7 Best Small & Mini Flashlights That You Can Easily Carry

Last Updated on May, 2024

Miniature flashlights are the BOMB! Small but mighty, we love miniature stuff, don’t we? 

When it comes to flashlights, the best mini flashlight will be easily pocketable and will have a host of AMAZING features, including a bright light. 

LED flashlights come in a host of sizes. When picking a miniature flashlight, you have to take into consideration a few things to ensure that you have a GOOD QUALITY flashlight! Such as durability, modes of lighting and beam distance.

There are literally hundreds of miniature flashlights in the market. After hand-testing dozens of miniature flashlights, I came back with my selection of the BEST 7 to make this easier for you, the buyer. 

This list of the 7 Best has been formulated after careful consideration of over two dozen flashlights! Hence, without further ado, let’s dive into THE selection of the SEVEN BEST miniature flashlights in the market!

Editor’s Choice
Acebeam E70 MINI
Beam distance






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Beam distance






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Olight Javelot Mini
Beam distance






Overall Score


7 of the Best Miniature Flashlights

The miniature flashlights that made our list were selected because they were hands-on tested to be the BEST! We considered everything there had to be considered to ensure only the BEST of the BEST made this list! 

1. Acebeam E70 MINI (Editor’s Choice)

Acebeam is a trusted brand of flashlights and is known to produce some AMAZING lights! The Acebeam E70 Mini is nothing short of spectacular!

This EDC flashlight is jam-packed with some incredible features. It runs on a rechargeable battery (18650 lithium ion) and has a maximum output of 2000 lumens!

How small is the Acebeam E70 Mini? 4.3 inches! That is smaller than a 5-inch phone!

Weighing in at 4.2 ounces, the light output of this flashlight is impressive. With a beam distance of 153 meters, this flashlight packs a REAL punch for its size!

It has SIX light modes and a strobe feature, making this a very small but mighty tactical flashlight. Having tactical capability in any flashlight is considered useful. Not only can strobe mode scare unwelcomed threats but it can also be used to help you if you find yourself ever stranded somewhere in need of rescue. 

This amazing miniature tactical flashlight is a perfect everyday carry flashlight, which you can easily carry anywhere you like. Not only is the size PERFECT, but the beam profile of this flashlight is also what makes it one of the best flashlights in the market. 

Rechargeable flashlights such as the Acebeam E70 Mini have a competitive edge over other flashlights which use replaceable batteries. You won’t have to keep buying new batteries, which is why there is so much appeal to the Acebeam E70 Mini. 

Durability is another factor that should be considered when buying any flashlight. Smaller flashlights such as this require an extra layer of protection because they are easily dropped. Fortunately for us, the Acebeam E70 has been impact tested and is resistant up to 1 meter!

Not just that, it is also waterproof (rated IP68 – submersible in up to 2 meters of water.) 

With a runtime of 59 HOURS on ultra low mode, this miniature EDC flashlight ticks all the boxes for the things you need to consider when buying a miniature flashlight! This is a handy little light source that GETS the JOB DONE!


  • Amazing build quality
  • Simple and elegant design and functionality
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Strobe mode for tactical use
  • Excellent beam distance
  • Good battery life


  • The USB charging cable has to be bought at an extra cost

2. NITECORE T4K (#2nd Best Choice)

Yet another RELIABLE and TRUSTWORTHY brand of flashlights. Nitecore flashlights are known to be durable and feature-packed, and the Nitecore T4K is no different. 

A few subtle things make this flashlight a perfect everyday carry light. This is a keychain light and is marketed by the company as the WORLD’S BRIGHTEST keychain light! 

With 4000 lumens of brightness, this flashlight offers so much brightness for its small compact size.

At only 3.24 inches (weighing 2.72 ounces), this is a really small miniature flashlight with exceptionally great battery life. 

It has five brightness modes to choose from; the highest mode on this flashlight has a maximum output of 4000 lumens. The battery life on this flashlight is excellent, with a full charge working for 67 hours!

Powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, this is a reliable flashlight with really fast charging. This flashlight will fully charge using USB in 1.5 HOURS! (This is one of the fastest-charging flashlights.)

The Nitecore T4K has a versatile Deep Carry Pocket (DCP) clip (pocket clip) that can be used to harness the flashlight to a pocket. It is unlikely this flashlight will roll out of your pocket, not if you clip it to your pocket using the DCP clip. 

This flashlight has a copper cooling system inbuilt to prevent the flashlight from getting too hot due to beam intensity. It is all these added features which make this flashlight so GREAT!

With a beam distance of 209 meters, the light from this flashlight is strong enough and bright enough to illuminate the way before you with beautiful warm white light!

This is a durable LED flashlight. I drop-tested this flashlight at 1 meter, and the impact resistance of this flashlight checks out (1-meter impact resistance.) This flashlight is also waterproof and rated IP54! Hence, the durability of this flashlight should not be questioned!

This LED flashlight has all the features to make it a worthy pick! When it comes to LED lights in the sizes we are discussing, you have to consider everything in order to pick the best of the best. We did, and this flashlight, for certain, checks out!


  • The rechargeable battery is fast charging
  • The brightness and beam distance are great
  • Perfect size to carry in a pocket (pocket clip)
  • Impact-proof of up to 1 meter
  • Water-resistant


  • Cannot replace the battery

3. Olight Javelot Mini (#3rd Best Choice)

Olight is one of the most popular brands of flashlights in the market. When picking an LED flashlight, going with Olight makes complete sense.

I have had the pleasure to hand-test many Olight flashlights, and not one has left me disappointed.

The Olight Javelot Mini is an AMAZING LED flashlight. On the low setting, this flashlight will work on a full charge for 5 HOURS! (Comparatively good battery life.)

With a max output of 1000 lumens, it uses rechargeable 18500 lithium ion batteries. The rechargeable battery is charged through a Magnetic USB proprietary charging port.

The charging port (USB port) is easily located on the flashlight and allows for full charging in 3 hours and 20 minutes!

It uses a high-performance LED to illuminate the way and has an excellent light output and a great beam profile. With a beam distance of 600 meters, this little flashlight, at only 4.5 inches in length, packs immense POWER! 

It is this power that I relate the brand Olight with. They are known to make reliable flashlights such as the Olight Javelot Mini, which have features which are usually unrivaled in the market. 

The brightness settings can be changed between the two modes. Hence, this flashlight has a simple user interface with high and low modes (brightness settings.)

This flashlight only weighs 5.5 ounces. Though it isn’t heavy, it is made with a high-grade aluminum alloy, which is incredibly STRONG! This is a rough and rugged flashlight great for camping

This flashlight is operated by a simple tail switch. The tailcap is also magnetic, which means you can use this flashlight hands-free. Easily attachable to any metal surface, this flashlight is perfect for outdoor activities or even a power outage. 

When it comes to handheld flashlights, the size really does matter, and this flashlight has a light beam which is BEAUTIFUL and BRIGHT, which is something that I can trust a brand like Olight to deliver. 

Remember, 600 meters of throw; that is bright enough to blind someone close range. 

This is a durable flashlight. It iswaterproof (rated IPX8.) Perfect for outdoor use.


  • Lightweight design flashlight
  • Excellent beam distance
  • Hands-free functionality
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Rechargeable
  • Rated waterproof


  • Battery life could be a little higher 

4. FENIX E18R V2.0

Talk about another stellar brand of flashlights, Fenix, is known to produce SUPERB LED flashlights. The Fenix E18R V2.0 is an upgrade of the Fenix E18R.

This newer LED light is the perfect everyday carry (EDC) flashlight. 

Tactical flashlights could prove very useful, and tactical features in a flashlight, such as a strobe feature, could work to SAVE YOUR LIFE!

This tactical flashlight has a strobe mode and FIVE brightness levels, providing you with a great degree of control over the amount of light it illuminates. 

In Turbo mode, this flashlight has a max output of 1200 lumens with a battery life of 30 minutes.

On lower modes, such as the moonlight mode, this flashlight will work for 200 HOURS! Hence the runtime on this flashlight is quite impressive considering the size. 

This flashlight is very different from AA battery flashlights. It uses a 16340 lithium-ion battery (not AA batteries) and has a much better capacity than a AA flashlight. 

The Fenix E18R V2.0 uses rechargeable batteries and has a competitive edge over regular flashlights that use AA batteries. These great rechargeable flashlights are more advanced technology, capable of delivering extended battery life and brighter LED light. 

This flashlight’s beam will reach a distance of 146 meters, making this one of the best flashlights for everyday use.

A mini flashlight such as this has to have a good beam distance, and considering the size of this mini flashlight (only 2.6 inches), this level of brightness and the beam profile is VERY IMPRESSIVE! It only weighs 2 ounces.

This small but powerful flashlight has a LIFETIME WARRANTY from Fenix, which is why this flashlight is considered one of the MOST RELIABLE flashlights on this list! It is always nice knowing that you can send the flashlight in for free servicing if it stops working for one reason or another. 

The power button is easy to locate, and the user interface is simple to understand. The charging port is easy to locate, and this flashlight took 1 hour and 21 minutes to charge when I tested the charging speed thoroughly!

The waterproof rated IP68 means that you can submerge this flashlight in up to 2 meters of water, and this flashlight will still work. (I tested this, and the waterproof features checks out!)

All in all, this flashlight throws light illuminating the night sky, and at only 2.6 inches in length, you can easily pocket these pocketable flashlights and carry it around wherever.


  • Rechargeable battery with fast charging
  • Small and light design
  • Waterproof in up to 2 meters of water
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • Strobe feature for tactical use in case of emergencies
  • Pocket clip


  • The pocket clip is not very durable

5. Thrunite Archer Mini

Many flashlights in the market have features that are good, but the iteThrun Archer Mini has unrivaled features. 

First off, this is a really small mini flashlight that is made with HIGH-GRADE aluminum. However, this flashlight is light; how light? Only 1.1 ounces!

It isn’t easy finding a lightweight flashlight as light as the Thrunite Archer Mini. With 405 lumens of max output, this is a sufficiently bright flashlight which is INCREDIBLY bright in comparison to its size!

This mini flashlight has a beam distance of 87 meters and has just two modes, making it easy to use.

With 1880 candelas of beam intensity, this flashlight produced a beautiful spectrum of light and did we mention; it is INCREDIBLY SMALL!

This flashlight is smaller and lighter than other mini flashlights in the market. When considering the best mini flashlight, we have to consider the size. The smaller the flashlight, the more enticing it is! (Don’t you really want to get your hands on this TINY flashlight with EXCEPTIONAL glow?)

This flashlight is only 3.2 inches in length, making it easily pocketable. It is a handy flashlight to have with you at all times, and it is most certainly a good idea to carry a flashlight with you everywhere you go!

You never know when you will need a source of light, and this flashlight is PERFECT for its size and functionality. 

The charging port is hidden for safety, and you have to unscrew the sleeve to reveal the USB port. 

This flashlight offers incredibly fast charging and will work for a maximum of 7 HOURS!

To me, this is one of the BEST small flashlights on the market! It has a strobe feature allowing for lighting in case of emergency. When it comes to tactical flashlights, you need to look for features such as strobe, which is what makes them useful in tactical scenarios such as blinding a threat. 

Due to its size, this flashlight can be carried everywhere, which is why it is such a great tactical flashlight!

I drop-tested the shock-proof feature at 1.5 meters. This flashlight is impact-proof of up to 1.5 meters. (Survived the drop.)

It is also waterproof and is rated IPX8, and it successfully survived an immersion test in 2 meters of water. 

This is a TINY but MIGHTY mini flashlight, which, as mentioned, has unrivaled features to other flashlights in the market!


  • The battery life on low mode is excellent (15 Days)
  • Extremely lightweight and small (Easy to carry)
  • Durable, both impact-proof and waterproof
  • Great beam profile
  • Strobe feature for tactical use


  • The switch is slightly too raised

6. LUMINTOP Frog V2.0

Lumintop is also known to make some BEAUTIFUL flashlights, and the Lumintop Frog V2.0 is an incredibly light and small mini flashlight with some BRILLIANT features!

With a max output of 750 lumens, this flashlight runs on two types of batteries.

You can use either 10180, which the flashlight comes with. Or the 10440, which offers better battery life. 

You can recharge this flashlight. The battery is rechargeable using a USB cable, which is why this flashlight is so impressive.

With a net weight of ONLY 11 GRAMS, this is an incredibly small and lightweight flashlight. (Only 1.7 inches long.)

No list of the best mini flashlights would be complete without including the Lumintop Frog V2.0!

This tiny flashlight has five modes of lighting to choose from. The high setting (Turbo) offers 750 lumens of light when running on a 10440 lithium-ion battery with a runtime of 42 minutes on turbo mode. This is very good battery life considering the size of this flashlight.

With a maximum beam distance of 150 meters, this mini flashlight has an incredible throw distance, considering its compact and lightweight design. 

This flashlight is rated IPX8 waterproof, which we tested ourselves. It can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water. The flashlight is also impact-proof and was drop-tested at 1.5 meters for resistance. 

The LUMINTOP Frog V2.0 has overheating protection to prevent your hands from getting too hot due to light intensity. It also has low voltage protection to protect the internal circuits to ensure greater reliability!


  • Durable; both shock-proof and waterproof
  • Lightweight design; perfect for everyday use
  • Fast recharging
  • Simple and elegant design


  • 10440 (better performance) battery not included


Imalent is yet another brand of flashlights that is quite famous in the flashlight world. Compared to other mini flashlights on this list, this flashlight is immensely more powerful!

It packs a 25000-lumen strobe light and will illuminate the night with a max output of 25000 lumens! Considering the size of this flashlight, the lumen output is EXTREMELY bright!

Don’t let the last position on our list fool you; this is an incredibly powerful flashlight with some fantastic features. 

Firstly, at only 4.68 inches long and 20 ounces in weight, this is a handy and small flashlight that will fit right in your pocket.

(It’s great when things are small enough to carry in your pocket!) This is a powerful everyday carry flashlight with a simple and easy-to-use design and interface. 

It has 5 modes and uses 6 CREE XHP70 2nd LEDs, which are some of the BEST LEDs on the market. 

Powered by three 21700 lithium-ion batteries (these batteries are even used in ELECTRIC CARS), the Imalent MS06 has a maximum runtime of 31 HOURS! That is the excellent battery life for any flashlight!

Charging is done via USB, and a full charge takes about 5.5 hours. It is the lumen output on the Turbo mode of this flashlight that makes it BRILLIANT! This flashlight has a beam distance of 513 METERS! 

This tiny little mini flashlight packs so much power that it makes regular AA flashlights look silly. Not only is the small size extremely fashionable, but it is also practical and very functional!

The Imalent MS06 is rated IPX8 waterproof, which means it can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water. I tested this, and the flashlight worked like a charm even after being submerged in 2 meters of water for 20 minutes. 

Made with AEROSPACE grade aluminum, this flashlight is one of the most durable flashlights in the market. Apart from the fact that it is made of the same stuff that aircrafts are made of, this flashlight is also impact-proof and has successfully been drop tested at 1.5 meters. 

All in all, this flashlight is DURABLE and RELIABLE, which is why it is so great! When it comes to picking a reliable miniature flashlight, you need something as durable as this flashlight. You don’t want something that will break because the flashlight, being small, managed to slip out of your hands. 


  • Extremely Durable
  • Small and lightweight
  • Extremely great beam profile
  • Rechargeable
  • Versatile design


  • Bulky

Things to Consider When Buying a Miniature Flashlight

mini led flashlight on the table

When buying a miniature flashlight, there are certain things that you have to consider. Durability is one of the most important things when buying a flashlight. More miniature the flashlight, the more compact and durable you would ideally want it to be. 

The beam profile is yet another factor that has to be considered. Due to their small size, many mini flashlights often have weak beam profiles. Hence, ensure that the flashlight you buy has sufficient lumens of light and a good beam distance to ensure reliable performance and use. 

The battery life of any flashlight is something you must consider. The trouble with smaller flashlights is that many such smaller flashlights have weak battery life.

You don’t want a flashlight that will run out of juice in the middle of the night. Hence be sure to check the battery life of the flashlight to understand how long the flashlight will work for

Apart from these three factors, you also want to check to ensure that the flashlight that you buy has some sort of weather shielding. It is a given that any flashlight could get wet in the rain; hence be sure to ensure that the flashlight you buy has a waterproof rating. 

The smaller the flashlight, the better! This is what I believe! However, when you try to make things smaller, the trouble is you won’t find the same degree of performance. This list of the 7 BEST has the best performance for size, which is why they made this list.

Types of Miniature Flashlights

So you understand, there are three main types of miniature flashlights. 

Key Ring Lights are as simple as they sound and are miniature flashlights that are attached to key rings. They are also called key chain lights

These flashlights are specifically designed to be small and easily carried wherever you please. They prove as the best everyday carry flashlights and are particularly useful when battling the dark street corner or even searching the dark corner of your bag!

Key ring lights are usually run with button batteries or are rechargeable, like the Nitecore T4K.

Tactical Flashlights are specifically designed for tactical use. These are miniature tactical flashlights that are small and easy to carry and usually offer features such as strobe, SOS and beacon for scenarios of emergency. These little flashlights are extremely reliable and are perfect for tactical use.

The fact that you can carry these flashlights wherever is why they work so well for tactical use. Regardless of whether you need a flashlight or not, it is always good to carry a tactical flashlight in your pocket. Especially if you ever wander the streets and woods alone in the evening. 

Penlights are considered the slimmest and often the sleekest of all miniature flashlights. They look incredible and obviously are cool! These little flashlights are the size of pens and will fit right in your pocket.

These penlights usually have great features, but what makes them different is the slim design. They usually do come with pocket clips which will allow you to fasten these flashlights onto a pocket, shirt, belt or bag.

Benefits of Buying a Miniature Flashlight

The main benefit of buying a miniature flashlight is knowing that it is small enough for you to carry around in your pocket.

You never know when you will need a source of light. It is always a good idea to have a light with you, just in case you get stranded somewhere in the dark, and you need a source of light. The primary benefit of a miniature flashlight is its portability. 

The portability, when combined with tactical features such as strobe and SOS, can prove very useful in EMERGENCY scenarios.

All you have to do is ensure that you have that miniature flashlight in your pocket because, at the end of the day, that little flashlight could SAVE YOUR LIFE! (What other benefits do you need?)

Is it Worth Buying a Miniature Flashlight?

a human holding a mini flashlight

Miniature flashlights are the desire of many flashlight enthusiasts who are drawn to these flashlights due to their small design and amazing features. 

When looking for a small flashlight, you don’t want to be swayed by unknown brands which will obviously stop working in a short duration of time. You want something durable and reliable such as the seven considered the best in this article. 

For certain, a miniature flashlight could work to help you. It could provide you with a source of light when you need it most. Why? Because you can carry it around everywhere you go (it fits right in the pocket.)

These miniature flashlights are usually smaller than a phone and offer so many amazing features. 

So is a miniature flashlight worth the purchase? Talk about a constant companion that can illuminate your dark nights wherever you go. That is a miniature flashlight!

Final Thoughts

Miniature flashlights are so appealing. Their small size is what makes them so desirable in our eyes. Compared to bulky and heavy flashlights, miniature flashlights can be carried wherever. 

With a miniature flashlight in your pocket, you won’t have to worry about it getting too dark. Whenever you need a light, that flashlight will be right in your pocket, ready to illuminate the world with lumens of brightness. 

Acebeam E70 MINI, according to our research and testing, gets the number one spot without a doubt. Jam-packed with some incredible features and a maximum output of 2000 LUMENS, you can’t go wrong. 

The six other miniature flashlights listed in this article are no slouch either, all of them have been picked up after careful consideration.

I hand-tested dozens of flashlights before I sat down to conclude on the seven best. Hence, if you are looking for a miniature flashlight, you CAN NOT go wrong with picking one from our list! 

These are the SEVEN BEST miniature flashlights, and I bet you can’t wait to get your hands on yours!


To find the best mini flashlight for your needs, look for one that is rechargeable, has tactical capabilities, and is compact in size.

Yes, mini flashlights can be utilized in tactical settings as they are lightweight, portable, and offer tactical features which make them suitable for various tactical scenarios.

The benefits of a miniature flashlight include portability and the ability to be carried in a pocket, making it easily accessible in various situations.

The Thrunite Archer Mini has a weight of 34 grams.

Yes, the Acebeam E70 Mini is rechargeable.

Acebeam E70 MINI
Beam distance






Overall Score


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Amazing build quality
Simple and elegant design and functionality
Easy-to-use interface
Strobe mode for tactical use
Excellent beam distance
Good battery life
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
The USB charging cable has to be bought at an extra cost

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