9 Best Pocket Flashlights for Every Occasion [2024 Updated]

Last Updated on June, 2024

How many times have you tried to fit a flashlight in your pocket? Or had to carry a separate bag just for the flashlight?

Lucky for you, pocket flashlights in the 2020s are advanced and very popular.

Even if you had an EDC, investing in a pocket flashlight is wise.

But the problem is that so many pocket flashlights are on the market. So, you might get a bit confused about where to even start. 

That’s why we researched, tested, and chose nine out of the best 15 flashlights in the market. All you need to do is read through and pick your choices.

Let’s begin!

Editor’s Choice
Acebeam E10 Pocket
Beam distance






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Olight S2R Baton II
Beam distance






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Beam distance






Overall Score


The 9 Best Pocket Flashlights

1. Acebeam E10 Pocket (Editor’s Choice)

The best pocket flashlight ideally should have the perfect balance between three components. These are compactness, lumen output, and durability.

The Acebeam E10 meets and exceeds your expectations objectively.

The E10 comes in two individual head-and-body sections in the package. That even decreases the space required to carry.

After instant assembly, its length is 3.58 inches weighing 5.11oz (144.9g) with the battery. That fulfills the compactness requirement.

In addition, the signature Acebeam knurling pattern provides a better grip.

What about the light?

You get five brightness levels spanning between 1 lumen to 1050 lumens, accessible by a side switch including a strobe mode.

Acebeam E10 is so unique that it features three colors of LED lights; white, green, and red. No flashlight in this list has this ability. Moreover, each color has six lighting modes such as Turbo, High, Mid, Low, Moonlight, and Strobe.

The maximum output for the white light is 760 lumens at a distance of 562m (1843.8ft) for 1h and 30 min. 

In the green mode, the highest mode features 1050 lumens at 675m (2214.6ft) for 1h and 30 min. The red LED emits 250 lumens at 385m (1263.1ft) for 1h 45 mins. So, the colored lights with different brightness levels are perfect for inspecting dark corners.

The longest duration for all three lights is 77 days with 1 lumen moonlight mode. 

The light is super clean and diffused thanks to the superior TIR optics.

So, for a pocket-sized LED flashlight, that’s more than enough. 

The Acebeam 2000mAh 26350 rechargeable battery is about 2 inches long. The best thing is that these rechargeable batteries can be USB-C recharged with even your laptop, as most laptops have 5V/1A outputs. That helps you charge your pocket flashlight discreetly wherever you go.

If not, you can also use a power bank to charge, but this isn’t possible with larger flashlights. That’s the flashlight that deserves to be in your camping gear.

In addition, the knurling pattern and the aerospace-grade durable aluminum housing increase the durability. It further increases with an IPX7 water resistance rating and 1m impact resistance.

In addition, the E10 features a toughened ultra-clear mineral glass lens too.

All things considered, the Acebeam E10 is the best pocket flashlight on the market right now.


  • Respective lighting modes: (Lumen output — beam distance — runtime)
    • White light
      • Turbo: 760 lumens — 562m (1843.83 feet) — 1h 30min
      • High: 310 lumens — 363m (1190.94 feet) — 2h 45min
      • Mid: 150 lumens — 245m (803.81 feet)— 6h 45min
      • Low: 20 lumens — 92m (301.84 feet) — 46 hours
      • Moonlight: 1 lumen — 13m (42.65 feet) — 1850h
      • Strobe: 760 lumens — 1h 15min 
    • Green light
      • Turbo: 1050 lumens — 675m (2214.57 feet) — 1h 30min
      • High: 430 lumens — 420m (1377.95 feet) — 2h 45min
      • Mid: 190 lumens — 283m (928.48 feet) — 6h 45min
      • Low: 25 lumens — 106m (347.77 feet) — 46 hours
      • Moonlight: 1 lumen — 14m (45.93 feet) — 1850 hours
      • Strobe: 1050 lumens — 1h 15min
    • Red light
      • Turbo: 250 lumens — 385m (1263.12 feet) — 1h 45min
      • High: 110 lumens — 253m (830.05 feet) — 3h 30min
      • Mid: 50 lumens — 167m (547.9 feet) — 8h 45min
      • Low: 6 lumens — 63m (206.7 feet) — 60 hours
      • Moonlight: 1 lumen — 9m (29.53 feet) — 1850h
      • Strobe: 1050 lumens — 1h 30min
  • Peak beam intensity: 114,000cd
  • 3.58‘’x1.57‘’x1.22” in dimensions 
  • Maximum Runtime: 77 days
  • 5.11oz (144.9g) with battery 
  • USB-C rechargeable battery 
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • 1m drop resistance
  • Made of aerospace-grade durable Aluminum
  • Low battery voltage warning with flickering
  • Highly integrated side switch
  • 5 year warranty 


  • Two-piece easy-assembly to even reduce the size
  • Overall compactness for easy carrying 
  • White, red, and green lights for bespoke operations 
  • Strobe mode as a defensive or SOS signaling tool
  • Easy operation of the side switch 
  • Lockout mode to prevent accidental activation 
  • Safeguard the battery with a low battery voltage warning 
  • Increased durability by the build quality and resistance capacities


  • The package doesn’t have a lanyard ring

2. Olight S2R Baton II Pocket (#2nd Best Choice)

Olight is a very reliable brand in the flashlight world. Their S2R Baton II is the next best option on our list.

For starters, the Baton II is very compact, with a length of 3.94 inches and a body diameter of 0.91 inches. Compactness is complimented by its lightweight nature as it weighs only 3.47oz (98.4g).

For a reliable flashlight, these numbers are relevant and impressive.

This Baton II’s body features a unique small squared texture that ensures a secure grip. The two-way removable pocket clip will make it easier to attach to your pocket.

You get only the white light with the Baton II, but there are six light modes. The maximum output is 1150 lumens at 135m (442.9ft) beam throw. Even for a regular flashlight, that’s a lot of lumens. That’s why it’s one of the best pocket flashlights.

The flashlight’s LED light has a premium beam profile using Olight TIR optics. Imagine using your flashlight with a balanced hotspot but also a stable beam. That’s how clear illumination is delivered.

Another feature that makes the Baton II better than most is its long battery life. The S2R Baton II runs for 60 days.

Pocket flashlights always work better with side switches. Luckily, the Baton II also operates with a side switch. It also features an IPX8 water resistance rating while being impact resistant up to 1.5m. After all, pocket lights are likely to fall from a pocket, but Olight has fixed the risk.

Considering the balance between compactness, portability, lighting modes, and durability, Olight S2R Baton II deserves to claim second place in the list.


  • Lighting modes: (Lumen count — runtime)
    • Turbo: 1150 lumens — 2min
    • High: 400 lumens — 4 hours
    • Med: 120 lumens — 14 hours
    • Low: 15 lumens — 100 hours
    • Moonlight: 0.5 lumens — 60 days
    • Strobe mode
  • 3.94 inches long x 0.91 head dia 
  • 3.47oz (98.4g) of product weight
  • Square shared texture 
  • Recharges with the Olight MCC charging method
  • Two-way clip
  • TIR optic technology 
  • Side switch operation 
  • IPX8 water resistant
  • 1.5m drop resistance 
  • 5 year warranty 

Here’s our full review of Olight S2R Baton II if you want to know more about this flashlight.


  • Super compact and lightweight 
  • Fits safely in your pocket with the two-way clip
  • Six lighting modes to control the light output perfectly 
  • Perfect grip with the body texture 
  • More effortless operation with the side switch 
  • Increased durability with resistance capacity


  • Not USB-C rechargeable

3. FENIX E09R (#3rd Best Choice)

We have reviewed enough Fenix flashlights to know that this brand is reliable. Their E09R EDC flashlight is the next on our list.

Although the flashlight is listed as an EDC one, you’ll realize it is actually a pocket flashlight.

E09R is only 3.1 inches in length, 0.76 inches of head dia and 0.72 inches of body dia. So, it’s evident that the E09R qualifies as a pocket flashlight of a small size.

It weighs only 1.59 oz (45g) with the battery; that’s extremely lightweight.

If you’d like it, this could be your keychain light, even though it’s a handheld flashlight.

But what about the lighting performance?

You get 600 lumens maximum light output for 124m (406.8ft) throw with five light modes. There’s a strobe mode termed burst mode by Fenix. Moreover, the intelligent memory function lets you access the last brightness mode you were using quickly.

The longest runtime is 70h thanks to the built-in 800mAh Li-polymer battery. That marks the E09R as a reliable flashlight. 

You can easily charge the battery with the USB cable included. Fenix advertises 1 hour of charging time, and that’s very impressive.

The light beam is pretty interesting as you get two beam angles. This pocket flashlight lets you control the direction of the light more effortlessly. The spot beam angle is 13°, and the spill beam angle is 81°.

With a color temperature of 6200K, you’ll be able to see the colors of the surroundings more clearly. 

You also receive a limited lifetime guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA. Durability is certified by design with the IP68 water-resistant and dustproof rating. The drop resistance is 1m.

All things considered, this is one of the best pocket-sized flashlights we recommend.


  • Lighting modes (Lumen count — runtime — beam distance)
    • High: 300 lumens — 1h 30min — 91m
    • Med: 100 lumens — 4 hours — 56m
    • Low: 25 lumens — 16 hours — 28m
    • Moonlight: 3lm — 70 hours — 9m
    • Burst mode: 600 lumens
  • 3.11 inches length, 0.76 inches head dia, and 0.72 inches body dia
  • 1.59oz (45g) weight with the battery 
  • USB-C rechargeable 
  • 6200K lighting temperature
  • Memory function
  • Luminus SST20 LE LED source
  • Limited Lifetime Guarantee from Fenix Lighting USA


  • Small in size and lightweight 
  • Considerably high lumen output with spot beam and spill beam angling 
  • Durability certified by design 
  • Access the last used brightness mode with intelligent memory
  • Risk-free lifetime guarantee
  • Easy operation with the side switch


  • Lacks a two-way clip

4. Thrunite T1

Thrunite is another recognized flashlight brand, and their T1 Black is another fantastic pocket flashlight.

Why is it in fourth place? Let’s see why!

The flashlight is super compact with a length of 2.74 inches, 1.04 inches of head diameter, and 0.87 inches of body diameter.

That draws a clear picture of how small and how easily the T1 will fit in your pocket.

The weight is just 1.58oz (45g); the lightweight compactness requirement is perfectly fulfilled for the T1 pocket flashlight.

The T1 flashlight features five brightness settings accessible by the side switch. The highest Turbo mode emits 1500 lumens at 102m (334.65ft). The maximum battery life is 12 days, and that’s in the 0.5lm firefly mode.The fifth mode is strobe and it emits 550 lumens for 120 mins.

This is a rechargeable flashlight whose battery takes only 3 hours to charge fully.

These numbers are impressive for a small pocket flashlight that could even replace your EDC light. 

Because of the two-way clip, you don’t have to worry if the flashlight will fall off your pocket. Remember you’re looking for a flashlight that should ideally stay in your pocket.

But what if the flashlight accidentally turns on inside your pocket? 

To prevent that, the Thrunite has a lockout function. If you remember, the #1 in the list also has that feature.

Durability is not questioned when the T1 has excellent build quality with an IPX8 water resistance rating and 1.5m impact resistance.

In conclusion, Thrunite T1 does a phenomenal job in the pocket-sized category. With its features, you’ll be able to use it for multiple types of activities.


  • Lighting modes (Lumen output — runtime — beam distance)
    • Turbo: 1500 lumens — 3mins — 102m
    • Infinity High: 685 lumens — 65min
    • Infinity Low: 15 lumens — 35h
    • Firefly: 0.5 lumens — 12 days
    • Strobe settings: 550 lumens — 120min
  • 1.58oz (45g) flashlight weight
  • 2.55 inches long, 1.04 inches head diameter, 0.87 inches body diameter
  • Two-way clip
  • 3 hours to fully charge
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • 1.5m impact resistance
  • The package includes a lanyard and O-rings


  • Compactness helps you store it easily in your pocket
  • Stays more stable in the pocket with the clip 
  • Comfortably carry the flashlight with the lanyard
  • Higher lumen count for better illumination
  • The lockout function prevents accidental activation 
  • Charge your battery faster in under 3 hours
  • Works easier with a side switch


  • More runtime in the lowest mode would have been better

5. Nitecore T4K

Nitecore is a famous flashlight brand that has produced memorable flashlights. Their T4K is the next best flashlight on our list.

Let’s start with its impressive maximum light output, which is 4000 lumens at 209m (685.7ft).

The reason is that this powerful flashlight uses a light source of 4 CREE XP-L2 V6 LEDs coupled with the total reflective optic lens system

But there are five light settings such as Turbo (4000lm), High (200lm), Mid (65lm), Low (15lm), and ultralow (1lm).

The maximum battery life is 2.79 days or 67 hours.

Regarding the lighting modes, the T4K gives you complete control of the lighting beam. That’s a mandatory feature for a pocket flashlight covered swiftly.

But how small is it, and how well can it fit in your pocket?

This LED flashlight is 3.24″ x 1.18″ x 1.15″ in dimensions. Unlike the first few flashlights in the list, this one is cuboidal in shape. The weight is just 2.72oz (76.5g). So, the weight compliments the compactness making the T4K an excellent pocket flashlight.

It doesn’t have a two-way clip, but the T4K features a signature Deep Carry Pocket (DCP) clip. That makes it easier to hold the flashlight inside the pocket more safely.

But Nitecore has understood the risk of accidental activation of a pocket flashlight. That explains the half and full lockout modes available.

In addition, the T4K has a 3mm thick copper cooling PCB. This feature is vital in controlling the inner heat when you put the flashlight inside the pocket.

The T4K is a USB-C rechargeable flashlight with multiple charging safeguards, including overcharge projection and automatic termination upon charging completion. You can fully charge the flashlight in under 1h and 30 mins.

The OLED display is a unique and useful feature. The screen lets you monitor performance stats such as the lumen output and battery level. The interface is simple and clear too. That’s a very convenient feature for any type of flashlight.

All things considered, the Nitecore T4K becomes one of the best rechargeable flashlights in the market that fits your pocket.


  • Five operational modes (4000lm and 209m peak performance)
  • 3.24’’ x 1.18’’ x 1.15’’ dimensions
  • Cuboidal in shape
  • 2.72oz (76.5g)
  • Deep Carry Pocket (DCP) clip 
  • IP54 waterproof rating
  • 1m drop resistance
  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Half and full lockout modes
  • Multiple charging safeguards
  • OLED display


  • The cuboidal shape makes it easier to fit in a pocket 
  • Lightweight compactness to carry easier in your pocket
  • Attach the flashlight better with the DCP clip 
  • Massive 4000lm light output for better illumination
  • Safeguard your flashlight’s battery with charging safeguards 
  • OLED screen brightness level and battery indicator


  • Built-in battery
  • Lacks a strobe mode


The IMALENT MS03 is the next best pocket flashlight. The brand is well-known amongst flashlight enthusiasts, so you don’t have to worry about the brand value.

The MS03 is quite compact as it’s only 4.33 inches in length with a diameter of 1.41 inches, weighing 6.59oz (with batteries).

The compact cylindrical shape with IMALENT’s signature knurling patterns makes the flashlight convenient to hold. 

So, this LED flashlight has a beautiful balance between weight and dimensions.

When coupled with the design quality, the flashlight fulfills the physical requirements of a pocket flashlight.

You get complete control of the light beam with five different light modes. 

The highest brightness output is 13,000lm at a distance of 324m beam throw. The lowest brightness is 150lm, and its longest runtime is 27h. 

That’s why the MS03 qualifies to be an EDC flashlight as well. By that, we imply that its lighting performance stats are more than enough for a pocket flashlight. 

Durability is assured since it’s made from aerospace-grade durable Aluminum while having an IPX8 water resistance rating. With an impact resistance of 1.5m, the MS03 is built to last.

The package contains a lanyard and a holster, amongst other things. These items increase the user experience of the MS03.

In conclusion, the MS03 is one of the best LED flashlights you can own, just not as good as the Acebeam E10.

You can read more about Imalent MS03 here.


  • Five lighting modes (Lumen output — runtime — beam distance)
    • Turbo: 13,000 lumens — 45 seconds —324m beam throw
    • High: 8,000 lumens — 1min
    • Middle II: 3,000 lumens — 1h 15min
    • Middle I: 1,300 lumens — 2h
    • Middle low: 800 lumens — 3h 40min
    • Low: 150 lumens — 27h
  • 4.33 inches in length 
  • 6.59oz (187g) including batteries
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • 1.5m impact resistance 


  • Small in size and lightweight 
  • Total control of the light with multiple lighting modes
  • Better handling with lanyards and holster 
  • It fully charges in 2.5 hours
  • Increased durability by design


  • Lacks a pocket clip
  • Lacks a moonlight mode

7. Cyansky M3

Cyansky might be a relatively new brand name for you as it’s less popular than Acebeam, Thrunite, or Nitecore.

But their M3 was one of the best-performing pocket flashlights on this list.

The flashlight is 2 inches in length and 0.83 inches in diameter. With a weight of 1.73oz (49.1g) (with the battery), the M3 is highly compact and lightweight.

You won’t feel like carrying this small flashlight in your pocket.

However, unlike the IMALENT MS03, the Cyansky M3 has a one-way clip. That gives a better attachment to the pocket.

So, the fit is fine so far — what about the lighting modes?

There are five lighting modes, including a 700lm strobe mode. The highest lighting mode emits 700lm for 73m beam throw. The maximum runtime is 72h with 5lm. That’s more than enough for a pocket flashlight and even an EDC flashlight.

You can access all the modes with one side metal button. The same switch turns the accidental activation lock with two clicks. The metal surface increases the durability of the button.

The flashlight is USB rechargeable and powered by one 16340 700mAh rechargeable.

Durability is assured with a robust TC-4 Titanium body with an IP68 water resistance rating, and the impact resistance is 2m. 

Cyansky suggests the flashlight as a great backup LED flashlight; we approve of that!


  • Five light modes (lumen count — runtime — beam distance)
    • Turbo: 700 lumens — 0.5 hours — 73m 
    • High: 150 lumens — 2 hours — 34m
    • Med: 30 lumens — 11 hours — 15m
    • Low: 5 lumens — 72 hours — 6m
    • Strobe mode: 700 lumens —1 hour
  • 2 inches in length and 0.83 inches in diameter
  • 1.73oz (49.1g) with battery weight
  • One-way clip 
  • USB rechargeable 
  • Titanium body
  • IP68 
  • 2m impact resistance 
  • 15 days free replacement
  • Five years warranty


  • Compactness helps you carry it more easier 
  • Pocket clip to attach better
  • Increased durability by design 
  • Accidental activation lock increases safety


  • Lacks a moonlight mode

8. Wuben X0

Wuben is a popular brand, and they have a wide variety of flashlights. Objectively speaking, their X0 is yet another amazing pocket flashlight.

All the flashlights in this list so far have the light at the end. But the X0’s light is on the side. That certainly gives a different experience.

The X0 comes with dimensions 2.24 x 0.96 x 1.10 inches and a weight of 2.89oz (81.93g).

The balance between compactness and lightness of weight makes the X0 an ideal pocket flashlight candidate.

There are seven lighting modes, and the highest Turbo mode features an impressive 1100 lumens light output at 125m (410.1ft). 

The lowest 1 lumen moonlight mode will run for 130h. That’s how the X0 satisfies the lighting requirements of a pocket flashlight.

X0’s clip lets you carry the flashlight safely in your pocket, jacket, belt, or backpack. But that’s not all; you can attach the X0 to metal surfaces with a powerful magnet at the bottom.

What’s the use of a pocket flashlight if it takes too long to charge? That’s why the X0 only takes 1.5 hours to fully charge.

There’s a feature that other lights don’t have that helps you customize your X0 better. You can add tritium vials to 8 slots in the flashlight, bringing added beauty.

Wuben X0’s durability is certified with an IP68 waterproof rating and 1.5m impact resistance. 

It should be mentioned that the light can also be used as a stress relief toy. This is done by the built-in switch that has a comfortable pressing feeling.

All things considered, this unique pocket flashlight is another suitable candidate for your choice.


  • Seven lighting modes (lumen count — runtime — beam distance)
    • Turbo: 1100 lumens — 1 minute — 125m
    • High: 250 lumens — 2.5 hours — 50m
    • Med: 50 lumens — 15 hours — 36m
    • Low: 19 lumens — 40 hours — 19m
    • Moonlight: 1lm — 130 hours — 2m
    • Strobe: 1000lm
    • SOS: 50lm
  • One-way clip
  • Magnetic tail cap 
  • IP68 waterproof rated
  • 1.5m impact resistance
  • USB-C charging
  • Replaceable battery 
  • 1.5h charging time 
  • 8 tritium tanks for custom modification


  • The balance between compactness and lightness in weight 
  • Multiple lighting modes to choose from 
  • Carry the flashlight safer with the clip
  • Hands-free light thanks to the magnet
  • Increases durability by design 
  • Faster charging 
  • Customization capacity


  • More beam distance would have been better

9. Fireflies PL09MU

Fireflies is another lesser-known flashlight brand, but their PL09MU certainly deserves to be on the best pocket flashlight list.

The flashlight can be used for both everyday uses and as a pocket flashlight.

With a length of 4.1 inches, the flashlight weighs 5.48oz (155.36g) with the battery.

That gives you an idea about how the PL09MU fits in your palm.

6061 Aluminium Alloy and the type III hard anodizing body with a square textured knurling pattern give a better grip.

You can easily carry it anywhere thanks to the one-way clip. The flashlight also has a magnetic tail. With that, you can simply take the PL09MU out of your pocket, fix it somewhere, and use it hands-free.

You get five operation modes, which are stepped, such as 1%, 15%, 25%, 50%, and 100% (Turbo). The Turbo mode features 2200 lumens, which throws light to 45.8m of distance. That should give you an idea about how the rest of the modes operate. 

However, the flashlight has no USB recharging.

The PL09MU LED flashlight is IPX8 rated with amazing build quality ensuring longevity by design.

So, it’s safe to say that even for the ninth place on this list, the PL09MU is another reliable pocket flashlight.


  • Five lighting modes
    • 100% (Turbo): 2200 lumens
    • 50%: 1100 lumens
    • 25%: 550 lumens
    • 25%: 275 lumens
    • 1%: 22 lumens
  • Peak (Turbo) beam distance of 45.8m (150.3ft)
  • 4.1 inches long 
  • 5.48oz (155.36g) weight with battery 
  • IPX8 waterproof rating
  • One way clip
  • Tail magnet
  • Side switch operation


  • Bright 2000+lm light and multiple lighting modes
  • Easy to operate and carry with the compact size
  • The tail magnet makes hands-free operation easier 
  • One-way clip to attach to clothes and backpacks


  • No onboard charging 
  • Lacks reflectors and optics

Why Buy a Pocket Flashlight?

A pocket flashlight is the smallest flashlight type designed to fit your pocket. So, it becomes very handy for all occasions when you can’t take a regular flashlight with you.

They also have high lumen output, especially in leading flashlight brands. Most importantly, they’re cheaper than larger regular flashlights.

All things considered, everyone should own a pocket flashlight in the.

Your Guide to Buying the Best Pocket Flashlight 

Check the Dimensions and Weight

A pocket flashlight must fit your pocket. So, you need to ensure that the flashlight fits in your pocket. For that, the light ideally should be below 6 inches and lightweight. But pay attention to the width as well.

Check the Light Output And Beam Distance 

Modern flashlights have immense lumen outputs. That’s why the compactness of a flashlight doesn’t imply the lumen output will be low.

When buying a pocket flashlight, check how high the lumen output and the corresponding beam distances are. The rule of thumb is to check how much light you get in the maximum mode.

Check the Battery Life

The longer the battery life, the more convenient it is for you. But you also need to check how long it takes to charge fully. In addition, check if the batteries are replaceable too, which increases the lifespan of the flashlight.

In addition, check how exactly you should charge the battery; it requires a micro USB cable and, sometimes, a type-C USB charging cable.

Check for the Resistance Aspects 

Most high-quality flashlights have an IP waterproof rating and an impact/drop resistance rating in meters. When coupled with the build quality, the durability of the flashlight increases tremendously. You must remember to check these aspects.

Check for the Package

Often, you receive several items along with the flashlight. This could include AAA batteries (spare batteries or not), belt clips, O rings, and especially the warranty card. So, make sure to check what the package brings to the table.

Benefits of Pocket Flashlights Over Regular Flashlights

Pocket Flashlights on the table
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Easier to carry attached to backpacks and clothes
  • Simpler operational mechanism 
  • Generally, long battery runtime
  • Becomes a backup light in case your everyday carry flashlight doesn’t work 
  • Relatively less pricey
  • And much more!


It’s always better to have a pocket flashlight, even if you have an EDC flashlight. The balance between compactness and high-lumen output justifies the need primarily.

Considering over 15 pocket flashlights, the Acebeam E10 pocket is our best recommendation as a pocket flashlight. The reason is simply the amazing features it brings to the table. 

Now you know everything there’s to know about pocket flashlights. So, it’s time to make that choice a reality.


Yes, rechargeable flashlights can be pocket-sized. Many modern flashlights are designed to fit in a pocket, and rechargeable batteries power them.

The average light output of a pocket flashlight is 100 lumens.

The ideal size for a pocket flashlight is approximately 5-6 inches in length and 5-6oz in weight, including the battery.

Acebeam E10
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Two-piece easy-assembly to even reduce the size
Overall compactness for easy carrying
Strobe mode as a defensive or SOS signaling tool
Easy operation of the side switch
Safeguard the battery with a low battery voltage warning
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
The package doesn’t have a lanyard ring

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