7 Best Titanium Flashlights [2024 Upd.] Tested & Ranked!

Last Updated on May, 2024

Titanium song by David Guetta and Sia is still popular — the song equated a person’s virtually unbreakable resilience to titanium.

And it adds up.

Titanium flashlights are trending more than ever. Some popular brands are even making the titanium version of their best sellers.

So, your coming here shows that you’re ahead. But next comes the hard work stage — researching, testing, ranking, and the whole process.

Specialists at Outlighter already did that for you! This review is the ultimate result of it.

All you need to do is read through and make a choice.

Let’s get started.

Editor’s Choice
Acebeam ​​E70-TI
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#2nd Best Choice
 Olight i5R EOS
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#3rd Best Choice
Wuben X0
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7 of the Best Titanium Flashlights Available

1. Acebeam ​​E70-TI (Editor’s Choice)

Acebeam is one of the three most popular global flashlight brands. Their E70-TI is the best titanium light on the market right now.

The E70-TI is made from enduring titanium. The helical knurling patterns allow a solid grip and promote heat dissipation which is seen in the best flashlights.

Its dimensions are just 5.05″ x 1.18″ x 1.06″, weighing just 4.63oz (without battery) — the E70-TI could even be your keychain or everyday carry flashlight with these dimensions.

The resilient stonewash surface finish of the flashlight makes it strong and look classy.

In addition, the ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating increases its value.

The flashlight comes with a CNC machine’s titanium pocket clip too.

Imagine the strength of the E70-TI when Acebeam recommends it to break a glass by its string titanium strike bezel. 

So, it’s very strong. But what about the light?

You can switch between seven lighting levels, including two unique modes which feature a strobe light by a quick access tail switch. 

So, the E70-TI is also a tactical flashlight, theoretically.

The max output is 4000lm at 240m, and the longest battery life is 11 days in the lowest output. 

These are the seven lighting modes with beam distances and respective runtimes:

  • Turbo: 4000lm — 240m — 1h 30min
  • High: 1300lm — 120m — 1h 45min
  • Mid2: 650lm — 80m — 4h
  • Mid1: 180lm — 50m — 12h 45min
  • Low: 50lm — 50h
  • Moonlight: 1lm — 11 days
  • Strobe: 1650lm — 2h 30min

The flashlight is USB-C rechargeable, and the package includes a cable. 

You also don’t have to worry if the flashlight accidentally turns on in your pocket. The integrated lock out mode prevents it.

Durability is high since the flashlight comes with the IPX8 waterproof rating and 1m impact resistance.

In conclusion, Acebeam E70-TI has been the best titanium flashlight on the market for a long time.


  • Body from premium titanium 
  • Break glasses in emergencies with the strong titanium bezel
  • High max output of 1500lm bright light
  • The titanium pocket clip makes it easier to carry
  • Stonewash surface finish increases durability 
  • Increased durability with IPX8 and 1m impact resistance 
  • Total control of the light with seven lighting modes
  • You can use light for self-defense
  • Long runtime of up to 11 days 
  • Convenient USB-C rechargeability
  • Easy tail switch operation
  • Amazing everyday carry flashlight 


  • Having a side switch would have been better

2. Olight i5R EOS (#2nd Best Choice)

i5R EOS (which we will call the i5R) is the second-best titanium light. It’s produced by Olight, which is another world-famous flashlight brand.

The i5R features a double helix body knurling — that’s why it has such a fantastic grip and looks so stylish. Most importantly, it features a 100% premium titanium build.

This small flashlight is 3.76″ in length and 0.7″ in head and body diameter. Its weight is only 2.12oz. So, the i5R is one of the lightest titanium flashlights on the market.

It comes with a pocket clip, but that’s not titanium-made. However, it’s a fantastic everyday carry flashlight.

The i5R operates in two bright lighting modes, high and low, emitted by high-performance Cool White LED. You can switch between them with a non-slip tactical tail switch.

The max output is 350lm for a beam throw of 64m. The maximum light intensity is 1038cd. The flashlight’s longest battery life is 37 hours in the lowest mode.

Here’s how the modes vary,

  • High: 350lm — 10min — 64m
  • Low: 15lm — 37h — 12m

This titanium flashlight’s light beam is superior since it operates with a TIR optic lens. 

How about resistance?

The i5R is IPX8 waterproof rated and has 1.5m impact resistance. Couple that with the resilient titanium body, and you get a virtually indestructible flashlight.

That’s precisely why the Olight i5R EOS deserves the second place on this list.


  • Strong titanium body 
  • Carry it easier with the pocket clip 
  • Two lighting outputs to control the light beam
  • High output flashlight
  • Easier switching with the non-slip tactical switch
  • Increased durability with IPX8 waterproof rating and 1.5m impact resistance
  • Clearer light with TIR optics
  • 37 hours of long battery life


  • Having more lighting modes would have been better
  • Having more lumens would have been better

3. Wuben X0 (#3rd Best Choice)

The Wuben X0 is a flashlight with a unique style.

Although the body is made from aluminum, its color is titanium version-gray. 

The X0 comes with a size of 2.24 x 0.96 x 1.10 inches, making it a compact flashlight.

Balance that with the 2.89oz weight, and you get one of the most lightweight flashlights on the market.

This flashlight is unique. One prominent reason is how the light is not at an end but on the side of an end of the body.

But you get seven lighting modes, including Strobe and SOS mode. That makes the flashlight suitable for many activities, including everyday carry work.

It also has eight DIY-Tritium slots into which you can insert tritium vials for colorful customization. 

The max output in the turbo mode is 1100lm at 125m beam throw, the max battery life is 130 hours (which is around five and half days), and it takes only 1.5 hours to charge fully via USB-C.

These lighting modes are low med high turbo, and here’s how they change,

  1. Turbo: 1100lm — 125m — 1min~2h
  2. High: 250lm — 50m — 2.5h
  3. Med: 50lm — 36m — 15h
  4. Low: 15lm — 19m — 40h
  5. Moonlight: 1lm — 2m — 130h
  6. Strobe: 1000lm 
  7. SOS: 50lm

The Wuben X0 features a clip and a magnetic tail cap enabling hands-free use. 

The durability of X0 is certified with an IP68 rating with a drop resistance of 1.5m of height.

So, all things considered, Wuben X0 is a flashlight that balances a bright light with impressive design features.


  • Control the light entirely with seven lighting outputs
  • Acts as a protection tool with the strobe mode
  • Compactness
  • Hands Free operation with tail magnet and the clip
  • USB-C rechargeable under 1.5 hours
  • 130 hours of long runtime


  • The placement of the light might not be familiar to you


Lumintop’s GT nano is the fourth-best titanium light based on performance.

The head dia is 2.09 inches, and the body dia is 0.94 inches — the flashlight is a bit bigger. But it weighs 0.93oz with the batteries, which is ideal for an EDC flashlight.

The body is titanium made, and you can see the quality of the body just by a glimpse.

In addition, it features a mixed-type body knurling. It increases grip and brings a lasting look to the GT nano.

The flashlight has a unique operation that allows up to 12 pre-defined bright lighting modes. This is possible because the GT nano runs with NarsilM ramping UI.

Switching between the modes is done by a side button. That takes away the GT nano’s capability to be a typical tactical flashlight. But it’s a terrific everyday carry flashlight.

But you also get a momentary-on mode for signaling purposes (SOS) and as a strobe.

Ramping lets the user decide the lumen output. However, the max output is 450lm at a beam throw of 300m with a battery life of about 11 minutes.

The GT nano features a 20.8mm ID Aluminum reflector with an anti-reflective coated lens. That increases the light’s clarity.

So, considering the size and the multiple light modes, the Lumintop GT nano could be your spare EDC flashlight. But it’s not compact enough to be a pocket flashlight, unlike the Acebeam E70-TI or the Olight i5R.

Durability is certified as the flashlight is IPX8 waterproof rated.

All things considered, Lumintop’s GT nano deserves the fourth position in this list;


  • Titanium made
  • Up to 12 pre-defined lighting modes by NarsilM ramping UI
  • Average-sized but lightweight
  • Momentary-on mode is suitable for SOS or as a strobe
  • Unique knurling pattern for better grip
  • Increased durability with an IPX8 rating


  • Learning curve to use the flashlight 

5. Cyansky M3

Cyansky is a familiar brand amongst flashlight enthusiasts. Their M3 is the next on the list, delivering what you’d expect.

The primary requirement is fulfilled as the body is made from TC-4 strong titanium with Cyansky’s unique knurling pattern.

The M3 is very small; its dimensions are 2″ x 0.83″. On the flip side, its weight is just 0.67oz without the battery.

For a titanium flashlight, this lightweight compactness is terrific. That’s why the M3 qualifies to be an EDC keychain flashlight too.

You get access to five lighting modes, including a strobe light accessible by a multi-functional, durable metal side button.

The max output is 700lm at a distance of 73m, and the longest battery time is 72 hours. The max light intensity is 1330cd.

Here’s how the light modes change (all modes with their respective lumen counts, beam range and runtimes are below),

  • Turbo mode: 700lm — 73m — 0.5h
  • High mode: 150lm — 34m — 2h
  • Med mode: 30lm — 15m — 11h 
  • Low mode: 5lm — 6m — 72h
  • Strobe: 700lm — 73m — 1h

You can double-click to enable the lock out mode to prevent accidental turning on. That is essential for any everyday carry flashlight.

You can recharge the flashlight with the micro-USB port. But you don’t need an extra charger since Cyansky has included a charger in the box.

For the small size of the M3, these numbers are fantastic.

You also get a side clip; unlike the Acebeam E70-TI, the clip’s material is stainless steel (SST).

Finally, durability is certified with an IPX8 waterproof rating, and the flashlight has an impact resistance of 1.5m.


  • Strong titanium body 
  • Easy to carry with the SST clip 
  • Extra clear light with CREE XP LED
  • Bright light with 700lm max output 
  • Waterproof and impact resistant
  • Lock out mode prevents accidental activation


  • Micro USB charging 
  • More lumens would have been better

6. Convoy T4

Convoy T4 is another impressive flashlight, and it’s the sixth-best on our list. 

The flashlight comes with glossy or stonewash surfaces. Since it’s made from titanium alloy, you’ll be able to have that long-lasting resilience you’re looking for.

Its length is 6.04 inches, with a head diameter of 1.06 inches and a tube diameter of 0.8 inches.

With a gross weight of 7.5oz, the flashlight is heavy in comparison, although relatively compact.

Still, it’s another fantastic everyday carry flashlight.

The flashlight also comes in five light temperatures which you can choose at the checkout. These include 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, and 5700K.

There are 13 lighting groups, which are not the same as modes. The groups are somewhat similar to ramped levels, and each group has lighting levels. The maximum number of levels is seven. Don’t worry, all of these details are explained very simply in the user manual.

Each level is a percentage of the max output, such as 10%, 20%, etc. You switch between them with a tail switch.

But the 100% mark or the max output is 800lm

The light is very clear due to the light-green coated glass lens and orange peel reflector.

In addition, the low-voltage warning system will increase the lifespan of the batteries. But it’s only available for 14500 batteries, not the AA ones.

Unlike the T2 and T3, the Convoy T4 is waterproof — combine that with the build quality, and the durability requirement is perfectly fulfilled.

In conclusion, Convoy T4 deserves the sixth position on this list.


  • Durablable titanium body
  • Glossy and stonewash types to choose from 
  • Longer flashlight for better handling 
  • Multiple color temperatures to buy from
  • Ramped 13 lighting groups 
  • The bright light of 800lm at max


  • Lacks a clip
  • Relatively bigger
  • Learning curve to switch between modes

7. Nitecore TINI 2

If you’re a flashlight enthusiast, you know how Nitecore flashlights are usually at the top of reviews lists.

That’s because the brand is very popular.

Their TINI 2 is the seventh-best titanium light, and let’s see why it is so.

For starters, you can buy it in multiple versions (titanium included), including SS limited gold, which is a limited edition.

The TINI 2 is cuboidal shaped and comes with dimensions of 1.83 inches in length, 0.98 inches in width, and 0.49 inches in thickness.

Its weight is only 0.66oz and is the most lightweight titanium flashlight on this list.

That’s why it could be a tiny keychain light as well.

But when compared to Acebeam E70-TI, the lumen count is much lower but more than enough for most. After all, it’s rechargeable too.

The TINI 2’s maximum lumen output is 500lm with 89m of bream throw. This has been a reality thanks to the 2 OSRAM P8 LEDs used. 

The longest runtime is 2.5 days.

You can use the flashlight with two switches; one to turn it on and off with a single click and the other to switch between five progressive levels.

Here’s how the five light modes change with their lumen outputs and runtimes,

  • Turbo: 500lm — 15min
  • High: 200lm —45min
  • Mid: 65lm — 2h 30min
  • Low: 15lm — 8h
  • Ultra low: 1lm — 60h

The flashlight features an OLED display where all the details are displayed. The key information displayed is such,

  • The battery level and voltage
  • Brightness level 
  • User mode
  • Runtime remaining (battery life)

That’s why it’s a unique flashlight.

So, even for the final flashlight on this list, the TINI 2 by Nitecore is still one of the best titanium lights you can own.


  • Ergonomic cuboidal shape
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry
  • Convenient OLED display to manage the flashlight
  • Rechargeability 
  • You can use it as a keychain flashlight too
  • Limited edition market value


  • Lacks a body knurling
  • More lumens would have been better

Why are Titanium Flashlights Expensive?

a human using a Titanium Flashlight

The price factor will always be high for the best titanium flashlights. There are a couple of reasons to explain why. 

For starters, titanium flashlights are very strong, making them long-lasting compared to other competitor materials such as aluminum, steel, and copper. 

That extra strength is terrific when you’re using the flashlight for defending yourself.

But it’s not just strength that increases durability.

Pure titanium doesn’t rust or corrode. So, even if your aluminum flashlight is waterproof technologically, it will corrode faster. 

Titanium has ahigh melting point. This makes everything made from titanium operate safely in a wide temperature range. That’s why most aircrafts are made from titanium.

Everything comes down to one word: quality. No other material in the flashlight industry can meet what Titanium flashlights deliver.

That’s why it’s worth it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting a Titanium Flashlight


  • More durable than all the other flashlight materials
  • Gives you extra strength as a defensive tool
  • No risk of corroding or rusting
  • Higher resale value 
  • Use the flashlight in multiple temperature types


  • Relatively a bit heavier

Factors to Check When Buying a Titanium Flashlight

a human holding a Titanium Flashlight

Build Quality

The flashlight could be entirely made from titanium, or it could be titanium coated. These are two different types.

The build quality also refers to the knurling pattern because there should be enough room for heat dissipation. In addition, a flashlight needs to have an IP waterproof rating with impact resistance. So, be sure to search for these aspects.

Dimensions and Weight

Titanium flashlights are a teeny bit heavier than aluminum or stainless steel flashlights. But some titanium flashlights can be under 1oz.

On the flip side, you also need to consider how long, wide, and thick the flashlight is. An ideal balance between the dimensions and the weight is crucial for smooth maneuverability.

Lighting Modes, Runtime, and Beam Distance

How many light modes are there? How does the amount of light change between each mode? How to switch between each mode? Is there a clear glow of the light?

The answers to these questions should satisfy your requirement. For example, if the flashlight emits 2000lm at the max mode, the lowest mode should be 1% of it which is 20lm. But it’s best if the lowest level is 1lm.

Simultaneously, you need to check for the corresponding runtimes and beam distances. Hours of battery will always make things easier for you.

Rechargeable Battery or Not

Some titanium flashlights come with and are powered with a rechargeable battery. But you need to check if a battery replacement is possible. If the battery is built-in, the flashlight’s durability is relatively less. You also need to check if it’s an AA, AAA battery, or something else.

In addition, be sure to confirm whether you receive a charging cable and the recharging method (such as USB-B or micro USB). Needless to say, the longer the battery life, the more convenient it is.

Availability of Special Modes [Eg: Strobe Mode]

You need to look for other special modes apart from the lighting modes. The most important one is the strobe light. That makes the flashlight a defensive tool that also lets you emit SOS signals. In addition, ensure to check how many hours you can use the special modes for.

The Takeaway

Titanium flashlights are the epitome of flashlights. So, if you’re looking for one, you won’t be satisfied with flashlights made from other materials.

From the list of best titanium flashlights, Acebeam E70-TI is the winner solely based on its performance. It could be that everyday carry, tactical, and keychain flashlight you’ll ever need

Now that you know everything you need to, all you need to do is purchase.


Yes, titanium flashlights are more durable than aluminum ones. They are the most durable flashlight material compared to copper, steel, and aluminum.

A typical titanium flashlight has a highest light output of 1500-2000 lumens.

Yes, titanium flashlights are worth the price as they are resilient and come with many irreplaceable features.

Acebeam ​​E70-TI
Beam distance





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Body from premium titanium
High max output of 1500lm bright light
The titanium pocket clip makes it easier to carry
Increased durability with IPX8 and 1m impact resistance
Long runtime of up to 11 days
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Having a side switch would have been better

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