctioned within the first two months. But I chose to include what happened in the warranty section because I need to tell you the whole story.

The Empty Package (Except for the Light)

O-rings, the user manual, or the bubble wrap would be in flashlight packaging. Elite Tac didn’t have any of that. I KNOW I deserve more professionalism from the company’s end for the price they charge.

So, you better have a well-functioning charging cable dedicated to the flashlight.

Country of Origin and Brand

This seller who is selling Elite Tec as of now is a reliable platform; I’ve bought enough branded products to know that firsthand. But what if I told you the country of origin of Elite Tac was “China” and the brand was called “FREEZE2TRIM”?

Red flags like these scream the product’s authenticity, yet I bought it to raise awareness.

Poor Quality Body

The body of the Elite Tac I received was plastic, although the company claimed it to be aluminum. But the color of the product camouflages it too well. 

In addition to that, knurling patterns were both not good enough and enough in quantity as well.

The ideal grip is necessary for EDCs, and it seemed like Elite Tac missed a fundamental quality.

Lack of Optical Specs

Smooth surfaces, OP reflectors, and lenses of ideal thickness are what helios a flashlight produce better quality light. For an alleged 2000 lumen flashlight, I expected higher quality optics.

Turns out they didn’t market that for a reason; the optics in the Elite Tac is borderline basic. 

The Sheer Price

Why don’t I tell you about the problem with the price in the next section?

The Price of the Elite Tac

As of August 2022, the price of Elite Tac on their official website is $90. However, they’ve been offering 50% off under a “only today” offer for more than a month now. But I noticed that it’s the same price on the Elite Tec Seller’s site as well, which is $45.

So, it’s both $45 and $90 simultaneously. 

You never know when it’ll suddenly rise to $90.

Where to Buy it From?

I always buy products like these from the official website since I want to avoid as many complications as possible. So, THIS is their website. You can check it right there.

But, wait… keep reading until you make a decision

The Shipping Policy

Most companies that operate on the international level are open and clear about their shipping policies. For example, you would receive a tracking order (that happened to me when I bought an Olight torch last year.)

In addition, the company should also communicate the estimated time of arrival. Usually, most companies claim the 14-28 days range. So, what do you think I found on the Elite Tac website regarding the shipping policy?

Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING.

They say it’s “fast shipping,” but I received mine during the 2-month mark from the day of purchase.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, the company claims a 30-day money-back guarantee. But that’s highly deceptive. How so? Technically speaking, you won’t be able to make that claim. Because it’ll take close to two months when you receive the product.

So, I had clearly missed the 30-day duration of the money-back policy.


The company offers a 2-year warranty. But I’m extremely skeptical about it after what I experienced. 

I haven’t seen a professional business body behave like this.

As I mentioned, the flashlight suddenly malfunctioned, and I wanted a replacement.

I know that’s a viable procedure since I’ve done it before. So, I emailed them with evidence of the situation.

My request was to get the flashlight replaced, and I was willing to ship the package.

a human holding Elite Tac flashlight

But they didn’t want to do it. I was told that the replacement isn’t valid because of the discount. Determined not to give up, I made my case and eventually ended up with a $30 refund.

But I paid $45.

What’s even surprising is how this isn’t the first time they have done it. Check out this person’s experience right here; it’s a pattern of a habit of this company.

Summarization of the Scam

Elite Tac was a cleverly planned scam, and it’s pretty obvious once you summarize everything.

Let me point everything down for you.

Ambiguity of Marketing

I bought a fitness supplement last year, and the marketing was done by the maker himself, a Ph.D. doctor. The product was terrific, and it’s still going strong. So, I expected this company to do some marketing.

Marketing isn’t always a fancy advertisement; marketing is also informing people. Refusing to do that either says the company doesn’t have money…

Or it’s a scam.

Negative Responses

Then there were people from several platforms saying how fraudulent the product was. Quora and Reddit are the best platforms with reliable people for any product.

Origins of the Website

The role of the website in any business that operates online is crucial. So, companies buy all sorts of subdomains (eg: .com, .net, .org) for extended times. They do not risk losing their domains.

But what did I see when looking for the domain info? Their website is about to expire while having registered quite recently.

Elite Tac website information

Elite Tac Doesn’t Exist

What if I told you I found a $9 replica of the same product with the same borderline description? But this product claims 3000 lumens. Check it out for yourself here.

This confirmed why the light was relatively low, along with all the other cons I noticed in the light.

The Maker of Elite Tac Doesn’t Exist Either

James Peterson is apparently the name of the person who invented the flashlight, and he is apparently a military engineer. It’s a clever misleading marketing tactic. Why? Because as I said, it’s the military grade flashlights that are strong enough to make fire.

Wouldn’t these two factors HELP the company make more sales? I mean, it’s not just an engineer but a military engineer. 

So, why can’t I find any trace of him ANYWHERE on the internet?

The maker of the fitness product I mentioned is so famous all over the internet, and it’s a trust factor for the development. But Elite Tac company got it wrong since I couldn’t find any trace of the maker.

An Alternative to Elite Tac

But telling you what to avoid is not good enough; I need to give you a solution.

You’re not buying a flashlight to review like me.

So, my alternative solution is the Olight i5T Plus Pebble. Why so? The product gives more than what you’re paying for, but in realistic terms.

Let’s quickly compare the specs between Elite Tac and Olight i5T Plus Pebble.

Olight i5T Plus Pebble
Olight i5T Plus PebbleElite Tac
MaterialAluminumMostly plastic
Actual lumen count550 lumenLess than 200 lumen
Weight 4.2 ounces5.1 ounces
BatteryAAQuestionable rechargeable
Modes of operation 25 (but none of it works)
Package components‎User Manual x 1, I5T Plus EDC Flashlight Pebble (Batteries Included) x 1, Pocket Clip x 1Nothing
Battery cell composition AlkalineUndisclosed 
Runtime54 hoursUndisclosed 
Batteries included?YesNo
Color temperatures 3 temperature: 4000k-5000k (Neutral White),2700k-3700k (Warm White)5700K-6700K (Cool White)N/A
Knurling options2: Pebble and double helixN/A
Color options41
Drop test height1.5mUndisclosed
Waterproof standardIPX8IP6X (Not a waterproof standard)
Max throw87mUndisclosed

So, it’s safe to say that Olight wins with a massive lead. It’s achieved by realistically superior specs that can be delivered for the price.

A Little Bit About Olight

Buy-Elitetac company that came to the internet out of nowhere. But Olight has been in the market for over a decade. Their website domain was registered in 2007; you can check it yourself

The company is quite transparent about some of the crucial factors that Elite Tac’s company is suspicious and secretive about:

  • The factory
  • The team
  • The warranty
  • The shipping policy
  • Product descriptions

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

My Experience With Olight i5T Plus Pebble

a human holding Olight i5T Plus Pebble

I ordered my i5T directly from the Olight website, and the company was open and supportive from when I called. 

There’s a tracking number to know where my package really is.

It was a nicely and professionally packaged product. The modes are switched by using the tail switch. They are,

  1. Low: 15 lumens for 54 hours
  2. High: 550 lumens for 3 minutes OR 300 lumens for 30 minutes OR 55 lumens for 130 minutes

As mentioned in the comparison table, the color temperatures are beautiful, and it’s a fantastic EDC, an EDC that is NOT a SCAM.

Olight i5T Plus Pebble is that EDC you should buy for all of your family members, in a way.

In Conclusion

It’s pretty normal for people to be excited to have 2000 lumens in an EDC, but it’s like a lot of CGI; it’s fake; Elite Tac is a SCAM.

What truly gets under my skin is how these people sell an unbranded $9 flashlight for $90 with no guilt. I guess that’s how scammers work.

You shouldn’t lose your hard-earned money to scammers when there are reliable brands like Olight. My prime advice when it comes to flashlights is to rely on BRANDS.


Elite Tac is a scam and there is ample evidence to support this conclusion available online.

No, Elite Tac does not have a reliable company behind the product, and if they did, they would likely have a lot of dissatisfied customers requesting refunds.

The Elite Tac typically costs either $90 or $45, depending on the platform it is purchased from.

The Olight I5t Plus Pebble costs $39.95.

Olight i5T Plus Pebble
Beam Distance





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
  • Waterproof standard IPX8
  • Extremely inexpensive
  • Great EDC light with perfect lumens
  • Beautiful blue anodization
  • Simple UI with 2 modes
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • The switch almost feels a bit unusual

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Dillon Morrison
I have been involved in the flashlight community since 2007. My brother has a flashlight shop from where I have tested and reviewed more than 600+ different types of flashlights. You can find more about me here.

23 thoughts on “Elite Tac Flashlight Review (2024 Upd.) Legit or a Scam?”

  1. Dillion
    Thank you for outing another scam. A scam should be seen for what it is SCUM. When I learned that the elitetac flashlight uses the Cree XML-T6 (900-1000lm) I knew the 2000lm claim was whole grain BS, pure hogwash. Surely “flashlight modders” see the con here.
    Hopefully, those interested in the ET will, at least, read your evaluation before being dupped. A better, much brighter flashlight can be made/purchased for about the cost of the ET. One online seller offers a flashlight using a Cree XHP70.2 emitter (3600+ OTF lms – seller claim) for less than the the cost of an ET. Although Cree has upgraded this emitter to the XHP70.3 the XHP70.2 is comparably, still, a much brighter & probably better flashlight than the ET flashlight.
    Thank you again
    PS I added the “+”, the max lumen count of the XHP70.2 is actually over 4K

    • WOW my friend I REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HONESTY MAN. It’s GREAT people like you who help consumers. I REALLY WISH I read this before I brought that PEACE OF SHIT. You are 100% exact bro. It’s NOTHING like they say they should be shut down. Sad u lose money with BULLSHITERS like them.I really appreciate you brother.

  2. Much Appreciate this Article/Review!! I had just seen the “Elite Tac” Add on YouTube and when I typed in to place order I saw your link. You saved me from a complete SCAM! As cut an dry as they come. I had phone an plastic in hand lol. Thank you again.


    • cowards with guns who don’t have the slightest idea as to the oath they have sworn to uphold, and your rights they have been violating for your entire life.
      shame on you, that you think they are intitaled to blind citizens with such high powered lights.

  4. These Elite Tac flashlights are terrible. Bought several of them for myself and sons and I don’t think any of them are still working a couple years later. Even when they did work, it was nothing at all like the videos. Not worth having as a flashlight even if it was free! I would give zero stars if I could.

  5. I fell for it ,,bought the 3 pack deal ,,,package arrived to me in 6 days ,,,,2 minutes after installing the AAA batteries I realized the light fails just about every advertised function ,,no heat is emitted from the light ,,no hi-med-low intensity differential,,very disappointing. I contacted “ customer “ service and was offered a 75% refund an keep the lights ,,,declined ,,,then it was sweetened to 85% refund an keep the lights ,,,declined the offer again ,,I was issued a RMA # to post on the return packaging and was told a complete refund will be issued upon receipt of returned product ,,the company agent was very polite and apologized that their light wasn’t able to live up to the advertised claims . USPS should only take 2 days to return ,,,I can only hope to see my card refunded as promised at this point !

  6. Almost blew $100+ for 5 flashlights. One thing that bothers me is when I see a scrollinglist of ” this person from such and such a state bought 1 or 2″ S I stopped and googled elite tac flashlight and found your site. Their wwbsite even says they dont sell on Amazon. Didn’t think of doing a whois search this time either.
    One thing I have learned is to use my Mastercard for warranty protection and solving disputes. If 30 days is ciming up, I call my credit card company to help cancel and refund my money. Had to do that with a third party seller on WalMart website.
    Thanks alot.

  7. I so wish l would have seen this when l was ordering the Elite Tac Flashlight. Yes l got scammed. yes l got it before the 30 days are up but for me to return the 5 dollar POS flashlight it will cost about 50 dollars to get it back in time within 30 days and that’s if they don’t find a reason to refuse it. l feel like a sucker… l am not usually the one who gets taken so l feel even more raw over it. Not impressed but thanks for your time with this internet link.
    l appreciate knowing now the real story…. or as that old radio guy used to say… Now you know the rest of the story.

  8. I am a vet and live on SS and pension. Not a lot but enough. Since I am not computer savvy never thought to check it out. So they wracked up $90+ off me. At 79 years still getting conned. Thanks for exposing them. Here again is reason we need to take the law into our own hands. Thanks Bud

  9. I had been seeing the elite tac advertisements for months and months on YouTube. So naturally I thought it was real. I’m an idiot. It’s a cheap a** $10 non rechargeable flashlight. Lucky me I bought 3. I just called them. I told them that the product I recieved is nothing like the product advertised. They offered to refund $85 of my $100 purchase. So there’s the money maker…if I want a full refund I have to pay for return shipping. I’m stuck with these crappy lights while they keep a few bucks. They have this all planned out. Do not buy this junk. Ugh…I’m disappointed in myself for not checking it out 1st. Don’t make the same mistake. These flashlights ain’t worth the time it takes to haul them to a dumpster. I can’t believe they haven’t been shut down for false advertising.

  10. I made the mistake of impulse buying 5 for Xmas presents….I will never again do that without looking up reviews first….luckily I “only” paid $125 for the 5 of them….they are exactly the same brightness as the light I bought at harbor freight yesterday for $9….wish I could leave you a video comparing them….they are almost identical….and all 5 came in 1 package with all the boxes damaged and no paperwork of anykind….I’m sure it’s going to be impossible to return them…..I bought 1 for myself also because I’m outfitting an off-grid RV, and thought with the Firestarting capability it would be perfect for an emergency situation….u are totally correct….SCAM….DONT BUY

    thank you so much for your in-depth knowledgeable reviews….Tim

  11. Elite tax, SCAM. Does not have high, medium, low as claimed. Barely low beam, but 2 flashing modes. No instructions available. Talked to ‘customer service’ twice. Also difficult to understand the people as their accents are very heavy. Stay away!

  12. All I can say, is I wish I would have seen this review before I bought it. Simply put, very
    disappointing. So, buyer beware.

  13. Bought it for my husband as a gift. Yep, a scam. Can’t even get it to work with fresh batteries after figuring out on my own how to insert them. No manual. Customer support three times all handled by foreign-sounding agents. The “help” links they gave me for the manual are useless, leading only to a photo of an ad. The e-mail contact does not exist. Yep, I have fallen for yet another scam; with shipping, this cost me over $50. You would think I’d learn the lesson.

  14. my girlfriend seen this add on TV about the flashlight and says it can burn anything and go’s up to 2 miles long what a scam payed 45.00 for piece of shit .my lawyer has all my info and will have a lawsuit against this company and yes I have a lawsuit false advertisement..thanks for nothing piece shot company..

    • Damn shame that you, and all you other good folks out there, have been scammed. In my bitter experience, these scammers know how long it can take for a law suit to be filed then processed. They’re able to keep promoting & selling their scam products and take cash from trusting customers. When a court hearing gets close. they close down their marginal company and restart with fresh branding and equally outlandish claims. It’s such a shame (and makes all of us less trusting of reputable companies selling authentic products.

  15. In the UK we have a wonderful store called Home Bargains where, two years ago, I bought one of these flashlights for £0.98. I’m a scientist and estimated that the output was 120 lumens (max). The glass lens was probably the most valuable part of this product. It had no rechargeable capability but had a three AAA cell holder instead. It’s not a torch that I’d use for EDC (too fragile / low light output for its size.) But, for emergency use in the home, it’s decent enough !


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