9 Best Hunting Flashlights [Rated & Reviewed in 2024]

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So you are hunting for a flashlight that will help you HUNT! There are some AMAZING hunting flashlights in the market. Hunting flashlights, the best hunting flashlight, will help you see your prey in the dark, spot them from a distance and go for the kill. 

When picking a flashlight for hunting, there are some key features you need to consider. This is what differentiates a good flashlight from the best flashlight for hunting. 

You need the details; we have the details right here for you. We have a list of the nine BEST hunting flashlights in the market, and we also have the details on how to pick the BEST hunting flashlight!

Hence, without further ado, let’s dive into the details as we list the NINE BEST hunting flashlights on the market.

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Nitecore SRT7GT
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Olight Warrior X Pro
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9 of the Best Hunting Flashlights on the Market

In picking the BEST nine hunting flashlights, we researched and tested dozens and dozens of flashlights with varying features. The ones on our list are considered the best because they have specifications that bravely assist in making that kill. 

You won’t go wrong with picking one right off this list!

1. FENIX TK26R Tactical Flashlight (Editor’s Choice)

The Fenix TK26R is a tactical genius of a flashlight. This affordable flashlight is jam-packed with some EXCELLENT features, making the Fenix TK26R great value. 

This hunting flashlight has five white light modes at varying brightness levels (brightness settings.) The brightness settings will define how bright your flashlight will function during the hunt.

You don’t always need the highest brightness because that could scare away the prey. Hence, the varying modes offer you great control over the HUNT.

The Fenix TK26R flashlight is 5.91 inches in length and weighs 5.54 ounces.

This flashlight is a great addition to your hunting gear, and we’ll tell you why. It has an independent green and red light, which is perfect for hunting.

Red light (150 lumens) helps locate animals in the dark better than any other light color. Greenlight (200 lumens) is another color of light that is great at spotting animals in the dark. 

Hence when you consider a night hunting trip, a flashlight such as the FENIX TK26R could mean the difference between a KILL and NO KILL!

With a maximum beam distance of 350 meters (white light), the beam profile of this flashlight is sufficient for night hunting. 

No tactical flashlight would be complete without a strobe mode. The Fenix TK26R has a tactical strobe function (strobe mode) which can help you scare away wildlife if and when necessary. This can be useful during a hunting trip when you don’t know what kind of animal you could encounter. 

It is built with high-grade aluminum, making it tough and strong, which is perfect for a hunting flashlight. 

The rechargeable battery allows for a run time (battery life) of 100 hours on low mode and 85 minutes on Turbo mode.

This offers great versatility while hunting when you need varying degrees of bright light for varying instances. On red mode, this flashlight will work for 4 hours and 20 mins, while on green mode, it will work for 5 hours and 10 minutes. 

It is rated IP68 dust and waterproof, which is AMAZING. You won’t have to worry about getting the flashlight dusty while hunting or even hunting in the rain!

When picking the best hunting flashlight, you have to consider, overall, how good that flashlight is at delivering the kill. This flashlight’s red and green light is specifically designed for purposes such as hunting. Hence, it is easy to see why the Fenix TK26R made our list as one of the best hunting flashlights on the market. 


  • Great battery life with 100 hours on low mode
  • Rechargeable with no need for spare batteries
  • Good beam profile with great control on level of light
  • Great versatility with multiple colors
  • Waterproof rated IP68


  • A moonlight mode would have been great along with the other modes

2. Nitecore SRT7GT (#2nd Best Choice)

Hunting season is here, and you need a hunting flashlight for that NIGHT KILL! The Nitecore SRT7GT is a great tactical hunting flashlight with an amazing range.

The beam distance on this night kill machine is 450 meters or 1500 feet. (That is quite the range for hunting.)

You need that night vision to help you make that kill, and the Nitecore SRT7GT offers 1000 lumens of vibrant white light to turn darkness into light!

This flashlight has a length of 6.22 inches with a weight of 6.1 ounces.

It has four brightness settings that you can choose from, giving you good control of the light level. Furthermore, it has red (13 lumens), blue (3 lumens), green (19 lumens), and ultraviolet light, all of which assist you in making that night kill!

The blue light, in particular, can help you track wounded prey. (Blue light traces spots and blood trails.) Blue light is considered the best blood-tracking light. With the help of this flashlight, you could follow the blood trail (or blood trails) using the blue light to find exactly where your prey is resting after a partial shot. 

The ability to follow a blood trail using the blue light makes this flashlight one of the best for hunting. Whether deer hunting, rabbit hunting, or moose hunting, this flashlight will help you see in the dark and spot the night kill. 

It has a strobe function, a police warning function, and a beacon. 

Made with aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, this flashlight is STRONG but light! This is exactly what you should be looking for in a hunting flashlight. (That and the blood-tracking light!)

This is one of the GREAT tactical flashlights with some amazing features intended for hunting. This one makes the list when you consider the best hunting flashlights of 2022!

This flashlight is rated IPX8 waterproof and is impact resistant to falls of up to 1.5 meters. This is one durable flashlight, and durability is what you need when looking for a hunting flashlight. 

It uses a 18650 battery with a battery life of 75 minutes on Turbo mode and 240 hours on ultra-low mode. (That is impressive battery life for a hunting flashlight!)

When looking for the best hunting flashlight, you must consider why a specific flashlight is ideally designed for hunting.

This flashlight has various colors, including blue (16 hours runtime), green (18 hours runtime) and red light (19 hours runtime), which makes for great lighting when hunting. (Green and red lights help you spot animals in the dark!)


  • Simple user interface for ease of use
  • Durable and tough exterior
  • Multiple colors make it excellent to outdoor activities
  • Good number of modes and control on level of light
  • Waterproof rated IPX8


  • A little lengthy flashlight

3. Olight Warrior X Pro (#3rd Best Choice)

The Olight Warrior X Pro is considered one of the best hunting flashlights on the market.

When picking a hunting flashlight you need something RELIABLE, something DURABLE! 

Olight makes some of the best flashlights on the market, and the Olight Warrior X Pro is impressive, to say the least!

It is a strong performance flashlight with the brightest light shining at 2100 lumens!

The Olight Warrior X Pro has a length of 5.87 inches and weighs 8.42 ounces.

This is one reliable flashlight with a 500-meter throw! However, it isn’t the throw distance that makes this flashlight reliable. Plus, it has two mode settings that you can choose from, with multiple brightness settings and a sufficiently long battery life for hunting. 

It offers 62,500 CANDELAS of light and will run in HIGH mode for 125 minutes! It has red and green colored rings which can be used on the light to provide an edge while hunting. 

This flashlight can be recharged in the hunting camp through a power outlet. The power output of this flashlight allows for 8 hours of illumination on LOW. That’s it; it’s that simple. Two modes, High and Low!

This user interface is simple to understand and use, providing you with a competitive edge while HUNTING!

The charger port on the tail cap is beautifully designed to allow for swift charging. THIS IS A VERY HANDY flashlight! 

The weather-resistant feature is a nice touch, and the LED light is bright. It has a 3-METER impact resistance, which means it can be dropped from 3 meters up and still work. You need this much durability in a hunting flashlight which is expected to get tossed around a little.

This LED light has a tail switch and is made with high-grade aluminum! High-grade aluminum should tell you how STRONG and HARDY this flashlight is!

The tail switch is simple to use, and this flashlight could be a handy dandy to have around when hunting hogs! (***riding the hog… weeee willy this thang is shock resistant)

The battery power is so reliable. It uses 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

Did I mention – it is weather-resistant! Rated IPX8 waterproof!


  • 8 hours of illumination on low mode
  • High-quality battery with good runtimes
  • 3 meters impact resistance
  • Waterproof rated IPX8
  • Rechargeable batteries. No need for spare batteries


  • User interface isn’t simple

4. Acebeam L18

This flashlight is advertised specifically as a hunting flashlight! That is a big deal!

Is the Acebeam L18 the brightest flashlight on our list? With 1500 lumens of seven different brightness settings, this is a very VERSATILE hunting flashlight! 

This flashlight is 6.06 inches in height and has a weight of 5.2 ounces. 

This is one of the best hunting flashlights that you will find on the market! It uses a RECHARGEABLE battery.

For instance, when hunting deer, you need to use the right brightness of the light to not scare the deer away. (This is deer hunting 101). 

With 90 Minutes of illumination on TURBO mode (you only use that if you really want to scare the deer away…), the moonlight mode will work for 94 DAYS! – This is exactly why this is a great and as-advertised HUNTING FLASHLIGHT!

Night vision be damned, this moonlight mode on this flashlight is great. It keeps you sufficiently lit to see where you are going, and you can slowly change to a higher mode when spotting that deer close by. 

This great tactical flashlight has 900 lumens of strobe, which will run for 3 hours! This is great in case of an EMERGENCY!

It has dual switches for easy and fast operation. The switches are perfectly designed to make for quick light adjustment to the correct degree of accuracy, which is PERFECT for hunting!

With a max beam distance of a whopping 1000 meters, this flashlight is extremely bright and offers extreme brightness if needed! How many lumens? 1500 lumens of raw hunting power!

This flashlight has a long battery life and some AMAZING features specifically designed for hunting! It has an amazing beam throw and is a very varied light source for your everyday carry flashlight.

However, it is only 6 inches in length, and you can carry it around easily, making it a great addition to your camping and hunting gear!

The Acebeam L18 is submersible in water up to 5 meters, so if you drop it in the water while hunting, it will still work! (Rated IP68 waterproof.)

As an added bonus, it is impact-proof of up to 2 meters, which means you can throw it around a little while hunting and not have to worry about breaking it easily!


  • Great battery life with 94 days on moonlight mode
  • Strobe mode for tactical use
  • Good beam profile and beam distance
  • Control on brightness levels
  • Waterproof rated IP68


  • Gets a little too hot on turbo mode 


When it comes to LED bulbs for hunting, LED technology could give you an amazing range or a better glow. 

The LED technology used by the BUSHNELL TRKR offers 600 lumens of brightness.

It offers 162 meters of beam distance, which is impressive for any light source but takes top prize for the colored lights this flashlight has. 

It has a red light which can be a useful light source while hunting in the dark (to spot the animals…)

This is a powerful light that, with the press of the power button, will turn ON to unleash blood tracking mode, which will work to illuminate blood trails.

This feature will give you a DRASTIC edge over your competition while camping.

You would be able to follow trails left by wounded animals and finish the catch instead of giving up! 

The waterproof construction is rated IPX4. The aluminum body is made of the stuff that aircrafts are made of, and you can toggle the brightness levels between three colors, red, white, and blue! All colors help you make that kill!

The white light on the brightest setting will work for 1 hour and 30 minutes with 600 lumens of brightness (162 meters of beam distance).

The blue light, which is used to spot blood trails, will work for 2 DAYS! (on 4 AA batteries.) – You can use rechargeable AA batteries and keep replacement batteries in your backpack while hunting. 

You need a beautiful aluminum body that will illuminate the night sky and help shoot that deer at sight!

This is an extremely durable and reliable little flashlight with an aircraft-grade aluminum body with a flexible focus between light colors to allow for a low-power trail and a high-power source illumination for the kill and after. 


  • AA battery powered, easily replaceable
  • Good beam profile and applicable beam distance
  • Colored lights, especially great for hunting
  • Waterproof rated IPX4


  • The plastic sleeves are not very durable

6. Astrolux® WP4

This strong and very OUTDOORSY flashlight is built with hunting in mind.

With an impressive throw distance of 0.8 miles, you can spot the deer in the distance and take your shot from afar with this handy little flashlight. 

The user interface of this flashlight is simple to use. It has a high and low light level with an added strobe feature for tactical use. 

It runs on a rechargeable 18350 battery with a run time of just over 3 hours on low mode and a little over an HOUR on high mode (310 lumens)!

Though the run time of this flashlight isn’t as great as the other flashlights on this list, this flashlight has a great beam profile which justifies it. 

You won’t find this great beam profile (beam distance of 0.8 miles) on just about any flashlight. 

This flashlight is made with high-grade aluminum alloy and has an impact resistance of 2 meters. This is great for hunters who know their flashlight will take a drop once in a while. 

It is rated IPX6 waterproof, so even if you submerge this flashlight in 3 meters of water, it will still work!

As you can tell, this is a very HARDY and STRONG flashlight with an EXCELLENT beam profile. This is why it has landed on our list of the best NINE!


  • High-quality material used for build
  • Simple user interface and easy to use
  • Easy to use modes of brightness
  • Waterproof rated IPX6


  • Short runtimes on all modes

7. Nitecore P30

The Nitecore P30 has a maximum output of 1000 lumens, making it one of the brightest flashlights on this list. It has a maximum beam capacity of 95500 candelas, which is a lot of brightness for HUNTING!

It is only 6.1 inches in length, so it isn’t too big and bulky and portrays a brilliant white light that can help you spot that night’s prey!

This flashlight works GREAT in emergencies and is an excellent choice for tactical use when hunting.

It has a strobe mode, an SOS mode, and a location beacon mode; all intended to help you in various situations and dangers.

Red and green filters can be used with this flashlight, however you have to buy them separately.

In hunting, there is always the danger of running into something unexpected. The Nitecore P30 really keeps you prepared for any worst-case scenario and will work to provide you with a guiding light. 

This is marketed as a hunting flashlight because of its EXCELLENT throw at 618 meters. It offers a good balance between performance and runtime, with a single charge working on Turbo mode for 1 hr 15 minutes. However, what is impressive is the fact that this light will work in ultra-low mode for 40 DAYS!

Not only that, but this flashlight is IP68 weatherproof and has been drop tested at 1 meter. This means this flashlight is not only RELIABLE and STRONG but also very DURABLE! It would be best to look out for these things when picking a great hunting flashlight. 


  • Durable and strong body
  • Good beam distance and impressive beam profile
  • Waterproof rated IP68
  • 40 days of lighting in ultra low mode


  • Turbo drops to low output within 5 minutes

8. Surefire G2X Pro

This is a great polymer body flashlight with exceptional features that make it great for the outdoors!

The Surefire G2X Pro portrays high efficiency and durability, offering flood light projection and spot functionality.

You can either throw the light to illuminate the whole area or focus it specifically into a directed spot (spotlight.)

The user interface is simple. It has two modes, high for maximum light and low for maximum runtime. 

In high mode, this flashlight will work on a CR123A for 2.5 hours, illuminating the way with 600 lumens of brightness.

In low mode, this flashlight will work for 40 HOURS! – **That is almost two days of HUNTING!

You need something with exceptional runtime when you are on the hunt for a flashlight for hunting. You need something that will work for hours at a stretch, something where you won’t have to worry about the charge running dry.

This flashlight runs on CR123A batteries, and you can replace them at will or choose to use rechargeable ones. 

It is made with tough polycarbonate, which works to resist shock and is waterproof (rated IPX7.) Hence you won’t have to worry about a little rain during your hunting trip and keep hunting with the flashlight on, even if it starts raining cats and dogs!


  • Reliable battery life
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Good number of modes of light
  • Waterproof rated IPX7


  • High battery consumption

9. Speras T3R SFT40

Now you will agree with us on this. Do you know how some flashlights make a noise when they run? (a click) Well, this flashlight doesn’t.

This is a high-performance, noiseless LED flashlight that is perfect when you don’t even want the click of a button to scare away the HUNT!

The Speras T3R SFT40 is a noiseless thrower capable of reaching distances of 0.6 MILES in range! With this much throw, you would need a sniper rifle, not a regular rifle, to finish the kill. 

The amazing throw could work to immediately stun your prey, at which point you trigger for the kill!

Amongst the four modes to choose from, the highest mode of this flashlight has a maximum output of 1600 lumens! That is a whole lot of light for a hunter!

This rechargeable flashlight is charged with type-C fast charging and will fully charge in 3.5 hours. It also works as a power bank and will work to charge your phone if you ever need to during a hunting trip. (This is actually a neat feature of this flashlight.)

The switch on the tail cap is noiseless, which means it will not make a sound to disturb the hunt. You have complete stealth by relying on this stealthy flashlight. 

With a maximum runtime of 92 hours, it has four brightness settings, giving you complete control over the level of illumination required for a specific hunt, and it even has strobe and SOS functions in emergencies. 

With 300,000 candelas worth of beam intensity, this is the most intense flashlight on your list. Don’t let the last position on our list fool you; this is a MIGHTY and POWERFUL light that is not only IPX8 waterproof (submersible in 2 meters of water), but it is also impact-proof to a distance of 1.5 meters. 

This is a HARDY and RELIABLE flashlight that could be exactly what you need for your next hunting trip!


  • Good beam distance and beam profile
  • 92 hours of maximum runtime
  • Strobe and SOS for tactical use
  • Waterproof rated IPX8


  • Unusual user interface

How to Spot a Good Hunting Flashlight?

a flashlight on the wood

When out on the market for a hunting flashlight, you need to look for certain things which are of importance. For instance, does it have sufficient run time to suffice the duration of the hunting trip? 

You must consider how you will recharge the flashlight or replace the batteries. This can be important for long hunting trips for which you would need a light for DAYS, not just hours!

Hence, the types of flashlights you need will depend on the type of hunting you do and, more specifically, the duration and location of your hunting trip. 

You HAVE to consider durability. At the end of the day, when hunting, you expect your flashlight to get hit and dropped, and you don’t want something that is unreliable and will stop working if it hits a rock.

This is why you HAVE TO consider the durability of this flashlight. The best hunting flashlight will have features that make them exceptionally strong and durable, and these are considered the more reliable choice when choosing hunting flashlights. 

Remember, light output and maximum beam distance is a factor which is also dependent on the type of hunting you do and the type of rifle you use. Hence, as per the range at which you shoot, make sure you have sufficient beam distance on your flashlight to make that kill!

Why Do You Need a Flashlight for Hunting?

The reason why you need a good flashlight while hunting will differentiate between a successful hunt and an unsuccessful one. 

The right flashlight will help you see your prey in the dark, follow their movement, even stun them with light until you trigger the kill. 

Some flashlights even have varied modes of color that you can choose from. Red, Green, and Blue light, in particular, are very useful when trying to find animals in the dark. 

If you plan on going night hunting, you NEED a reliable flashlight. Sometimes just a reliable flashlight won’t do; you may want to get two or more flashlights that all have varied features. Much like choosing the right gun, you can choose the right flashlight for the specific kill at night!

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Benefits of Having a Hunting Flashlight

A hunting flashlight helps you see in the dark and gives you a competitive edge amongst others while hunting. The hunter with the best flashlight will be able to use the flashlight skillfully to master the kill in the darkness and still of the night. 

Hunting flashlights also come of great tactical use. In case of emergency, your flashlight could work to SAVE YOUR LIFE! With features such as SOS mode and location beacons, you can rely on your flashlight for assistance and help if you ever encounter a dangerous situation while hunting. 

Hunting can be very dangerous, and hunting in the dark is harder. Hence, it is important that you have the right source of light to GET THE JOB DONE!

Some hunting flashlights have blue light, for instance, that helps you see trails of blood. This will help you find and follow wounded prey, leading to a satisfying KILL!

What Makes a Great Hunting Flashlight?

a human holding a flashlight

A great hunting flashlight will be specifically designed for the purpose of hunting.

When looking for a GREAT hunting flashlight, you need to look into the added features of why this flashlight is great for hunting. Not all flashlights are designed specifically for hunting, so you need to know what makes a flashlight GREAT for hunting. 

You will need something with a medium to high beam range with sufficient brightness. Ideally, it will have one or more color lights to help you spot prey and follow wounded animals. 

You need to think of why the features of a specific flashlight are intended for hunting. This is the best way to go about finding a GREAT flashlight for the purposes of hunting!


Blue light is the most beneficial for hunting, as it makes it easier to see blood trails.

Yes, the Fenix TK26R is rechargeable.

The strobe mode on a flashlight while hunting can be used to frighten away animals or to send a distress signal for help.

For hunting, a flashlight should have between 600-1600 lumens.

The best color flashlight for deer hunting at night is red, green, or orange.

For hunting, 200 lumens is the minimum requirement, but 500-600 lumens is ideal. More lumens is beneficial.

Blue light is beneficial for hunting as it helps to identify blood trails, improving the tracking of injured games.

The best flashlight colors for deer hunting are red, green, and orange, as they provide enough light to see deer without scaring them. White light may startle deer, so it is not recommended.

Final Thoughts

A superior flashlight is, for certain, a necessary hunting gear if you plan on hunting at night. You need a reliable and trustable hunting companion that will help you steal that night’s kill with a dash of skill and firepower!

Picking the right flashlight for hunting is like picking the right rifle. You need to know the flashlight that you are using, like the back of your hand. You don’t want to use too much light unless you really want to scare the prey away!

The FENIX TK26R would undoubtedly serve you best in that regard, the versatility, runtime, usability are all a step above and it’s really hard to go wrong with. However, others are no slouch, each of the nine flashlights mentioned above will serve you well without a doubt. 

So take it from us; you can trust us with our recommendation. Any flashlight from our list will give you a fine competitive edge the next time you go HUNTING!

Beam distance






Overall Score


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Great battery life with 100 hours on low mode
Rechargeable with no need for spare batteries
Good beam profile with great control on level of light
Great versatility with multiple colors
Waterproof rated IP68
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A moonlight mode would have been great along with the other modes

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