7 Best Acebeam Flashlights Reviews [2024 Upd.]

Last Updated on May, 2024

Since the competition for Flashlights nowadays is beyond expectations, every company started to drum up their businesses in this facet. 

Every Flashlight manufacturer aims to bring the best Flashlight into the market. And in that aspect, ACEBEAM has committed to manufacturing best-in-class illumination products.

Acebeam has been one of the biggest manufacturers of Flashlights innovation since 2010 and is a leading company.

If you’re searching for the best Flashlights that excel in every category, Acebeam can meet your needs.

Editor’s Choice
Acebeam E70 Mini

The overall best flashlight from Acebeam

(Best Flashlight Overall)

#2nd Best Choice
Acebeam L19 2.0

The best tactical flashlight from Acebeam

(Best Tactical Flashlight)

#3rd Best Choice
Acebeam PT40

The best headlamp & right angle flashlight from Acebeam

(Best Headlamp Flashlight)

Best Acebeam Flashlights Available 

We’ve tested all the Acebeam Flashlights for the past few months and picked the best available Flashlight under each category. 

Before being picked as the best Flashlight, each one has been put through various tests for hours to ensure you pick the best one there is.

1. Acebeam E70 Mini (Best Flashlight Overall)

While Acebeam has been standing tall for all that they’ve manufactured, here comes another exception, Acebeam E70 MINI!

This is a simple EDC that runs on a 18650 and has triple Nichia 519A LED

I’ve billed this Flashlight with the “BEST FLASHLIGHT OVERALL”, because I’ve got zero complaints with it! E70 for sure can equal your expectations. 

This E70 mini serves great as Everyday Flashlight and for other purposes.

First thing that deserves utmost praise is the flashlight’s UI, it’s simple and convenient during use. 

Next thing is the design! This is an area where the Acebeam E70 mini has no problems! It’s super lightweight, weighing only 2.53oz (72g) without Battery and 4.23oz (120g) with the Battery plus, the Flashlight is not too long (4.37 inches), making it easily pocketable. 

Speaking of the essential factors here, this mini dynamite can surprisingly flash the entire view with a max of 2000 lumens and in the low setting, you can expect a runtime of up to 100 hours. 

On the other hand, there are six brightness modes; Ultra-low, Low, Mid1, Mid2, High, Turbo along with a special Strobe mode. Each mode workout well for everyday use, strobe can be very handy in tactical situations.

Moving on, along with all the maximum power and setting, the E70 mini can cover a max of 153 meters (787 feet), which I’m pretty sure is more than enough when considered as an EDC. 

One thing that kept me hooked was the durability. The Flashlight is made of Aero-gradeAluminum and a stainless steel clip that can fit into almost anything.

On top of that is the IP68 water-resistant rating allowing you to submerge and Flashlight up to 2 meters, plus its impact resistance to 1 meter, making the Flashlight endure rough handling and harsh weather. 

And then, along with the rugged built quality, you’ll also be getting a five-year warranty, which makes the Flashlight well-rounded.

Key Features:

  • Maximum Output 2000 Lumens
  • 6 Brightness Modes: Ultra Low, Low, Mid1, Mid2, High, and Turbo, along with Strobe Mode
  • Maximum Runtime 100 Hours
  • Maximum Beam Distance; 153m (787 feet)
  • IP68 rated
  • Powered by 1*18650 Rechargeable Battery


  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Strobe Mode is used in emergencies as a Defensive Tool
  • Rugged and Good build quality
  • Decent Beam Range
  • Lockout Mode prevents accidental activation
  • Impressive runtime


  • Should click the switch twice for power on 

2. Acebeam L19 2.0 (Best Tactical Flashlight)

While the original Acebeam L19 became a bit controversial with its lower brightness output level, here comes the upgraded version L19 2.0, one of the longest-throwing Tactical Flashlights available. 

I’d say, Acebeam’s engineers have just nailed working on the details and styling! The groove, knurl, fin, and everything about this flashlight are jaw-dropping. 

The L19 is specially designed for tactical and hunting uses with a handy tail switch, a crenelated strike bezel, and weapon mounting capabilities.

In my words, L19 is a very well-put-together Flashlight and looks good too! When I first unpacked the packaging, I was curious whether this could work according to the claims. 

This isn’t false advertising though! Let me explain. Get down the line.

Acebeam L19 2.0 runs off a single 21700 Li-ion battery (included), which can be charged using a USB-C. The battery is replaceable and delivers very good runtime lasting for 62 days with moonlight mode. On the other hand, it is also compatible with two CR123 batteries.

Speaking of the size, weighing 10.03oz (284.3g), including the battery inside, it’s a bit on the heavier side, but considering the tech it boasts, it sure isn’t something to worry about.

And remember, this L19 2.0 can almost reach half of a mile (1300 meters). That’s magic! It features dual switches: a tail clip switch for instant turbo and a side switch for everything else. All that makes the flashlight super easy to use.

The design and build quality are areas where the L19 2.0 shines. It features a comfortable grip on either side and a stylish anti-slide, non-slippery groove design being easy to hold.

Let’s not forget to talk about the lumen count! The 2.0 can throw a maximum of 2200 lumens, that’s on the turbo mode, apart from there’s another fivemodes; Moonlight, Low, Mid1, Mid2, High.

Is it even worth considering a flashlight tactical if there is no strobe?

Probably not, that said, you don’t need to think about that here since the L19 2.0 has a 1100 lumen strobe mode. 

Next, regarding durability, L19 2.0 is built of military Aero grade hard-anodized aluminum alloy. It also has a rugged full metal tactical ring on the back for tactical situations that is technically removable.

Then you have the IP68 water-resistant rating to submerge the Flashlight up to 5m (though not intended to be used as a diving light) and 1m drop resistance as well. 

L19 2.0 long-distance tactical Flashlight can be the best long-range Flashlight in its class. 

Key Features:

  • Maximum output 2200 lumens
  • 1300 meter beam range
  • 6 brightness modes: Moonlight, Low, Mid1, Mid2, High, and Turbo plus strobe
  • Maximum run time: 62 days
  • IP68 rated


  • Built with an internal overheat protector 
  • Built-in with a battery level indicator 
  • Unbelievable throw
  • One of the flashlights with the longest runtime on the market
  • Featured with two easy-to-use switches for instant activation of essential settings
  • The tactical solid bezel can be used as a defensive tool 
  • Super bright 
  • Rugged and durable 


  • Side switch is a little finicky 

3. Acebeam PT40 (Best Headlamp Flashlight)

Have you ever heard of a Multi-functional compact LED Flashlight giving you plenty of Light for various tasks?

If you haven’t, let me introduce you to the Acebeam PT40, one of the most excellent multi-purpose Flashlights, usable as a Headlight, compact EDC Flashlight, and Work Light. 

This Flashlight (should I call it a Flashlight, a Headlight, or a Work Light? LOL! ).

Alright, this all-in-one multi-purpose PT40 can work as a hands-free illuminator which can be the definite go-to option for mechanics, engineers, home inspectors, and other professionals. 

Equipped with a strap, a Tail clip with a Magnetic function, and side clips for hand-free use for almost any task, you cannot go wrong with this Flashlight. 

First, let me tell you about PT40’s great things. Mode wise, you’ll get everything you need, there’s 6 altogether; Ultra-Low, Low, Mid1, Mid2, High, and Turbo, along with a special strobe mode. 

Weighing around just 3.35oz (95g) without Battery and 5.11oz (145g) with Battery, PT40 is super lightweight and compact. 

That adds to the portability and considering it’s also a headlamp, the pressure while wearing it on your head is greatly reduced.

PT40 runs off a high-capacity 3100mAh 18650 battery (included) which is directly rechargeable with the included micro USB charging cable. In low mode, you can expect 80 hours of runtime.

The Flashlight is constructed with an aircraft-grade aluminum body with a premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. This means it’s perfectly alright even if you lose your grip once during use time. 

And to add to that excellent durability, the PT40 is IP68 rated,two meters submersible, and has impact resistance to one meter; meaning it can be used during any weather condition.

Speaking of lumens, the PT40 is able to operate at a max of 3000 and this thing can cover a max of 230 meters which is way more than enough for a multifunctional Flashlight. 

Finally, everything about PT40 is just excellent. Also, the user interface is straightforward, which you’ll never need to worry about because of the single switch operation

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing PT40 cannot do as an EDC Flashlight, headlight, and Work Light. And I was never disappointed with this Flashlight.

Key Features:

  • 3000 lumens maximum output
  • Six output selections; Ultra-Low, Low, Mid1, Mid2, High, and Turbo, along with a strobe mode 
  • 80 hours of runtime on Ultra-low Mode
  • Beam distance: 230 meters
  • The removable pocket clip plus the magnetic base are superficially designed for hand-free use 
  • IP68 water-resistant rating


  • Very simple to use, with excellent UI with one switch operation
  • Very comfortable headband
  • Impressive beam throw (Luminus SST-20 LED: 230 meters beam throw)
  • Rechargeable Battery with a power port built into the Battery itself
  • The sweat-channeling, a reflective headband is what everyone needs in a Headlamp Flashlight
  • Very lightweight
  • Great runtime 


  • Magnetic clip is not very strong

4. Acebeam Pokelit AA (Best Mini Flashlight)

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking the best Flashlight for your EDC needs.

The best Flashlight needs to excel in three aspects: Build Quality, Power Consumption, and Light Output. 

When that’s the case, Acebeam Pokelit AA mini Flashlight can be second to none. This mini dynamite is small yet powerful, leading in a league of its own.

If you are not in a state to spend hundreds of dollars yet need a super bright and budget-friendly option, Pokelit AA should be your definite go-to. 

With all that Pokelit offers, it’s just dirt cheap! And you never can go wrong with this Flashlight cause it’s THAT GOOD!

Alright, getting into the exact specifics, I wanted to tell you how lightweight this Flashlight is before anything else! Pokelit AA is super lightweight, weighing just 1.92oz (54.6g) with the Battery.

Also, this compact Light is built for maximum portability. Plus is also 3.7″ long, Making the Flashlight incredibly light and pocket-friendly. 

Next, speaking of the flood, Pokelit AA has a lumen count of 550 which can be thrown in the form of three different modes; Low, Medium and High and not to forget, this tiny body can throw a maximum of 86 meters (282 Feet). 

Moving on, the Flashlight runs off with a single customized Acebeam rechargeable 14500 Li-ionbattery with a built-in USB-C charging port which can also last up to 9 days on low. 

The good news is, it is also compatible with Alkaline or NiMH AA power sources. The AA power source battery is reliable, inexpensive, and easy to find. 

About the user interface, I’ve got nothing to explain. The easy-to-use single-tail cap switch is tactile, convenient, and responsive when cycling through light modes. 

On the durability front, this is a solid Flashlight. The Light is made up of CNC fabrication, and the anodized aluminum body does a good job when it comes to protection. I’ve dropped the Light a couple of times, and it still looks new! 

To spice things up, the Flashlight is IP68 waterproof and dustproof rated, which allows you to submerge the Flashlight up to 2 meters. 

And not to forget, the stainless steel dual direction pocket clip enables additional carrying ways. This would fit anywhere, whether you clip it into the pocket or backpack.

Overall, the Pokelit AA is well constructed, and the machining is top-notch. A well-rounded Flashlight that delivers up to the expectations. 

Key Features:

  • There are three output selections: Low, Medium, and High, along with an intelligent memory function
  • Maximum brightness output of 550 lumens
  • Maximum beam distance; 86 meters (282 feet)
  • Nine days of runtime on low mode
  • IP68 rated


  • Super Lightweight (54.6g) is a perfect choice for a small, bright, affordable light
  • Simple one-handed operation with a single tail switch
  • Impressive light output for a Flashlight of this size
  • Compact structure for easy carry
  • Excellent build quality for a light this small


  • Battery takes a little longer to charge 

5. Acebeam X75 (Brightest Acebeam)

Why call it the brightest Acebeam Flashlight? CAUSE IT’S A 80,000 LUMEN FLASHLIGHT!!! 

At first, I was a bit skeptical when I saw the Acebeam X75 claiming 80,000 lumens in a Flashlight. Massive leaps in outputs are harder to pull off compared to smaller powers.

So I was very eager to lay my hands on this big leap.

Let’s jump straight into the specifics. 

This outdoor portable PD power bank Flashlight is one of the brightest Flashlights with 80,000 lumens, and that’s all you would want when campings, exploring caves, and many other daily tasks. 

Battery and charging wise, X75 is powered by a built-in 4*21700 battery pack and uses 65W USB-C PD charging, which only takes 1.5 hours to juice up the Flashlight entirely, moreover it can also run for up to 8 hours and 20 minutes on ultra-low (900 lm).

Also, the Flashlight works as a power bank! You can charge any other devices while you’re on the road. That’s an excellent feature.

Built quality is a department where the X75 shines. It has a detachable cooling fan to maintain the temperature of the Whole Flashlight when the Light produces significant heat. The silicon sleeve around the collar of the Flashlight changes its color based on the temperature. (Amazing and pretty clever)

On the other hand, using X75 with its UI can be daunting at first due to the sheer amount of modes and options, but once you get used to it, it’ll be straightforward. 

The dual switches design with a main switch and an auxiliary switch, allows you to quickly activate and cycle through the important setting on the Flashlight. Plus, you’ve also got a lockout switch to prevent accidental activation. 

What’s excellent about X75 is that you’ve got many features to choose from. There are six brightness modes: Ultra-Low, Low, Med1, Med2, High, and Turbo, along with Strobe Mode. This thing can cover a max of 1150 meters (3772 feet). THAT’S PRETTY FAR!

Moving on to durability, the X75 is IP68 rated, so there’s nothing to worry about. Plus, below the silicon bumper, there are the copper heat fins. These pure copper pieces help in efficient heat dissipation. Literally cool technology!

Last but not least, this tech is 43.7 oz (1240g)!! You cannot call it a downside, though. With all the super cool tech inside, expect X75 to be something other than a lightweight Flashlight.

All in all, the massive X75 has got your back in any situation where you need super bright Light.

This thing is excellent in every aspect and is the best in this category. There’s nothing other than that to say about it. 

Key Features:

  • 80,000 lumens
  • Utilizes 12 pieces of US-imported CREE LEDs, each with a significant number of lumens, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Six power modes. Ultra-low, Low, Med1, Med2, High, and Turbo with Strobe mode
  • Two running modes. High power and Eco mode
  • Windy mode or Non-windy mode
  • Maximum beam range: 1150 meters (3772 feet)
  • User-replaceable cooling fans
  • IP68 standard waterproof

Read this review if you want to learn more about the Acebeam X75 flashlight.


  • Extremely bright
  • Built-in power bank
  • Fast USB-C PD charging (65 watts)
  • Replaceable cooling fan
  • Instant access to Turbo, Ultra-low, and Strobe
  • The Silicon sleeve is an alert for high heat


  • Little learning curve with the UI

6. Acebeam D20 (Acebeam for Divers)

If you’re on the hunt to find the best bright and portable underwater diving light, you’re at the right place, reading about the best option. 

With a powerful maximum brightness level, the Acebeam D20 Dive Light will illuminate your underwater adventures plus can also be used for any other activities which need a long, bright beam. 

Everything about this Flashlight perfectly fits with diving, and I go diving very often and never miss out on taking this with me. 

Let us not exaggerate anymore; let’s get straight into specifications. 

The first feature we look out for in a diving Flashlight is the Waterproof rating. In that case, Acebeam always kept their products within standard!

The D20 is one of the, if not the highest depth rated flashlight in the market, it can be submerged 200 meters deep. Now that’s what you call a diving light.

If “AA” or “AAA” batteries aren’t your thing, the D20 is powered by a 1*21700 Micro-USB rechargeable battery with a max runtime of 7.5 hours on low. The rechargeable Battery inside is a 5100mAh cell which can also be used as a power bank to charge other devices. 

When it comes to overall brightness, at 2700 lumens max, this thing can illuminate underwater excellently and cover a max distance of 311 meters. And the built-in overheat protector automatically adjusts the output level to prevent overheating. 

As for the modes, you get Two; Low and High. That’s perfectly enough for a diving flashlight.

Moving on, the D20 is wholly made up of aluminum with a premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish. So you can expect it to be durable enough for diving uses. 

Portability-wise, the Flashlight is 4.5oz (128g), that’s as light as a diving flashlight can get. The user interface is also an area where the Light has zero problems.

Everything about D20 seems to be top-notch. Be it the built quality, ease of use, durability, and not to forget brightness. 

Key Features:

  • Depth rated for 200 Meters
  • Two output levels: Low and High, and SOS mode
  • 7.5 hours of runtime with Low output level
  • Maximum output: 2700 lumens 
  • Maximum beam distance: 311 Meters


  • Micro-USB rechargeable battery
  • Can also be used as a power bank
  • Good build quality and weight
  • Smooth reflector
  • The last mode memory function is a nice feature


  • Runtime could’ve been higher 

7. Acebeam X50 2.0 (Best Rechargeable Flashlight)

Here comes another era of flashlights. I’m reviewing probably the world’s 2nd brightest PD power bank Flashlight in its class. YES! I’m excited.

I guess it’s only second to its younger sibling which is the X75. 

While there were many downsides with Acebeam X50, here comes the real killer of darkness, Acebeam X50 2.0! I would call this Flashlight a MONSTER! 

Let me tell you why! 

Acebeam X50 2.0 is one of the most powerful, durable, and incredibly Bright flashlights available on the market. If you’re on the hunt to find the best Searchlight, this option is worth taking a look at. 

With USB-C charging and the ability to act as a power bank, this is precisely the kind of Flashlight you want in every situation.

Starting from the build quality, it’s top-notch. Entirely made up of “Aerospace-grade A6061-T6” aluminum with type III hard-anodized surface treatment. There’s nothing to worry about your Searchlight taking some beatings a couple of times. 

And to add to that excellent durability, the X50 2.0 is IP68 rated, protecting against dust and submersible for 2 Meters. The second iteration is not bad, though! 

Moving on to the flood, this is something to consider. This beast can cover a max of 871 Meters and has a lumen count of 45,000 max. This ISN’T A JOKE, and you know how powerful this number is!

Speaking of the modes, you have a good option to choose from. There are seven: Ultra-Low, Low, Med1, Med2, Med3, High, and Turbo, along with a strobe for self-defense.

To power those modes, X50 2.0 uses a 3*21700 battery pack. The PD60W quick charge USB-C recharging takes less than one hour to juice up the flashlight from the dead. 

No need to be concerned about the user interface. One single switch provides access to all the settings in the Flashlight.

Everything about the Flashlight will be super awesome until you get to know the weight! The X50 2.0 weighs a whopping 756g (26.6 oz, including battery pack). That’s exactly how top-spec will weigh. 

Acebeam X50 2.0 is one of the brightest Flashlights that Acebeam sells. The company also claims this is the No.1 hot seller brand in the Flashlight category on Douyin (named tiktok). 

Acebeam X50 2.0 is worth considering if you already don’t have a wide-beamed searchlight in your collection. 

Key Features:

  • Maximum lumens: 45,000
  • Maximum beam range: 871 Meters
  • Seven brightness output modes along with strobe mode plus a patented safety lock to prevent accidental activation
  • Detachable handle for a stable grip
  • Battery indicator
  • 1P68 rated


  • Super bright
  • Useful 7500-lumen strobe mode for personal security
  • Super-fast charging
  • The USB-C port acts as a power bank
  • The single stainless steel switch makes the user experience much more straightforward
  • A decent number of options are available to choose from


  • This Flashlight’s weight can be a downside when considering it as an everyday carry

Things to Consider Before You Invest in a Flashlight 


Depending on how rough you are going to be with your Flashlight, you need to choose a durable Flashlight which can bear up the thrashings. But that is where the job becomes toughest.

If you’re looking for a flashlight to use primarily for household use and that kind of purpose, you will not need to focus on durability. But on the other hand, if you’re planning to take it through tough terrains and beatings, you will want to find a super hard and sturdy Flashlight to withstand. 

Next, make sure you pick a Flashlight that’s IP-rated. Picking one with this feature is going to be worth it. 

THANK GOD! Acebeam has all their Flashlights rugged and IP-rated, able to withstand any harsh elements. 


This completely depends on for what purpose you’ll need the Flashlight.

Lumens is the unit used to measure the amount of light output. Lumen levels can range from 20 to 4000 and above. 

If you want a Flashlight for EDC, a 20-lumen one will do better.

Opt for the highest level ones, if not EDC but for something specific.

Also, you should remember this has a significant impact on the price tag. 

a human holding acebeam e70 mini

Beam Distance 

It depends on how far your Flashlight can cover. Though this seems to be unimportant, you need to figure out the range the beam will shine. 

Most of the Flashlights in the market are up to the hype. They can cover a good amount of range which is more than enough for any use. If you’re looking for something unusual, Acebeam has your back.


No one ever needs their Flashlights to be dead when they need them. When that’s the case, you need a Flashlight that can last. 

Generally, a 150 Lumen Flashlight should last for at least 6 to 12 hours, and the runtime of the light output will drop by 10% after 15 minutes to continue use.

Also, consider whether you want a rechargeable, AAA, or AA battery. Choose the one you prefer. 

What Makes Acebeam One of the Best Flashlight Manufacturers?

acebeam Headlamp on the floor

Initially named SUPBEAM, they changed their name to ACEBEAM in 2014. It is one of the leading companies producing great products and is very popular among Flashlight enthusiasts. 

With over 12 years of experience in the field, they produce products that are long-lasting, powerful, and easy to use. Everything about their Flashlights is just out of the world. The accessories, building materials, or batteries are all top performers. 

With their leading industry technology, customer support manufacturing, and five years of warranty for all the products, there’s no backing up without purchasing one from them. 

Acebeam Flashlights have never been cheap, neither the price tag nor the appearance. So you can never be skeptical about getting the maximum for your money.

Benefits of Acebeam Flashlights

  • Every Flashlight of theirs has excellent build quality. 
  • They produce Flashlights with a Great range of beams and are very bright. 
  • They use high Color Rendering Index (CRI) in all Flashlights. 
  • They’ve got good beam tints since they use high CRI.
  • Tons of options to choose from in the setting of the Flashlight. 
  • High-performing batteries. 
  • Rugged features and excellent specifications. 
  • Five years of warranty for all of their products.
  • Worth every penny.

You can also consider the other flashlight brands and their best flashlights in this article.


The company behind Acebeam Flashlights is ShenZhen Zenbon Technology Co., Ltd.

Acebeam Flashlights are made in China at their factory.

The Acebeam X75 is the most powerful Flashlight available, boasting an impressive 80,000 lumens.

For normal use, flashlights with a lumen range of 20-150 are best suited.


Flashlights have become essential equipment in every aspect over the past few years. Getting the best one out there is really tricky. We’ve reviewed all the best Flashlights of Acebeam, which have excelled in each category.

And in that case, Acebeam E70 mini has been billed as the Best Flashlight Overall! Because IT IS the BEST! As far as we tested the E70 mini, we found nothing going wrong with this Flashlight. 

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Now that we have made your job easier in picking the best one, it’s time for you to pick one based on your needs. 

Acebeam E70 Mini
Beam distance






Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Lightweight and Portable
Strobe Mode is used in emergencies as a Defensive Tool
Rugged and Good build quality
Decent Beam Range
Lockout Mode prevents accidental activation
Impressive runtime
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Should click the switch twice for power on

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