6 Best Flashlights With Multiple Colors [2024 Updated]

Last Updated on May, 2024

Ever wished the light’s brightness was okay, except for the white color?

Ever felt how your hiking, fishing, mining, or hunting trips seem to fall short because of your flashlight?

The answer to this issue is multi-color flashlights.

So, around three months ago, I bought about ten multi-color. Out of them, I chose 6 of the best ones.

If you’re looking for one, this reading is all you need. I’ve nitpicked, so you don’t have to worry about the blind spots.

But it brings us to a question.

Editor’s Choice
Nitecore SRT7GT
Beam distance






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Fenix TK26R
Beam distance






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Olight Freyr
Beam distance






Overall Score


Why Should You Trust Me?

Anyone can say, “Oh hey, this is the best,” “this is the worst,” and more.

But how would they know? Why should you trust their recommendation?

When it comes to me, not only do I buy these candidates, I test them myself based on various parameters.

These are my test results, and that’s why I’m confident about making recommendations.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Tested Best 6 Multi-Color Flashlights 

1. Nitecore SRT7GT (Editor’s Choice

I own a few Nitecore flashlights myself. The NU33 triple output headlamp and the MH40S are my favorites. The brand is reliable; there’s no question about it.

After all, Nitecore has been at the top of the flashlight brand hierarchy since 2007. 

Their SRT7GT effortlessly made it to the top 6.

Let’s start by talking about design, dimensions, maximum characteristics, and resistance capacity. 

Nitecore brings a lot of value to this multi-color flashlight with its aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body. 

That’s not all; the body also has HAIII military-grade hard anodizing with a signature knurling pattern that ensures grip; even in the most watery situations.

It uses a CREE XP-L HI V3 LED, which is pretty impressive.

SRT7GT is 6.22″ in length, 1.57″ of head dia, and 1″ in tail dia. With a weight of just 6.1oz, it’s safe to say the tracker is compact. 

For a 1.57″ head dia, the SRT7GT has a maximum throw (beam distance) of 450m. The Peak lumen count is 1000, with a maximum beam density of 50,900cd.

With the standard 18650 battery, the longest runtime will be 240h. With two CR123 batteries, the runtime is 130 hours.

With the 18650 battery, mine ran for around nine days and about five days with the CR123 battery pair, in the ultra-low mode.

The flashlight is IPX8 waterproof rated; 2 meters submersible. On the flip side, it is 1.5m impact-resistant too.

Now, onto Operational Modes and colors and Special Characteristics.

There are four colors excluding white, such as RED, GREEN, BLUE, and UV

Switching between each mode means rotating the third-generation smart selector ring.

These are included in the total six modes of operation. Let’s look at their specs now.

  • Turbo mode

The lumen count is 1000. Maximum run time is 1h and 15 mins for the 18650 battery and 1h for two CR123 batteries. The numbers checked out with an error of around 5 mins.

  • Ultra-low

With 0.1 lumens, the SRT7GT will run for 240h with the 18650 battery and 140h with the 2 CR123 batteries. 

  • Red

You get 28h of runtime with the 18650 battery and 19h with the 2 CR123 batteries. The lumen count is 13.

  • Green

19 lumens for 26h with the 18650 and 18h with the two CR123s.

  • Blue

Runtime is the same as the green light, but the lumen count is 3.

  • UV

We know there isn’t a lumen count for the UV light, but the runtime is the same as the green and blue lights.

As for the special features, you get a police warning light (red and blue), a two-way stainless steel titanium-plated clip, the strobe mode, and also a location beacon.


  • Four major colors included 
  • Waterproof and impact-proof
  • Maximum ten days of runtime
  • Maximum 450m beam distance 
  • Compact and lightweight 


  • It doesn’t have a tail switch

2. Fenix TK26R Tactical Flashlight (#2nd Best Choice)

Fenix is an equally popular brand in the flashlight industry. That’s why their TK26R tactical flashlight was a clear candidate and made it to the top 6 in this list.

Let’s start by discussing the design, dimensions, maximum characteristics, and resistance capacity.

Built tough from premium A6061-T6 Aluminum, the TK26R can withstand temperatures from -31 to 113 degrees Celsius.

This flashlight also has an ultra clear glass lens with an anti-reflective coating. 

Dimensions are as follows,

  • Length: 5.9″
  • Width: 1.6″
  • Height: 1.0″
  • Weight: 5.5 oz

At the maximum (turbo) mode, the lumen output is 1500 with a throw of 350 m and an intensity of 30,150cd.

The maximum runtime you’ll get is 100h in the lowest mode. Mine ran for around 95 hours, so the numbers check out.

The TK26R comes with the IP68 waterproof rating (submersible up to 2m), with an impact resistance of 1m.

Now, let’s move to the operational modes, colors, and Special Characteristics.

There are five operational modes for the white light and red and green; 7 modes altogether.

Here’s how they differ in terms of specs.

  • Low

10 lumens for 100 hours for a beam distance of 30m at 213cd intensity.

  • Medium

150 lumens for 10 hours and 50 mins runtime. The beam distance is 110m at an intensity of 3102cd.

  • High

350 lumens for 4h and 40 minutes — 7112cd intensity with 170m beam distance.

  • Turbo

 1500 lumens for 1h and 25min for a beam distance of 350m. Intensity is 30,150cd.

  • Strobe

Lumen output is 1500.

  • Red light

150 lumens for 4h 20min at 30m beam distance with an intensity of 218cd.

  • Green light

200 lumens with a beam distance of 40m. Runtime is 5h 10min with 452cd intensity.

If you were wondering, you’d get one 18650 rechargeable li-ion battery.

As per special characteristics, there’s a battery level indicator (with a low voltage warning), and the flashlight is USB-C rechargeable.


  • Tail switch for activation and side switch for swift switching between modes
  • Higher durability
  • Low voltage protection 
  • High lumen output and beam distance (1500 lumens x 350m)
  • Reverse polarity protection 


  • Lacking the blue light

3. Olight Freyr (#3rd Best Choice)

It was Olight’s Baton 3 that made me realize how reliable the brand is. So, when I saw they had a multi-color flashlight, I knew I had to check it out.

If you didn’t know already, Olight is a china based brand like Nitecore. The USA has representation HQs, and that’s why the brand is so famous in the west.

We’re going to talk about the Olight Freyr.

Let’s start by discussing the design, dimensions, maximum characteristics, and resistance capacity.

I personally love the cross-sectional knurling pattern as it certifies the grip. The vibrant orange or black color of the Aluminum Alloy brings uniqueness to the product.

Remember that there are only 6,000 orange color units as this is a limited edition product.

Well, it should be 5,999 because I own one now.

The two independent switches make operation easier. You can select a color or moonlight with the side switch. The tail switch is to operate with the white light.

The length is 5.35″, the head dia is 1.59″, and the body dia is 1.01″ of the Freyr flashlight. The weight is just 7.13oz.

Freyr has an impressive 1750 maximum lumen count, with 32,400cd. Under these conditions, the maximum beam distance is 360m.

You can use the flashlight for a maximum duration of 15 days in moonlight mode.

The Freyr flashlight is IPX8 waterproof rated; submersible up to 2 meters.

Now, let’s move to operational modes, colors, and special characteristics.

Freyr comes in four colors; WHITE, RED, GREEN, AND BLUE.

The light source consists of 4 LEDs: one cool white LED, one 635nm red LED, 515nm green LED, and a 470nm blue LED. 

There are three modes of output with the white light such as,

  • Mode 1: 1750~850~300 lumens (2 min+150 min+28 min)
  • Mode 2: 300 lumens (9.5 hours)
  • Mode 3: 5 lumens(15 days)

This is how the RGB (red-green-blue) output works,

  • Red Light: 30 lumens (22 hours)
  • Green Light: 60 lumens (14 hours)
  • Blue Light: 25 lumens (12 hours)

The runtime is decided by the battery, which is customized and rechargeable.

You can charge the flashlight on time with an in-built battery level indicator light. It turns green if the battery percentage is above 75%, orange if it is between 30%-75%, and red when it falls below 30%

As per special characteristics, you can use the Freyr flashlight as a traffic wand in emergencies. There’s also a proximity sensor by design to dim the light when it detects an obstruction ahead.


  • Top-notch RGB light output system 
  • 15 days of maximum runtime
  • 1750 lumen count of strong light
  • Tail switch and side switch 


  • UV light would have been nicer

4. LUMENSHOOTER Multi Multicolor

I always look at the specs first when I evaluate a flashlight.

There has to be at least one worthy factor to be considered.

Lumenshooter set the bar high with one word; zoomability. 

That’s when I knew I should probably give it a go. What zoomability is and everything you should know about the Lumenshooter multi-color flashlight is coming right up.

The company is based in China, like all reliable flashlight brands.

You know what we start with now: design, dimensions, maximum characteristics, and resistance capacity.

This pocket-sized flashlight is made of Aluminum with a unique knurling pattern and a clip. Its dimensions are 6.22″ in height, 1.38″ of head dia, and body dia. 

The weight is 3.98 ounces.

The brand doesn’t specify the typical specs like most flashlights. Tthe lumen count is 200 lumens in the specs, and it delivers as advertised.

The longest I had the flashlight turned on with one full charge is around two days.

The flashlight is also water resistant.

Now, let’s look at the operational modes and colors, and special characteristics.

There are four colors of light to choose from: WHITE, RED, BLUE, and GREEN.

You can use the flashlight with 3 AAA batteries or a single rechargeable battery. 

The most significant characteristic of the flashlight is its zoomability.

When a light is zoomable, you can diffuse or concentrate the light beam. You can use the dispersed zoomed-out light to cover a larger area and the zoomed-in light beam on specific locations.

The flashlight’s single-mode output for each color makes it unique. All you need to do is half-press the button and cycle through to the color of your choice.

For your convenience, memory mode is integrated too.


  • Zoomability of the light
  • RGB light with white light 
  • Small in size (EDC-type)
  • Memory function 


  • Cannot control the lumen output

5. Ultrafire Tactical LED Flashlight

Free shipping worldwide.

That’s the first thing I saw when I visited Ultrafire’s official website.

Their multi-color LED flashlight was a recommendation. But I get extra strict with recommendations since we can be slightly biased toward the person who recommends it to us.

But the flashlight managed to impress me objectively with all of its features.

Design, dimensions, maximum characteristics, and resistance capacity: that’s what we start with.

The body is made from premium Aluminum alloy. The reflector is a convex lens with an excellent knurling pattern. The pattern felt finer when compared to the Nitecore, Olight, and Fenix knurling designs.

The flashlight is 5.1″ in length, 1.5″ in head dia, and 1.02″ in tail dia, weighing around 5.3oz.

Ultrafire doesn’t specify the specs of this flashlight either, like the Lumenshooter. 

The battery life was around 2-3 days, according to my experience. This is not mentioned in any of the specs for some reason.

The lifespan is around 10,000 hours by design. It is also rain-resistant, but since the company says not to put it in water, I assumed it doesn’t have a proper IP rating.

However, you get the shockproof guarantee which is great.

Now, let’s move to operational modes, colors, and special characteristics.

The flashlight allows you to achieve three colors: WHITE, RED, and GREEN. Here’s how their lumen outputs change,

  1. White: 800lm
  2. Red: 300lm
  3. Green: 300lm

To change the color, you should change the color of the exchange lens of your choice. That’s right — there’s no button or a ring to toggle between colors swiftly.

But that’s just about the color. There are five modes amongst which you can switch between by half-pressing the button. These modes are,

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Strobe
  • SOS

The Ultrafire multi-color flashlight’s light is zoomable. Turn the zooming ring clockwise and counterclockwise to flood or concentrate the light beam.

However, you should get one 18650 battery or three AAA batteries which aren’t included in the package.


  • Zoomability of the lens
  • 10,0000 hours of working span 
  • Five operational modes with two colors 
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Colored lenses should be manually attached 

6. Coast PX20 Dual Color

It’s hard to look away when a company shows a “lifetime guarantee” with tech products. I know you know what I’m saying.

The same thing happened when I looked for the PX20 Dual Color by COAST.

COAST (portland) is an American-based flashlight company founded in 1919 with a diverse collection of flashlights.

Their PX20 is our object of interest.

Let’s start by looking at the design, dimensions, maximum characteristics, and resistance capacity.

The PX20 is tested and rated to the ANSI/PLATO FL 1 standard, which is a great start. This Aluminum multi-color flashlight is 4.63″ in length, 1.02″ in diameter, weighing 3.5oz.

I liked the numbers and the knurling pattern very much.

The peak beam intensity is 5041cd with a beam distance of 142m. When I checked it, its maximum runtime was around 1hr and 20 mins. The test result checked out with the manufacturer’s specs for peak runtime; 1hr 30mins.

The maximum lumen output is 315 lumen.

You get three AAA batteries with the pocket clip.

With 3m impact resistance, the PX20 is IPX4 water resistant. This means the flashlight is resistant to water splashes from any direction.

Let’s move on to talking about the operational modes, colors, and special characteristics.

There are two colors in the flashlight such as WHITE and RED. Switching between the two lights is very convenient since there are two separate switches.

The average lumen count is 125 lumens.

But here’s where it gets better.

You can combine the two colors and get a dual-color beam too. 

All things considered, COAST’s PX20 is one of the best multi-color flashlights on the market.


  • Dual color beam 
  • Separate switch to each color (red and white)
  • Lifetime warranty 
  • Durability 


  • Lack of operational modes

Top Factors to Consider When Buying a Multi-Color Flashlight

Once you consider these factors that I considered, I’m sure they’ll lead to more factors to consider.

  • Number of colors
  • Color toggling mechanism
  • Characteristics at the highest operational mode (beam distance, lumen count, runtime)
  • Operational characteristics in the color mode
  • Number of operational modes
  • Resistance to impact and water/moisture 
  • Dimensional convenience 
  • Overall design 
  • Rechargeability and replaceability of the battery
  • Method of attachment (e.g., clip)
  • Warranty and refund policy

Uses of Color Flashlights

The uses of color flashlights are case-sensitive and color sensitive. So, first, let’s look at some common situations when color flashlights are helpful.

And this list goes on.

Now, let’s look at how these colors of multi-color flashlights are helpful.

Red: to move in the dark without ruining night vision, use light without disturbing neighbors, as an emergency light.

Green: not to scare away animals during nighttime hunting, longer run time than many other LED colors.

Blue: to check the authenticity of documents such as ID and currency and to track blood trails.

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Why Buy a Multi-Color Flashlight and its Benefits?

I’m assuming you have a specific need if you’re looking for a multi-color flashlight. But why buy one in the first place?

Here are some of the reasons why you should buy a multi-color flashlight.

  1. For better perception of colors at night
  2. When you don’t want to disturb your surrounding with a flashlight light
  3. To preserve night vision 
  4. When you want to lower the light signature in low-light environments
  5. To ensure you are reading the document properly 
  6. When you want to signal an emergency quickly
  7. For better hunting and mining trips

And this list goes on.

How do color flashlights benefit you? Here’s how.

  • Increase the efficiency of hunting
  • Keep your neighbors not irritated
  • Increase the effectiveness of crime investigations
  • Decrease the disturbance to the environment 
  • For artistic purposes

Note: Best Flashlights to Illuminate Your Needs

In Conclusion

It’s obvious how Nitecore SRT7GT takes the first place, Fenix TK26R the second, and the Olight Freyr is the third. Since you’re looking for the best color flashlight, choosing one of these is what I recommend.

After all, the white light can’t perform specific tasks. But meeting your needs with multi-color flashlights doesn’t have to be further delayed.

Especially not when you know what to do.


No, not all colors in flashlights do the same thing; each color has a designated purpose.

The lenses and LEDs used in flashlights are not replicable, making it impossible to paint the lens of an existing flashlight.

Blue is identified as the most relaxing type of light.

Nitecore SRT7GT
Beam Distance





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
  • Maximum ten days of runtime
  • Four major colors included
  • Waterproof and impact-proof
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Maximum 450m beam distance
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • It doesn’t have a tail switch

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