7 Best Nitecore Flashlight Reviews [Tested & Ranked in 2024]

Last Updated on June, 2024

Nitecore’s popularity has been consistent over the years. The secret is the ideal balance of highest design quality and cutting-edge performance characteristics.

You are definitely not the only person looking for the best Nitecore flashlight at this day and age.

But the answer to that question requires elaboration. As you read through, you’d understand what you should pick. Because we did the research, testing, and also, did ranking.

We understand the importance of providing the most accurate information in our reviews.

So, you’re in the right place looking for the best Nitecore flashlight.

Let’s get it started.

Editor’s Choice
Nitecore TUP

The overall best flashlight from Nitecore

(Best Overall)

#2nd Best Choice
Nitecore E4K

The best EDC flashlight from Nitecore

(Best EDC)

#3rd Best Choice
Nitecore P10iX

The best tactical flashlight from Nitecore

(Best Tactical)

7 of the Best Nitecore Flashlight

1. Nitecore TUP (Best Overall)

Nitecore’s TUP is the best overall flashlight, and let’s see why it is so.

For starters, the flashlight is very compact with dimensions 2.76″ x 1.16″, resembling an ergonomic cuboid with smooth and curved edges. But it weighs only 1.87oz.

So, the TUP is a compact, lightweight flashlight with excellent build quality.

But how intense is the light? How many light modes are there?

The Nitecore TUP features a 1000-lumen output reaching close to 180m. Across five operational modes, the lumen count drops to 1 lumen.

This is a dual-switch flashlight with power and mode button. 

Here are the light modes,

  • Turbo: 1000lm — 15min
  • High: 200lm — 3h
  • Mid: 65lm — 9h 45min
  • Low: 15lm — 19h
  • Ultralow: 1lm — 70h

These operate under two user modes: daily and demo. The daily mode is for outdoor and long time illumination. The demo mode is for EDC and short-time illumination.

This Micro-USB rechargeable flashlight takes only 3.5h to recharge fully. But what if the flashlight overcharges? That risk is fixed thanks to the OLED display.

The OLED display shows battery level & voltage, brightness level, user mode, and runtime.

Accidental activation is preventable thanks to two lockout functions.

In addition to all of this, the TUP has a Deep Carry Pocket (DCP) clip making it easier to carry.

The Nitecore flashlight has an IP54 waterproof rating with 1m impact resistance to increase durability.

So, whether it was in terms of brightness, light levels, operational convenience, rechargeability, and even tactical suitability, Nitecore’s TUP is a fantastic flashlight, an amazingly balanced flashlight.


  • Complete control of the light across five lighting modes
  • 1000lm strong and clear light
  • The convenience of micro-USB rechargeability 
  • OLED display shows performance details 
  • 3.5h to fully charge and runs up to 70h
  • 1-lumen moonlight mode
  • Easier operation with dual switch system
  • DCP clip to carry the flashlight safer 
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Lockout functions prevent accidental turning on 


  • Additional modes like strobe would’ve been a great addition

2. Nitecore E4K (Best EDC)

Your everyday carry flashlight should fulfill a particular set of requirements. Nitecore E4K meets and exceeds them.

The flashlight has a length of 4.63 inches, a head dia of 1.13 inches, and a tail diameter of 1.11 inches.

The corresponding weight is 2.82oz. This balance ensures lightweight compactness, and that, in turn, assures smooth handling.

The build quality is impressive with the anti-skid knurling, inclusive of the cooling fins. E4K’s EDC value increases more thanks to the tail stand capability.

The E4K features a strong 4400 lumens output at 211m beam throw. The maximum runtime is 700h which is about 30 days.

There are eight lighting modes, including the Turbo mode, accessible by a side switch. This diversity is vital in emitting the ideal lumen output for specific everyday work.

Here’s how they vary,

  • Turbo: 4400lm — 30min
  • High: 1050lm — 3h 15min
  • Mid: 320lm — 7h 30min
  • Low: 50lm — 45h
  • Ultralow: 2lm — 700h
  • Strobe: 4400lm
  • SOS: 4400lm
  • Beacon: 4400lm

In addition, you also get momentary access to Turbo by the same side switch.

The light runs on a powerful NL2150HPR 5000mAh battery. It can be USB-C recharged fully in under 6 hours. You won’t have to worry about overcharging thanks to Nitecore’s patented battery level indicator.

The E4K is IP68 water resistant and 1m impact resistant. That assures the durability factor.

In conclusion, E4K is the best Nitecore everyday carry flashlight.


  • 4400 strong peak light output
  • Five lighting levels across 4400lm to 2lm 
  • Strobe mode for defense
  • SOS and beacon modes for emergencies 
  • Long battery life of up to 30 days
  • The convenience of a USB-C rechargeable battery (included)
  • Momementay-on capability by design
  • Increased battery safety with battery level indicator
  • Improved durability with resistance capacities 
  • Superior ergonomic design quality 
  • Lightweight compactness


  • Should get a little used to the UI 

3. Nitecore P10iX (Best Tactical)

Tactical flashlights are typically used by law enforcement or military personnel. But their superior performance characteristics can be beneficial for any person.

So, how come Nitecore P10iX becomes the best tactical flashlight?

For starters, the P10iX has that signature tactical design quality, layers of knurling, and multiple segments, ensuring the best grip with the easiest maneuverability.

The lightweight compactness complements that.

What else can you say when the flashlight weighs only 2.8oz and is only 5.4 inches long? The head diameter is only 1 inch, and the tail diameter is 1.12 inches.

The P10iX has two switches on the tail cap/base. The first one is the patented 2nd Gen strobe-ready™ that allows instant strobe and Turbo mode access. It also has a patented insert pedal design to avoid accidental activation. 

The second tactical tail switch enables switching across seven light modes altogether. These work in two user modes; daily and tactical mode. That increases the flashlight’s tactical value.

The P10iX emits a strong 4000-lumen output with a maximum runtime of 350 hours.

Here’s how lighting modes change,

  • Turbo: 4000lm — 30min
  • Higher: 1700lm — 2h
  • High: 850lm — 2h 30min
  • Mid: 300lm — 7h 15min
  • Low: 50lm — 38h
  • Ultralow: 2lm — 350hr
  • Strobe: 4000

Tactical situations require more safety. That’s why the P10iX comes with ATR (advanced temperature regulation). That helps the light maintain its temperature according to the ambient temperature. 

Not to forget the beam distance, the P10iX can throw up to 157 meters, that’s excellent. 

In addition, the flashlight’s USB-C recharging port has a cover that provides excellent water, dust, and impact resistance. Add the IP68 waterproof rating and 2m impact resistance, and you get a resilient tactical flashlight.

So, it’s not surprising how the P10iX really is the brand’s best tactical flashlight.


  • Tactical agility of the dual switch operation from the tail cap
  • Eight lighting modes spanning across 4000 to 2-lumen output 
  • Excellent design quality, including IP68, ATR technology charging port cover, and 2m impact resistance 
  • The convenience of USB-C rechargeability 
  • Lightweight compactness
  • Daily and tactical, operational modes suiting bespoke operations
  • The convenience of the NTH10 tactical holster in the packaging
  • Keep an eye on the battery level easier with the power indicator 


  • Lacks a pocket clip 

4. Nitecore HC60 V2 (Best Headlamp)

Headlamps are typically used for EDC and emergency situations. Hence, their performance must be top-notch.

In this context, the HC60 V2 is the absolute best from Nitecore.

The light itself is very compact and lightweight, ensuring no neck strain. It’s only 3.31 inches long, 1.41 inches wide, and 2.11 inches tall while weighing only 3.83oz.

But the headband is as essential as the light itself. The rubber pads help a better grip, while the silicone strip diverts sweat to the sides of the head.

The strip that goes over your head ensures the best fit.

The HC60 V2 has five light levels and eight modes, switchable by one switch conveniently.

The peak output is 1200 lumens at 129 meters beam throw. Its usefulness increases as the light can be tilted 180° vertically because of the 100° wide flood beam.

Here’s how the lighting modes change,

  • Turbo: 1200lm — 45min
  • High: 450lm — 2h 15min
  • Mid: 250lm — 6h 30min
  • Low: 40lm — 26h
  • Ultralow (moonlight mode) — 680h
  • Strobe: 1200lm
  • Beacon: 1200lm
  • SOS: 1200lm 

If you didn’t notice, that’s a peak runtime of close to 30 days. That runtime is achieved by USB-C recharging the headlamp for only about 4 hours from 0 percent.

The cherry on top is the Nitecore patented power indicator.

The headlamp’s durability is certified thanks to the IPX7 waterproof rating and the 1m impact resistance.

So, all things considered, the HC60 V2 really is the best Nitecore headlamp.


  • Single switch operation’s convenience
  • Eight lighting modes spanning across 1200 to 1 lumen
  • Adjustable and comfortable headband
  • Usefulness of the 180° tiltable light with 100° wide flood beam 
  • USB-C rechargeable in about 4 hours
  • Close to one month of battery life
  • The power indicator ensures the safety of the flashlight


  • Proprietary battery

5. Nitecore TINI 2 (Best Mini Nitecore)

Mini flashlights are great backup lights for everyone in a family since they’re usually keychain flashlights. They make great gifts too.

In the Nitecore store, the TINI 2 is the best mini flashlight.

This cuboidal mini light is only 1.83 inches in length, 0.98 inches in width, and 0.49 inches.

That’s very compact. How lightweight do you think it is? Only 0.66oz.

The MINI 2 is a dual switch mini light; one is to switch between the modes, one for power.

Even with a small size, the TINI 2 emits 500 lumens of maximum output with a max throw of 89 meters. But its versatility is higher thanks to the five light levels. 

They operate in two modes, demo and daily, similar to the tactical light P10iX.

Here’s how the light levels vary,

  • Turbo: 500lm — 15min
  • High: 200lm — 45min
  • Mid: 65lm — 2.5h
  • Low: 15lm — 8h
  • Ultralow: 1lm — 60h

The TINI 2 is USB-C rechargeable with a built-in battery, and it takes about 1h and 45 mins to charge it from 0 percent.

The TINI 2 has a multi-functional OLED display to make things extremely convenient for you. It shows the light level, battery level, and runtime remaining.

The key clasp makes it easier to use as a key light chain.

With a lasting build quality, and amazing lightweight compactness, the TINI 2 is the best Nitecore mini light.


  • Control the light’s level from 500lm to 1 lumen with one switch 
  • Two user modes for easier operation 
  • Long battery life of about 2.5 days 
  • OLED display to stay alert on the performance stats 
  • Use it as a keychain flashlight with the included key clasp
  • The convenience of USB-C rechargeability.
  • Increased durability with IP54 waterproof rating and 1m impact resistance
  • You can buy it in two colors; black or grey


  • Built-in Battery

6. Nitecore SRT7GT (Best Multicolor Flashlight)

Multicolor flashlights are helpful for blood tracking, checking intricate documents, currency inspections, and even just illuminating an area to protect night vision.

For all these purposes, the SRT7GT is the best Nitecore light. 

The flashlight is only 6.22 inches long, with the diameter changing from 1.57 inches to 1 inch.

Balance that with the 6.1oz weight, and you get a lightweight, compact flashlight. 

The ergonomic design with skid-resistant knurling is the icing on the cake.

The SRT7GT works with a 3rd Gen smart selector ring. It lets you access between four lighting levels of white light and three special modes, RGB colors and ultraviolet light.

That’s why the SRT7GT is the best multicolor flashlight in general.

The flashlight features a powerful 1000-lumen output with CREE XP LEDs for a 450 m beam throw. With a maximum runtime of 10 days, here’s how the light modes change,

  • Turbo:1000lm — 1h 15min
  • Medium: 13lm — 28h
  • Low: 3lm — 126h
  • Ultralow: 0.1lm — 240h
  • Red: 13lm — 26h
  • Green: 19lm — 26h
  • Blue: 3lm — 26h
  • Ultraviolet: N/A — 26h
  • Strobe: 1000lm
  • Beacon: 1000lm
  • Police warning (alternative red and blue lights): N/A — 32 hours

SRT7GT’s design quality is impressive, with a U-shape tail, a two-way clip, and an aerospace-grade aluminum hard anodized body.

You get all that AND an IPX8 waterproof rating with 1.5m impact resistance.

That’s why the SRT7GT has become the best in their store.


  • RGB colors and ultraviolet light for multiple purposes
  • Strobe light for defense
  • The convenience of the 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Five white light levels across 1000 to 0.1 lumens
  • The convenience of 10 days maximum battery runtime
  • Increased durability by superior design quality
  • Lightweight compactness
  • Two-way clip for safer carrying 


  • Lacks a tail switch for instant strobe mode access

7. Nitecore MH10 v2 (Best Rechargeable)

All the Nitecore flashlights in this list are rechargeable, yet MH10 v2 is the best rechargeable flashlight.Let’s see why it is so.

This USB-C rechargeable flashlight has a dustproof, waterproof, and impact-resistant charging port cover. 

That’s not a feature seen in many Nitecore flashlights. It takes about 6 hours to charge the MH10 v2 fully, but that’s worth it.

The MH10 v2 is only 5.79 inches long with a cylindrical shape whose diameter changes from 1.07 inches to 1 inch.

The weight is only 2.73oz, and that justifies its lightweight compactness.

You get a powerful 1200-lumen output with CREE XP LEDs that throw for 201 meters. Its maximum runtime is… wait for it… 1500h; that’s over 60 days. 

In addition, the MH10 V2 features seven light modes accessible by a single metal switch.

  • High: 1200lm — 3h 45min
  • Mid: 300lm — 8hr
  • Low: 55lm — 46h
  • Ultralow: 1lm — 1500hr
  • Strobe: 1200lm
  • Beacon: 1200lm
  • SOS: 1200lm

The MH10 V2 also features the signature patented Nitecore battery/ power level indicator. The other notable special features are the single-way clip and the U-shape tail.

The NTH10 tactical holster is also included in the package.

The flashlight is IP68 rated with 1m impact resistance. That’s how Nitecore reassures its prospective clients.

As a matter of fact, the MH10 V2 is the best Nitecore rechargeable flashlight.


  • USB-C rechargeable for under 6 hours 
  • USB port cover’s safety
  • Increases agility with lightweight compactness
  • Easier operation with a single switch 
  • Complete control of the light across 1200 to 1lm 
  • Special modes for defensive and emergency purposes
  • Keep an eye on the battery level with the indicator
  • Over 60 days of extended battery life


  • Output of some modes does not reach what’s claimed

Factors to Consider When Buying a Flashlight in 2023

Nitcore Flashlight on the table

Type of the Flashlight

It’s always better to choose the flashlight type suiting the user’s intent. While a regular flashlight might work in the tactical setting, a tactical flashlight in the tactical setting will deliver the best experience. So, remember to correlate the flashlight type with the user intent.

Design Quality

What materials are used to make the flashlight? And what are the special design features? For example, it could be the body’s shape and the knurling pattern. It also could be the bezel shape and pocket clip type. You must prioritize the design quality for sure.

Lumen Output, Light Modes, And Corresponding Beam Throw

Some flashlights have incredibly high lumen outputs and not a long beam throw. The reason is the lack of quality of the light source (usually LEDs). So, you should look for the lumen outputs and their corresponding beam distances. 

More light modes/levels aren’t necessary, but they are good to have. What’s most important is the range. For example, 1000 lumens to 1 lumen is the industry standard.

Battery Aspects 

Needless to say, the longer the battery life, the better the flashlight is. But ensure to check for the running durations of each level. You also should check if the batteries are built-in or replaceable. If rechargeable, what is the type? USB-C or micro USB or some other method? All these factors matter immensely.


The design quality partially decides durability. But most of it is determined by the resistance capacity. Having an IP waterproof rating is the industry standard for a reliable flashlight. At least 1m height of impact resistance is the other.


One shouldn’t buy electronic products without warranties. There should be at least one year of warranty for flashlights these days. Ensure the package has a warranty card or request a proof document to provide if needed.

What Makes Nitecore Flashlights Good?

Nitcore Flashlight on the wood

Nitecore flashlights feature many flashlight types that cater to specific needs. This is due to their design philosophy of balancing innovation with practicality. Thanks to the highest quality materials, Nitecore flashlights’ durability is very high. 

The lumen output ranges are amazing, and the light quality improves with high-performance CREE LEDs. Each flashlight has at least one strongest feature, making Nitecore flashlights good.

Let us not forget the convenience of handling every single Nitecore flashlight.

Unless mentioned otherwise, all Nitecore flashlights come with a 5 years company warranty. You also get free shipping on US orders over $35.

How Do Nitecore Flashlights Compare to Other Brands?

Nitecore’s competitor brands are such as Fenix, Olight, and ThruNite, which are China-based and US-operated. In comparison, Nitecore is usually on par in high quality with these brands. 

Nitecore is also a very organized brand. Their website is a cornerstone of their success. For example, you could find the ideal EDC flashlight by using several filters. If it’s the lumen range, you can choose 0-100, 101-500, 501-1000, and >1000. 

Some differences, such as the 5-year warranty period, free shipping, and uniquely designed flashlights, make Nitecore come to the top position. 

You can also check other best flashlight brands.

What are the Types of Light Products Nitecore Makes?

Different Types of Nitcore Flashlights on the table

Nitecore produces a wide variety of lights targeted for specific uses. Everyday carry is the most popular flashlight type. 

Then, there are camping flashlights which are suitable for hiking as well. Nitecore produces hunting flashlights with multicolor lights.

Then there are search flashlights that are useful for search and rescue operations. Nitecore’s store also features flashlights for military personnel. These can be handled or attachable lights. 

They also produce law enforcement flashlights that are different from military flashlights. For example, multicolor flashlights are suitable for law enforcement.

All these flashlights come in the form of cylindrical or cuboidal-shaped flashlights, headlamps, or even lanterns.


Our conclusion is that Nitecore’s premium product quality and respective peak performance stats make each flashlight the absolute best solution for each purpose.

The investment is risk-free with their free shipping (in the US) and 5-year warranty. Now that you know what flashlights perform in each category, it’s just a matter of investing.


Yes, Nitecore has US-based customer care, as they are based in Austin, Texas.

The most powerful Nitecore flashlight is the Nitecore TM20K, which features 20,000 lumens and a throw distance of 317 yards.

A Nitecore flashlight can last between 15 minutes and 1500 hours on one full charge.

Nitecore TUP
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
1000lm strong and clear light
The convenience of micro-USB rechargeability
Compact and lightweight
3.5h to fully charge and runs up to 70h
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of June
Additional modes like strobe would’ve been a great addition

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