Acebeam X75 Review 2024 World’s 2nd Brightest Flashlight

Last Updated on May, 2024

What an AMAZING flashlight! Why? With 80,000 lumens of power, this is the world’s second brightest flashlight available to purchase. 

The Acebeam X75 is a POWERFUL light source that has some fantastic features. We don’t know how you stumbled onto the Acebeam X75. Maybe a friend told you about this flashlight, or you found it surfing the web. However, you need the whole low down about this flashlight. 

You want to know everything there is to know before you go out and buy this flashlight for yourself. You are considering purchasing this flashlight, which is why you are curious.

Our COMPREHENSIVE review of the Acebeam X75 will include everything you need to know to make an informed purchase. 

 Overall: 4.9/5.0
Beam Distance
  • Waterproof
  • Various beam distances based on mode
  • Flashlight is charged through a USB C
  • Temperature Control
  • POWER BANK Feature
Brand Info
  • Uses Cree LED technology
  • Makes high-performance LED flashlights
  • Known for durability, brightness, and advanced features
  • Offers warranty and good customer service
  • Founded for 12 years and has trademark registrations in all major economies in the world
Product Benefits
  • Can illuminate the entire field in front of you
  • Build quality of this flashlight is AMAZING, and it is impact-proof
  • Can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water
  • Inbuilt COOLING SYSTEM can be easily replaced and serviced
  • Allows for FAST CHARGING through USB-C fast charging

About the Acebeam X75

Acebeam X75
a human holding Acebeam X75
a human holding front side of Acebeam X75
back side of Acebeam X75

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The Acebeam X75 has a TURBO mode, a POWER mode, an ECO mode, and many secondary modes for you to choose from (TWO modes – Power and Eco!)

With 80,000 lumens of maximum light output, the highest output of this flashlight will illuminate the night sky with the light of up to 25 car headlights working on a high beam!

This flashlight has an extremely high sustained output on Eco mode and will work for eight and a half HOURS! – that is more than enough light to get through the whole night!

The turbo output will illuminate a maximum output of 80,000 LUMENS for 30 minutes.

It has an excellent cooling system (the cooling system includes a cooling fan). The cooling system will work to keep the output higher for longer!

You won’t have to worry about this flashlight getting too hot due to the high-intensity light; the built-in cooling system will maintain operational temperature, preventing your hand from getting hot! – Though built-in, this is an easily replaceable fan unit. 

It has two switches, an auxiliary switch, and the main switch. The main switch turns the flashlight on and off and regulates between modes. The auxiliary switch controls windy mode, which allows for momentary turbo and controls ECO and POWER mode selection. 

With this design of the interface, you won’t have to worry about accidental activation.

As mentioned, the battery life of this flashlight is GREAT. This flashlight uses a built-in rechargeable li-ion battery pack that uses four 21700 batteries. It uses USB-C fast charging to recharge the battery.

The technology used allows for quick charging, fully charging in 1.5 HOURS! – A light (blue) on the bottom of the flashlight will light up when it is being charged. 

The power bank features are a GREAT addition to the functionality of this flashlight. This powerful flashlight has a power bank capability. Which means you can use this flashlight as a power bank.

For instance, you could use it as a power bank for your phone. This flashlight works as a power bank and will work even to CHARGE YOUR PHONE! – Handy little feature. 

Regarding high-powered flashlights, the Acebeam X75 takes the top prize! The beam profile is fantastic, and the flashlight is rated IP68 waterproof; hence, you won’t have to worry about using this flashlight outdoors or in the rain. 


What’s in the Package? Acebeam X75 

a human holding Acebeam X75
a human holding USB-C PD 60W charger
a human holding Spare fan with screws and mini wrench
a human holding Spare O Rings
a human holding User Manual
  • The Acebeam X75
  • USB-C PD 60W charger
  • Spare fan with screws and mini wrench
  • Spare O Rings
  • User Manual

Specification of the Acebeam X75 Flashlight

  • 12 x US imported CREE LEDs with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Cool White 6500K Color Temperature
    • Max 80,000 lumens output by the customized rechargeable battery pack
    • Max 1150meters/3772 feet beam throw
  • Modes:
    • Moonlight mode: 80 lumens
    • Low mode: 625 lumens
    • Mid mode: 2500 lumens
    • High mode: 5000 lumens
    • Turbo mode: 80000 lumens
    • Strobe mode: 80000 lumens (not intended for continuous use)
  • Technical Features
    • Built-in 14.4V/4250mAh Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack ( 4 x 21700 Li-ion Batteries)
    • Size: 6.93 x 3.62 x 5″ inch
    • Weight: 1240 g/43.7 oz (Including battery pack)

Features of the Acebeam X75 Flashlight

The Acebeam X75 has some great noteworthy features that should be looked into in greater depth!

Build Quality 

This flashlight is made of high- quality aluminum and plastic. This flashlight is STRONG and not too heavy (1240 grams), considering that the flashlight is jam-packed with 80000 LUMENS of brightness. 

It has been tested for resistance (2-meter drop), proving the strength of this flashlight’s build quality. 

Strength and quality are built in, and the light produced is excellent. All this is in the design of a very DURABLE and STRONG flashlight, the Acebeam X75. 

User Interface

The user interface of this Acebeam X75 is simple to use. It has two switches, an auxiliary switch to change between the special modes and to activate momentary TURBO (momentary switch.)

The second switch is the main switch used to turn the flashlight off and on and switch between the seven modes. 

The main and auxiliary switches are easily found on the flashlight.

Changing between modes requires a long press of the main switch, while special modes, such as switching between POWER and ECO settings, are done via the auxiliary switch. The main switch turns the flashlight off and on. 

two switches of acebeam x75

The user interface isn’t complicated to understand, which is why this flashlight is excellent. Though it has many modes and settings, the interface controls this flashlight’s settings, and modes are simple and easy to use. 


This flashlight is rated IP68 waterproof, which means it can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water (completely waterproof.) This just goes to increase the durability of the Acebeam X75. 

You won’t have to worry about getting the Acebeam X75 wet in the rain or even dropping it in the river. It won’t malfunction because you use it outdoors on a rainy night!

Performance and Beam Distance

In Turbo mode, this flashlight has a lumen output between 80,000lms~23,000lms~900lms, with a runtime of 30seconds+20minutes+8minutes respectively. 

The beam distance stands at 3773 feet (1150 meters), which is quite the range of light for a flashlight. The strobe mode works on a lumen output of 60,000lms~20,000lms with a runtime of 50 minutes.

Here is a breakdown of the various beam distances based on mode. 

  • Moonlight mode: 110 meters (361 feet)
  • Low mode: 500 meters (1640 feet)
  • Mid mode: 780 meters (2559 feet)
  • High mode: 1050 meters (3445 feet)
  • Turbo mode: 1115 meters (3655 feet)
a human checking Performance of acebeam x75

The performance varies based on the type of mode, Power or Eco. It is also dependent on the secondary modes, Wind and Non-Wind mode. 

This flashlight can be used as a power bank. This power bank flashlight enables you to charge your other devices, such as your phone. 

A power bank flashlight such as the Acebeam X75 could prove helpful when you need some extra juice to run your phone or tablet. 

This feature is a great inclusion that sets this flashlight aside from other flashlights in the market. A power bank flashlight is not the same as your regular flashlight. No ordinary flashlight will allow you to charge your phone; a power bank flashlight most certainly will!

Tactical Mode

This flashlight has a strobe mode that can be used in tactical scenarios. The Acebeam X75 is a reliable and trustworthy flashlight with great tactical application.

The strobe feature can be used to signal for help in case of emergency.

There are practical scenarios in which a tactical flashlight could prove helpful. Hence, it is always a good idea to have technical capabilities such as a strobe function available in the flashlight that you have in your hand.

You never know what kind of DANGER you may find yourself in. This flashlight could SAVE YOUR LIFE!

acebeam x75 front side

Battery, Runtimes and Charging

This flashlight is charged through a USB C port, allowing fast charging. You won’t have to worry about replacing batteries and buying new batteries every time you want to use the flashlight. 

The Acebeam X75 uses four 21700 batteries to power this incredibly bright and powerful flashlight. The battery life on this flashlight is excellent, with the flashlight working for over EIGHT HOURS in ultra-low mode, which is still brighter than many flashlights at 900 lumens.

The battery fully recharges using the USB C port in 1.5 HOURS! – Talk about fast charging!

Here is a breakdown on the runtimes of the battery. 

  • Moonlight mode with 80 lumens of output has a peak runtime of 52 hours
  • Low mode with 625 lumens of output has a peak runtime of 21 hours
  • Medium mode with 2500 lumens of output has a peak runtime of 5 hours and 15 minutes
  • High mode with 5000 lumens of output has a peak runtime of 2 hours and 15 minutes
  • Turbo mode with 80000 lumens of output has a peak runtime of 1.5 minutes before stepping down to a lower output level (25000 lumens)

Temperature Control

This flashlight has a temperature cooling system that keeps the flashlight cool even though a high-intensity light is used. Turbo mode is the highest mode on this flashlight. When used in turbo mode, a flashlight with 80000 LUMENS of light will get very HOT!

Hence, without this temperature control mechanism, you would simply be UNABLE to use the turbo mode because it burns your hand!

The cooling system cools the flashlight, especially in turbo mode, allowing for extreme illumination and a controlled cool temperature. 

The cooling fan is user-replaceable and user-serviceable, which is better for you. The package has an extra fan to change if the original fan stops working. 

Things You Need to Know About the Acebeam X75 Flashlight

wet Acebeam X75 on the table

The high mode on this flashlight is BRIGHT! 

The battery pack is built in and of high quality. You won’t have to replace batteries, but charge it using the fast USB-C charging port. The USB port is easy to locate at the bottom of the flashlight.

The flashlight has mode memory, so it remembers the last mode used. 

The package includes a spare fan, which is excellent. This fan expels hot air from this lumen monster (80000 LUMENS). 

Runtime graphs will tell you that this flashlight has excellent runtime and an ultra-low mode with a higher brightness than regular flashlights. 

The user interface is relatively easy to master; it is nothing too complicated – just look into the user manual. 

The Acebeam X75 is an AMAZING flashlight, a LUMEN MONSTER for brightness, and is easily one of the BRIGHTEST flashlights in the market

If you are looking for EXTREME performance, exceptional BRIGHTNESS, and a DURABLE light, the Acebeam X75 should be the PICK for you!

Price, Warranty, and Refund Policy

The Acebeam X75 is on the market, priced at $409.90 

Though there is no refund policy, Acebeam has a lifetime warranty on the product, which means if your Acebeam X75 stops working for some reason, you can send it in for free servicing.

Where to Buy the Acebeam X75?

The Acebeam X75 will not be sitting in your regular hardware store waiting for you to pick it up. No… Your best bet to get your hands on this flashlight is through an online supplier that will ship the flashlight straight to your doorstep. 

The only problem with buying online is trusting the seller to deliver the product. Not every supplier online is trustworthy; however, you TRUST us, right?

We went through the trouble of sourcing you a reliable supplier that will deliver this flashlight in some beautiful packaging. You can trust us with our recommendation!

Follow the below button to buy the Acebeam X75!


What Do Other Customers Have to Say?

Other people who bought the Acebeam X75 were exceptionally pleased with their purchase. Many of the customers loved the high intensity of the brightness of this flashlight. 

Acebeam X75 Customer Review 1

The fast charging feature of this flashlight and the fact that it could be used as a power bank were two of the most praised features of this product. 

Customers loved the various features of this flashlight, including the strobe feature, which one customer agreed could come to great tactical use. 

Acebeam X75 Customer Review 2

The beam distance of over 0.6 MILES was another thing that completely blew customers away. As expressed by these customers who loved this flashlight, this is a HEAVY DUTY flashlight with some features you would not find with any other flashlight in the market.

Our Experience with the Acebeam X75

After doing our research, we were extremely excited to get our hands on this flashlight and eagerly waited for its delivery to test this light out for ourselves. 

At first instance, the user interface looked daunting; however, it is straightforward to use and understand. All you have to do is master the click and the long press.

The dual switch design worked to improve functionality and was easy to locate and operate. 

The flashlight does charge fast. It went from zero to full charge in less than 1.5 hours! This is impressive, considering you can use this flashlight as a power bank. 

a human holding Acebeam X75

The waterproof rating at IP68 checks out. We submerged the flashlight in 2 meters of water for about 20 minutes, and this flashlight still worked like a charm. 

The light intensity and flood capabilities of this flashlight are AMAZING! We have no words to better describe the light, which is bright enough to illuminate a football field. 

The beam distance reached really far… (0.6 MILES?), and this flashlight’s brightness on ultra-low mode is still sufficient to see your surrounding environment in the dark. We were particularly impressed with how this flashlight in ultra-low mode still radiates 900 lumens of light. 

Most flashlights on the ultra-low mode will illuminate about 10 lumens. (The ultra-low mode on the Acebeam X75 is as bright as the high modes in some other flashlights.)

The build quality of this flashlight is STRONG, and you can tell it is impact-proof! 

All in all, the Acebeam X75 felt AMAZING in our hands. We felt as if we could illuminate the night sky with the strength of 80000 lumens, which we know is rare and hard to find!

Is the Acebeam X75 Recommended?

The Acebeam X75 is a SUPERB flashlight with EXCEPTIONAL features. It is advertised as the world’s brightest power bank flashlight, and this checks out in our review! 

Offering 80000 LUMENS of light, this flashlight is a lighthouse in your hands.

Its fantastic features make it unrivaled in the market, and a massive following of happy customers who are pleased with their purchase!

All in all, if you are hunting for an AMAZING flashlight with some jaw-dropping features, this Acebeam X75 may be the right pick for you!


Acebeam X75 on the wood

Pros and Cons of the Acebeam X75 

No comprehensive review would be complete without a look into the various Pros and Cons. 


The Acebeam X75 is a BRIGHT light. It has the light output of 25 car headlights working on a high beam. That is a lot of brightness that can illuminate the entire field in front of you!

It is made with durable aluminum and plastic, which means it is STRONG! The build quality of this flashlight is AMAZING, and it is impact-proof, which means even if you drop it by accident, it will probably still work.

The flashlight is also waterproof and can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water. This just goes to increase the reliability of this flashlight. (HIGHLY RELIABLE.)

The inbuilt COOLING SYSTEM can be easily replaced and serviced, which means you won’t need technical expertise to change the flashlight fan. The fact that this flashlight has a cooling system makes a lot of difference. Without the cooling system, this flashlight would get too hot when in turbo mode. 

The battery allows for FAST CHARGING through USB-C fast charging. It can fully charge in 1.5 HOURS!

The fact that it can be charged so fast boasts well for the other feature this flashlight has; the POWER BANK feature. Using the USB C charger port, you can charge other electronic devices, such as your phone. 

The Acebeam X75 has a maximum beam distance of over 0.6 MILES! – Can you comprehend how bright this flashlight is?

Even in ultra-low mode, this flashlight will illuminate 900 lumens of light, which is more than many regular flashlights on the market. 

It has a strobe feature that can be put to GREAT tactical use in case of Emergencies!


In turbo mode, this flashlight will only work for less than 30 minutes. Hence, you must be careful when using the flashlight on turbo and high modes, which could deplete the battery quickly. 

At a weight of 1240 grams, this flashlight is 2.7 pounds heavy. Though the flashlight is light for its features, it is still not one of the most lightweight flashlights on the market.

Without the cooling system, you cannot use the turbo mode. If the fan stops working, you must order a new fan to replace the burnt-out one. (Spare fan included in the package.)

A lower brightness mode, with an extended battery life would have been more useful.

Acebeam X75 vs Imalent MS18

Acebeam X75 vs Imalent MS18

Both these flashlights are AMAZING options. The Imalent MS18 is, however, significantly brighter than the Acebeam X75. While the MS18 can produce up to 100,000 lumens, the Acebeam X75 will only produce an output of up to 80,000 lumens.

That being the case, the beam Distance of the Acebeam X75 is GREAT. The Acebeam X75 has a maximum throw distance of 3655 feet (1115 meters.) In comparison to this, the MS18 has a maximum beam distance of 4,430 feet (1350 meters.) 

The Imalent MS18 being the WORLD’s brightest flashlight, the Acebeam X75 compares very well. When it comes to battery life, both flashlights require a significant amount of power, and therefore use multiple batteries to achieve their high output. 

The Imalent MS18 is heavier and larger than the Acebeam X75, which makes it more difficult to carry around. The Acebeam is a lot more portable and easy to carry around. 

While the price of the Imalent MS18 is significantly more expensive than the Acebeam X75, this is due to the higher lumen output and larger battery capacity.

Here is a breakdown of how these two flashlights vary. 

FeatureAcebeam X75Imalent MS18
Maximum Lumen Output80,000 lumens100,000 lumens
Maximum Beam Distance1115 meters (3655 feet)1,350 meters (4,430 feet)
Battery TypeFour 18650 rechargeable batteriesBuilt-in rechargeable batteries
Battery Capacity8,000 mAh4,000mAh
Estimated Runtime12 minutes (turbo) to 52 hours (moonlight)1.5 hours (turbo) to 7.5 days (moonlight)
Size206mm (length) x 129mm (head diameter)265mm (length) x 129mm (head diameter)
Weight45.88 ounces66.26 ounces

While the Imalent MS18 has a higher maximum lumen output, longer battery life, and longer maximum beam distance than the Acebeam X75, it is more EXPENSIVE, making the Acebeam X75 the more compact and affordable choice in comparison. 

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Final Thoughts

The Acebeam X75 with 80000 lumens is simply an AMAZING flashlight with some fantastic features. 

When we got our hands on this flashlight, we were blown away by its durability, performance, and the maximum output. 

With a beam distance of 0.6 MILES, this flashlight has the strength and power to allow you to scan the whole area by radiating 80000 lumens worth of light. 

The power bank feature is a bonus.

If you are in the market for a new flashlight, you should order the Acebeam X75. This flashlight is the envy of many flashlights enthusiasts who drool at the brightness of this flashlight and its sheer power!


The Acebeam X75 is equipped with 12 CREE XHP70.2 cool white LEDs.

The Color Temperature of the Acebeam X75 is 6500K.

The Acebeam X75 uses four built-in 21700 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

The Acebeam X75 takes 1.5 hours to charge from 0 to 100%.

Yes, the Acebeam X75 is waterproof and has an IP68 rating which means it can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water.

Acebeam X75
Beam distance





Overall Score


visa, master, amex, paypal
Can illuminate the entire field in front of you
Build quality of this flashlight is AMAZING, and it is impact-proof
Can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water
Inbuilt COOLING SYSTEM can be easily replaced and serviced
Allows for FAST CHARGING through USB-C fast charging
Get the BEST PRICE until the end of May
Flashlight is little heavy

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