7 Best Maglite Flashlight Reviews [2024 Updated] Tested

Last Updated on June, 2024

Over the past 40 years, Maglite has produced an incredible collection of flashlights. They have the most well-balanced flashlights in the marketplace and superb product quality.

They offer a wide variety of products, so it makes sense that someone could become confused while trying to pick the best Maglite flashlight for their needs. 

But not you!

This is a tried and true Maglite review, and I have categorized the best Maglite flashlights in each category to suit your needs. Keep scrolling down to see what I mean.

Editor’s Choice
Maglite ML150LR(X)

The overall best flashlight from Maglite

(Best Overall)

#2nd Best Choice
Maglite ML25LT

The best everyday carry flashlight from Maglite

(The Best EDC Maglite)

#3rd Best Choice

The best tactical flashlight from Maglite

(The Best Tactical Maglite)

7 of the Best Maglite Flashlights Available

1. Maglite ML150LR(X) (Best Overall)

Are you looking for a multipurpose Maglite? Look no further; the ML150LR(X) is your best option. 

It’s got a maximum of 1082 lumens for a beam throw of 500 yards (458 meters).

Not only one, but it also has two other modes, which are the low mode (138 lumens) and the eco mode (25 lumens), and can run for 18 hours and 79 hours, respectively, from one full charge. 

The charging time of the ML 150LR(X) is its most notable feature. It will recharge to 80% in 30 minutes. That’s quite impressive. After all, who wants a rechargeable flashlight if it takes forever to recharge?

Most Maglites have a sleek design and a simple user interface. Law enforcement prefers Maglites because of their tactical grip and ease of use. I know that many cops still have the Maglites they were given as rookies in the early days of their careers.

Talking about the size, it has a length of 10.6 inches, weighs 431 grams, and, most importantly, the body diameter is only 1.1 inches. This provides a solid tactical grip for this Maglite. It has a one-button operation to switch between modes. 

Unlike many other flashlights that boast a high lumen count but only last a few minutes, the Maglite ML 150LR(X) lasts three hours in its highest mode. as reliable as it is. The anodized aluminum finish, impact resistance, and water resistance up to IPX4 together give it durability.   

During field tests, the National Tactical Officers Association gave it a 5-star rating, and Officer.com endorsed it in an editorial review. You know you can trust the Maglite ML150LR(X) because law enforcement and public safety professionals do!

And it’s a classic design, not one of those hideous flashlights! It belongs in your hands, at home, at work, or at play!

Key Features: 

  • Maximum lumens: 1082 lumens 
  • Battery: LiFeP04 Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging: AC power adapter 
  • Runtime: 79 hours (3.2 days) 
  • Charging time: 30 minutes to 80% battery charge 
  • Waterproof: IPX4 
  • Modes: eco (25 lm), low (138 lm), high (1082 lm)
  • Other features: One button operation, available in Black gloss & matte appearance 
  • Size: weight with battery (431g/1 lb 15.2 oz), height (10.6in/271.5mm), body diameter (1.1in)


  • Elegant design and clean user interface 
  • Excellent tactical grip 
  • Durable build
  • Balanced lumen count and long runtime  
  • Impressive beam range
  • Stays in optimal temperature even after extended period of use
  • Certified by National Tactical Officers Association 


  • USB charging would’ve been convenient 

2. Maglite ML25LT (The Best EDC Maglite)

If you’re looking for an everyday carry Maglite, this is the one for you. The ML25LT’s lumen count is 192 for a beam throw of 337 meters, which is ideal for an EDC.

The length is 6.6 inches (168 mm), it weighs about 317 grams (11.02 oz), and the body diameter is 1.2 inches.  

This is certainly not an ugly EDC flashlight; you’ll get to choose a color out of five options, which are black, gray, silver, red, and blue.

My personal favorite is the gray appearance. With such cool looks and compact size, this is an excellent choice for an EDC Maglite. 

Not to forget the modes and runtime, the numbers are impressive here too. When it comes to modes, the  ML25LT has two modes, and in the lowest mode, the runtime will be 72 hours. That’s more than enough considering it’s an EDC.

This is predominantly a battery-powered cell Maglite. It uses two alkaline cell batteries but is rechargeable with the Mag Charger Power Bank, which is sold separately.

This feature is a great addition because whether you prefer to use disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries, or alternate between the two, the ML25LT will support you! 

This also has the Maglite signature design and a simple user interface with a one-button operation. As reliable as it is, the grip is very comfortable and firm to use and run your daily errands. 

One interesting feature the ML25LT offers is the candle mode. It is to make the flashlight look like a candle when powered on. But you have to purchase an accessory called the Lite Wand, which should be attached to the flashlight to make it look like a candle.

This cool feature can be used for decoration purposes or as a safety light. How about a candlelight dinner?      

Key Features: 

  • Maximum lumens: 1082 lumens 
  • Battery: LiFeP04 Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging: AC power adapter 
  • Runtime: 79 hours (3.2 days) 
  • Charging time: 30 minutes to 80% battery charge 
  • Waterproof: IPX4 
  • Modes: Low (25 lm), high (192 lm)
  • Other features: One button operation, available in Black gloss & matte appearance 
  • Size: weight with battery (431g/15.2 oz), height (10.6in/271.5mm), body diameter (1.1in)


  • Simple and clean looking flashlight
  • Super easy to use 
  • Compact enough for an EDC flashlight 
  • Two-way power convertibility 
  • Many color options for the appearance  
  • Candlelight mode


  • An ECO mode could’ve been the cherry on top

3. Mag-Tac Led Rechargeable Flashlight (The Best Tactical Maglite)

The handy Mag-Tac is the best tactical Maglite. It can produce a maximum of 671 lumens for a beam throw of 185 meters.

The runtime for the high mode is one hour, and it includes a lower brightness mode of 22 lumens for a longer runtime (18 hours).  

This Maglite weighs 159 grams (5.61 oz) and is 5.8 inches (147 mm) long. Most importantly, the body diameter is 1 inch.

If you are familiar with tactical flashlights, you know that this Maglite is in the optimum size range for a tactical flashlight.  

This has one operational tail switch to access all modes. That feature is as tactical as it sounds. There’s two modes by the way, High and Low. 

Runtime is what you can expect from a typical tactical flashlight, on low, the flashlight has a max runtime of up to 18 hours. 

Mag-Tac’s body barrel is designed with a faceted knurl design and corrosion-resistant metal springs and is designed to be water, dust, and impact resistant. This is powered by a rechargeable battery and differs from the most popular flashlights. 

It includes a USB-powered mountable charging base. The charging base can be powered by the included 12V adapter or 120V converter or any other charging source that complies with the USB 2.0 Standard. 

This Maglite is certified by the National Tactical Officers Association.

A tactical flashlight must have a strobe mode, and the Mag-Tac offers you one. However, there are no spikes in the bezel to break the glass during tactical activities. It includes a detachable clip that makes the flashlight more portable, giving you an additional carrying option. 

This Maglite is the best buddy for search and rescue operations, camping, outdoor activities, hiking, and adventure.   

Key Features: 

  • Maximum lumens: 671 lumens 
  • Battery: LiFeP04 Rechargeable Battery
  • Charging: USB-powered mountable charging base  
  • Runtime: 18 hours
  • Waterproof: IPX4 
  • Modes: Low (22lm), high (671), strobe
  • Other features: One tail switch operation, detachable pocket clip
  • Size: weight with battery (159g/5.61 oz), height (5.8in/147mm), body diameter (1 in)


  • Great tactical grip with a knurling pattern  
  • Detachable clip 
  • Ideal size for a tactical flashlight 
  • Simple user interface 
  • Fast charging 
  • Good runtime on low
  • Certified by the National Tactical Officers Association 


  • A little more runtime in high would’ve been great

4. Maglite City Life Kit (The Best Budget Maglite)

The budget kit is a handy and exciting surprise. With the Maglite City Life Kit, which includes the eye-catching Mini Maglite Pro LED flashlight and the chic Solitaire LED keychain flashlight, you can be prepared for anything available in nine gorgeous colors.

The available colors are red, black, green, gold, rose gold, pink, silver, gray, and blue.

The Mini Maglite Pro has a maximum brightness of 332 lumens for a throw of 172 meters, weighs only 117 grams, and is 6.6 inches long. 

For such a compact flashlight, the runtime is 2h 30min in the high mode (332 lumens), and in the eco mode, the maximum runtime is 13 hours. This performance is admirable. 

It is powered by two AA alkaline batteries and has no rechargeable facility. The operation is as simple as it can get. Twist the head to turn on, turn off, and focus. Its simplicity is classic.  

How about the Solitaire LED keychain flashlight in the City Life kit? 

It is only 3.1 inches (81 mm) long and weighs 0.8 oz (24 grams). The maximum brightness is 47 lumens, an average smartphone’s flashlight brightness. It is powered by one AAA alkaline battery, which is included in the pack and runs for 1h 45min. 

Both Maglites in the kit are waterproof up to IPX4 and IPX7, respectively.   

Key Features: 

  • Maximum lumens: 332 lumens and 47 lumens (Mini Maglite Pro and Solitaire LED) 
  • Battery: Cell batteries 
  • Runtime: 13 hours (Mini Maglite Pro), 1h 45m (Solitaire LED)
  • Waterproof: IPX4 (Mini Maglite Pro) and IPX7 (Solitaire LED)
  • Modes: Mini Maglite Pro; Low (25lm), high (332lm), Solitaire LED; (47 lm)  
  • Other features:  twist the head, two flashlights in the same kit
  • Size: Mini Maglite Pro; weight with battery (117g/4.1 oz), height (6.6in/167mm), body diameter (0.7 in)
  • Size: Solitaire LED; weight with battery (24g/0.8 oz), height (3.1in/81mm) 


  • Two flashlights in one kit  
  • Admirable performance for cell battery-powered flashlight  
  • Solitaire is an ideal size for a keychain flashlight 
  • Super cheap considering you get two flashlights


  • Both flashlights are not rechargeable 

5. Mini Maglite Pro LED (Best Non-Rechargeable Maglite)

We just took a look at this flashlight above, no problem, here it is once again and let me tell you why this is Maglite’s best Non-Rechargeable Flashlight. 

Mini Maglite Pro is solely for vintage Maglite fans. This replicates the classic design of the original Maglite Mini flashlight introduced over 20 years ago.

But only the design, not the performance, it’s upgraded. 

This flashlight features a next-generation power LED light engine and modern electronic circuitry, delivering a previously unreachable performance in a flashlight of this size.

As you may already know, Its length is just 6.6 inches (167.8 mm), and it weighs only 117 grams (4.15 oz) with a body diameter of 0.7 inches. 

The maximum brightness is 332 lumens for a beam distance of 172 meters, and it runs for 2h 30min in high mode. An eco mode is included for a longer runtime (13 hours). 

As the title says, it does not feature a rechargeable battery but instead runs on two AA alkaline cell batteries. The performance of such a compact flashlight is quite impressive.

To turn on or off and focus, twist the head. Their upgrade to a modern, next-generation, high-power LED provides a new level of brightness.  

Key Features: 

  • Maximum lumens: 332 lumens 
  • Battery: Cell batteries 
  • Runtime: 13 hours (eco), 2h 30m (high)
  • Waterproof: IPX4 
  • Modes: eco, high  
  • Other features: twist the head, lens holder/anti-roll device, colored lens set  
  • Size: weight with battery (117g/4.1 oz), height (6.6in/167mm), body diameter (0.7 in)


  • Excellent performance for a compact flashlight   
  • Twist the head feature  
  • Anti-roll device
  • Colored lens set
  • Easy to use


  • Additional modes like strobe would’ve served brilliantly 

6. Maglite ML50LX (Best Rechargeable Maglite)

The ML50LX is an all-rounder flashlight. Whether in law enforcement, camping, home use, emergencies, or daily carry, this flashlight will serve you well. 

With a maximum of 466 lumens, the beam distance can reach 291 meters. There are also two other modes: low (113 lumens) and eco (23 lumens) for extended runtimes. 

While we’re on the topic of runtime, the ML50LX has a maximum runtime of 109h in the ECO mode. 

There are three additional function sets: Outdoor, Law Enforcement, and Military, each with a different set of functions initiated in a different pattern for the quickest access to the functions the specific user prefers.

It weighs 12.7 oz (360 grams) and measures 8.1 inches (207 mm) long and 1.2 inches in body diameter. 

The improved, faster-handling focus system changes from spot to flood in less than a quarter turn of the head. The ML50LX is available in three different colors; black, foliage green, and urban gray. 

Indeed, it’s rechargeable with a Mag Charger power bank, which you must buy separately. But it has the facility to use two alkaline batteries to power it. It’s a great choice as a Maglite for various tasks.   

Key Features: 

  • Maximum lumens: 466 lumens 
  • Battery: Rechargeable or cell batteries 
  • Charging: Mag charger power bank 
  • Runtime: 109 hours (eco), 13 hours (low), 8h 15m (high)
  • Waterproof: IPX4 
  • Modes: eco, low, high  
  • Other modes: 4 function sets
  • Other features: spot to flood with less than 1/4 turn of the head  
  • Size: weight with battery (117g/4.1 oz), height (6.6in/167mm), body diameter (0.7 in)


  • Excellent performance   
  • Four function sets  
  • Three modes 
  • Two-way power 
  • Impressive runtime


  • Not rechargeable  

7. Maglite Solitaire (Best Keychain)

You were correct; we met this little beast earlier in this article in the Maglite City Life Kit. The small keychain light that comes in the kit is the Maglite Solitaire.

The iconic Maglite Solitaire LED Flashlight is made to fit perfectly on your keychain, bag, or backpack. 

Since it was introduced in 1988, they have been improving its performance, and it is now a renowned name for keychain flashlights.

It is well-known for its phenomenal performance and for dominating similar products. So far, nothing has been able to compete with Solitaire.

It weighs 0.8 oz (24 grams), measures 3.1 inches (81 mm), and has a narrow body diameter of 0.5 inches. As small as it gets, the performance is unmatched. It has a maximum lumen count of 47 for a beam throw of 46 meters. The runtime is 1 hour and 45 minutes. 

A single AA alkaline cell battery powers this. For such a small keychain flashlight, the beam throw is superb. Furthermore, being the icon of keychains, the Solitaire has many colors. Nine, to be precise. So you can match your purse and backpack.     

Key Features: 

  • Maximum lumens: 47 lumens 
  • Battery: Cell batteries 
  • Runtime: 1 hour and 45 minutes 
  • Waterproof: IPX7 
  • Modes: Single mode
  • Other features: available in many different colors
  • Size: weight with battery (24g/0.8 oz), height (3.1in/81mm), body diameter (0.5 in)


  • Unmatched keychain flashlight performance   
  • Excellent beam throw 
  • Nine colors to select with 
  • Admirable runtime 


  • No cons, serves the keychain aspect very well

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A Maglite flashlight is a long-lasting and reliable brand of flashlight that has been used by professionals in law enforcement, military, search and rescue, and other demanding fields since the late 1970s.

Yes, many Maglite flashlight models are rechargeable, including some that are dual-powered and can be recharged with a Mag Charger power bank.

Yes, Maglite Flashlights are reliable. They have been making the highest quality flashlights for over 40 years and are widely used by law enforcement. They have patents and are certified by the National Tactical Officers Association.

Final thoughts

I chose one Maglite from each category as the best, but many other similar Maglites qualify to be the best in their respective categories. It is a tedious job to differentiate one from another. But I have made things easy for you. I hope this information will be useful for you to get your needs met. 

Maglite ML150LR(X)
Beam distance






Overall Score


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Elegant design and clean user interface
Excellent tactical grip
Durable build
Balanced lumen count and long runtime
Impressive beam range
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USB charging would’ve been convenient

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