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Last Updated on May, 2024

Coast is known to make some RELIABLE, high-quality, high-performance flashlights with great features. 

I had the pleasure of hand-testing dozens of Coast flashlights. After intensive research and testing, I returned with this list of the 5 BEST Coast flashlights that will impress your socks off. 

When picking a flashlight, you want to consider all the features, including durability, longevity and applicability. 

If you are looking for a new flashlight, you cannot go wrong with picking one of these BEST flashlights from Coast. 

Hence, without further ado, let’s dive into the list of the TOP 5 Coast flashlights!

5 of the Best Coast Flashlights

The five selected were given their rightful place on this list due to their practical use and functionality. 

Editor’s Choice
Coast XP11R

The overall best flashlight from Coast

(Best Overall)

#2nd Best Choice
Coast XP9R

The best everyday carry flashlight from Coast

(Best EDC)

#3rd Best Choice
Coast PX250

The best tactical flashlight from Coast

(Best Tactical)

1. Coast XP11R (Best Overall)

The best overall pick went to the Coast XP11R. Considering all the flashlights Coast manufactures, the XP11R is considerably better than the rest. 

With 2100 lumens of maximum output, this is a very bright flashlight. Almost as bright as three 60-watt bulbs, this flashlight has a maximum beam distance of 220 meters. 

This is a high-performance and high-quality flashlight with an excellent beam profile.

The light projected from this flashlight is beautiful and is sufficient to light up the whole area before you. 

This flashlight has four modes of brightness that you can choose from, giving you complete control of the level of lighting. On TURBO mode, this flashlight will work on max lumen output of 2100 lumens which is perfect for those midnight searches. 

At only 6 ounces in weight, this isn’t a heavy flashlight. Made of high-grade aluminum, this flashlight is both STRONG and LIGHT! This flashlight is small and easily pocketable at just under 6 inches in length. 

The fact that this is a lightweight and everyday carry-friendly flashlight makes all the difference. Not to mention the fact that this is a RECHARGEABLE flashlight. The rechargeable battery is included.

However, this flashlight does run on AAA batteries too. This is perfect for long camping trips when you don’t have access to a power outlet. 

It comes with a battery life indicator which will show you how many hours of battery life are remaining. In the lowest mode, this flashlight has a maximum battery life of 37 HOURS. The low mode will still shine with 75 lumens of brightness. That is sufficient light to illuminate the immediate space before you. 

The long battery life proves very useful in emergency and survival scenarios where a source of light could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

This flashlight is IP54 stormproof, which means you can even use this flashlight in a storm when it is pouring rain. You also won’t have to worry about dust; this flashlight is DUST RESISTANT. 

The slide focus on this flashlight will allow you to switch between spot and floodlight. The fact that this flashlight has both a spotlight and a floodlight feature is one of the reasons why this is the best OVERALL flashlight brought to you by Coast. 

All in all, this is a heavy-duty and DURABLE flashlight that more than deserves the title of the BEST OVERALL flashlight!


  • Durable
  • Dust resistant
  • Spot and floodlight
  • Strong build quality
  • Waterproof
  • Great battery life


  • Additional modes like strobe would’ve been excellent

2. Coast XP9R (Best EDC)

When it comes to everyday carry flashlights (EDC), the Coast XP9R is impressive, to say the least. 

At only 5.2 inches in length, this is a perfectly sized flashlight to carry around in your pocket. With a maximum output of 1000 lumens of brightness, this flashlight is small but MIGHTY! 

It has a beam distance of 225 meters in high mode. With three modes of lighting to choose from, you have complete control over the level of illumination.

On low mode, this flashlight will portray a light worth 67 lumens, which is impressive for a low mode. With a maximum runtime of 25 HOURS on low mode, the light will still carry a distance of 55 meters (low mode). 

This perfect everyday carry flashlight is ideal because it is RECHARGEABLE. A single charge will work for 3 HOURS and 10 minutes on HIGH mode. 

The fact that it has three modes you can choose from gives you reasonable control over performance and battery life. If you are looking to conserve the battery, all you have to do is use it on a lower mode. 

Though this flashlight is rechargeable, it can be used with two CR123 batteries. The batteries are not included in the package, the fact that you can use these batteries gives you complete control in outdoor settings, such as when you go camping for a week and you don’t have a power outlet to charge your flashlight. 

The design of this flashlight is beautiful. You can most certainly carry this stylish flashlight everywhere you go. 

This flashlight allows for one-handed beam control and lets you choose between flood and spotlight. This is a great feature to have at your disposal. The spotlight with a range of 225 meters should be helpful when trying to spot something far away or signal for help. 

Rated IP54 waterproof, you can use this flashlight in rainy conditions. It is also dust resistant making it DURABLE and long-lasting. 

This is an impressive flashlight which is perfectly sized for everyday use. This user-friendly flashlight is both light and DURABLE, which is precisely what you need in an everyday carry flashlight. 


  • Strong build quality
  • Rechargeable
  • USB-C port for charging
  • Waterproof
  • Great beam distance


  • Inclusion of a pocket clip would’ve been very helpful

3. Coast PX250 (Best Tactical)

When it comes to tactical use, Coast makes some AMAZING tactical flashlights and the Coast PX250 is the BEST of the lot. 

This is a dual-color flashlight that offers both white light and red light. The red light works in various tactical scenarios, which is why this flashlight is excellent for tactical use. 

The red light can also be set to flash, which is perfect for signaling in case of an emergency. This bright red flashing light is activated using the EMERGENCY mode, which this flashlight comes with. 

If you ever find yourself in distress and in need of assistance, the emergency mode could work to SAVE YOUR LIFE!

When you rotate the head of this flashlight, you can switch between a spotlight and a floodlight. This further increases applicability and tactical use. 

With three modes to choose from, low, medium and high, on the highest mode, this flashlight has a maximum output of 650 lumens. This is a high-performance flashlight with a beam distance of 202 meters. 

It has a magnetic tail cap which allows you to fasten this flashlight onto any metallic surface. This will enable you to use this flashlight HANDS-FREE.

It runs on 4 AAA batteries, so you won’t need a power outlet to run this bad boy. When it comes to tactical flashlights, the ability to allow for extended use by swapping batteries could prove very useful in survival situations. 

This flashlight has a maximum runtime of 7 HOURS and 15 minutes on a single set of batteries. 

At 10.4 ounces in weight, this isn’t a light flashlight. But considering what it offers, it’s well worth it. This flashlight is made of high-grade aluminum, that makes this sturdy.

6.7 inches in length makes it a good size for a tactical flashlight. Though not as small as other Coast flashlights, the dual light feature makes this flashlight the BEST for tactical use. 

You won’t have to worry about the weather. This flashlight is rated IP54 water resistant which means it can be used in a storm or rain. You can even drop this flashlight in a puddle, and it will still work. 

The Coast PX250 is a praise-worthy tactical flashlight. This is a high-quality flashlight with excellent performance, perfect for tactical use. 


  • Hands free feature
  • Good battery life
  • Balanced brightness 
  • Waterproof
  • Great beam profile


  • Not a rechargeable flashlight

4. Coast HPX30R (Best Headlamp)

Headlamps are very useful because they allow you to illuminate a space without the need to hold the light in your hands.

The Coast HPX30R offers HANDS-FREE lighting, with 1000 lumens of maximum brightness. This is brighter than the lumen count of a 60-watt bulb. 

With a beam distance of 165 meters, this headlamp has quite the range when it comes to beam coverage. 

This headlamp has four modes you can choose from, with TURBO mode shining the brightest. 

The light is produced by a pure beam-focusing optic, brilliantly bright to illuminate the whole space before you. 

This rechargeable headlamp is capable of working on the built-in rechargeable battery. However, if you prefer, you can swap the battery and use alkaline batteries to power this headlamp. This gives you complete control over your lighting needs, even if you don’t have a power socket at your disposal. 

The Coast HPX30R is hard hat compatible, which means it can be mounted on a hard hat if needed. 

Perfect for rugged use, this is an ideal outdoor headlamp brought to you by Coast, which is a trusted brand of headlamps and flashlights.

This headlamp also has a magnetic tail cap, which can be used to attach this light to any metallic surface. 

Coast’s twist focus system is inbuilt into this headlamp, and you can choose between a spotlight and floodlight based on preference and need. 

This is a HARDY headlamp that is not only bright but also DURABLE. Made of high-quality aluminum, this headlamp is STRONG! (It can take a hit or two.)

The battery life indicator will show you when the charge on this headlamp is running low. On the lowest mode, this light has a maximum runtime of 41 HOURS! This long battery life is exactly what you need in a trustable headlamp.

Rated IP54 stormproof, this headlamp can work through the rain, even in wet conditions. 

Holding a flashlight isn’t always ideal. For instance, if you are pitching a tent in the dark, it would be good if you could use both hands. The Coast HPX30R is a beautifully designed headlamp with all the features necessary to make it an ideal light source. 

Though Coast makes some excellent headlamps, the HPX30R is by far the BEST!


  • Strong build quality
  • Good battery life
  • Comfortable strap
  • Compatible with a hardhat
  • Waterproof
  • Great beam profile


  • No beacon

5. Coast G20 (Best Mini Coast)

Miniature stuff is excellent, and the Coast G20 at only 5.7 inches is a beautifully designed miniature flashlight. 

This is an inspection light with an inspection beam capable of reaching a distance of 21 meters.

Though this isn’t the highest beam distance on our list, this compact and handy flashlight is impressive, to say the least. 

It is powered by AAA batteries, which means you can opt to use rechargeable AAA batteries if you prefer.

However, the ability to swap batteries gives you complete control over your lighting needs. All you need are spare batteries to ensure that the flashlight keeps working. 

This is a beautifully designed flashlight that comes with a pocket clip. Small enough to fit in a pocket, the pocket clip will work to keep your flashlight fastened to your pocket. The clip can also be used to attach the flashlight to a shirt, a bag or a belt.

With a maximum runtime of 11 HOURS, this flashlight has excellent battery life. Though there are no modes to choose from, the simple user interface and design are most certainly appealing. 

This flashlight is simple. You don’t have to keep pressing buttons to toggle between modes. All you have to do is turn this flashlight on, which will shine with a beautiful bright white light. 

At only 3 ounces in weight, this is a very LIGHT flashlight, making it perfect to carry around in your pocket. 

Made of high-grade aluminum, this is a STRONG yet LIGHT flashlight with impressive features. 

This flashlight comes in 5 colors for you to choose from, black, red, blue, green, and orange. 

The Coast G20 is impact resistant and is also stormproof. Rated IP54 water resistant, you can use this flashlight in a storm, during a power outage. 

All in all, when it comes to miniature flashlights, the Coast G20 is a worthy purchase. It offers excellent value for money and is by far the BEST miniature flashlight on Coast’s portfolio. 


  • Powered by AAA batteries
  • Strong build quality
  • Compact 
  • Good runtime battery life
  • Easy to use with just one mode


  • Not rechargeable 

Where are Coast Flashlights Used?

Coast flashlights are ideal partners for the outdoors. These flashlights are made for outdoor use and are a perfect fit for hikers and campers. 

They are also great for everyday use, such as in case of power outages. Coast flashlights are designed for search and rescue operations. They are brilliantly manufactured to light up any occasion and could work to most certainly help you in tactical scenarios. 

Coast flashlights are relied upon by search parties and industry professionals such as in law enforcement. Firefighters and construction workers use Coast headlamps. 

Where are Coast Flashlights Made?

Coast Flashlights

Coast is a company based in Portland, USA. Most manufacturing of Coast flashlights is done in Asia. 

That being the case, Coast does do some assembling in the USA.

Coast is known to be an AMERICAN brand, though manufacturing is carried out in other parts of the world. 

What Makes Coast Flashlights Good Lights?

Coast flashlights are beautifully designed for extreme work and recreational activities. They are considered a reliable and trustworthy brand of flashlights that are known to deliver exceptional lights. 

Compared to other flashlights on the market, Coast flashlights have better performance and quality. 

The durability and longevity of Coast flashlights are two of the main reasons why Coast flashlights are considered good lights.

Not only are the beam profiles of Coast flashlights impressive, but Coast also makes AFFORDABLE flashlights that are high in quality and performance. This is precisely why Coast is considered a good maker of flashlights.

Benefits of Picking a Coast Flashlight

Picking a Coast flashlight gives you the comfort of knowing that you have a DURABLE product on your hands. Coast is known to make some of the most trusted lights, and picking Coast gives you the distinct advantage of knowing that you have a RELIABLE flashlight. 

Durability is an essential factor when picking a flashlight. You don’t want to buy a flashlight that will work one day and completely malfunction another day (like when there is a power outage and you really need a flashlight.)

Coast gives you the comfort of knowing that you have a TOP GRADE flashlight on your hands, something that will not stop working in the DUST or a STORM. 

The durability and longevity of the flashlight are most certainly the most essential benefits, and this is only heightened by the fact that Coast offers a LIFETIME warranty on all their products. 

Coast Lifetime Warranty 

Coast Flashlights on the table

The Coast lifetime warranty covers all repairs and servicing that your flashlight may need. The lifetime warranty is a good illustration of how durable and reliable these Coast flashlights are. 

The company is so confident in its product that they offer a LIFETIME warranty. 

Hence regardless of when you bought your Coast flashlight, if something goes wrong with it, you can send it in for FREE servicing, which is very valuable to any consumer. 

Final Thoughts

Coast is known to make some of the BEST flashlights on the market. Not only are these flashlights very durable, but they are also very reliable. This is highlighted by the fact that the company offers a LIFETIME warranty on their products, showing you how confident the company is about their products in the market. 

If you are out on the hunt for a new flashlight, COAST could provide you with an AFFORDABLE selection of lights with some AMAZING features. 

The point of this list was to make things easier for you. If you are on the hunt for a new flashlight, picking COAST would be a smart decision. Considering I hand-tested dozens of Coast flashlights to formulate this list, you CAN NOT go wrong with picking one right out of this list of the BEST 5 Coast flashlights!


Yes, Coast offers a lifetime warranty on all their lights.

No, the Coast G20 does not have rechargeable capabilities and requires AAA batteries.

Coast flashlights are manufactured in Asia by Coast, a company based in the USA.

The Coast PX250 has two colors of light: white and red.

Yes, the Coast XP9R is a rechargeable flashlight.

Coast XP11R
Beam distance






Overall Score


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Dust resistant
Spot and floodlight
Strong build quality
Great battery life
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Additional modes like strobe would’ve been excellent

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