Convoy S2+ Review [2024 Updated] Is it Good for Your Needs?

Last Updated on May, 2024

You’re on the hunt! On the search for a flashlight that will keep you lit! You stumbled onto the Convoy s2+, which looks like a half-decent flashlight. But it’s cheap right… So you wonder, is this flashlight ANY GOOD

Or is it a piece of technology that will fail within a year of HARD use?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have the ULTIMATE Convoy s2+ breakdown for you.

Hence without further ado, here is EVERYTHING you will NEED to know about the Convoy s2+ to make an informed and wise DECISION.

 Overall: 4.5/5.0
Beam Distance
  • You can choose between 5 modes
  • GREAT performing flashlight with 650 lumens
  • Mode Memory
  • Waterproof
  • With a beam range of 200 meters
  • Usage of 50+ hours
Brand Info
  • Convoy is a Chinese company that specializes in producing high-quality and affordable flashlights
  • Popular among outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday users
  • Strong reputation for customer service and support
  • The owner of Convoy is Simon Mao
  • The company was established in 2013
Product Benefits
  • WARM WHITE is considered one of the most soothing types of light
  • LED emitters work to emit a beautiful pattern of light
  • TRUSTABLE brand of flashlights
  • The battery tube is easily ACCESSIBLE
  • The switch type is simple to use and very user-friendly

About the Convoy S2+ Flashlight

The Convoy s2+ is a small, compact, lightweight flashlight with good brightness. The price, as affordable as it is, makes you wonder about the quality of this flashlight.

At the end of the day, you don’t need a flashlight that will stop working when you are camping (or when you need a flashlight the most.)

Though it may sound funny, buying a flashlight is SERIOUS business! What if the power is out and your only flashlight stops working… and there are no matches or candles in the house.

Oh no! What will you do now?

Good thing for you; we have all the intel necessary to provide you with a just critique of the Convoy s2+ flashlight. We would NEVER recommend it if we think it will leave you stranded in the dark. 

So is the Convoy s2+ recommended?

Well, it has a small and sleek design and uses a 18650 Lithium-ion battery (you know, those used even in ELECTRIC CARS – think Tesla.) It uses a Luminus SST20 (Ra95 4000K) LED and has a SMOOOOOOOOTH reflector!

Plus, it’s WAAATERPROOOF (in the voice and style of Oprah Winfrey…)

Really though, this flashlight is rated IPX8 (waterproof.) 

All in all, this looks to be a fancy little flashlight. It seems that convoy lights up the world!


What’s in the Package? 

a human holding Convoy S2+ with landyard
  • 1*LED Flashlight 
  • 1*Lanyard

Specifications of the Convoy s2+ Flashlight

  • Classification
      • LED Flashlights
  • Light Sources
      • 1
      • Luminus
      • 4000K
      • SST-20
    • LUMENS (MAX)
      • 650 LM
  • Aesthetic
    • COLOR
      • Titanium Gray
      • Aluminum Alloy
  • Construction
      • Yes
      • IPX8
  • Electronic Components
      • No
      • Yes
  • Flashlight Features
      • 200m
      • Double Side AR Coated Glass Lens
      • 5
      • Yes
      • Aluminum Smooth/SMO
      • Tail
      • Clicky
      • Yes
      • Yes: 55’C
      • No
  • Power & Batteries
      • No
      • 18650
      • 65 mm
      • 10 W
      • 1
  • Specifications
      • 1.8 Hours to 50 Hours, Depending on the mode used
  • Manufacturer
    • BRAND
      • Convoy
  • Dimensions
    • DEPTH
      • 24.1 mm (0.94 inches)
    • HEIGHT
      • 118 mm (4.6 inches)
    • WIDTH
      • 24.1 mm (0.94 inches)
      • 2.7 ounces (76g)

Key Features of the Convoy s2+ Flashlight

The features of the Convoy s2+ are rather intriguing. A flashlight as user-friendly as this sure is cheap. 

Let’s dive a little deeper into this flashlight’s key features to understand its QUALITY better.

Build Quality

This flashlight has excellent build quality. It looks sturdy and is sturdy. Don’t let the cost of this flashlight fool you. It is a QUALITY flashlight!

This flashlight lights up dark nights and can take a hit or two if you drop in on the floor.

*** we do not recommend hitting it with a hammer; it WILL break.

For a flashlight, though, which should be able to take a hit once in a while or a drop, the build is solid and sturdy enough to take the punch. 

Convoy S2+

You can easily access the tailcap switch. The pill, including the driver and LED board, can easily be unscrewed from the top to give you access to the LED. This gives you the ability to change the LED if the light goes off. It is easy to do and is no hassle at all. 

The LED board is 16mm (0.6 inches) in diameter. (Not too big.)


This flashlight has 5 modes (mode group) that you can choose from. (IMPRESSIVE RIGHT!)

That means you can choose between 5 modes (mode group) of varied brightness and light configuration.

***That sounds real fancy to me… (say it like Shaquille O’Neal)

The modes are grouped into 5 modes (mode group), and you can choose a varying degree of illumination by selecting a mode group.

All you have to do is click a button (the same button 20 times to enter the configuration mode)… then with every click (mode group selection), the brightness will change cyclically.

Each mode group has varying degrees of brightness and illumination.


This is a GREAT performing flashlight with 650 lumens of power. Though it only has 1 LED, this is a 4000K light source, providing a great deal of light and brightness. 

When powered by a Samsung 25R 18650 battery and depending on the charge, this flashlight can work for about 50+ HOURS!

When it comes to runtimes, this flashlight at varying lumen outputs will work for a varying duration of time based on the mode. 

Mode 5 will work at around 545 lumens and will slowly drop. After about 10 minutes it’s down to 258 lumens. It runs for about 2 hours in this mode. 

Convoy S2+ working on the table

Mode 4 at 195 lumens, will last for about 3h 40min, which is when the light starts to blink, warning you of the low status of the battery. 

Mode 3 at 71 lumens will work for about 4 hours before reducing output again. Mode 2 and 1 actually took too long to measure with a runtime of upwards of 50+ HOURS!

That’s pretty good considering the size of the flashlight. 

User Interface

This flashlight has an effortless design. You don’t need a degree in rocket science to USE this flashlight. The Biscotti Firmware user interface is beautifully designed to be minimalistic. 

At the touch of the tail switch, the road before you will ILLUMINATE. Yes, that is how user-friendly the user interface of this flashlight is.

It isn’t one of those complicated flashlights that also have a radio, Bluetooth, mobile connectivity, and whatnot.

The user interface is sleek and SIMPLE and is perfect for a simple flashlight. 

Convoy S2+ User Interface

What’s great about the user interface of this flashlight is you don’t really have to think to operate it. It has an excellent beam profile and will radiate light painting the ROAD before you.

Flowchart on How To Master Biscotti UI.

Mode Memory

Yes, this flashlight has mode memory. (Not as low Tech as you think.) The flashlight is designed to remember the mode which was previously used (this is called mode memory) – so you don’t have to keep changing modes to find the correct mode for you.

Thanks to the mode memory, you will have the right brightness levels that work for your – fighting the dark – needs. 

Mode memory allows you to tweak this flashlight and allow it to rest on that setting. Without the mode memory, this flashlight would become waaaay too complicated to operate. But in reality, the design is SIMPLE.


Flashlights are expected to get wet in the rain. That is a given in many circumstances when you use a flashlight. IF nowadays, flashlights are NOT made to be waterproof, you should question the design. 

You don’t want something that will get wet in the rain once and stop working. The Convoy S2+ is rated IPX8, a good rating on the waterproof meter. 

You can rest assured that, coupled with taking a few punches, it won’t stop working if it gets a little wet.

This flashlight lights the nights… those cloudy RAINY nights; lights up the streets in lights radiating. (I had to write a poem for this flashlight…)

Convoy S2+ inside the water

LED Illumination

The flashlight has no visible PWM (pulse width modulation). There are 52 mode counts allowing you to choose a varying degree of brightness.

The light emitted from the OP reflector is as strong as most lights. You can change modes (brightness levels).

The LED has measured lumens maxing at 650 LM. This is plenty of light to light the dark streets at night. 

Considering how small the Convoy S2+ is and how easy it is to carry, the light of this flashlight has an excellent beam profile. 

With a beam range of 200 meters, the alternating frequency strobe is an added bonus. (Strobe feature allows you to use the strobe light to signal in case of danger and when in need of strobe signaling.)

Light trails and beam patterns would excite many flashlight enthusiasts! The beam pattern is governed by light painting tubes. The Convoy S2+ has an orange peel reflector which is a smooth reflector.

The orange peel reflector is aluminum smooth… (did you really think it was an orange peel inside that flashlight? ***questioning reality…)

All in all, the smooth reflector of the Convoy S2+ radiates beautiful light that lights up the way on dark starry nights!

Battery and Charging

The Convoy S2+ uses lithium-ion 18650 batteries, which are also used in ELECTRIC CARS like TESLA. (Now, does that sound cheap to you?)

The Convoy S2+ uses one of the most reliable batteries for flashlights and is considered one of the best types of batteries on the planet. 

The driver behind any flashlight is the battery. A good battery will produce sound output. Light output is the most important thing when buying a flashlight. 

The battery that this flashlight uses is designed to produce excellent output. The flashlight only needs one battery with an estimated usage of 50+ hours, depending on the charge of the battery. 

When powered by a Samsung 25R 18650 battery, this flashlight at varying lumen outputs will work for a varying duration of time based on the mode. 

Mode 5 will work at around 545 lumens for about 2 hours on this mode, while mode 4 at 195 lumens, will work for about 3h 40min. Mode 3 at 71 lumens will work for about 4 hours before reducing output again. 

Mode 2 and 1 actually took too long to measure with a runtime of upwards of 50+ HOURS!

Things You Need to Know About the Convoy s2+ Flashlight

Convoy S2+ on the table

So here’s the thing, this is an excellent flashlight for the price that you have to pay. The output of this flashlight is good; the switch has a nice simple click to it.

The strobe feature is great for when you find yourself in front of a bear… (***Kevin Hart – Shoo bear… shooooo… Oh, ma gaaawd… it’s a beaaaar… where is my Convoy s2+ flashlight)

Flashlight enthusiasts will be pleased by this flashlight for everything it delivers. 

The features of this flashlight look great, but there has to be some drawback. (We’ll cover the cons of this product further down… keep reading.)

For instance, the flashlight doesn’t have a low voltage protection warning. This means if your battery starts to drain, you won’t know when you will have to change the battery. Hence, you would always have to keep a spare set of batteries around. 

The waterproof feature is sure appealing since not all flashlights are waterproof. This means it will work to keep you lit on a rainy night. 

So what exactly is the price of this flashlight?

Price, Warranty, and Refund Policy

The flashlight only costs $14.84. That isn’t a very expensive flashlight. However, the features of this flashlight are great. 

Though this flashlight has no official warranty or a refund policy, you don’t expect many flashlights to come with those options. 

At $14.84, the light trails of the Convoy s2+ will radiate light, painting the sun on a dark cloudy night. For the price you pay, it is one of the better tactical flashlights in the market. Not to mention, it is a budget flashlight that almost anyone can afford. 

Where to Buy the Convoy s2+?

It would be harder for you to find this exact flashlight sitting on a shelf in Walmart (you won’t find it in most stores). Hence, it is best just to find the flashlight and buy it online. 

Since you can trust us to provide you with the right directions on where to buy this flashlight, we will tell you now; though there is a shipping fee, it is much easier to buy online. You probably won’t find it in physical stores anyway. 

Fast Tech does some great deals of fast-moving technology. You can trust them to deliver the product they wrap in good packaging. Here, follow this link to buy.


Pros and Cons of the Convoy s2+ Flashlight

It would be best if you considered the pros and cons of any product before you go out and purchase it. 

Here is the list of Pros and Cons of the Convoy s2+ flashlight. 


This flashlight emits light painting beautiful ways before you. The Convoy s2+ has a good color temperature. Any flashlight’s color temperature defines the type of light it emits. 

The temperature of color allows this flashlight to emit a gentle warm white light. This warm white light appeals to the eye and isn’t too intense. WARM WHITE is considered one of the most soothing types of light, which should interest any flashlight enthusiast. 

LED emitters work to emit a beautiful pattern of light. The LED emitters are of GOOD QUALITY

This ‘shorty tube’ of a flashlight has DIFFERENT MODES (mode groups) and AMAZING RANGE. You can change mode groups based on preference.

All mode groups have varying degrees of brightness and range. Mode groups are what decides on how bright of a light this flashlight radiates. (Giving you MANY OPTIONS.)

The neutral tint of the light emitted enables rapid adaptation to any dark setting. At the same time, the neutral tint of the DESIGN of the flashlight gives it a sleek and beautiful finish.

Convoy flashlights are known to be good; they are a TRUSTABLE brand of flashlights. 

The battery tube is easily ACCESSIBLE. You don’t have to take apart the whole flashlight to find the battery tube. (If you take the flashlight apart, check the retaining ring connected to the driver prior to putting it back together.)

The threads of this flashlight are all square cut which means the tail cap will allow for a STURDY lockout!

The Convoy s2+ also has a frequency strobe feature, which will allow the flashlight to blink to signal someone in case of danger… (or to chase off a bear like the one chasing Kevin Hart. Do the STROBE dance)

Though there is no internal charging, you can use RECHARGEABLE lithium-ion 18650 batteries, which are the BEST batteries for flashlights! (The driver behind any flashlight.)

The switch type is simple to use and very user-friendly. (It isn’t rocket science.) The black switch on this flashlight is stylish, AND the reverse clicky sound and the sound it makes on even a half click is something that entices many flashlight enthusiasts. (They look for the right click…)

The brightness output of the Convoy s2+ is GREAT. With a range of between 200 meters, the output is of good quality and good range. You can switch the light output based on preference by simply clicking a switch.

A full press simply turns the flashlight off and on. Simple to USE!

Plus, it is WATERPROOF!


This switch has to be pressed 20 times to enter into configuration mode. Not only does this flashlight make you count to 20, but isn’t this bad for the switch? Why 20 times? Why not like two times?

Hence, the SWITCH is an area of worry. Over time, the switch could wear and tear and stop working. 

Plus, there is no clip. It uses the same clip as other Convoy flashlights. This means you cannot clip this flashlight to your pocket or shirt. A clip is handy for any person. It gives you the ability to keep your flashlight handy. 

This flashlight doesn’t have a POCKET CLIP (a pocket clip would have been nice.) Without a pocket clip, you would just have to keep it in your pocket, from which it could fall out!

The tail cap does come off; however, you should be careful not to twist the tail cap too hard. It isn’t INDESTRUCTIBLE.

What Do Other Customers Have to Say?

Other customers who bought this product seem to like the overall design and functionality of this product. The features of the product did sway many people to buy this flashlight (such as the WATERPROOF feature.)

Most customers were happy with how little this flashlight costs and how little the flashlight is. 

Convoy S2+ Customer Review 1

They found the flashlight EASY TO USE and overall felt that it was GOOD VALUE FOR MONEY.

Convoy S2+ Customer Review 2

My Experience With the Convoy s2+ Flashlight 

In our experience, we too soon realized the truth behind what all the customers were raving about. The product has a very SIMPLE DESIGN and looks great! 

Any outdoor enthusiast would love the finished look of this product. We found that it was great for camping and did manage to take a drop or two. 

In all honesty, when we saw this flashlight’s price, we also questioned the product’s quality. In our experience, the product is of GOOD QUALITY; very durable. 

Though there were things that they could have added to make this flashlight even better, for the money that was paid, 100% SATISFIED!

The cons of this product really don’t outweigh the Pros. The WATERPROOF feature of this product was the most appealing to us. It would work even in the rain.

In our experience, this flashlight is a GREAT flashlight for the price you pay and is also the PERFECT size for many people!

Is the Convoy s2+ Recommended?

a human holding black Convoy S2+

Though we mentioned a list of Cons for the product, in all honesty, we didn’t even have to consider the cons… *** we actually had to think up the cons of the Convoy s2+. 

The features of this product are fabulous. It can be an excellent purchase for anyone looking for a good quality flashlight that will GET THE JOB DONE!

Though there is room for improvement with this flashlight (such as the lack of a pocket clip), the size, illumination power, and multi-mode system all make this a very recommendable flashlight. 

In our opinion, this flashlight scores at least 4.5 out of 5. In actuality, we were being stingy and not giving it a 5 out of 5. 

All in all, this is a great little flashlight with a handy strobe feature to keep you safe… (Kevin Hart, what if you encounter a bear?)

A highly recommended flashlight. For crying out loud, this flashlight uses batteries that are used in ELECTRIC CARS – TESLA.


The Convoy s2+ is a handy little flashlight with some exceptionally interesting features. For the money that you pay at $14.84, this flashlight is an ABSOLUTE STEAL!

Perfect for any flashlight enthusiast or anyone who needs a flashlight, the Convoy s2+ emits light painting darkness to brightness.

The features of this product, including the fact that it is WATERPROOF, are the most capturing! 

Though this flashlight isn’t available in many stores, you can buy it online. Just follow this link!


The Convoy s2+ uses 18650 lithium-ion batteries.

Yes, the Convoy s2+ is Waterproof and rated IPX8.

The Convoy s2+ is considered to be the best budget flashlight available.

The Convoy s2+ emits a warm white light. 

Yes, the Convoy s2+ is a good-quality flashlight. It offers great value for the money and is durable enough to withstand impacts.

Convoy S2+
Beam distance





Overall Score


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LED emitters work to emit a beautiful pattern of light
The battery tube is easily ACCESSIBLE
Strobe function will allow the flashlight to blink to signal someone in case of danger
The switch type is simple to use and very user-friendly
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Don’t have a pocket clip

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