Are Flashlight Stun Guns Legal in the USA? Read the Laws

 Last Updated on May, 2024

The flashlight stun gun is a very famous self-defense tool that many carry. Besides military and law enforcement services, many civilians are also using them. 

But do you know that carrying flashlight stun guns land you in jail?

Yes, in some states carrying a stun gun is a serious offense, and in others, you may need permission and a license to carry a stun gun. 

So, this is a bit complicated!

But, in this article, I’ll share all the laws and everything you should know about stun guns’ legality. 

Let’s get into it! 

Shall we? 

Quick Summary

Flashlight stun guns are combination tools used for self-defense.

The legality of a flashlight stun gun depends on the state or country in which it is used.

In many states, flashlight stun guns require permission or a concealed carry permit to use.

What is a Flashlight Stun Gun?

A human holding a Stun Gun flashlight

The flashlight stun gun is a combination of a flashlight and stuns gun. Within no time, it became a trendy self-defense tool. 

The flashlight comes stun gun that uses electricity to stun attackers or animals and save you from a potential attack. Depending on the model and type of stun gun flashlight, it can cover a distance of up to 11 meters. 

The distance coverage and strength (voltage) depend entirely on the model and type of the stun gun, whereas the level of pain the attacker will face depends on the distance.

Is Carrying a Stun Gun Flashlight Legal? 

Well, a stun gun flashlight’s legality depends entirely on your location. In the United States, every state has different laws for this self-defense tool. 

For example, in Hawaii, buying, selling, owning, and using a flashlight stun gun is totally illegal. You’ll need permission to carry it in Illinois, but you can still buy one. 

Then again, in states like Alabama, and New Jersey, it’s not necessary to have permission to carry, use or own a flashlight stun gun.

If you’re living in one of these places, you must have a flashlight stun gun. Here are our best stun gun flashlight options.

Laws on Flashlight Stun Gun Usage:

A human Using Stun Gun flashlight at night

Several laws on stun gun usage exist. And it completely varies from state to state and country to country. There are both federal and state laws on flashlight stun gun usage. 

However, in terms of usage, it’s 100% illegal to use a flashlight stun gun in public worldwide. Even if you have used it for safety purposes, you must prove this to the court. 

So, let’s learn about the laws on flashlight stun guns in detail! 

Federal Laws 

So, many think the Federal Authority determines flashlight stun gun usage laws. But it’s completely wrong! 

The laws on flashlight stun gun usage completely vary from state to state. Even in Washington, the state government decides the direction for this self-defensive tool. 

That’s why it’s always recommended to check the state laws before buying and carrying a flashlight. Even if you are traveling to another state, check that state’s law on this. 

State Laws 

As you already know, state laws are essential in terms of stun gun usage. 

For example, if you are someone from Arizona, you are traveling to Hawaii, carrying a flashlight stun gun can land you in jail. 

Then, there are laws like you can’t point a flashlight stun gun on peace officers (in Arizona). And there are three basic rules for every state possible. 

  • A minor cannot buy or carry a flashlight stun gun.
  •  People with a felony record cannot carry a flashlight stun gun. 
  • You can only use it for self-defense
  • It’s unlawful to carry a flashlight stun gun in public places like schools, hospitals, religious facilities, dormitories, etc. 
  • For legal professionals like police and peace officers; it’s required to get regular training and certification. 
A girl holding a stun gun flashlight

In states like Michigan and Wisconsin, you must have a concealed carry permit or CCW license to carry a flashlight stun gun. 

Now, if you are not sure where you can carry a stun gun and where you can’t, you can go through this list below. 

StateLegal Status
Alaska Yes
IllinoisYes (Permission required to carry)
District of ColumbiaYes
West VirginiaYes
WisconsinYes (CCW License Required)
South DakotaYes
South CarolinaYes
Rhode IslandNo
MichiganYes (Concealed carry permit required)
New HampshireYes
New JerseyYes
New MexicoYes
New YorkYes
North CarolinaYes
North DakotaYes

Why Some States Don’t Let You Use a Flashlight Stun Gun?

Well, a flashlight stun gun isn’t just a self-defensive tool. Some use it for opposite purposes. Many cases found where robbers used a flashlight stun gun to attack someone. That’s why, in many states, a flashlight stun gun isn’t allowed.

So, just to avoid the misuse of flashlight stun guns, it’s banned in some states of the USA. 

What are the Alternative Options in States Where Using Flashlight Stun Guns is Illegal? 

A human Using Stun Gun flashlight

So, this is a question that most flashlight stun gun users avoid. But, the truth is, if you are a flashlight stun gun in a state where it’s banned, you can cause some problems. 

In these states, it’s better to carry self-defensive tools like personal alarms, pepper spray, traditional non-lethal tools, etc. 

But it’s always recommended to check the legal side before deciding. 

Final Words

A flashlight stun gun is a very effective self-defense tool. But, because of misuse prevention, this tool has been banned and requires permission in many countries and states. This can cause you some problems for real. 

That’s why, before purchasing a flashlight stun gun, you should always check your state’s law about it first.


Yes, it is possible to use a flashlight stun gun for self-defense. However, it is recommended to check the legal status before carrying one.

The cost of a flashlight stun gun ranges from $10 to $400.

A flashlight stun gun is powerful, emitting up to 20 million volts or 4.9 milliamps of stun, which can temporarily disable an attacker.

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