7 Best Copper Flashlights [2024 Updated] Our Top Picks

Last Updated on July, 2024

Looking for a flashlight to make your gear more stylish and sophisticated? Why not choose a copper flashlight to create your sense of style? 

As copper enthusiasts already know, Copper flashlights will not only pass as a statement piece due to their extraordinary craftsmanship, they also have other added benefits that make it a great choice. Read on to learn all the details on this.

After much research during our scavenger hunt to find the top copper flashlights, we’ve come up with the list below to help you choose from the best. 

Editor’s Choice
Acebeam E70-CU
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#2nd Best Choice
Olight Eternal 3
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#3rd Best Choice
Lumintop GT Mini Copper
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Top 7 Best Copper Flashlights

1. Acebeam E70-CU EDC Flashlight (Best Copper EDC Flashlight)

The Acebeam E70-CU EDC flashlight, furnished with a solid copper body, is styled to be elegant and tasteful.

They are ultra-compact, measuring only 128.3 mm in length, 30 mm in diameter at the head, and weighing only 294.5 g, including the battery. 

These EDC flashlights are built on sophisticated technology to keep it small without compromising power.

The exquisite copper build gives it a 1-meter drop resistance and an IP68 waterproof rating.

The E70-CU EDC flashlights can blast out 4600 lumen strong light and have a maximum beam throw of 240 meters.

Using the XHP70.2 LED emitter, it features six lighting levels and a strobe function. The performance on each brightness level is as follows;

  • Turbo- 4600 lumens, 240 meters, 1 hour 30 minutes
  • High- 1300 lumens, 120 meters, 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Mid2- 650 lumens, 80 meters, 4 hours
  • Mid1- 180 lumens, 50 meters, 12 hours 45 minutes
  • Low- 50 lumens, 50 hours
  • Moonlight- 1 lumen, 11 days

This handy copper EDC runs on a single 510A 21700 USB rechargeable battery that can discharge up to 11 days worth of runtime in moonlight mode. It is also compatible with a single 18650 battery. 

This EDC light includes many helpful accessory features and functions, such as;

  • Strobe mode – to disorient the attacker without excessive force
  • Digitally regulated output – to maintain stability in output
  • Lock-out mode – to prevent accidental activation
  • Smart ITS temperature control system – for stability and optimum performance
  • Gold-plated circuit points – for better conductivity and durability
  • Metal tail button – convenient operation
  • Tail stand – to use as a candle

Key features of the Acebeam E70-CU EDC flashlight

  • Six lighting levels plus strobe function
  • Max output on the highest mode- 4600 lumens
  • Maximum beam throw on the highest mode- 240 meters
  • Impact resistance- 1 meter
  • Waterproof rating- IP68


  • Makes a statement piece to own
  • Super bright light output from a compact tool
  • Good runtimes


  • Low candelas, so wider beam

2. Olight Eternal 3 (Arkfeld Cu) / Winter 3 (Arkfeld Ti) Limited Edition Flat Flashlight (Best Copper Magnetic Flashlight)

The Olight Arkfeld eternal 3 copper flashlight can produce a max output of 1000 lumens at a distance of 101 meters.

These lights utilize a high-performance cool white LED to deliver a max light intensity of 2560 cd. 

This copper flashlight runs on a built-in 1050mAh lithium polymer battery that delivers a maximum runtime of 8 days on a 1-lumen light.

This dual light source offers five white light modes and a ≤0.39mW Class 1 green beam. 

They are 4.33″ long and weigh only 199g with a flat and ultra-thin body shape making them a comfortable tool to hold or carry around.

Other features of the eternal 3 copper flashlight include;

  • Memory function – to save favorite mode
  • Battery level indicator – to show the remaining battery level percentage
  • Intuitive interface – Center button and selector button for convenient use
  • MCC3 magnetic USB charging
  • Pocket clip and magnetic base – for hands-free use and carry

Key features of the Olight Arkfeld Eternal 3

  • Five lighting levels and a green beam
  • Max output on the highest mode- 1000 lumens
  • Maximum beam throw on the highest mode- 101 meters
  • Impact resistance- 1 meter
  • Waterproof rating- IPX7


  • Laser beam
  • Easy to carry shape
  • Simple and unique design
  • Easy UI
  • Magnetic charging
  • Good regulated output


  • Uses a non-replaceable battery
  • The body started getting tarnished after a short period of exposure

3. Lumintop GT Mini Copper Thrower Flashlight (Best Copper Thrower Flashlight)

The Lumintop GT mini uses the Osram KW CSLNM1.TG LED bead to produce a max output of 750 lumens.

This beam reaches over 1050 meters in distance with more than 372,625 kcd max light intensity.

This mini version of the GT can run on a single 18650 Li-ion or a 18350 cell using a short tube attachment. 

These copper lights measure 133.5 mm in length and 50 mm in diameter at the head. They weigh 440g without batteries and are made using copper housing.

These lights are IP68 in waterproofing level. 

This copper light uses a glass lens with an anti-reflective coating and a smooth finish aluminum reflector.

Operated using Andúril Firmware with defaulted smooth RAMPING UI. But it also features a discrete level mode-set UI to select any of the twelve pre-defined mode sets.

Key features of the Lumintop GT Mini Copper Thrower Flashlight

  • Smooth ramping UI and mode-set UI
  • Max output power on highest mode- 750 lumens
  • Max beam throw on highest mode- 1050 meters
  • Power source- 18650 Li-ion or a 18350 li-ion (using a short tube)
  • Waterproof rating- IP68


  • Tactile Backlit button
  • Great ramping UI
  • Excellent throw from a small light
  • Well built


  • Short tube attachment has to be purchased separately

4. Aurora A9 Copper LED Keychain Flashlight (Best Copper Keychain Flashlight)

Looking for a showy keychain flashlight to add to your gear? The RovyVon Aurora A9 copper flashlight is designed to stand out while giving you an incredible performance.

Made using quality copper, these keychain flashlights weigh 39.8g and measure 2.26″ in length.

The build quality of this compact copper flashlight gives it an IP65 weather resistance rating and 1.5-meter drop resistance.

Powered using a 260mAh 701040 Li-po micro-USB rechargeable battery, this flashlight can last up to 30 hours in the ultra-low mode with a 70-minute full charge time.

These copper keychain flashlights allow you to choose between two LED options: Cool white LED and Nichia 219C for high output and high CRI, respectively.

Using the cool white LED this flashlight can deliver a max output of 650 lumens thrown at a stretch of 109 meters. These flashlights offer four lighting modes: high, medium, low, moonlight, and a strobe option.

This flashlight is equipped with a reversible pocket clip for convenient carry options.

Additional features of this copper EDC light include;

  • Crafted on CNC precision
  • Constant current circuit with improved PWM – to extend runtime
  • Mode memory – recall the last used mode
  • E-switch – single-handed operation
  • Tail stand capability

Key features of the Aurora A9 Copper LED Keychain flashlight

  • Four lighting modes plus strobe function
  • Max output on highest mode- 650 lumens
  • Max beam throw on highest mode- 109 meters
  • Two LED options: white LED and Nichia 219C
  • Impact resistance- 1.5 meters
  • Waterproof rating- IP65


  • Copper body with a patina finish
  • All modes can last more than an hour
  • The lowest mode can last more than 26 hours


  • Momentary ON tends to drain the battery
  • High and medium modes downshift to low output count

5. Fireflies Pl47 G2 2021 Brass Copper (Best Copper Right Angle Flashlight)

The Fireflies PI47 G2 is a right-angle copper flashlight that adopts a quad LED format behind the 30° TIR optic lens.

It offers you the capability of choosing from a range of LED emitters, as listed below;

  • 4x Nichia 219B 4000K SW40 D220 R9080 
  • 4x SST20 4000K FA3 NW
  • 4x SST20 6500K 
  • 4x CREE XPL HI

The light power produced by this copper flashlight changes based on the LED choice. The Nichia LED CRI98 can produce a max output of 2500 lumens, but the SST20 with a CRI95 can produce a max output of 2800 lumens. 

This flashlight is equipped with a set of fun and special modes as listed below;

  • Blinky utility mode
    • Battery check
    • Sunset Mode
    • Beacon mode
    • Temperature check
  • Strobe / Mood modes:
    • Candle
    • Bike flasher
    • Party strobe
    • Tactical Strobe
    • Lightning mode
  • Lockout mode 
  • Momentary mode (signaling/morse coding)
  • Muggle mode
  • Configuration mode
  • Ramp config mode

These copper flashlights are 88 mm in length and 28 mm in diameter at the head. Made using raw copper with a polished finish, they weigh only 150 g. The quality materials used in the construction give it an IPX8 waterproof rating. 

These flashlights run on a single 21700 Li-ion battery. But it can also run on a 22430 with the help of a short-body attachment.

These flashlights are equipped with a digital current regulation driver to ensure stable light output on lower lighting levels.

Key features of the Fireflies PI47 G2 Copper flashlight

  • Many fun and special modes
  • Multiple LED options: Nichia, SST20, and CREE XPL H
  • Maximum light output on highest output- 2800 lumens (depends on the chosen LED option)
  • Digital current regulation
  • 30° angle optical lens
  • Waterproof rating- IPX8


  • Anduril UI
  • Good build
  • Use of four LEDs
  • Ice blue Aux LEDs and switch LEDs
  • Versatile


  • Doesn’t match the output specifications
  • Fast downshifts when used on higher output settings
  • The addition of options makes the light expensive

6. Mecarmy X3s Handheld Mini Keychain EDC Flashlight

The Mecarmy X3s are 18g copper flashlights that provide a max output power of 130 lumens over a max beam stretch of 59 meters. 

The CREE XP-G2 LED emitter used beneath an SMO reflector can give a max light intensity of 910 cd. 

Made using 100% copper materials, these flashlights are only 1.83″ in length and 0.58″ in diameter at the head.

These copper flashlights are rated IPX8 and have a 1.5-meter impact resistance.

Fueled using a single rechargeable 10189 lithium-ion battery, it can provide a max runtime lasting up to 6 hours. 

This copper keychain flashlight offers two lighting modes;

  • High- 130 lumens, 30 minutes 
  • Low- 8 lumens, 6 hours

The charging port of this EDC copper flashlight is placed as a ‘twist to reveal’ design. Using the included micro USB cable, this light needs only one hour of full charging time,

Interesting fact: This copper flashlight is a patented rechargeable super micro-sized light.

The single-handed twist operation allowing instant access to the lighting modes and the above features make it an excellent choice as an EDC.

Key features of the Mecarmy X3s Handheld Mini Keychain EDC flashlight

  • High and low lighting modes
  • Max output power on high mode- 130 lumens
  • Max beam throw on high mode- 59 meters
  • Light source- CREE XP-G2 LED emitter
  • Impact resistance- 1.5 meters
  • Waterproof rating- IPX8


  • Super tiny and bright enough
  • Strong build
  • Rechargeability


  • The bulb end cannot be removed for cleaning

7. Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Copper 650lm Mini Keychain EDC AA Flashlight (Best Copper AA Flashlight)

The Lumintop tool AA 2.0 keychain flashlight utilizes the Cree XP-L HD LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours to produce a max output of 650 lumens that is thrown at a distance of 127 meters. 

Activated using a single aa battery or a 14500 rechargeable li-ion battery, these copper flashlights can offer you four light output levels and a strobe function.

The performance on each mode is as follows;

Using the 14500 rechargeable li-ion battery

  • Turbo- 650 lumens for 33 minutes
  • High- 360 lumens for 1 hour 19 minutes
  • Med- 85 lumens, 6 hours 9 minutes
  • Low- 16 lumens for 37 hours

Using the AA alkaline

  • Turbo- 270 lumens for 21 minutes
  • High- 140 lumens for 49 minutes
  • Med- 28 lumens, 11 hours 50 minutes
  • Low- 3.7 lumens for 2.5 days

Using the AA NiMH 

  • Turbo- 270 lumens for 43 minutes
  • High- 140 lumens for 2 hours 33 minutes
  • Med- 28 lumens for 12 hours 30 minutes
  • Low- 3.7 lumens for 2.5 days

Built using copper, the house of this flashlight is designed to be a stylish addition to your gear. Weighing only 60 g, these flashlights measure 89.5 mm and 18.5 mm in size. The lightweight and compact nature make it perfect as an EDC.

These flashlights have an impact resistance of 1.5 meters and a waterproof rating of IP68.

They are operated either using a clicky button located at the flashlight’s tail or a twist of the head action.

This upgraded version can provide a super long max runtime of 2.5 days on the lowest mode.

Key features of the Lumintop Tool AA 2.0 Copper Mini Keychain EDC AA Flashlight

  • Four lighting modes pulse strobe function
  • Max output on turbo mode- 650 lumens ( 14500 rechargeable li-ion battery)
  • Max beam throw on turbo mode- 127 meters (14500 rechargeable li-ion battery)
  • Impact resistance- 1.5 meters
  • Waterproof rating- IP68


  • Good build
  • Luxurious and stylish design
  • High lumen output
  • Heat sinking feature
  • Easy carry with added accessories


  • Low output is also high
  • High parasitic drain

What to Consider When Buying a Copper Flashlight?

a human using flashlight at night

Flashlight Performance

When looking at the overall performance of a flashlight, one thing to note is that many factors come together to provide this performance. Two important factors to consider are the light’s brightness and the light’s throw distance.

Light Output

The Light output measured in lumens tells us how bright the light beam is. Higher the lumen number brighter the light beam. Based on the purpose of the flashlight, the light strength you choose will differ to ensure it meets all the requirements of the intended purpose.

Beam Throw

The beam throw measured in meters tells you how far the brightness of the light beam can travel. There are other sub-factors that decide this throw distance, like the type of emitter used.

So greater the throw distance, the farther the light beam will illuminate the dark paths.

Battery and Runtimes

The three main types of fuel sources used include disposable batteries, rechargeable batteries, and renewable cells.

The runtimes and cost of each of these sources differ based on their capacity.

The battery and the runtimes delivered are essential to help you understand how often battery replacements or recharging is required.

It will make sure your tasks move along smoothly without any interruptions. 

Copper Flashlight on the table


Considering the durability factors such as build materials, impact resistance, and weatherproofing gives you an idea of the flashlight’s capability to withstand various conditions. 

Size and Weight

The size and weight matter mainly to determine the flashlight’s portability.

So if you are planning on carrying your flashlight when moving around, choose a model with a reasonable size and weight to fulfill your needs without taking up much space or weighing you down.


Price matters because you have to make sure you are purchasing the best for your investment. Consider all features offered by the flashlight to decide if it is worth the price.

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Reasons to Choose a Copper Flashlight

Copper Flashlight in the water

Better Conductor

Using solid copper materials to develop a flashlight is very useful, especially when it comes to high-power flashlights.

Copper is better at heat conduction compared to aluminum or titanium. It can efficiently transfer the heat produced much better and quicker. This is crucial in proper heat dissipation when flashlights are used in higher outputs for extended periods.

A statement piece to your gear

Almost all copper flashlights are designed to stand out of your gear. The color and precision of the build make a copper model perfect for those who want to own a statement piece.


The durability of copper is on par with aluminum.

Although titanium gives extra strength, the extra cost is something you would want to avoid when you have a great second option.


Copper pieces are a work of art due to the transformation of the copper finish of your light.

A natural patina develops over time due to constant exposure to oxygen and oils on your hands. 

Avoid germs

Imagine all the dirt and grime your flashlight may accumulate over time. 

But copper has natural antimicrobial properties, so it can help prevent the spread of germs. 

Get to know the best flashlights out on the market.


All in all, we rate the Acebeam E70-Cu as the best copper flashlight for the excellent performance and multiple extra features it offers.

So what will be your choice?

All in all, we hope this review was helpful in guiding you to pick the best copper model you were looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Copper flashlights are better than aluminum flashlights because they are better at thermal conduction, which helps them stay brighter for longer periods on high-lumen settings.

Copper flashlights change color due to exposure to air, which causes a copper patina to develop over time and results in the copper losing its shininess.

To keep a copper flashlight shiny, regularly clean it and then wipe with a thin coating of baby or mineral oil.

Acebeam E70-CU
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Makes a statement piece to own
Super bright light output from a compact tool
Good runtimes
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of July
Low candelas, so wider beam

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