9 Best Brightest Flashlights in the World [Updated in 2024]

Last Updated on May, 2024

The brightest flashlight; aren’t we all fascinated by REALLY bright flashlights? Regardless of how you are going to put that flashlight to use, we really do like having access to ALL that BRIGHT light!

The best and brightest flashlights have one thing in common, they all have HUGE lumen outputs, all upwards of 10000 LUMENS! – To give you an idea, a 60 WATT bulb has a lumen output of 800 lumens.

These flashlights are much brighter than a 60-watt bulb and offer so much brightness that you can lasso the moon at night!

Here is my recommendation of the TOP 9 brightest flashlights in the WORLD, which have been carefully selected after extensive research of dozens of flashlights. I hand-tested all of the flashlights and personally loved getting my hands on the top 9 on this list. 

Trust me when I tell you, these are some of the brightest flashlights on the market. They are considered the best because they have other features that make them SPECIAL (further to the HUGE lumen outputs of all of these flashlights on this list.)

Hence, without further ado, let’s dive into the selection of the BEST BRIGHTEST FLASHLIGHTS in the WORLD!

Editor’s Choice
Imalent MS18
Beam distance






Overall Score


#2nd Best Choice
Acebeam X75
Beam distance






Overall Score


#3rd Best Choice
Acebeam X75 Micro-Arc
Beam distance






Overall Score


FlashlightLumensBeam Distance
Imalent MS181000001350 Meters
Acebeam X75800001150 Meters
Acebeam X75 Micro-Arc Oxidation670001150 Meters
Imalent MS12 Mini 650001036 Meters
Acebeam X70600001115 Meters

Top 9 Brightest Lights in the World

When it comes to the brightest flashlights, this list is COMPILED with some of the BEST and BRIGHTEST flashlights on the market! They all have exceptionally AMAZING lumen outputs!

1. Imalent MS18 (100000 Lumens) (World’s Brightest Flashlight)

You want the BRIGHTEST light… is a HUNDRED THOUSAND lumens enough? (Remember, a 60-watt bulb is 800 lumens.)

This is a crazy bright flashlight with such a huge maximum output that it may as well be called a LIGHTHOUSE! (World’s Brightest Flashlight)

Imalent is known to make some AMAZING flashlights, and the Imalent MS18 is officially known as the WORLD’s brightest flashlight!

You can mimic the sun on a moonlight night because this flashlight has so much power; it is actually ridiculous.

Talk about a beam distance of 1350 meters. That is 0.9 MILES of light before you! That is why I said it should be called a LIGHTHOUSE, not a flashlight!

It has a blinding strobe mode, making this the brightest tactical flashlight on the market. A tactical flashlight could really work to help you in emergency scenarios. In fact, it could blind a threat with light as bright as the sun. 

Tactical flashlights are very useful when hiking in the woods or the streets, and the Imalent MS18 is the BRIGHTEST tactical flashlight in the WORLD!

Apart from the fact that this is the BRIGHTEST flashlight in the world, the Imalent MS18 has some great features that make it one of the BEST flashlights in the world!

It offers eight different light modes. The lower modes of around 700 lumens (bright as a 60-watt bulb) will work for 14 HOURS and 52 Minutes. That is AMAZING battery life!

The standard modes work to provide sufficient lighting for most situations, and you would rarely have to use the TURBO mode at 100,000 lumens!

This is a rechargeable flashlight, which is rated IP56 waterproof and utilizes 18 US CREE XHP70 XHP70 2nd LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 HOURS!

This is the BRIGHTEST FLASHLIGHT in the world, a super bright flashlight with exceptionally high lumen output and some AMAZING added features!

See why I recommend Imalent MS18.


  • Exceptional beam profile and levels of brightness
  • Rechargeable with good charge time
  • Waterproof rated IP56
  • Great beam distance and maximum output


  • Big and heavy, that’s a given though, considering the amount of light this thing outputs

2. Acebeam X75 (80000 Lumens) (#2nd Best Choice)

With a max output of 80,000 lumens, the Acebeam X75 is one of the world’s brightest flashlights.

(Sure, it isn’t the world’s brightest flashlight; however, it is a close second!)

80,000 lumens is still a whole lot of brightness when you compare it to the 800 lumens worth of light of a 60-watt bulb.

This flashlight is 100 times BRIGHTER than a 60-watt bulb!

This rechargeable flashlight is a brilliant light source. Bright flashlights such as this have HIGH-QUALITY LEDs that offer an extremely bright light.

It has built-in cooling fans to control the temperature of the flashlight. Cooling fans work to maintain the working temperature of this flashlight.

A flashlight as bright as this, with as strong of a beam intensity can become very hot in your hand without a cooling system (cooling fans.) These cooling fans can be easily replaced when it becomes necessary. 

When looking for the brightest flashlight, you need to consider the working temperature of the flashlight. Due to the extreme brightness of these flashlights, heat generated from the LEDs could become a real problem unless solved through the intelligent design of the flashlight.

The rechargeable battery on this flashlight not only works to power the flashlight, but you can also use it as a power bank to charge your other devices. 

The Acebeam X75 has seven modes, including strobe, and even has a momentary turbo mode.

On turbo, this flashlight will work for just under 30 minutes, while lower levels of light will allow you to use this flashlight for up to 8 HOURS!

Rated IP68 waterproof, the Acebeam X75 survived in a 2-meter submersion test!

With some handy features around its belt, there is no doubt that this flashlight deserves a place within the TOP 9! This is an exceptionally bright light with a whopping beam distance of 1150 meters, which is still more than a KILOMETER of light!

Read our full review of Acebeam X75 flashlight.


  • Cooling system to keep flashlight cool
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • Waterproof rated IP68
  • Good battery life of up to 8 hours


  • Replacement parts can be expensive

3. Acebeam X75 Micro-Arc Oxidation (67000 Lumens) (#3rd Best Choice)

Yet another high-performance flashlight by ACEBEAM, the X75 Micro-Arc, is a rendition of the classic X75.

This flashlight is more resistant to wear and corrosion and is a small flashlight compared to the X75. 

Most people who look for a good flashlight look for durability, which is why in this FULL review of the TOP 9, the Acebeam X75 Micro-Arc Oxidation is included in the list.

This is a hardy flashlight with a TOUGH exterior and boasts an amazingly bright light of 67,000 LUMENS!

This version of the X75, too, has a power bank feature. This flashlight does not use AA batteries or AAA batteries, instead relies on lithium-ion batteries, which allows you to work it as a power bank. 

With the brightest flashlight on the list at 100,000 lumens, the Acebeam X75 Micro-Arc Oxidation is still impressive, with a maximum output of 67,000 lumens of light. (This is still bright enough to light an entire football field or more.) It has 6 modes of brightness for you to choose from.

With a beam distance of 1150 Meters, this is a fair comparison to the brightest flashlight in the world. 

The rechargeable battery is charged through a USB PD charging cable (fast charging) and can fully charge within 1 HOUR!

The battery life is impressive, with a full charge running this flashlight for 60 minutes on a 10,000-lumen output. 

The light source of this flashlight is of high quality. Bright flashlights such as this use HIGH-QUALITY LEDs, and the Acebeam X75 Micro-Arc Oxidation relies on 12 US-imported CREE LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Rated IP68 waterproof, this flashlight survived being immersed in water at a depth of 2 meters for 20 minutes!

The list of the world’s brightest flashlights would not be complete without this powerhouse of a flashlight. The max output, though not the highest in the world, is still brighter than most flashlights on the market. 

With a max beam distance covering a KILOMETER in range, this is one bright flashlight!


  • Lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • High quality LEDs used
  • Waterproof rated IP68
  • Great beam distance and light coverage
  • Fast charging and good battery life


  • The battery pack is a pricey replacement

4. Imalent MS12 Mini (65000 Lumens)

From the same people who brought you the WORLD’S BRIGHTEST FLASHLIGHT, Imalent has a smaller yet powerful Imalent MS12 Mini which has a power output of 65,000 LUMENS!

65,000 lumens is still so very bright that it makes a regular AA torch light look like a toy in comparison to this monster. 

What is most impressive about this flashlight is its size.

This is a mini flashlight at only 5.8 inches in length. This could very well be your go-to EDC flashlight (everyday carry).

The maximum output of this flashlight is powered by 12 American CREE XHP 70.2(70.3) LEDs and has six different brightness settings, including a strobe feature. This is a powerful light, and powerful flashlights such as this have a high lumen count… How many lumens? 65000 LUMENS!

This exceptionally bright light has a beam distance of 1036 meters (that is still over a KILOMETER of range.) To add to this list of amazing features of this flashlight, it is made with AEROSPACE grade aluminum, making this a HARD and STRONG flashlight with IMMENSE power!

On high mode with 25000 lumens, this flashlight will work for 43 minutes and will decrease to 13000 lumen after that.

Though there is no pocket clip (which is probably the only downside), this flashlight is small enough to carry anywhere you go.

The best flashlight should have waterproofing, and yes, this flashlight is waterproof (rated IP56, submersible in up to 1 meter of water.)

The strobe feature makes this a really bright tactical flashlight, which is perfect for emergency situations. LED flashlights such as this are powerful flashlights which are perfect for outdoor use!

All in all, the Imalent MS12 Mini is a small but AMAZINGLY bright flashlight with superb key features and an exceptionally amazing max output. (Great flashlight!)


  • High lumen count and brightness
  • Durable and strong build quality
  • Waterproof rated IP56
  • Easy to use


  • Does not reach the claimed beam distance in some modes

5. Acebeam X70 (60000 Lumens)

And we have another one on this list, brought to you by ACEBEAM! Many flashlights in the market often have 1000 lumens of light, maybe 3000 to 5000 lumens of light.

Finding something with 60,000 LUMENS is not easy (high lumens).

This high-output flashlight is exceptionally bright due to the high lumens this flashlight produces! 

This flashlight has two mode groups (5 brightness levels) – Power and Eco.

With a maximum output of 60,000 lumens on power mode, this flashlight has a beam distance of 1115 meters (still over a KILOMETER of beam range.)

The batteries used in this flashlight are rechargeable. It uses 18650 rechargeable batteries, which are even used in ELECTRIC CARS! A full charge on these batteries will run this powerhouse of a flashlight for 24 hours on low mode! (That is a whole day of illumination!)

It produces a good deal of light, and the lights do produce some heat. The heat is, however, mitigated via a cooling fan, which is easily replaceable if ever becomes necessary. 

The beam profile of this flashlight is AMAZING, and the lumens of lighting this little monster produces makes it one of the most powerful flashlights in the world. (THE most powerful flashlight is the Imalent M18 at the top of this list.)

Brighter lighting on this flashlight is coupled with some added special features, such as a built-in safety control circuit, a battery level indicator and a handle to hold the flashlight in place. 

This flashlight is rated IPX8 waterproof and can be submerged in up to 10 METERS of water!

Though this isn’t the highest output flashlight on this list, the water resistant feature of up to 10 meters is very impressive, to say the least!


  • Rechargeable with good battery life and runtime
  • Waterproof rated IPX8
  • Great beam profile and modes of brightness
  • Safety control circuit
  • Battery level indicator


  • Gets hot a little quicker than even the flashlights with higher lumen output

6. Wuben A9 (12000 Lumens) (Brightest Flashlight on a Budget)

Though this isn’t the flashlight with this greatest maximum output, this is the BRIGHTEST flashlight on a BUDGET!

Comparatively, this flashlight costs less than the other better-performance flashlights on this list.

Nonetheless, this is still a VERY bright flashlight with some really nice features!

This is a rechargeable flashlight with excellent battery life. It uses 10200 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and is recharged via a USB C charging interface. 

Don’t let the fact that this is a low-budget flashlight fool you; this is still a very POWERFUL flashlight. 

With a maximum output of 12,000 lumens, the Wuben A9 is still brighter than the average flashlight. 

It has six brightness settings to choose from, including a STROBE and SOS feature, which can be put to great tactical use!

This flashlight has really GREAT battery life. This flashlight will work in low mode for up to 23 DAYS! – That is a whole lot of battery life!

With a maximum beam distance of 420 METERS, this flashlight is IMPRESSIVE. After all, it is the brightest flashlight that you will find if you are on a budget!

Small enough to be considered an EDC flashlight (everyday carry), the Wuben A9 is a budget-friendly version of the Imalent MS18 (100,000 lumens) and offers a great spectrum of light for a lower cost, providing GREAT value for money!


  • Great battery life and runtimes up to 23 days
  • Waterproof rated IP68
  • Great beam profile and control on brightness
  • Budget-friendly


  • Light bulbs get really hot

7. Imalent MR90 (50,000 Lumens)

Yet another monster, brought to you by Imalent, the Imalent MR90, is a close relative of the 100,000 lumens monster (MS18).

With a maximum output of 50,000 lumens, this flashlight has a GREAT beam distance of 1586 meters!

Though the lumen output is half of the MS18, the beam distance is still similar (tells you that this is a neat piece of technology.)

This flashlight uses high-quality LEDs to portray a beautiful spectrum of bright light that is bright enough to light the entire area in front of you, reaching over a KILOMETER in the distance. 

This is a very powerful flashlight with an amazing throw! It will work on 2500 lumens for 4 HOURS!

Not only is it bright, but it is also made with aerospace-grade aluminum, making it STRONG and DURABLE, and it is an ideal size to be considered an EDC flashlight (everyday carry.)

The Imalent MR90 has six output levels and a STROBE feature enabling this flashlight to be put to great tactical use. 

Imalent is a trustworthy brand of flashlights that produces some really top-end products, and this flashlight is undoubtedly a very POWERFUL light source!

Rated IP56 waterproof, not only is this flashlight bright, but it is DURABLE!


  • Strobe mode for tactical use
  • Strong build quality with durable finish
  • Waterproof rated IP56
  • Good battery life and runtime


  • Long charging time

8. Mankerlight MK38 (41500 Lumens)

Though you may have not heard of Mankerlight before, the Mankerlight MK38 is a beautiful flashlight with an impressive design and build! (Mankerlight makes some really great flashlights!)

With a max lumen output of 41500 lumens, this is yet another incredibly bright light! 

The Mankerlight MK38 is a searchlight used for search operations and has a great beam distance of 800 METERS! – That is really far if you think about it. 

This bright light is rechargeable and uses USB-C charging to allow for fast charging and practical use. 

With 10 modes of brightness, on 10000 lumens brightness, this flashlight will work for 1 hour and 30 minutes!

The user interface is simple and easy to use, and this flashlight comes with a handle, making it easy for you to carry it around and use it. 

The Mankerlight MK 38 utilizes 8 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs and has a maximum beam intensity of 160,000 candelas. This is an exceptionally bright light, which is why it has been included in this list of the TOP 9!

It has a built-in double-row cooling system, which works to maintain optimum temperature for operation and has an integrated power indicator which allows you to know when the power of the battery is running low. 

All in all, with 41500 lumens of light, this flashlight offers much more light than a traditional flashlight!

Rated IPX7 waterproof (submersible in 1 meter of water), this flashlight is made with high-grade aluminum. This is a STRONG and DURABLE little light, which packs a good punch when it comes to light output!


  • Rechargeable which mean you don’t need spare batteries
  • Waterproof rated IPX7
  • High lumen count and beam distance
  • Double row cooling system


  • 10 brightness levels can be a little too much for some

9. Olight X9R Marauder (25000 Lumens) Limited Edition

Olight is another renowned maker of flashlights, and the Olight X9R Marauder is an AMAZING flashlight with a maximum lumen output of 25,000 lumens!

This limited-edition flashlight has some amazing features, including a beam distance of 630 METERS! – This is bright enough to cover SIX football fields!

Don’t let the last position on this list fool you; this is a very powerful and handy little flashlight with exceptionally fantastic light output. 

It offers a beam intensity of 99,200 candelas. Compare this with the 200 candelas of a 60-watt bulb, and you will understand how bright this flashlight actually is. 

This is a rechargeable flashlight that is charged with a DC adapter and uses 6 Cree XHP70.2 CW LEDs to power this bad boy!

With a lumen output between 200 lumens and 25,000 lumens, this flashlight will have a runtime between 3 minutes and 27 HOURS!

It has eight brightness levels, giving you complete control over the intensity of light you want to project and even has a STROBE feature which can come of great tactical use. 

The strobe feature is also VERY bright at 12800 lumens! This is bright enough to easily blind any threats (such as if you ever find yourself getting mugged.)

Though this isn’t the smallest flashlight on this list at 320 mm, this is a powerhouse of a flashlight that can illuminate the night sky with brilliant light, enough to make the light of the moon look silly. 


  • The beam distance is increadible
  • The build quality is strong and durable
  • Waterproof rated IPX7
  • Small and lightweight design


  • The battery and cables aren’t the best quality

What to Look for When Picking a Really Bright Flashlight?

powerful flashlight on the stone

When picking a really bright light, you have to look at the max lumen output of the flashlight. This is the best way to understand how bright a flashlight really is.

You should also consider the beam distance, which is a factor in the calculation of really bright light. Normally, a really bright flashlight will also have exceptionally great beam distance. 

However, these shouldn’t be the only factors you consider when picking a really bright flashlight. Considering there are options in the market (such as the TOP 9 on this list), you want to consider the added features of the flashlight, so you get the most value for money. 

For instance, a strobe feature could come to great use in tactical scenarios. The heat produced by the intense light of the super bright flashlights needs some sort of cooling system to ensure that the flashlight doesn’t get hot. This is yet another thing that you should be looking out for.

Ensure that the flashlight that you buy doesn’t get hot due to the high intensity. (I hand-tested all the nine on this list, so you don’t have to worry about the heat with the selection of the TOP 9.)

Lastly, you have to look at the battery life of the flashlight. The intense light and brightness of the flashlight will mean that the flashlight will only work on such high modes for a short duration of time.

Hence, be sure to check the battery life of the flashlight to ensure your flashlight has sufficient juice for your needs!

What are the Benefits of a Really Bright Flashlight?

A really bright light will work to illuminate a whole campsite! It could work well to your advantage to have a bright light at your disposal. 

Further to the many benefits of a really bright flashlight, flashlights that offer high-lumen output allow you to scan a whole area, illuminating the entire section of the woods or street. 

With some of these flashlights offering over ½ a KILOMETER in range, this just goes to show that you will benefit from being able to see into the great distance by relying only on the light of your flashlight!

Uses of a Really Bright Flashlight

a human using a most powerful flashlight at night

A really bright flashlight has so many uses. For instance, it can provide a great searchlight if you ever are in need of a flashlight during a search party. 

It can also be an excellent way to scare away unwelcomed threats. Those thieves will not have any place to hide when you shine a light as bright as those on this list. 

Really bright flashlights can also be put to great tactical use as the light is usually bright enough to blind unexpected threats such as muggers. 

Final Thoughts

The Imalent MS18, with 100,000 lumens at the top of this list, is given the rightful position considering it is the BRIGHTEST flashlight in the WORLD! 

When picking a bright flashlight, there are certain factors that have to be considered. I hope you now understand what it takes for a really BRIGHT light to be considered the BEST!

This list of the TOP 9 brightest flashlights has been formulated after careful research, testing and consideration. You cannot go wrong with picking a flashlight from this list. They are the most advanced bright lights you will find in the market!

After all, you want your light to reach meters at a stretch, and this list of the TOP 9 brightest flashlights will lead you to the one that you SHOULD purchase!


The Imalent MS18 is the world’s brightest flashlight, with a maximum output of 100,000 lumens.

Yes, the Imalent MS18 is waterproof, with an IP56 rating.

When buying a really bright flashlight, you should look at the light output, maximum beam distance, lumen count, durability, and any additional special features.

The Wuben A9 is the best option for those looking for a bright flashlight on a budget, with its 12,000 lumen output.

Yes, the Wuben A9 is a rechargeable flashlight.

Imalent MS18
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Exceptional beam profile and levels of brightness
Rechargeable with good charge time
Waterproof rated IP56
Great beam distance and maximum output
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Big and heavy, that’s a given though, considering the amount of light this thing outputs

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