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Welcome to Outlighter! Our mission is to help people find the best flashlights to improve their lives. We provide context for the latest flashlight news, an extensive library of updated educational how-to articles, and independent product advice and reviews to more than 1 million users each month.

Our goal is to help consumers understand what is happening in the world of flashlights, figure out what products enhance their lives, and learn how to make it all work. We aim to provide a trustworthy, friendly, and authoritative voice for people who use their flashlights every single day and expect them to work. When it doesn’t, we help them search for an answer, get it working, and get on with their day.

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Outlighter Executive Board (Team)

Dillon Morrison

Founder and Editor
Hi, I’m Dillon Morrison, and I know… I look like an outdoor adventurer. I have been involved in the flashlight community since 2007. My brother has a flashlight shop from where I have tested and reviewed more than 600+ different types of flashlights. The freelance life I lead lets me go after my varied interests, like running, biking, climbing Munros, and Camping.
I am based in the US and live with my climber wife and a whippet. Aside from being outdoors, my biggest aim is to inspire others to enjoy the great outdoors, especially through this website.

Kira Makuk

Kira is my wife and she is the co-founder of outlighter.com. She was an adventurer since her 20th year.
She loves to spend more time in the wild, and she encourages people to spend time outside for their mental and physical health, while also building connections with nature and other people. Her area of expertise is long-distance backpacking, in other words, she is an expert at hiking a long way carrying heavy stuff.

Our Marketing Team

Marco Elatto

Marketing Director
Marco is one of my friends and the director of marketing. He is currently working at a software company but has always been interested in electronics, mechanics, and how things work. He finds it fascinating that humankind’s aim is to eradicate the night, as we’ve had the same quest driving technological advancement for millennia. He also like the outdoors, hiking, camping, and exploring caves, tunnels, and bunkers, especially at night, of course, like most flashlight enthusiasts.

William C. Charboneau

Social Media Manager
William is a social media expert who responds to his DM’s on Instagram or posts on Facebook.
Also, he’s a photographer and adventurer. He shares everything on social media, including his daily lifestyle, wherever he goes, and more.

Jennie Kim Thompson

Content Editor
Kim’s ten years of experience in traveling life have given her a deep understanding of what her clients need to go in the wild.
As a professional traveler, she have mastered everything that you’ll be needing to go into the wild that keeps them organized and protected.

Our Contributors


Anderson is a professional adventurer with over ten years of experience in the industry.
He is an online content creator and copywriter with a passion for outdoor activities-related subjects. He covers wide-ranging topics from skydiving to hiking to kayaking.

Tiron cristian

Fact Checker
He loves just about anything and everything that lights up. He involved in the flashlight community with me since 2007.
Simply he is a flashoholic, obsessed with collecting different types of flashlights and is always on the lookout for the latest and greatest models. Whether it’s the latest LED technology or a new battery-powered model, he is always on the lookout for the brightest and most efficient lights.
In addition to testing out new models, he also enjoys discussing the pros and cons of different flashlight brands and models. This is a great way to learn about the latest flashlight technology and to find out which models are the best performers.

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