Astrolux WP3 LEP Flashlight Review (2024 Upd.) Worth Buying?

Last Updated on May, 2024

If you’re interested in buying an LEP flashlight (also known as a laser flashlight), you should know that the decision usually isn’t easy, depending on your needs. There are many things to consider, such as the device’s quality, beam distance, and certain other features.

That’s the case with the Astrolux WP3 flashlight too. It’s a part of the Astrolux WP series and one of the more popular LEP flashlights. But what makes it so popular? How good is it in all the functions and features it holds? Does it live up to its promises?

All these questions and many more are what we’ll be answering today through our review of the Astrolux WP3 LEP flashlight. We’ve gone through some detailed research and testing to conclude just how good this device is, so keep reading to find out!

 Overall: 4.8/5.0
Beam Distance
  • O-rings, which are responsible for safety
  • Astrolux WP3 has 3 Modes 
  • IPX6 Waterproof Rating
  • Astrolux WP3 uses mirror-type LEP modules
  • Fantastic output in terms of both lumens and candelas
Product Benefits
  • Has 3 Modes for your desired need
  • IPX6 Waterproof feature can save the device from water damages
  • Mirror-type LEP modules is an excellent thing as these provide the best light output and intensity
  • Light-weight
  • Extremely easy to use

Astrolux WP3: A Brief Overview

Astrolux WP3 flashlight
Astrolux WP3 flashlight in different angle 1
Astrolux WP3 flashlight in different angle 2
a human holding  Astrolux WP3 flashlight

Belonging to the same series as the popular Astrolux WP2, this device is a decent follow-up and arguably a worthy successor. It has noticeable differences in design and functionality compared to its predecessors, but many changes are incredible.

It has excellent beam intensity and light distance and certainly holds out well against other LEP flashlights. If you’re interested in seeing how it is compared to other flashlights or just in general, read through our detailed review below:

Packaging of The Light

Astrolux WP3 flashlight
O rings of Astrolux WP3 flashlight
lanyard of Astrolux WP3 flashlight
user manual of Astrolux WP3 flashlight
a battery and battery case of Astrolux WP3 flashlight

Like many flashlights, the Astrolux WP3 comes in simple packaging. This isn’t precisely very safe for the device itself, as the boxes aren’t the best at withstanding rough handling (and we all know how rough delivery services can be with our goods).

As for what’s on the inside, you’ll find the following components neatly arranged:

  • The Astrolux WP3 LEP flashlight itself.
  • O-rings, which are responsible for safety.
  • A lanyard that makes carrying the device around much more accessible.
  • A user manual that covers essential precautions and tips about usage.
  • An Astrolux 4500mAh 28A 21700 Battery.
  • A battery case for 21700 or 26650 batteries.
  • A battery adapter for 21700 batteries.

That covers just about everything you’ll get out of the packaging besides the box itself. But, what does all of this offer you in terms of usage? That’s what we’ll be covering from here onwards:

The Specifications of the Astrolux WP3

FeatureCapability of the Astrolux WP3 LEP flashlight
Beam Intensity2,180,000 Candela
Number of Modes3
Mode MemoryNone
Waterproof RatingIPX6
Light Output562 Lumens
Battery Configuration1*26650 / 21700
Manufacturing MaterialMostly Aluminum

If you’re not a tech wiz and are having a hard time figuring out how good this flashlight is just from the details given above, don’t worry. We’re about to take a much deeper dive into how each vital thing regarding this flashlight works and how easy it is to work with it.

Astrolux WP3
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User Interface

a human using Astrolux WP3 flashlight

While other lights might make it very difficult to manage so many features, that’s not the case for the Astrolux WP3. One of the best things about this laser flashlight is just how easy it is to use. Almost everything is done through a forward clicky switch, which controls the modes.

You can do everything with just some clicks or holds on this clicky. But, remember that these details vary depending on whether the flashlight is on or off.

For example, if the device is off, a single click will turn it on at high. Alternatively, a double click will turn it on in turbo mode. The last option in this state is a triple click, which will turn the Astrolux WP3 into strobe mode.

This changes by a tiny bit when the device is already on, though. Instead of making it go to high, a single click will switch between the low and high modes as often as you press it. As for the double and triple click, they maintain their exact functions.

In the on state, there’s the added function of pressing and holding the forward clicky to power off the device.

Another good thing is that it has visible PWM. When you’re in low or high, this is noticeable. But it’s not present in turbo. That’s a great and easy way to tell which mode is active.

That’s about where the convenience ends, though. Unfortunately, this device doesn’t have any mode memory.

It’ll always start on high, and you’ll have to manually switch to the mode you want through the above inputs.

Luckily, it’s easy to switch between modes, so this isn’t the biggest issue in the world.

Something significantly more annoying, however, is that there’s no indicator for low battery.

You have to guess what state the battery is in, and it could turn off at inconvenient times if you aren’t careful. There’s also only the option for a mechanical lock-out.

astrolux wp3 lighting modes

Build Quality and Warranty

One of the things users loved most about the Astrolux WP2 was its design. People loved how the flashlight was built from the tail stand to the body diameter. However, it’s a lot more divided for the WP3 as it brought many changes to the design.

For starters, the styling is quite different. The Astrolux WP3 features distinct anodization. Whether this is good or not comes down to personal preference. Many liked and welcomed the change, while others weren’t big fans.

The quality of the build itself is good and quite sturdy. The tailcap is easy to screw down and allows for the easy addition of o-rings that help protect the device from water damage.

The built-in charging port is also secure to prevent issues like these. 

Speaking of water damage, another great thing about this device that separates it from lots of other LEP flashlights is the waterproof rating.

Lots of them tend to go IPX8, which isn’t as secure as the much more conserved IPX6 that the Astrolux WP3 LEP has.

raining on Astrolux WP3 flashlight

As for the warranty, Astrolux is a brand from Banggood. Their products are usually reliable and have a minimum 30-day warranty for added trust.

If you want more specific information regarding the Astrolux WP3’s warranty, you should consider emailing Banggood’s support instead, as they’ll be able to give more concrete information.

LEP, Lens, Bezel, and Reflector

The Astrolux WP3 uses mirror-type LEP modules, which is an excellent thing as these provide the best light output and intensity.

This is one of the main components that make this device as effective as it is.

The bezel is highly durable and made out of stainless steel. As a bonus, it makes the flashlight look sleeker.

The reflector is also made of sturdy materials and functions well to provide excellent throw capabilities.

Generally speaking, it doesn’t disappoint in these aspects like other lights. It’s even objectively better than the Astrolux WP2 in many factors, let alone the light on your mobile phone.

front side of Astrolux WP3 flashlight

Physical Dimensions, Size, and Weight

Physical Dimensions of astrolux wp3

This is a simple topic, so let’s get it over with straight away. Here are the physical properties of this flashlight:

  • The head diameter is only 59.5 mm.
  • The tailcap diameter is only 34 mm.
  • The total length of the device is 184 mm, making it more than short enough to carry around easily.
  • As for the weight, the device itself is only 330g which isn’t heavy at all. Once you add the 21700 battery inside, this turns into 385g, and that’s not much heavier either. That’s great for convenience since you don’t have to feel like you’re dragging a weirdly shaped stone around.
  • There are three main modes in the device, which are low, high, and turbo. Here are their main specifications:
ModeAmpsSpecsLumen @30secLumen @start

Batteries and Charging

astrolux batteries
usb-c charging port of astrolux wp3
astrolux wp3's power on light

While the Astrolux WP2 employed a micro-USB port, that’s not the case for the WP3. That’s because this flashlight has a built-in charger for USB-C ports, which are much more modern. As for the charging, the device takes only 4 hours to get to full charge.

The Astrolux E2145 21700 Battery shipped with the light isn’t the most long-lasting either. Even on the low mode, it drains rather quickly, let alone on high or turbo, which is even more powerful. 

Although, when you consider the strength of this device’s beam compared to most flashlights, you could argue that it’s a fair trade-off.

Price, Refund Policy, and Where You Can Buy it

Now, you might want to sit down for this one because it can come as quite a shock. The price of the Astrolux WP3 is a massive $306. Some would say this is very overpriced, and to an extent, that’s a fair claim. But, do remember the specifications before being hasty with the final decision.

The device has a light intensity of 2,180,000 candelas, surpassing many LEP flashlights right off the bat. The beam also has a fantastic throw and acts as a significant improvement over the Astrolux WP2 or other lights in this regard. So, those features are somewhat worthy of the price range.

But, whether or not you choose to spend that much on a device like this is up to you. The price can also change around some times. There might be sales, and you’ll get a coupon code now and then if you purchase from Banggood’s official site.

That same website is the best place to buy this laser flashlight. Although, you could also buy it off of Amazon or AliExpress if that’s what you prefer.

As for refund policies, you might get different ones depending on the site you buy from, as Amazon and AliExpress sometimes have guarantees that they honor.

The official Banggood website also provides many guarantees and honors them, including no reason for refunds. Even if your reason for returning the Astrolux is that you don’t want it after the first few days, you should be able to get your money back.

So, the investment is entirely risk-free in that regard. Even if you find any flaw or concern that puts you off, you’ll be able to get back the dough you spent easily.

Astrolux WP3
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Customer Testimonials on Astroflux WP3

Buying a product that costs this much can certainly be risky. But, one thing that can help you determine if you’re about to make the right purchase or wrong, are customer reviews.

We’ll be posting some of the reviews from users of this flashlight. You can see them and determine whether or not this product is worth buying.

astrolux wp3 customer testimonial 1

Here’s a brief review from a customer who definitely loved this flashlight.

astrolux wp3 customer testimonial 2

Delivery might’ve been a little late but that didn’t stop this fella from loving the product.

astrolux wp3 customer testimonial 3

This customer might not have had the best of experiences with the astroflux wp3.

astrolux wp3 customer testimonial 4

Another honest assessment of this product that you’ll certainly find helpful.

astrolux wp3 customer testimonial 5

Looks like someone didn’t appreciate the fact that the charger doesn’t come with the light.

Customer Reviews can often be misleading as they can be biased. But, the reviews shown above are taken from third party websites and they’re certainly genuine. 

Pros and Cons of Astrolux WP3


Now that we’re nearing the end of this review, let’s summarize a few of the main advantages that this device offers:

  • A convenient little thing that most people appreciate is the variety in battery options. The device itself comes with the 21700, but you can also use 26650 or 26800 batteries if you prefer those, thanks to the battery tube that comes with it.
  • While the investment is a big one for a laser flashlight, there’s no denying that all the guarantees offered by Astrolux and Banggood itself offer peace of mind. You can easily get a refund for any reason, even as simple as not liking the device.
  • The Astrolux WP3 is one of the most powerful LEP flashlights around. As you can tell from the specifications we’ve mentioned above, it’s got fantastic output in terms of both lumens and candelas. The throw is spectacular, and the intensity is excellent too.
  • There are two main types of LEP modules, and this device uses mirror-type ones. This is an advantage because these provide much greater output than the shine-through modules in previous Astrolux WP models. 
  • This flashlight is extremely easy to use. Just one quick read of the user manual (or the UI we mentioned above) should be enough to thoroughly familiarize you with all its modes and how to use each one. It’s very efficient and doesn’t take long to get used to at all.


As we mentioned at the start, there are flaws with the device too. If you want to learn more about what these are, here’s a summary for those as well:

  • The biggest con, of course, is the price itself. Even if the refund is comforting, the price is still a bit too high for some to afford for a flashlight, even if it’s as powerful as this.
  • One very annoying disadvantage of this device is the runtimes. This is a direct result of the light being so powerful, as it greatly strains the battery. Even on the lowest mode, the runtime is relatively short, let alone on high or turbo.
  • A lack of memory for modes sometimes makes the device a bit inconvenient to use. Each time you turn it off to save battery, you’ll have to restart it and individually go back to the mode you were using, as it’ll always start on high.


Well, that was probably a lot more than you expected to read for a “little old flashlight,” wasn’t it? That’s because this device is much more than that. It’s got incredible intensity, even better distance, and many great features that make it a handy addition to your arsenal of tools.

What you end up using it for is entirely up to you, and so is the decision to purchase it or not. Sure, it’s expensive for a flashlight. But, the features make up for that as it’s one of the most powerful flashlights of its size.

There’s no point of interest too far for the Astrolux WP3 to shed light on. So, what’s your decision? Will you give it a shot, invest in this device, or look for other options? Either way, remember the details we’ve discussed, and you’ll be able to make the right choice for yourself.


An LEP Flashlight is a type of flashlight that uses a laser as its light source, instead of LED. The acronym LEP stands for Laser Excited Phosphor and these flashlights produce a very bright, focused beam of light with no spill.

Astrolux WP3 uses the Mirror Types module to achieve better output than the other modules.

Astrolux WP3
Beam Distance





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
  • The device itself comes with the 21700, but you can also use 26650 or 26800 batteries if you prefer those
  • You can easily get a refund for any reason, even as simple as not liking the device
  • it’s got fantastic output in terms of both lumens and candelas
  • There are two main types of LEP modules, and this device uses mirror-type ones
  • This flashlight is extremely easy to use
  • Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
  • A lack of memory for modes sometimes makes the device a bit inconvenient to use.

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