9 Best Rechargeable Flashlights [2024 Upd.] Tested & Ranked

Last Updated on May, 2024

What if you had to replace your smartphone’s or laptop’s battery every time it drains?

It doesn’t sound so convenient, does it? The same theory applies to flashlights. That’s probably why you’re here.

Luckily, the flashlight market is decently populated with rechargeable flashlights.

Because we know what our audience seeks, we took the time to research, analyze, and, most importantly, rank some of the best rechargeable flashlights on the market.

How did we do it? By testing them ourselves.

So, if you’re here for the best rechargeable flashlight, all you need to do is read through it and choose what you like.

And here we go.

Editor’s Choice
Acebeam L19 2.0
Beam distance






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Olight Baton 3 Pro
Beam distance






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Beam distance






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9 of the Best Rechargeable Flashlights

1. Acebeam L19 2.0 (Editor’s Choice)

Acebeam is a very popular and reliable brand that consistently achieves the top positions in our reviews. The reason is the high quality. 

The L19 2.0’s performance supremacy and key features get it to the top of this list.

First of all, this rechargeable flashlight comes with an Acebeam IMR21700NP-510A 21700 USB-C removable and rechargeable Li ion battery.

You can fully charge it for around 5 hours, and it lasts for 62 days at max. 

At a glance, the flashlight reminds you of the typical big-head-smaller-body frame. That’s because this is Acebeam’s longest-range flashlight.

The knurling pattern is fantastic, providing a solid grip. The extra ring at the bottom only increases better handling. 

But here’s the surprise — it’s only 6.44 inches long while weighing just 10.03oz with the battery. So, it’s effortless to handle it.

The L19 2.0 features a 293,22cd 2200 lumens maximum brightness with a 1,083m throw; that’s over 1km (0.6 miles) of the throw. Not all rechargeable flashlights are as powerful as the L19 2.0.

But that’s only the highest brightness level, the Turbo mode.

There are seven lighting modes with a defensive strobe mode. The lowest mode features a very discreet 1-lumen light. 

You can access these modes by the primary side switch.

The tactical tail switch lets you access the Turbo mode instantly. The lock-out mode prevents accidental activation from both switches.

That’s how versatile this flashlight is.

You don’t have to worry about the resilience of the flashlight as it’s made from anodized premium aluminum alloy, with an IPX8 rating and 1m of impact resistance.

As a matter of fact, the Acebeam L19 2.0 is the best rechargeable flashlight we can recommend.


  • USB-C rechargeable and replaceable battery system
  • Trouble-free maximum runtime of 62 days
  • A wide range of light settings from 1lm to 2200lm across five modes
  • Clearer light with TIR optics technology 
  • Compact and very lightweight for a powerful flashlight 
  • Over 1000m throw
  • Dual switch system’s agility 
  • Internal overheating prevention to protect the flashlight
  • The convenience of the power indicator 
  • Increased durability with the IPX8 waterproof rating and 1m impact resistance
  • Acebeam 5-year warranty


  • The head diameter might be a little bigger

2. Olight Baton 3 Pro (#2nd Best Choice)

Olight is an innovative brand that introduces powerful and user-friendly flashlights to the market.

Their most recent Baton 3 Pro is one of the best rechargeable flashlights, the second on our list.

Olight Baton 3 Pro comes with a customized 18650 3200mAh built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

But Olight uses its proprietary MCC magnetic charging method. This lets Olight certify the quality of the charging and batteries.

After all, the magnetic charging method enables a full battery recharge in under 3.5 hours.

So, remember, you cannot use a micro USB or type-C cable to charge the Baton 3 Pro.

Similar to the Acebeam L19, the Baton 3 Pro also operates with TIR optics technology. That lets you choose two color temperatures; 5700-6700K cool white or 4000-5200K neutral white.

That clear light is used with a strong 1500lm maximum brightness that reaches 175m (0.1 miles). This is the highest mode out of six lighting modes, including a strobe mode accessible by one main side switch.

Baton 3 Pro’s maximum battery life is 120 days in its lowest 0.5lm mode; that’s approximately four months.

This compact rechargeable flashlight is only 3.99 inches in length with a body diameter of 0.91 inches, weighing only 3.63oz with the battery included. That’s an amazing balance between dimensions and weight for a small EDC flashlight.

As you can see, the flashlight has a uniform knurling pattern all over the body, ensuring a solid grip. Unlike the previous version, this one has a longer and broader two-way clip, making it easier to carry. 

If that doesn’t impress you, you also get a stainless magnetic steel L-stand that lets you store it anywhere easily.

The hard anodized aluminum body with an IPX8 waterproof rating makes it last very long.

Overall, the Olight Baton 3 Pro’s key features and overall performance makes it one of the best LED rechargeable lights.

Here’s the complete review of Olight Baton 3 Pro.


  • Two color temperatures of light 
  • 0.5 to 1500lm of range by six light modes
  • Simple side switch operation
  • 175m peak beam distance 
  • 120 days of maximum battery life
  • 3.99 inches long and 3.63oz lightweight compactness 
  • Two-way clip to carry it easier
  • L stand makes it easy to store
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 5-year Olight warranty


  • Not a tactical flashlight due to the lack of the tail switch
  • The magnetic charging method obstructs the typical USB charging method

3. FENIX UC35 V2.0 (#3rd Best Choice)

Fenix is a well-recognized brand in the community, and its UX35 V2.0 is one of the best rechargeable lights on the market.

But why so?

First of all, it’s an upgrade from the 2018 UX35 flashlight. This one comes with one replaceable and rechargeable ARB-L 18-3400 lithium ion battery.

You can fully charge it within 3.5 hours, generally. 

The Fenix UX35 v2.0 is micro USB rechargeable and comes with a micro USB cable. The flashlight has a USB port with inner waterproofing to increase safety.

The flashlight is only 5.5 inches long with a body diameter of 0.9 inches and a head diameter of 1 inch. Balance the dimensions with the 3.1oz weight, excluding batteries, and this becomes a well-balanced flashlight.

The one-way pocket clip makes it extra easy to carry. The body knurling pattern is pretty impressive too.

How about its light?

The maximum Turbo mode features a 1000-lumen output at a 266m (0.17 miles)beam throw. The lumen range is impressive as the lumen count drops to 1 lumen across six light modes, including the 1000lm-strobe-mode.

For your convenience, and similar to the Acebeam L19 2.0, this Fenix flashlight operates with a side switch and tail switch

The tail switch enables instant access to momentary on mode making the UX35 v2.0 an excellent tactical flashlight. The side switch lets you cycle through the lighting modes.

The longest battery life is 750h, equivalent to over 31 days; that’s a full month.

So, in a nutshell, the Fenix UX35 2.0 delivers a powerful and clear light suitable for multiple occasions. 

The essential requirements fulfill the resilience requirements.

Fenix has fixed it for you with a storing type III hard anodized oxidation-resistant aluminum alloy. In addition, you also get a toughened ultra-clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating. Combine that with IP68 waterproof and dustproof characteristics, and the UX35 V2.0 is a long-lasting flashlight.

The flashlight also features a battery level indicator. The combination of all these features and its


  • Rechargeable with micro USB method 
  • It takes only 3.5 hours to charge fully 
  • Compact and very lightweight
  • 1000 to 1-lumen light output range
  • Increased durability with an IP68 waterproof rating and build quality
  • Replaceable battery
  • The convenience of dual-button operation
  • Fenix knurling pattern for easier handling
  • Fenix limited lifetime warranty


  • More lumens would have been better
  • Relatively less beam distance

4. Nitecore MT21C

Our fourth best rechargeable flashlight recommendation is the Nitecore MT21C.

Off the top, the flashlight works with multiple rechargeable battery options. You could work with the MT21C with either one 18650 battery or with 2 CR123 batteries.

You can use the micro USB cable to charge the batteries. However, these are not included in the package. Needless to say, the batteries are removable/ replaceable.

The Nitecore MT21C is a unique flashlight because you can tilt its head 90 degrees. That means you get two flashlights in one; a streamlined EDC flashlight and an L-shaped work light.

But how intense is the light?

1000 lumens for 184m (0.11 miles) of beam throw.

That’s the maximum output you get from the premium CREE LEDs in the system. But this is out of the eight light modes available, including three special modes; strobe, SOS, and beacon, with 1000 lumens each.

The range reaches from 1000 lumens to 1 lumen delivering an impressive 700h of maximum battery life: almost one month. Thanks to the battery indicator, you won’t have a problem recharging the flashlight.

With a fantastic design quality and bespoke knurling pattern, the MT21C is only 5.16 inches long with 1 inch of body diameter. Convenient portability is assured when you balance these dimensions with the 3.65oz lightweight.

The key features, such as the three excellent attachment features of the MT21C, increase the user experience tremendously.

The first is the magnetic base that lets you store the flashlight (similar to Olight Baton 3 Pro’s L-stand). It also comes with a stainless steel two-way clip, making it easy to carry. The cherry on top is the metal loop at the flashlight head, which further increases attachment security.

Finally, the flashlight is IPX8 waterproof rated with 1m impact resistance.

In conclusion, the Nitecore MT21C deserves fourth place on this list.


  • Works with replaceable and rechargeable batteries (not included)
  • Intense 1000lm light to 1m of range with eight lighting modes
  • SOS mode usefulness for emergencies
  • Strobe function as a defensive tool
  • Versatility delivered by 90 degrees rotatable flashlight head
  • One month of maximum runtime
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Three attachment options to increase the safety
  • Crystal clear light thanks to PDOT (precision digital optics technology) with crystal coating technology
  • Improved durability with IPX8 water-resistant rating and 1m impact resistance


  • The rechargeable battery/ batteries aren’t included
  • Not one of the tactical flashlights as it doesn’t have a tail switch

5. Imalent MS18

Imalent is another reliable flashlight brand that continues to make its way to our lists. The reason is always the high-quality performance.

This time, their MS18 made it to the fifth position thanks to its remarkable key features.

The included external battery pack uses 8 21700 lithium-ion batteries.

However, unlike the previous flashlights in the list, you should charge the batteries while they are still in the battery compartment.

It takes about 4h and 30 minutes to charge fully, and the intelligent charging function will indicate it.

The MS18 has a maximum output of 100,000 lumens; this is the world’s brightest rechargeable flashlight. If you’re planning to use your flashlight outdoors, this is the brightest solution.

You might feel like this lumen count itself should get it further up in the list. But the achievable beam distance is 1350m (0.83 miles). The reason is the difference in the CREE LEDs used in brands like Acebeam and Imalent.

The Imalent MS18 uses 18 pieces of American CREE HP70 2nd LED bulbs.

The flashlight operates with eight operational modes that drop the lumen output to 700lm from 100,000lm. The longest battery life in the lowest output is 14h and 52 minutes in the low mode.

It’ll be easier to switch and observe the current lumen output thanks to the primary side switch and the OLED display above it. It’s a handy digital gadget to ensure you’re in the mode you require.

The Imalent MS18 is a relatively bigger rechargeable flashlight. The length is 10.43 inches, with a head diameter of 5.1 inches and 2.3 inches of body diameter. MS18’s weight is 67 ounces, including the battery.

But it sure features a unique body type with an IP56 waterproof rating and 1.5m impact resistance.

So, considering all the factors, the Imalent MS18 is one of the best rechargeable LED flashlights on the market.

Learn more about Imalent MS18 in this review.


  • USB rechargeable lithium ion batteries included
  • World’s brightest rechargeable flashlight with 100,000 lumens output
  • Intelligent battery charging indicator
  • Eight light modes spanning from 100,000 lumens to 700 lumens
  • Impressive 1350m beam throw
  • It takes only 4h 30min to charge fully
  • The convenience of the OLED display
  • Excellent backup lights for power outage emergencies
  • Increased durability with the design quality


  • Relatively heavier and bigger flashlight
  • It doesn’t have a strobe mode
  • It doesn’t have a moonlight mode

6. Streamlight 88065 ProTac

The Streamlight 88065 ProTac is an impressive rechargeable tactical flashlight with a bright light.

You can use the Streamlight ProTac with either one 18650 USB battery or two CR123A lithium batteries. 

But unlike the Imalent light, these batteries are micro USB rechargeable while they are outside the flashlight.

You get the cord and the 2 CR124A batteries in the package, and it takes about 5 hours to charge it fully. 

This flashlight works with a tactical tail cap switch for momentary or constant ON operation with three different brightness modes and a strobe mode.

The highest light output is 1000 lumens for 330m (0.21 miles), and it drops to 65 lumens low mode, making the flashlight last for a maximum battery life of 20 hours.

The Streamlight ProTac is unique as it features a Ten-tap programmable switch for user-selectable operation.

The flashlight is 5.43 inches in length, 1.44 inches in head diameter, and 1 inch in body diameter; not so hard to imagine. The weight is only 5.6oz, and that’s a terrific balance between dimensions and weight.

You’ll love the design quality as the 88065 ProTac has an anti-roll head with a coarse knurling pattern on the body. Unlike most flashlights, the pocket clip of the ProTac is not only removable but also multi-positioning. 

These key features are bespoke to the 88065 ProTac.

Apart from the design features, the Streamlight 88065 ProTac is a stylish flashlight suitable for many different environments.

Let us not forget the Type II military spec anodizing of the machined aluminum body of the flashlight. Durability only increases with an IPX7 waterproof rating with 2m impact resistance.

Streamlight provides you with a limited lifetime warranty, similar to Fenix. The term “limited” here refers to a warranty against manufacturer defects, not normal wear and tear. It is for the lifetime of the part and not of the flashlight.

All things considered, the Streamlight 88065 ProTac is one of the top tactical flashlights.


  • USB rechargeable batteries included 
  • Three lighting modes spanning between 1000 to 65 lumens
  • 2.5h duration strobe mode’s safety
  • Single tail switch operation
  • Increased durability with design quality
  • Carry and store it easier with the removable and multi-positioning pocket clip 
  • Limited Streamlight lifetime warranty


  • Lower lighting modes would have been better
  • More runtime would have been better 
  • It doesn’t come with one 18650 battery

7. Anker Rechargeable Bolder LC90

Anker is a lesser-known flashlight brand in the community. But their rechargeable Bolder LC90 is one of the best rechargeable lights by design.

So, what does it have to acquire the seventh position on this list?

For starters, its high-performance 3350 mAh batteries give you the highest possible efficiency. It also features an overheating and overcharging prevention chip.

The LC90 takes approximately about 6 hours to charge. However, the 1A power adapter is not included in the package.

All of this is done with a simple micro USB cable.

The LC90 flashlight features four brightness settings: high medium low strobe, and SOS. 

The highest brightness achievable is 900 lumen, reaching about 300m with a maximum runtime of up to 6hours in the medium mode.

These numbers are terrific.

You can swiftly switch between the modes with a tail switch; it’s a robust tactical light with a strong bezel.

But here’s what’s unique about the Anker Bolder LC90; the light is zoomable. This means that you can have either a hotspot narrow or wide beam. That makes the LC90 a flood and a spotlight flashlight.

Bolder LC90 users will absolutely love its design quality. The flashlight is an extra hard anodized aluminum body. Anker certifies that it resists scratching and chipping, enhancing the grip.

That’s why the LC90 is suitable for diverse environmental conditions. But what about the weather conditions?

The flashlight comes with an IPX5 water-resistant rating, and you can rely on the flashlight to temperatures up to –10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit).

In conclusion, Anker’s Bolder LC90 is probably the best budget rechargeable flashlight and can serve as a reliable flashlight.


  • Micro USB recharge the included replaceable batteries
  • Overcharging and overheating protection by design
  • Zoomable light beam
  • Five brightness levels with a strong 900lm output for 300m throw
  • SOS and Strobe modes for emergencies
  • 1.5 years of warranty


  • More lumens would have been better
  • It doesn’t have a moonlight mode
  • It doesn’t include the 1A power adapter


Wildtrail WT3M is another remarkable rechargeable flashlight. Curious to see what it delivers?

The WT3M flashlight comes with one 21700 rechargeable li-ion battery, but this isn’t included in the package. The USB C charging ports allow a voltage up to 5V 2A.

The light source of the WT3M is three 3V Luminus SST40. That coupled with the anti-reflective coating and OP (orange peel) reflector, you’ll like how clear the light is.

Unlike any other flashlight on this list, the WT3M uses firmware to operate its lighting modes. This firmware is Andúril, which lets you step into the lighting modes.

In simpler words, you decide each mode’s number and lumen output. But there’s a learning curve on how to do that. Take a look at the picture below for a better understanding.

However, the max brightness emits 5500lm, which means a brighter light, and that comes with a maximum beam distance of 430m.

With a length of 6.93 inches, a head diameter of 3.35 inches, and a body diameter of 2.48 inches, the WT3M is a medium-sized handheld rechargeable flashlight. But it’s pretty lightweight as it weighs only 4.5 ounces, although it looks heavy.

The body is made from durable hard black anodized Aluminum. But it also can be a clear-coated aluminum alloy, depending on your choice.

This rechargeable flashlight is made to last in different environmental conditions by design. But the IPX8 water resistant rating increases durability immensely. Include a 2m impact resistance, and get one of the most resilient rechargeable lights.

Did we mention the reverse polarity protection? This feature prevents you from accidentally fixing the battery in the wrong orientation. Because doing that damages the flashlight.

So, the Wildtrail WT3M does a magnificent job and is one of the best rechargeable flashlights of 2022.


  • Common USB C charging port to recharge conveniently
  • Superior optical technology for a clearer light beam
  • Andúril firmware lets you choose the lighting modes
  • The maximum lumen output of 5500lm for 430m of throw
  • Reverse polarity protection amongst durability-certifying features
  • Lightweight


  • Medium-sized flashlight
  • The learning curve of the Andúril UI
  • The lithium ion battery isn’t included in the package 

9. ThruNite T1

This is the ThruNite T1 flashlight; a relatively smaller flashlight at the first glance.

The T1 comes with a built-in USB port, and the package includes one 18350 battery and a charging cable, amongst other things. 

So, the T1 fulfills the essential requirement to be on the list.

The built-in power indicator light only makes the flashlight more valuable as it increases its safety.

But what about its performance as a flashlight?

As a start, you get five light modes accessible by the primary side switch. The maximum output is 1500lm for a beam throw of 102m. It comes all the way down to 0.5 lumens whose corresponding battery life is 12 days.

Is that all? No.

There’s a defensive strobe mode with 550 lumens too.

The light’s quality is secure since it runs with an anti-reflective, ultra-clear, toughened glass lens with an orange peel (OP) reflector.

Essentially, ThruNite T1 delivers diverse lighting options effortlessly.

But what’s interesting is that it’s super compact. The T1 is only 2.7 inches in length and 1.6oz; this balance is excellent compared to the high-lumen output it delivers. That’s why it could be a reliable backup light too.

Not only that but the flashlight is also made from a premium type III hard anodized finish with durable aluminum alloy. Add an IPX8 waterproof rating with a 1.5-meter impact resistance and an enduring rechargeable flashlight.

The cherry on top is its superior attachment features. You get a long, wide two-way clip that makes it safer and easy to carry. But the T1 also comes with a magnetic base that enables hands-free operation.

Remember, it also has a lock-out function that prevents accidental activation.

So, it’s incredible how this compact flashlight delivers so much, even in ninth place. That only can draw a picture of how perfect the ones above are, especially our #1 pick, the Acebeam L19 2.0.


  • USB rechargeable flashlight
  • Battery level indicator to prevent overcharging
  • Five lighting modes with 1500lm bright output at 102m beam distance
  • Magnetic tail cap and two-way clip for better fixing
  • A very compact flashlight that fits in your pocket
  • Increased durability by design
  • The lock-out function prevents accidental activation


  • More lumens would have been better
  • Some users may find it too small

Your Guide to Buy the Best Rechargeable Flashlights

a flashlight on the wood

Understand the End-Use

What will you use the flashlights for? For everyday carry? Tactical? Mechanical? Medicinal? You need to identify that first. Afterward, remember to consider what sort of a person will use the flashlight — an older adult? Someone younger? 

The rule of thumb is to choose a flashlight with a straightforward and simple UI.

Evaluate the Build Quality

Flashlights made from titanium last the longest, but they’re costly too. The most cost-effective option is choosing aluminum alloy flashlights.

In addition, make sure to check the body knurling pattern, the presence, and the placement of the side clip. Finally, consider the balance between the dimensions and weight and the ergonomic value.

Are the Rechargeable Batteries Build-In or Replaceable?

It’s better to have replaceable rechargeable batteries because you might have to replace the flashlight itself if the built-in battery malfunctions. 

The longer the battery life, the better it is; that’s obvious. But what matters is how it changes with different lighting modes.

Inspect the Lumen Count and the Range

What’s the average and maximum lumen output? The maximum output for a typical rechargeable flashlight is about 500-800 lumens. Correspondingly, you need to check how far the light reaches. This is because not all LEDs go the same distance for identical lumen outputs.

Evaluate the Recharging Method

Can you charge the battery separately, or do you have to keep it inside the battery compartment to set it? See how it immediately changes convenience?

On the other hand, there are two key flashlight charging methods; USB-C and micro USB. But brands like Olight have proprietary charging methods. So, you need to ensure you’re comfortable with the charging method.

Pay Attention to the Warranty

It’s better to have at least one year of company warranty for flashlights, and more than that is better. 15-30 days of a money-back guarantee is the cherry on top.

Overall, the chosen company should be established enough to claim a warranty whenever needed.

Benefits of Getting a Rechargeable Flashlight

  • Save a little fortune you’d spend on disposable batteries
  • Save the time and effort of buying batteries every two-to-three days
  • Light output is more consistent compared to regular flashlights
  • You can replace the rechargeable batteries similar to disposable batteries
  • Much more convenient to use overall
  • You can fully recharge most flashlights in under 2-3 hours
  • Much more environment-friendly
  • And much more!

Rechargeable Flashlights vs Flashlights With Disposable Batteries

a human holding a flashlight

Rechargeable flashlights work with built-in and replaceable batteries. Other regular flashlights work with batteries that you should replace and dispose of.

So, rechargeable flashlights are the upgrade of conventional flashlights.

You’ll continue to save money and time in both situations with rechargeable flashlights. With all the benefits they deliver, it’s definitely a worthy investment.

In Conclusion

Choosing a rechargeable flashlight over a regular flashlight is the better decision almost all the time. But the problem is finding the best solution.

After evaluating over twenty well-performing rechargeable flashlights, the Acebeam L19 2.0 claims the top position. Flashlights like these are designed to last for years, and that’s why it’s a proper investment.

Now you know everything you need to know; now it’s time to get that rechargeable flashlight.


The typical runtime of a rechargeable flashlight is between 1-7 hours, with the potential to last up to 30+ days.

A rechargeable flashlight works by activating an electric current to the filament or LED to produce light, and recharging occurs through a generator located in the handle which charges the battery.

A rechargeable flashlight should be charged for about 10-12 hours for the first charge, after that, the frequency of charging should be as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Rechargeable flashlights are better for the environment as they don’t require frequent replacement of batteries which can be disposed of to the environment.

Acebeam L19 2.0
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Over 1000m throw
Dual switch system’s agility
Increased durability with the IPX8 waterproof rating and 1m impact resistance
Trouble-free maximum runtime of 62 days
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
The head diameter might be a little bigger

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