7 Best Flashlights for Walking at Night [Reviewed in 2024]

Last Updated on May, 2024

If you are one of those people who suddenly wake up in the middle of the night thinking you heard something but obviously see nothing because of the darkness and wish you had a flashlight near you, do not worry,

You are not the only one! [Oh my! I almost quoted Sam Smith]


Anyone who has spent time in the wilderness or even in a city during a blackout knows how dark the night really is. 

And imagine you have an emergency situation in that darkness,

When responding to an emergency, you should have the necessary equipment, especially the flashlight, and of course, it has to work the first time and every time.

In this piece, you will find out the best flashlight available in the market; you will also see the key features and the pros and cons of that particular flashlight;

Take a few minutes off your busy schedule and go through this article so that you can get a clear picture of what to purchase and what not to. 

Editor’s Choice
Fenix PD25R
Beam distance






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Olight Baton 3 Pro
Beam distance






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Acebeam E70 Mini
Beam distance






Overall Score


A Brief Review of the Top 7 Flashlights for Walking at Night

Flashlights have come a long way- with new shapes, sizes, and colors, technologies, features, and uses, but the spirit and purpose of the invention have stayed constant.

Of course, you can not work in the dark; according to human nature, we are created to work in the light, and darkness is definitely not our strong suit.

That’s the main motive behind this invention, and a flashlight can provide you with an instant source of light in all sorts of situations especially at night and during power outages. 

So here are our top picks for flashlights that you could use at night,

1. Fenix PD25R (Editor’s Choice)

The smartphone in your pocket probably has a flashlight and is likely good at shining about 3 feet in front of you.

Still, you can get a good range, far better illumination, versatility, and durability in a Fenix PD25R Rechargeable EDC flashlight.

The Fenix PD25R measures 3.5 inches in length, making it a suitable size to always take along but a little heavier than the other flashlights, 78g (Without Battery).

However, you shouldn’t worry about using this boy on rainy days as it’s IP68 rated, which means Fenix PD25R is fully waterproof for up to 4 hours at a depth of 2 meters.

This comes with the rechargeable battery out of the box, plus is hooked up with a USB-C charging port for fast and convenient charging. And just a single charge can offer you a battery level of 70 hours in the eco mode.

The LED bulb used in Fenix PD25R has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, so you don’t have to worry about replacing the LEDs after a short use, this flashlight emits 880 lumens of power in the turbo mode for a distance of 250 meters (820ft). 

That amount of light is more than enough for night walks, maybe a little too high…

And that is where the different modes come in, Fenix PD25R offers 5 lightning modes with different light outputs. On medium mode, the flashlight will output 150 lumens, that’s perfect for walking at night.

You also get a strobe output with the Fenix PD25R, this can come very handy during emergencies. 

The battery level indicator lets you know the status of the battery life at all times, you can charge the flashlight once it indicates a red light. 

It also features a two-way pocket clip along with two switches, a side switch and a tail switch, that makes the flashlight super easy to use. 

With all things considered, the Fenix PD25R is an excellent flashlight to use for walks at night, the balanced brightness, battery life, broader beam all make it something that you won’t regret purchasing. 

You can learn more about Fenix PD25R in this review.


  • The wide variety of brightness choices makes it perfect for all situations
  • 70-hour eco mode for your various daily tasks will make your life easier
  • Features a battery level indicator
  • Comfortable size
  • Durable flashlight
  • Solid beam range
  • Good battery life [Excellen rather]


  • There are no noticeable cons in this flashlight, that’s actually one reason for me to include it in the beginning of the review itself lol

2. Olight Baton 3 Pro (#2nd Best Choice)

This is the upgraded version of S2R Baton II. This specifically runs up to 4 months, and this significantly has a longer run time at every brightness level than the previous version.

Olight Baton 3 Pros is not only perfect for night walks, but it’s also a very efficient and a very useful companion for even the most extended power outages.

Coming in at only 3.99 inches long, it fits nicely into your palm, the pocket size makes olight baton 3 pro great for everyday carry.

It is made of aluminum and stainless steel, is waterproof, and is crush- and drop-proof.

The lighting power is bright and long, and it has a max output of 1500 lumens and a max throw of 175m; this is one of the best options available to use in outdoor activities. 

Olight baton 3 pro is basically identical to the Fenix PD25R when it comes to modes, there’s 5 present here along with a strobe. 

Low and medium modes do the job of getting you to places at night. Strobe is not a much needed feature but anyways it’s good to have it for safety. 

Other things that make this flashlight one of the best is the fact that it can run up to 120 days in low mode. That’s as mentioned above, 4 months of lighting with a single charge. 

It uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery; which can be fully charged in 3.5 hours using olight’s proprietary USB magnetic charging cable.

My mum always tells me to charge her flashlight [not olight baton 3 pro] during the day so she could use it at night cause it takes the whole day for her flashlight to get charged… [Sigh] Well this is the best solution for a person who uses that phrase.

You can learn more about the baton 3 pro flashlight here.


  • Effortless to operate with the excellent side switch; easy to operate and simultaneously reduces the chances of accidental activations
  • The more comprehensive and extended two-way clip is more secure in your pocket or backpack
  • IPX8 waterproof
  • Made using thicker steel for more excellent durability and resistance
  • Very comfortable grip
  • Brighter and longer run time
  • Fast charging
  • Top-notch runtime


  • Proprietary charging

3. Acebeam E70 Mini (#3rd Best Choice)

Acebeam has taken the initiative to upgrade the E70 mini flashlight with new lights, it’s a smaller version of the E70. [Well, that’s why it’s called E70 mini]

This flashlight is one of the most popular BEST flashlights as it has a perfect mini size measuring just 111mm (4.37 inches) long and 120g/ 4.23oz in weight.

One button press will help you hover over 6 brightness levels along with strobe, that’s 7 altogether.

That amount of mode in a flashlight is a bit overkill, but I’d take it, it’s all about features, and Acebeam E70 Mini is not short of it. 

The runtime is impressive; 100 hours of ultra-long runtime in ultra low brightness level…

Even if the flashlight runs out of juice, you can fast charge it with a USB type C charging cable. 

Max lumen output goes up to 2000 and this flashlight’s beam ranges up to 153m/ 787 ft. That’s too much brightness for a simple night walk. Since there’s 6 modes, you don’t have to worry about the high brightness. 

Durability wise, it’s typical Acebeam, made of aero grade aluminum and rated IP68, you don’t need to worry about the light breaking any time soon.

Like I mentioned, Acebeam E70 mini is one of the most popular flashlights. I can put it under the category of best flashlights too, very bright, too many modes and spectacular beam all make this a top pick. 


  • Compact size with high performance
  • Longer runtime
  • Super bright
  • 7 different brightness levels
  • Highly efficient circuit design
  • Made out of durable high-straight aluminum
  • Impact resistant and waterproof


  • Proprietary battery

4. ThruNite TC12 V2 

The thruNite TC12 V2 tactical Flashlight has the broadest range of brightness settings, also one of the most suitable flashlights for night walking.

First of all, this light is small, at just 5.5 inches you can slip it in your pockets easily, not only is it small, it’s super lightweight too, just 3.06oz.

ThruNite TC12 V2 outputs a balanced beam that’s perfectly bright for night walks, 200 lumens in medium, and 1100 in turbo,

What more could you ask?

Beam range is another area where the TC12 V2 shines, 240 meters of pure throw, which is on point for your moonwalks. 

Like most flashlights, the TC12 V2 too has 6 modes, making it super versatile for many situations. One of those 6 modes is strobe, can be very useful for signaling purposes. 

You can use the firefly mode for 49 days straight and when the battery begins to run law simply use the USB-c charging option. 

This flashlight comes with a smooth reflector, and it produces a wide beam; that is what makes this an excellent light for night walks. Not just night walks, ThruNite TC 12 is also used for military applications, law enforcement assignments, searching and rescue missions and for hunting.

The body of the flashlight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it durable for everyday use.

You shouldn’t worry about overcharging your flashlight as it features an intelligent overcharge protection.

ThruNIte TC12 is a small flashlight, and you can adapt to it very quickly; the stainless steel side switch makes the operation more sensitive and convenient.

You shall not worry about using it outside on rainy days as it’s IPX8 rated.

Thrunite TC has the ability to pave the path for you to walk at night, there’s no risks involved in getting yourself knocked on obstacles at night if you have this flashlight on.


  • Feels great in hand
  • Unique Firefly mode
  • Great Build quality
  • Intelligent overcharge protection
  • Excellent runtime


  • Gets a little too hot

5. Nitecore MH12S

Nitecore MH12S makes a splash, comes with 1800 lumens of illumination for excellent performance, and over 294 meters of a throw.

Made out of superb steel, which is resistant to both dropping and crushing. 

MH12S is a palm sized portable EDC at 5.55 inches in length and weighs 75.5g.

The balance between both the height and weight makes carrying the flashlight in your pocket a no brainer. 

As mentioned above, this flashlight has a max brightness of 1800 lumens, that’s excellent if you factor in the 6 modes along with strobe, SOS and beacon.

For regular use and emergency situations, the Nitecore MH12S is just perfect.

The battery that comes with the light allows you to use it for 1500 hours in the lowest mode. Like many lights, the user-friendly metal switch allows you to change the brightness setting into five different modes.

Additionally, the manufacturers have featured a built-in USB port that allows for super fast charging. Fast charging with super long runtimes is what makes this Nitecore MH12S a great pick for anyone. 

The memory function of the light, which allows it to remember the last mode it was in, is another useful feature that many other EDCs missout on. 

MH12S is applicable for all weather conditions, it is IP68 rated, and it’s 2m submersible and waterproof.

In simple words MH12S has everything you seek in a flashlight. If you ask me to recommend a light which is suitable to use at night for any sorta situation, I would not hesitate to recommend MH12S to you!


  • Light weighted and an ideal light for everyday use
  • Has a longer battery life
  • High energy density and powerful performance
  • The excellent memory function
  •  It produces a stable light output
  • Long beam distance


  • The runtime difference between low and ultralow is huge

6. Cyansky M3 

Cyansky M3 is a rookie to the flashlight world, although the manufacturers have done a great job in fitting into this category, as one of the best flashlights for walking, rather, working at night…

The light is made of titanium; it has a very glossy finish to its metal surface which gives it stability and durability.

Compared with other flashlights, Cyansky is a little light and small in size. Like very very small, let me define it,

In fact, it is 2.07 inches long. Without the cell, it weighs 1.05 oz, making it significantly heavier than you may expect to see from the exterior due to the weight of the titanium. 

Even though the light is small, the lumen output, beam distance, runtime are all on another level. 700 lumens, 73 meter beam distance, 72 hour runtime all make this a trusty sidekick, always there when you needed it, and never letting you down 

Modes wise, you are seeing 5 different light modes, turbo, high, med, low, strobe. As usual, each of these operates at a distinct lumen level with the middle one being the most suitable for night walks.

This light is made for cold temperatures and also the hot temperatures, 2 meters impact resistant, and rated IPX8 super waterproof.

The Cyansky M3 is made for daily use, emergency situations, or any other situation of all sorts. Also, it’s an excellent light for night walking, self-defense, sundries search and…

Well, it’s useless listing it down because you literally can use this light for any situation without any hesitation. 


  • Titanium build
  • A very balanced flashlight
  • Has the temperature control, which protects the light from overheating
  • Very comfortable grip


  • Beam distance could be higher

7. Maglite CITY LIFE KIT

Life kit features an iconic mini Maglite pro-LED pocket light, a purse flashlight, and a stylish Solitaire LED keychain light.

Yes! 3 in 1. How cool is that? A perfect bundle, indeed.

The 2 AA batteries produce a light beam of 332 lumens and achieve a beam range of 172m. peak beam intensity goes up to 7399cd.

Maglite mini pro has a length of 6.67 inches and weighs 4.14oz, it is water resistant and also drop resistant. Also it’s usable for any weather conditionI as it’s rated IPX4 Water resistant.

It also has a long battery life of 13 hours in the eco mode and close to 3 hours in high mode, a perfect light for your daily tasks but not so perfect for a long period of use.

In performance, there’s different light settings that you can vary according to your use, the eco mode, low mode and the high mode. Eco being the lowest of all and the high obviously being the highest…

Moving on to the solitaire LED keychain light;

Solitaire LED keychain light is somewhat similar to the one I explained before. It’s an energy-efficient, lightweight, compact-size flashlight that you can take with you anywhere. It has a length of 3 inches and weighs 0.8oz the flashlight generates a beam range of up to 46m and has a max output of 47 lumens.

You can use the flashlight for 1 hour and 45 mins without any distractions in high mode, and in low mode you can go more than 2 to 3 hours. 

They are made out of high-tensile aluminum. Anodized both inside and outside to prevent corrosion. Like many flashlights, this bundle of flashlights are shockproof and splashproof. Also solitaire LED keychain light has a IPX7 rated water resistance.


  • User friendly
  • Solid build quality
  • Simply get the job done
  • Durable


  • Run times could’ve been higher

What Should You Consider When Purchasing a Flashlight for Night Walk?

a human holding a flashlight at night

Check Whether the Flashlight is Lightweight and Long-Lasting.

It’s best if your choice of the flashlight is made out of durable materials that can resist any damage. Also, it should be harsh to withstand any weather conditions.

Good thing about your flashlight being lightweight is that you can take it wherever you want whenever you want. It’s best if your flashlight does not exceed 7 oz.

Lighting Power

Lighting power is basically measured from lumens, and the light output can range from 20 lumens- 3000 lumens. The more the lumen output the more brighter the beam gets. It’s ideal if you can find a flashlight that has a lumen output of 100 or more than that.

If you are not going in the heavy dark even the lowest amount of lumen output is enough for you to go from one place to another.

Batteries and the Battery Life

Some flashlights use AA or AAA batteries, and some use rechargeable lithium batteries that can give your flashlight extended battery life.

It’s easier if you can find a flashlight that runs with the last category I mentioned [rechargeable lithium batteries], you can basically cut the cost of buying new cells when the batteries are rechargeable.

Water Resistance and Shock Resistance

Shock resistance is defined by the metal that’s been used to make the flashlight. As long as your flashlight is made of a long lasting metal like aluminum you shouldn’t worry about dropping it from a height. 

If you want to use your flashlight in any weather condition, especially during the rainy season, try to find a flashlight which has a rating of IPX68 or an IP rating which ends with an 8. 

Check on the Settings and the Unique Modes

Many flashlight manufacturers include many settings to its flashlight to make the product unique. Floodlight, Spotlight, Strobe and SOS light, adjustable beam, and adjustable brightness levels are some of those features.

If the flashlight includes the strobe mode and especially the SOS light mode that’s definitely a ‘go to’ flashlight.

Why Do We Use Flashlights at Night?

flashlights on the rock

Flashlights have significantly evolved over the years, and the giant heavy lanterns of the past, have been replaced with more compact and brighter units thanks to LED bulbs. Flashlights are actually modernized for night use and to identify potential threats.

For example, walking at night through the naked darkness hides a lot of potential dangers, and a flashlight can help you spot anything unusual before it’s too late.

Also thanks to the high brightness modes like strobe, you have an option of preventing yourself from danger. Remember strobe is an added feature for Self defense purposes.

Is it Useful During the Day Time?

Yes, in case of an emergency power outage, a flashlight can instantly save the situation. No matter wherever you are, having a quality flashlight can be an advantage. 

Your phone’s flashlight really is a great feature, and many people find it helpful, but if you keep it on for a more extended period of time chances of a battery running out is very high; just imagine your phone battery running out in a car breakdown, and you have no idea of what to do, Worst case scenario, Imagine there’s not enough battery power in your phone to use any feature…Only a flashlight will help you in this situation, So be brave and get yourself a flashlight.

Final Thoughts: The Best Flashlight for Walking at Night

A good walking flashlight should provide ample illumination for a clear view of the path ahead while being easy to carry, durable, and energy-efficient. With a reliable walking flashlight in hand, you can navigate the night safely and confidently, enjoying the peace and serenity of the night while ensuring your safety and security.

And that’s what the Fenix PD25R is all about, the balance this flashlight provides is top-notch; It’s like a magic wand, conjuring up the perfect amount of light for any situation.


For night hiking, a minimum of 50 lumens is recommended, but up to 100 lumens may provide better illumination.

The price of top-rated flashlights can range from $30 to $120, depending on the model, features, battery size and life, and other factors.

Yes, a tactical flashlight can be a good self-defense tool, as it can be used to optically confuse an aggressor, dissuade them, or serve as a blunt force weapon.

Fenix PD25R
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Comfortable size
Durable flashlight
Solid beam range
Good battery life [Excellen rather]
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
There are no noticeable cons in this flashlight, that’s actually one reason for me to include it in the beginning of the review itself lol

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