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ACEBEAM E70 MINI Flashlight

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Emergency Flashlights

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Nitecore MH12 V2

Flashlights for Power Outage

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Blood Tracking Flashlights

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elite tac flashlight review

Elite Tac Flashlight Review

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fenix pd35 tactical review

Fenix PD35 Tactical Review

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Flashlight Reviewers Better Approach to Product Reviews

Ordering Products Anonymously

Countless companies reach out to us asking to write a review on their product, However if they don’t agree to our terms and conditions we simply don’t accept them. Most of them don’t actually agree to that. 

However, that does not stop us, we buy the product we’re about to review ANONYMOUSLY and that makes for a good opportunity to get to know about the company and crucial info such as how they handle customers, their responsiveness and shipping updates. 

The advantage of buying the products this way is that it allows us to know more about the company and its products. Because of this approach, a lot of products have missed out on the recommended list. It could be either due to poor customer service, poor quality packaging or even missed delivery dates. 

Direct Comparisons Between Products

Honest product reviews are a rare site these days, not if you’re one of our readers though. We follow the exact same pattern when purchasing every product, the advantage of this is the freedom it provides. We can write our real experience with the product without having to write according to what the company says.

It also allows us to put the product through its pace and compare it against the competition. This is an advantage to readers as they are able to better understand how the product they are looking for stacks up against its competition. 

Our scoring system is another aspect that makes it even more easier for customers and takes the guessing away when making a purchasing decision. 

Testing Process Like No Other

We put almost all of our time into testing each product and making sure it stands up to the company claims. And the testing process does not differ from one product to another, all of them are treated equally for countless hours to make sure the info we write is on point without being marketing biased.

Our goal is to make everything easier for our readers, because at the end of the day, you guys are what keeps us going.

Dillon Morrison

Who is Behind Flashlight Reviewers?

I have been involved in the flashlight community since 2007. My brother has a flashlight shop from where I have tested and reviewed more than 600+ different types of flashlights. You can find more about me here.

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